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Posted in: Assad vows Syria will defeat 'foreign conspiracy' as death toll mounts See in context

Assad would not be in this predicament if his regime had been just and fair with the population. I do agree with him that other countries should stay out of the equasion. Libya ,Iraq Egypt and Afghanistan, all of whom recieved or are receiving assistance from sympathisers have shown little in iether democracy or life improvement for their inhabitants, since the fall of of the old regimes

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Posted in: Justice ministry studies removing restrictions on sentencing minors See in context

Long, long overdue.

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Posted in: Julian Assange deserves applause rather than denunciation and punishment See in context

If any country commits attrocities or political injustices, then thinks placing such acts under the juristiction of the official secrets act, to prevent publication, is democraticly in breach of the very standards they claim to upholld. I believe that Mr Assange should return to Sweden to answer to the charges submitted against him, but on the understanding that any extradition which may be sought by the U.S. will be totaly disregarded. Long live Wikileaks1

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Posted in: Nude photos of Prince Harry are genuine: palace See in context

Oh dear me,tut,tut,to the tower with him, the only place where the crown jewels should be displayed to the public!

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Posted in: Bullying – the problem that won’t go away See in context

Bullying is a cowards practice as their intended victims are selected for their vulnerability. It was said "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me!" How stupid is that . Sticks and stones, break bones, name calling is verbal abuse, causing serious mental anguish.Nip the bully tactics in the bud, name and shame, whatever it takes,their powers need to be curtailed before they escalate

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Posted in: Japan's pro-nuclear weapon voices grow louder amid debate See in context

Some 20plus years ago I was given a booklet produced by the Co operative Society of Japan,outlining from Japans own experience its reason why nuclear weapons should be abolished. The devastation caused by the use of such dastardly weapons, clearly depicted Will the Japanese public agree to harbouring such destructive weapons as a means of defence? If the majority of the population say "yes", I will be very surprised

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Posted in: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo See in context

Keep it up all of you that want a nuclear free future. Perhaps as the number of protesters increase the goverment will have to give sway to the electorate

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Posted in: Suu Kyi makes historic Myanmar parliament debut See in context

suu kyi, I have for many years admired your fight for the democratic rights for your people. Incarceration never for one moment , did you allow it to dim your ideals. I wish you everything you wish for yourself and your people

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Posted in: Less-invasive weight loss surgery safer: study See in context

Hi Rick Driver, I realy did not realise my comments could be analised as "take my advice" Many people are becoming increasingly obese, and unfortunately too many children are falling into this catagory. Should the problem not be tackled before the few pounds become a few kilos. When obesity gets to the stage that people are resorting to surgery to solve their problems,that could have been rectified with diet, excercise and encouragement. I also appreciate the fact that there are some persons were the situation has become life threatening and surgery is the only solution,therefor safer surgical procedures are very welcome

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Posted in: Clinton: Syria must end violence to avoid 'catastrophic assault' See in context

It is unlikely that Asaad will take note of any statement Clinton broadcasts.Asaad will no doubt carry on wielding his his power until iether his army defects enmass or the insurgents gain total control

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Posted in: Less-invasive weight loss surgery safer: study See in context

The least none invasive procedure to induce weight loss,requires no surgical intervention. Its called diet and excercise.

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Posted in: Gov't could run out of money by October See in context

Once the powers that be realise that there will be no public money to pay their salaries, the situation will be resolved pronto. I am guessing that even as I am typing this post that this realisation has allready hit them

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Posted in: Police refuse father's complaints about bullies linked to son's suicide See in context

Mikihouse, thankyou for the additional information. The circumstances resulting in the childs suicide that you have highlighted appear to lean towards a conspiracy of censorship of the childs rights to attend school in a safe, secure environment were compromised by both the bullies and their parents. I hope the victims parents continue their fight for justice and that the ensueing publicity will shame the powers that be into a full investigation. The boy and his parents deserve no less

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Posted in: Three central banks take action in sign of alarm See in context

In the Euro zone and sick at having to bail out the banks due to their total lack of fiscal naivity. At present we have a problem with the RBS and Ulster Bank who have successfully managed to botch a computer programm leaving customers in limbo at present. I want to see the fiscal policies of banks regulated to the effect that the fiasco of the past will never be repeated. No doubt the euro will recover, but at present it is at the expense of the tax payer. Will a cheap lending rate emulating from the Central banks aid the recovery of national economies? I dont know, it remains to be seen

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Posted in: No charges over Ghana deportee's death in Japan See in context

Could this deportees life had been saved if a doctor had been called to sedate him instead of the rough extreme handling? Surely there was a postmortem that would have defined his cause of death.If he had a known heart condition prior to the deportation, a doctor should have been present as stress alone could have resulted in a coronary attack

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Posted in: Panda born at Tokyo zoo for 1st time in 24 years See in context

What a lovely piece of news to wake up to this morning. Happy birthday !

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Posted in: What if Iran gets the bomb? See in context

Where does the possesion of the nuclear bomb produce stability? I t only takes one stupid action of pressing tha button to set off a chain of retaliation, then all hell will break loose. Too many loose cannons allready possess these weapons along with other devices of mass destruction. If Iran does develop its ability to produce such a weapon of devestation, it will just be another on the growing list of nations.who choose to sign up to these horrificly threatening ways of so called defence

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Posted in: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto: 'You have no fundamental human rights' See in context

No fundamental basic human rights? Bang goes democracy!

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Posted in: Two men arrested for setting fire to former employee See in context

A horrifying experience for the victim,and a cruel sadistic crime by his tormentors. My heart goes out to the the exemployee, I hope he makes a full recovery. one inhumane villian places the blame on the other, does it matter who did what both knew the intention was to cause grevious bodily harm.

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Posted in: The urban solution See in context

Easy to conservein the counryside, recycle tins and glass, feed vegetable peelings to the livestock, burning potato peelings with salt cleans the chimney and the rest to the compost heap. No street lighting, saves on energy and you can clearly see the stars at night. Fuel is wood burning and electricity by wind and solar panels. Self sufficeint and kind to the environment. Planting fruit and nut bearing trees we share the bounty with the birds and squirels, hedgerow for nesting, weeds like nettles and thistles for birds and butterflys. Could I do all this in a city? No I think not.

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Posted in: Syria strikes Damascus suburb; UN decries arms flow See in context

Asaad seems detemined to hang onto power at any cost. The cost is thousands of civilians , men women children dead or injured, their homes and commuities destroyed. He has attacked Turkish aircraft which may yet be his undoing. I just hope there is some way to resolve the situation quickly, to spare the further suffering of the population. ,

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

sfip330, It is not my place or business to be judgemental concerning other peoples romantic choices. If both persons are over the age of consent, why should I tell them who to date. If a woman wants to be a mother, it is up to her to achieve this during her fertile years. If a man wishes to have children then he will in all probability find a partner with simular wishes.I have no other thoughts on the subject, other then, live and let live.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

49 plus females finding love, and or companionship with younger men, why not? There does not seem to be so much of a taboo with older men and younger females.Go for it you women who meet the guy of your dreams and to !!!! with the begrudgers. I guess I have lived long enough to learn not to be critical of other peoples choices.

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Posted in: Japan opens solar energy parks See in context

Well here goes, a new solar energy park. a sunny resolution for japans energy needs

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for stealing melons worth Y60,000 See in context

Unfair that he should steal the fruits of someone elses labour

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Posted in: 1st Japan reactor goes online since nuclear crisis See in context

I sit here safe and sound in a nuclear energy free country and think of my family in Japan.I know only too well how difficult it was for them during the first year of the Fukushima disaster,which even now gives concern for its staus. I had hoped that the powers that be would react to the disaster with the realisation that nuclear reactors will never be guaranteed safe in aearthquake prone zone. So far even with all the reactors shut down ,energy has been produced from alternative sources. There has been restrictions on the production but enough energy to keep everything ticking over. One reactor is to be restarted , People protest and it appears that no one among the powers that be has listened to them

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Posted in: Talent management agency president commits suicide in office See in context

Ebuda even if this person was who you descibe as a stingy old hag in your evaluation of character, a person has died, a life is lost. Where is your compassion?

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Posted in: Smokers find new haven in Japan, but for a price See in context

Alan, yes I agree with you there are idiots out there with no concern whatsoever for the safety of others.There are stupid ignorant people who discard lighted cigarettes in areas unsafe to do so. These same people smokers and none smokers usualy portray the same disregard for others in all aspects of their daily lives. It is a matter of a persons individual character. Persnaly, and I can only speak for myself, I carry a small disposasal container in my handbag. I totaly abstain from smoking in an area undesignated to lighting up. Like I said forcing people to inhale passive vapours is absalutely unacceptable, but I would not appreciate anyone attempting to force me to quit

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Posted in: Talent management agency president commits suicide in office See in context

Cause of his demise is obviuosly in conflict, I guess the coroner will make the final decision. However he died it will be a sad loss for his family and friends . my condoleceis RIP

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Posted in: Smokers find new haven in Japan, but for a price See in context

Whether to smoke or abstain is a matter of choice. In Ireland the work place, pubs restaurants,cinemas ect, smoking is forbidden. Pubs now provide a sheltered area where sm okers may light up usualy in the back of the hostelry in a pleasant garden patio area. A gas heater in the winter provides for a pleasent area in which we gather. Passive smoking does compel others to inhale to inhale the smoke so I am happy that the rules for non smoking areas is vigorously imposed. I do not think prohibition will work or be tolerated. I can smoke, get into my car and drive safely, the same can not be said for the drink driver. After smoking a cigarette, I will not go home and cause conflict with my family or neighbours. So if the antismokers regime want to tell me how to live my life, will they put the same energy into the prohibition of alcholol? PS, I also enjoy the odd tipple

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