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Of course we can be certain that the agency is telling the truth. After all they did in Fukushima. Well, maybe that is not a good example to use for their truthfulness.

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Well I am surprised to have the results of my suggestions proven true, two earthquakes and a small volcanic eruption. Now I hope that is the end of it as the people have gone through quite a shock with all this. Some day there may be worse ones, or more of them, let us hope that will not be for quite a while from now.

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

Raised in Los Angeles and have been through a few Earthquakes. One thing no one has thought about is that you can have several faults close to being triggered and then have one quake trigger another. This happened when on fault line in Joshua Tree area set off one in Big Bear Lake a few years back. So it would be possible to have a swarm of earthquakes. In Los Angeles the most damaging Quakes have not been from the biggest faults but from the array of smaller faults that run all through the area that Los Angles is built on, some of them from faults that scientists did not even know about until they created a major earthquake. The Northridge quake was one of those unknown fault lines

One interesting aspect of Japan is how much of it has active volcanoes. Just as eruptions can cause earthquakes, so can earthquakes cause eruptions. In both cases volcanoes and fault lines only have to be near the point of moment of release for one to trigger the other. But geological history shows there have been very active volcanic and earthquake periods in the past and they can happen again.

The Japanese are pretty tough, a s most people living in earthquake and volcanic ares have to be. However if this should speed up and happen more often, it still could become more than could be endured, and you could even see refugees leaving Japan.

I am not saying it will happen in the near future, but it can happen. Just imagine Mount Fuji in full eruption for a couple of years. Moving seventeen million people and setting them up elsewhere would be a task daunting for any country s so far no one has ever actually done it.

Here in the States, Seattle and the Surrounding area comes to mind. Not only a major volcano, but an earthquake dangerous are as much of the city is built on swamp land and an area that has in the past few hundred years had a major tsunami caused by the most powerful earthquake offshore of Vancover Island that swept across the Pacific and hit Japan without warning. I believe the Japanese called it the The Orphan Tsunami of 1700 AD. Seattle and the surrounding towns would be heavily damaged if another one hit and some parts of the land would rise or fall as much as a dozen feet or more. I believe that Earthquake was in the 1600s of early 1700s. Now consider if you had the volcano go a well and all that snow suddenly melted and washed down Mount Rainier.

So it can happen, and someday no doubt, it will happen.

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Ironically America pulling back and becoming isolationist might be the best thing for the world as a whole. No more launching destructive wars in third world countries, no more arming and training questionable terrorist groups and no more interfering with every country in the world. Sort of the same when China pulled back into itself and became isolationist.

With the United States, being your ally can be far more dangerous than being your enemy. Sometimes we do people more good as their enemy. As an enemy you tend to know where we stand, but as an ally, you never can be safely certain. Look at South Viet Nam, they were our ally and we nearly destroyed it, while doing only little damage to North Viet Nam, our alleged enemy. Of course now it is their turn to worry, as they have the misfortune to be our ally now.

A Marine Viet Nam Veteran Fall 1966 to Fall 1967.

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Perhaps he is hoping for help from his Mafia ties. He was on quite friendly term with some of the Mafia controlled unions particularly in the building trades. It would be much like businessman working with the Yakuza in japan.

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If it is Black on Black killing, But we are also seeing increased attacks by neo Nazi groups and suspected KKK. So lets wait until someone is caught before we speculate. The important thing is catch the actual perps, and not just whoever the police find to be convenient , as has happened in some murders. Black deaths often are not investigated with the same vigor as the deaths of White people by our police. There is also a possibility that the wrong victims were targeted, we have had that even in crime shootings. It doesn't make the victims any less dead.

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What interesting was how few German and Italian Americans were interned. There was a strong racist tone tot he Japanese American internment.

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The worse thing is it limits the stories told, as well as the points of view. There is also a little matter of age as well. We need more stories that make use of older talented actors as well as stories told by children. I would also like to see more of our character actors made into lead actors. Taking what appear to be ordinary people and then putting them into difficult situations to show what they are made of. Lets face it heroes are not all young and pretty. Much of the eye candy hasn't learned to act yet. We need a lot more reality and variety than Hollywood is willing to give us.

Even I, an alleged White person, get bored with all white movies, or with people of color only being played to stereotypes. I made the discovery of a number of smaller Black films, including some old ones that were probably created for the separate Black audience of the day. I look forward to seeing a lot of Black Actors that I have not had a chance to view before, and so me stories quite different from point of view. Same goes for films using other Actors of color.

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi plant chief confident new disaster won't threaten clean-up See in context

I am glad he is so confident no new disasters well take place. Now if he willing to move their with his family to prove how confident that he is. It is so easy to make claims when you don't live near by.

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Don't forget that the sports officials, athletes, and fans will need a great many male and female prostitutes and areas to gamble, party drugs, pornography, and what not as well. This goes back to the original Olympics in Ancient and Classical Greece, so it is a time honored tradition. So plenty of chances for the various gangs to make a financial killing.

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Gee I rather hope they do it to as many American corporations as possible. Nothing that I would like to see more than American corporations with their tails between their legs being forced to do their manufacturing back in the United States. I think that would do a lot to end our trade deficit and improve our economy and improve salaries for our workers. Go for it China.

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Stupid unorganized dim witted nitwits. What did they think was going to happen. Peaceful assembly to protest is allowed, even guaranteed, but armed rebellion in not allowed in any country and cannot be allowed by any government. If the were not white, and if the Bundy brothers did not have a rich conservative daddy, they would have been closed down in the first few days. So another example of White skin privilege. Had they been Black, Latino, Native Americans, or Muslim, they would have been closed in on right at the beginning. Open carry only applies to White people in American and always has. So much for th great pretense of equal justices under the law.

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Posted in: Group urges changing Buddhist temple mark on maps to avoid Nazi connotations See in context

We call it the swastika. However it is a very ancient symbol found all over the world. Even our American Indians used it. Here in New Mexico one of our local railroads used it as a symbol and the student year book at a local University was called The Swastika. Needless to say when we got into World War II it was dropped. However I think instead it would be better to teach the people the older meanings of it and stop stereotyping what was a positive symbol as evil.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says 'comfort women' were prostitutes See in context

Nothing more foolish than a politician like Yoshitaka Sakurada trying to change history about a subject that he has no personal knowledge of. Of course Japan is hardly the only country whose politicians try to rewrite history to fit their political needs We commonly see this in the United States as well.

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Posted in: Fire occurs at Hamaoka nuclear plant; no danger to public See in context

Problems and crisis are always profitable. Things running smoothly are not near as profitable. Fukushima will continue to be profitable to sub contractors as long as the problem is never solved. It will also be profitable to doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. It will remain profitable for rental properties is supposed safe areas and to real estate companies. And so it goes right up to government workers and politicians that will benefit from it all. It will be profitable for the Yakusa as well.

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Posted in: Should the statue of a girl dedicated to the memory of Korean women forced to work in Japanese military wartime brothels be removed from outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul? See in context

Countries should deal with both the good and evil of their history. Now if I could just get the United States to do it. Starting with our past and present treatment of the American Indians and, Black slavery, the Jim Crow period, a right up to present day treatment of Blacks, every minority, or immigrant group to come to America there are plenty of atrocities that we should deal with right up to present day. Just about every people has something similar in their own history, even if not quite as spectacular. Why are we all so afraid of the dark side of history.

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Posted in: Okinawa countersues Japanese government over U.S. base move See in context

Another reason to worry about US bases, all of them prove to be hazardous waste sites, polluting both the land and the ground water. That is even true in the United States.

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Posted in: Okinawa countersues Japanese government over U.S. base move See in context

I think they are protesting as being treated like a colony by the Japanese, just as they were treated as a colony by the Americans before them. I think they are tired of having no say so it what gets done to them. I don't find that the least bit difficult to understand.

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Posted in: Teacher who paid for sex with 12,000 women in Philippines convicted over naked child photos See in context

Busy guy. Now I wonder how many of us have had sex with 12,000 of anything, or would need to, or want to? The problem is what is to stop this guy from continuing his hobby? Guys going in for underage sex do not change their ways. How can anyone allow this person to ever roam the streets of anywhere in our world?

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I can understand that being alone can be rough on a friends, family, and lover time of spending money, feasting, and partying time if you can't do it for whatever reason. I was often too poor to take part. So I gave it up, all the holidays that affected e that way, here in the States, Thanksgiving Christmas, and New Years Eve. That was fifty years ago, end of problem.

Unloved? Or are they upset about just not getting laid? Getting laid is the simpler problem to solve. Getting loved requires effort, and thinking about someone else a bit more than yourself. These young men seem to think it is all about them, their needs, and that may be the problem. Meanwhile what is wrong with having the freedom to do whatever that you want, and not having to worry about someone else not wanting to do it, or trying to make you feel guilty for doing what you want.

They should enjoy it while they have such freedom. That ends soon enough for most men. Meanwhile there are a lot of unhappy married men, or unhappy men with girlfriends. A lot of men can't handle either. As they say, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it?"

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Posted in: U.S. veterans who firebombed Japan in WWII meet survivor See in context

Again even if wining the war was a laudable achievement, it does not change in the least the atrocities committed. There are no innocent people military-wise, only the tens of millions of innocent victims who did not deserve what was done to them. In any war, the number of innocent civilians far out weighs the number of combatants killed.

In Viet Nam the 3.5 million people killed were by far innocent civilians. Nor are civilians killed by accident, as alleged collateral damage. Killing civilians is part of the strategy of war, and always has been. War has always been about making money, lots of it. But those that profit from war, and from dragging it out as long as possible, do not risk their own lives, but mostly the lives of the poor. War is the atrocity, nothing more and nothing less.

Marine Major General Smedley Butler sued it up this way, "War is a Racket!"

That is all that we need to understand.

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Posted in: U.S. veterans who firebombed Japan in WWII meet survivor See in context

We Americans talk about the war atrocities of other nations at war, but ever about the war atrocities of our own. Remember we not only did this to several cities in Japan but also in Germany We make our ow excuses but we not accept the excuses of other. It would be fine it they ever ended, but we continue the in every war since including the ones we are in day. War is mass murder. There are no good guys on any side of a war they are all just as evil. As long as any country goes to the war, the mass murder continues and the atrocities build day by day, month by month, year by year. I know this from personal experience as I am a disabled Marie Viet Nam veteran. Note that we did not invade North Vietnam we invaded South Vietnam against their wishes. We did not carpet bomb North Viet Nam, we carpet bombed South Viet Nam with more bombs than were used in all of World War I and World War II together. We did not drop millions of tons of poison on North Viet Nam we dropped it on South Viet Nam 2,000,000 tons of just Agent Orange alone, who knows how much of Agents Green Red, Blue or White. I am left to wonder if North Viet Nam could have wo without our help. Ho Chi Min was partially financed by the Rockefeller Family when France refused to allow Standard Oil off shore drilling rights off the shores of the French Indo China. Yep it was just another oil war.

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What governments have said are not dangerous to humans and sea life. However there is a very real chance that all governments have lied about radiation in all of its forms in order to launch the nuclear industry and maintain as a taxpayer subsidized industry. Lying as a industry makes lots of money. We call it advertising and Public Relations run by Spin Doctors that can make anything sound the way that you want to sound so people don't catch on to how they are being hurt my it. Anyone my age remembers when Cancer was not such a profitable industry. Problems create opportunities to make profits as long as the problem is never solved.

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Gun owners make up less than a third of the population. Even most people even in high crime areas do not feel the need to own a gun. Time for the majority to take control again. The gun companies fuel the fear for their own profit. There are some 300,000,000 guns in America. Their is no need for semi-automatic weapons, and even the NRA used to be against that, and against just anyone having a gun. Under the Reagan Administration were Assault Weapons were banned with full support by the NRA. The NRA did not use to be a radical lunitic fringe organization.

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I would prefer American Indian day. After all they were the original discovers of the continent. Little really has changed according to government statistics an unarmed America Indian male stand a much greater chance of being killed by police than even an unarmed Black male. But that rarely gets mentioned in our media. I lived in a town just off the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, and the hatred of Indians there was very noticeable, even though most of the money for the town came either the Indians on the reservation, or from people visiting the reservation. So the hatred of Indians never ended.

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There are attempted mass murders, most do not succeed but wound four or more people, more than every day of the year in the United States. Attempted mass murders are far more common than most Americans are aware of. The last figure I saw published on my FaceBook page was 287 attempted mass murders wounding four or more people each so far this year I believe over eighty of them this year happened in schools.

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Posted in: Taiwan swipe card with Japanese porn star image sells out in 4 hours See in context

Mind you this was a clothed picture, so what is the problem?

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Mass murders, the killing of four or more victims in the United States, 57% are not done in public but in private and only rarely make national media comment. These are domestic violence, where the victims know the killer. many times the victims have been threatened by the killer, and many times the victims have gotten court orders for the killer to leave the alone and allowing no contact at any time, and any way. So far there is no solution to the problem in the United States.

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As we American have made it virtually impossible for any mental case to get treatment if they don't have the money, even most medical insurance plans will not cover mental illness, or have very limited coverage at best. Legally we have made it nearly impossible to commit anyone until they commit a serious crime, even then they are more likely to go to prison, get no treatment at all, and the be let out in a few years still mentally ill. If the person is being treated with medications, there is no legal way to force the person to continue using medication.

As no one has listed him as mentally ill, he has never been treated, and up to now ever been arrested for anything serious, there is nothing in our most stringent gun control laws that would have stopped him from getting a gun and all the ammo that he wanted. If it is difficult in one state, then you just cross the state line into another state with easier rules. We also have all sorts of gun shows that do not check background on anyone. You can always buy a gun privately, event fully automatic.

ow I happen to be bipolar. I know fully well how miserable one can be, to the point that you are angry that not everyone else is not suffering. I know what it is like to start thinking how to make people suffer and to consider mass murder. And I have weapons. Thirty years ago it almost was me, thinking about going into a school and killing children.

It took twenty-three years to even get diagnosed. There is no effective mental health program, or support for poor people in most communities in the United States. I was also a Marine Vietnam War veteran with left over problems from the war as well. It became necessary for me to mostly stay away from people, so I moved out into the desert. That worked for awhile until I hit my forties and midlife. Then the pressure mounted. Then came the thoughts and gradually the thoughts of murder began to get more powerful. I talked about what I was thinking, but no one ever took any action on it.

So why didn't I end up on the six o'clock news as a mass murderer of children at some school. Shear good luck. The VA built a clinic some sixty miles away, but a driveable distance for me. For the very first time I was able to make an appointment with a psychologists for free. I told the psychologist what I was thinking. Here again I was very lucky, as he did not worry about whether my problem was war related or not as he should have done under the rules. No he scheduled me to meet a psychiatrist, and we started working through the various medications. It took nearly a year to find the right one that would balance things out, but still let me feel all of my emotions, just not let any run away from me. As a result, I am a pretty happy person have survived all sorts of traumatizing things since without cracking up. I was one of the few lucky ones.

Over a third of our vets have serious mental health issues, domestic violence and divorce are above average, this in a country where half the marriages already end in divorce.

Most of our homeless have mental health issues.

This in a country were most Americans cannot not afford to deal with mental health issues, not even our middle class. What treatment centers we have have waiting lists, often for years. 57% of our mass murders that is with four or more victims, are in private, not public, and domestic abuse related where the victims know the killer, often have had restraining orders against them. With a gun and a large magazine, even a coward can become a mass murderer and become famous with days, weeks, even months spent on every detail of his life. Guns are very easy to get in the United States but mental health care is impossible for most people.

Think about that for a bit. Anyone can become a mass murderer and get famous even. Meanwhile, I am lucky that I did not end up as one.

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Strange thing is that nude beaches in many ways are far more sedate in how people act then at clothed beaches from my personal experience. Perhaps all the men who have this sudden problem with nude breasts should stop looking at all the centerfolds they drool over, and realize the purpose of breasts is to feed babies. I am sorry of most men did not get breast feeding when they were babies, but it is still time that the men grow up and stop acting like hormone crazed teenage boys for a change. Stop blaming women for your own refusal to grow up and act like men who can take full responsibility, and control for how they respond to even naked women. Kids act towards nudity, even adult nudity, better than most men do from what I have see personally at clothing optional events here in the United States.

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