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Posted in: 14-year-old boy driving car crashes into police car after chase See in context

Christ- another! "eventually," not "eventuially."

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy driving car crashes into police car after chase See in context

Correction - "permanent," not" permanet." Looks like I'm getting spelling tips from the Donald.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy driving car crashes into police car after chase See in context


I asked a policeman your question once. He told me that they avoided arresting bosozoku because most of them eventuially quit the gangs, get married and go on to normal lives. This would not be possible if they had arrest records. It makes sense; in the United States, at least, there is permanet underclass of people forever burdened by records of offenses committed years before.

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥150 latte into it See in context

What's the point? The pleasure of coffee is the pleasure of coffee in a nice china cup and saucer as part of morning service at friendly coffee shop.

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Posted in: Convenience stores to stop selling adult magazines by end of August See in context

I"ve been here for quite a while and I can't recall any time that women or children seemed reluctant to enter convenience stores.

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Posted in: Japan to pull out of IWC to resume commercial whaling See in context

The purpose of the IWC is to help the whaling business, not Greenpeace. Countries that have no stake in the whaling industry should not belong.

The minke species is not endangered; it is officially graded as "of least concern" in regard to species survival: the same rating as the Norwegian rat, the common cockroach and Homo sapiens.

The threats to the environment are real and deserve our full attention. By mixing boutique issues that are easily shown to be false yet are favored over more complex and serious issues by wealthy and unthreatened dillitantes, Greenpeace risks putting in doubt the reality of the crisis that our planet is facing.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

What? Already fifty-one and only one child? Since, by her own statement, the function of women is to be brood sows for men, her life has not been very "productive," has it?

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

Surely, at her age, humanity will understand if the world's grandmother is indisposed with the flu or something during the creep's visit.

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Posted in: Do business travelers feel safer using taxis or ride-sharing services? See in context

Either the headline needs changing or the chart needs an explanatory caption. The chart, as read, would be assumed to be an affirmative answer to the headline's rhetorical question and negate the information contained in the story.

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Posted in: Trump and Putin should start small at Helsinki summit See in context

Or, Trump could come in from the cold and return to Russia with Putin.

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