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Posted in: Radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores See in context

What governments have said are not dangerous to humans and sea life. However there is a very real chance that all governments have lied about radiation in all of its forms in order to launch the nuclear industry and maintain as a taxpayer subsidized industry. Lying as a industry makes lots of money. We call it advertising and Public Relations run by Spin Doctors that can make anything sound the way that you want to sound so people don't catch on to how they are being hurt my it. Anyone my age remembers when Cancer was not such a profitable industry. Problems create opportunities to make profits as long as the problem is never solved.

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Gun owners make up less than a third of the population. Even most people even in high crime areas do not feel the need to own a gun. Time for the majority to take control again. The gun companies fuel the fear for their own profit. There are some 300,000,000 guns in America. Their is no need for semi-automatic weapons, and even the NRA used to be against that, and against just anyone having a gun. Under the Reagan Administration were Assault Weapons were banned with full support by the NRA. The NRA did not use to be a radical lunitic fringe organization.

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I would prefer American Indian day. After all they were the original discovers of the continent. Little really has changed according to government statistics an unarmed America Indian male stand a much greater chance of being killed by police than even an unarmed Black male. But that rarely gets mentioned in our media. I lived in a town just off the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, and the hatred of Indians there was very noticeable, even though most of the money for the town came either the Indians on the reservation, or from people visiting the reservation. So the hatred of Indians never ended.

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There are attempted mass murders, most do not succeed but wound four or more people, more than every day of the year in the United States. Attempted mass murders are far more common than most Americans are aware of. The last figure I saw published on my FaceBook page was 287 attempted mass murders wounding four or more people each so far this year I believe over eighty of them this year happened in schools.

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Posted in: Taiwan swipe card with Japanese porn star image sells out in 4 hours See in context

Mind you this was a clothed picture, so what is the problem?

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Posted in: Fired reporter kills 2 former co-workers on live TV in Virginia See in context

Mass murders, the killing of four or more victims in the United States, 57% are not done in public but in private and only rarely make national media comment. These are domestic violence, where the victims know the killer. many times the victims have been threatened by the killer, and many times the victims have gotten court orders for the killer to leave the alone and allowing no contact at any time, and any way. So far there is no solution to the problem in the United States.

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As we American have made it virtually impossible for any mental case to get treatment if they don't have the money, even most medical insurance plans will not cover mental illness, or have very limited coverage at best. Legally we have made it nearly impossible to commit anyone until they commit a serious crime, even then they are more likely to go to prison, get no treatment at all, and the be let out in a few years still mentally ill. If the person is being treated with medications, there is no legal way to force the person to continue using medication.

As no one has listed him as mentally ill, he has never been treated, and up to now ever been arrested for anything serious, there is nothing in our most stringent gun control laws that would have stopped him from getting a gun and all the ammo that he wanted. If it is difficult in one state, then you just cross the state line into another state with easier rules. We also have all sorts of gun shows that do not check background on anyone. You can always buy a gun privately, event fully automatic.

ow I happen to be bipolar. I know fully well how miserable one can be, to the point that you are angry that not everyone else is not suffering. I know what it is like to start thinking how to make people suffer and to consider mass murder. And I have weapons. Thirty years ago it almost was me, thinking about going into a school and killing children.

It took twenty-three years to even get diagnosed. There is no effective mental health program, or support for poor people in most communities in the United States. I was also a Marine Vietnam War veteran with left over problems from the war as well. It became necessary for me to mostly stay away from people, so I moved out into the desert. That worked for awhile until I hit my forties and midlife. Then the pressure mounted. Then came the thoughts and gradually the thoughts of murder began to get more powerful. I talked about what I was thinking, but no one ever took any action on it.

So why didn't I end up on the six o'clock news as a mass murderer of children at some school. Shear good luck. The VA built a clinic some sixty miles away, but a driveable distance for me. For the very first time I was able to make an appointment with a psychologists for free. I told the psychologist what I was thinking. Here again I was very lucky, as he did not worry about whether my problem was war related or not as he should have done under the rules. No he scheduled me to meet a psychiatrist, and we started working through the various medications. It took nearly a year to find the right one that would balance things out, but still let me feel all of my emotions, just not let any run away from me. As a result, I am a pretty happy person have survived all sorts of traumatizing things since without cracking up. I was one of the few lucky ones.

Over a third of our vets have serious mental health issues, domestic violence and divorce are above average, this in a country where half the marriages already end in divorce.

Most of our homeless have mental health issues.

This in a country were most Americans cannot not afford to deal with mental health issues, not even our middle class. What treatment centers we have have waiting lists, often for years. 57% of our mass murders that is with four or more victims, are in private, not public, and domestic abuse related where the victims know the killer, often have had restraining orders against them. With a gun and a large magazine, even a coward can become a mass murderer and become famous with days, weeks, even months spent on every detail of his life. Guns are very easy to get in the United States but mental health care is impossible for most people.

Think about that for a bit. Anyone can become a mass murderer and get famous even. Meanwhile, I am lucky that I did not end up as one.

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Strange thing is that nude beaches in many ways are far more sedate in how people act then at clothed beaches from my personal experience. Perhaps all the men who have this sudden problem with nude breasts should stop looking at all the centerfolds they drool over, and realize the purpose of breasts is to feed babies. I am sorry of most men did not get breast feeding when they were babies, but it is still time that the men grow up and stop acting like hormone crazed teenage boys for a change. Stop blaming women for your own refusal to grow up and act like men who can take full responsibility, and control for how they respond to even naked women. Kids act towards nudity, even adult nudity, better than most men do from what I have see personally at clothing optional events here in the United States.

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Posted in: 3 Americans praised for subduing train gunman in France See in context

Nice to see young American men acting heroically. Bringing down a gunman without having weapons is remarkable and better than many of our police could do in this country.

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Posted in: Survivor recalls life in internment camp for Japanese-Americans See in context

I lived in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles before it was mostly torn down and rebuilt basically as a Japanese corporate entity. This would be the second time Japanese Americans would lose homes and businesses because of the Japanese. I a fortunate i that I ca go back ad see the old hotel I lived i for five years ad the north side of first was not torn down. Even as late as the early seventies most of the Nishei idea were not talking about their experiences in the Interment camps. While some recovered, a great many never did.

Many of them Nishei were high school or just out of high school. Often most of them did to speak Japanese because their parents felt it better for them to fit in and become Americas. Like most second generation Americans they were often more American that most Americans. So they had just been taught all the wonderful things about America and the rights protected by the Constitution when the camps happened. The camp experience shamed the in a way we can’t imagine that is why it took so long to talk about it. Many of the suffered from PTSD from their experiences in the caps.. Their families lost their jobs, their businesses, their farms and had to start at the very bottom. We were not likely to treat most German Americans like that if they had no Nazi ties, and we did to treat most Italian Americans like that. This was racial thing and hatred of Asians was a long time social and political tradition in the Wester States.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to end U.S. production See in context

Bad management is never the fault of the workers. It is the fault of the CEO and management including those that designed the cars for the American and European market. That is the reason they are pulling out.

CEOs and management are quick to take full credit for success of a company, but never take any credit for destroying a company, they instead will blame it on anyone else even the customers. Mitsubishi has been in trouble for years putting out vehicles people will not buy. That is not a employee problem it is lack of proper planning by management and the CEO.

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More importantly is the economics of the area will not recover for a long time even if decontamination had been successful. Most Japanese are not going to want to visit the area and many of the past habits will refuse to return for good reason. So any business that does restart is likely collapse again for lack of business Now one possibility is that all govern officials pushing putting people back there should have to move there themselves to the area and do regular business in the area to help the local economy. I am sure none of these officials will have any problem helping personally, with their families, as it is perfectly safe to live there. Everyone will praise the government officials who move there for their patriotic zeal.

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I am curious why everyone is ignoring the much more serious problem of China's economy which a collapse could have a far worse affect on the world? Chinese Government banks are lending money for people to buy stop to advert the present collapse of the stock market. When the United States did this in the 1920s it led to the depression. Greece is small potatoes compared to China that is a major world economic power.

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Posted in: 40% of unattached singles in their 20s, 30s don't want relationship: survey See in context

People who are not interested in relationships, best they stay out of relationships. No relationship is better than a bad relationship. Those not interested in marriage should never get married. Those, that are not interested in raising kids, should ever become parents for for the children's sake. Whatever one might think, they are probably doing the right and moral thing by not having relationships.

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One way to encourage those black companies to give more funds to the ruling party. If the party was interested in doing something, it would have done so long before now, so I assume it is more squeeze money that they want. Certainly the companies can afford to be generous with the government that has let them slide for so long.

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The Americans had a new war toy and had to find a way to use it on actual people before the war ended. Just another one of our medical experiments with weapons. I have no illusion about any morality of my American government or of the America people in general. If it makes us money, we will do it, period. It is why we have "In God We Trust". How better to identify our real god, Cash.

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Posted in: Naked nationalist stirs up election campaign See in context

Well at least he is young enough to still look good naked. I doubt any of the older candidates will copy his style. Does the come under the heading of not hiding anything? [Grin]

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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

Simple, don't get married, don't date, and just hire a professional woman when you need sex. As you will notice, a lot Japanese young men, and women are no longer interested in Marriage, raising a family, or even sex.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Kodo-kai yakuza group See in context

If a government wants to seize assets, it helps if the assets it wants to seize are big. Crime families have big assets. Now if we could only get the US government to seize assets of some of our international corporate criminals and of billionaires who hide earnings and don't pay their taxes, we could solve the US national debt, and cut taxes for everyone else. We are talking of many trillions of dollars.

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Posted in: 24 temples, shrines in 6 prefectures vandalized by oily liquid See in context

Someone has a grudge whether against religion or society. Certainly a very antisocial act. I would suspect teenager or early twenties, only because that is the most common age of this type of crime. However having gotten media attention, the person may increase their activities. Being famous will become as a matter of pride so I would suggest a person with very low self esteem. Meanwhile I hope they catch this person before it becomes worse.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

As I said there are no good guys in any war only bad and worse. There is no one country that went to war that claim to be good guys based on what they did while in war.

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

Fire bombing was a very wide spread tactic of the allied forces and used also in Germany and other theaters of war. Its primary purpose was to kill as many civilian as possible to demoralize a country.

In the case of Dresden our bombers bombed all the surrounding cities and towns but avoided bombing Dresden giving people the false feeling that Dresden was a safe haven. Then after Dresden filed with refugees our bombers fired bombed with incredible numbers of civilian causalities.

Contrary to our Hollywood inspired image of war the greatest number of casualties will always be innocent civilians rather than military personal. The military even today refers to it as collateral damage and ever bothers to keep any statistics on the number of civilian that are killed in a battle. Nor is the United States keeping any statistics on civilians in our present wars. In Vietnam, the one I fought in, there were 3.5 million causalities, most of them civilian, and most of the killed by American forces, even as bad as the Communist forces were. Remember we carpet bombed much of South Vietnam our alleged ally. We also drop tens of millions of tons of chemical weapons as well, including Agent Orange which many of our vets can tell you how that affected their health for the rest of their lives. I a one of the.

I hate to break your romantic illusion but there are no good guys in war, only bad and worse though often no way to tell which side was worse. In Vietnam it was napalm, white phosphorus, flame throwers and carpet bombing [more bombs than used in all of World War One and World War Two combined and the heaviest use of chemical warfare the word had ever known ad that was just the American side. If any other country had done it, it would have called a war crime. However that is true of all wars, on all sides. There are no honorable men in the midst of war and the longer and the war continues, the less honorable they become. That was the most awful lesson that I learned in war time and that was even before the Big Tet offensive.

So yes, we must remember all of the real horrors of war and forget one of it. Otherwise our leaders can trick us into another war.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist wanders into queen’s private rooms in Windsor Castle See in context

I wonder what would happen if he had done the same thing in Japan and wandered into the Empress's chambers?

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

So exposing teenagers to the real dirty world is bad? I would hate to think they can grow to adulthood and not know about such things. This is supposed to be the time we teach the the value of critical thinking so that they can be adults someday. Time to unwrap them from the protective bubble wrap.

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Sony is not unknown for making a publicity stunt, look what it did for the popularity of this movie. How any people made a point of watching this movie because of a claim that North Korea tried to prevent them from seeing it.

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Posted in: 71-year-old man arrested after setting fire to car with 40-year-old son in it See in context

Remember not all old people are weak and willing. Some of them are actually dangerous.

I am glad that the son escaped alive. it must have been terrifying. Burning to death is a horrible way to go. There is considerable trauma from such a horrible event. I hope that he can heal and get whatever physical and emotional treatment that he may need. Like a soldier, he could suffer from PTSD.

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Posted in: TEPCO completes removal of all fuel rods from Fukushima No. 4 reactor See in context

Consider that we are about three and a half years since the accident and the is the easiest of the removals of just the stored fuel rods. No one yet has any idea how we remove the melted fuel rods in the reactor and the water pollution situation is still out of control with water tanks starting to give way. Many of the contracts are still being done by the Yakuza, workers are still egg cheated of their danger pay. There is still the question of just where do they get more workers to replace the for them next several decades. Meanwhile no one is held responsible for any of the on going problems. So perhaps we should wait a while before we start with the congratulations.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' strikes a nerve in Japan See in context

History is the story of the the people. Which people? Why the people writing the story. School text book history in all countries is basically state propaganda to justify that country as it is now. All history is slanted interpreted as needed which is why one must read a wide variety of accounts of a single event to even guess what might have actually happened.

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Posted in: U.S. report fuels race furor over police killings See in context

It is long past time to ask why are so any unarmed nonviolent black people being killed by our white police. This is not nothing new. Walking while black appears to have been a crime of a long time as has driving while black. But killing because being black should be ended once and for all. I have no problem with violent people attacking police being shot when necessary. I am just tired of it almost always being minorities. There is one race human and color should not be factored in.

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Posted in: Nagano quake leaves 39 injured as houses collapse See in context

I am wondering what effect the quakes may have on nearby volcanos. Each can be affected by the other, eruptions create quakes and quakes can awaken volcanos. Needless to say Japan has plenty of both. There are all periods of increased activity.

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