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This launch is:

not creating any space debris

not making Musk rich (his wealth is in Tesla stock, and funds from space tourism will go to the Starship project)

inconsequential as far as carbon emissions, compared to the huge volume of airline travel (eventually SpaceX will use carbon neutral methane derived from water and CO2 in the atmosphere, with electricity from solar)

In a decade there will be multiple commercial space stations in orbit, and many more people will be going to space. Starship will make space access much cheaper. You live in the 21st century -- get used to it.

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Posted in: France beat Tonga 23-21 to reach Rugby World Cup quarterfinals See in context

There are different sorts of physical abilities. The fastest guys are in American Football -- a fair percentage of whom competed at a high level as sprinters in collegiate athletics. American Football offensive and defensive lineman are the strongest also.

Rugby and Aussie rules feature some different combinations of size and general athleticism not frequently found in American Football, because the Gridiron game has more specialization in positions.

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