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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki says Charlie Hebdo drawings of Muhammad were a mistake See in context

I think everyone takes this whole freedom to say whatever to whoever thing too far. I am against all religions but I think people need to acknowledge who they are mocking and be prepared for the consequences .

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Posted in: Police round up teen gang members, make them form sports team See in context

I would love to see a cheesy movie made out of this . Starring kimura takuya and Abe hiroshi :)

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Posted in: Man dies after setting himself on fire in Tokyo's Hibiya Park See in context

CFB spender - I've thought a ton about suicide just because it's so strange to me , I've researched it like crazy but my interest is only in how can people do something like that ? I don't know if your interest is the same or if you are considering it . I must say that I have had a very unfortunate life and yet so many good things have happened after my lowest points . In 10 years everything in your life could be amazing , marriage , children , job change , everything could drastically change for the better . If you need someone to talk to please message me

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