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Christopher Cronin comments

Posted in: Killer robots: Why we should ban autonomous weapons systems See in context

Rarely a cosmic ray (or other magnetic anomaly?) could strike one of these systems, changing 1's to 0's. Possibly the system could continue to operate with its malfunction and seem like it functions self aware.

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Posted in: Japan’s PR battle for U.S. hearts and minds See in context

Easy. When was the last time China or Korea inspired an American? In intellect, soul or even style, it hasn't happened in a long time(if ever)!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan to conduct joint military drill for island defense See in context

What can I say? The Chinese government is a hate filled hypocrite. I vote yea for a colossal Japanese military build up!

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Posted in: 3 women cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Shouldn't Japan militarize?(everybody else is doing it) Not into an ambitious invader, but this world is going to crud quick. It is just fine with me if they re-instill military pride too, I don't believe they will be jerks. Its been a long time.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

Is S.Korea making a political mistake?Why would others cooperate with mean people?Also, if a defamation is that ill regarded(7 years! Wow!), then it would seem the S.Korean press has been all along narrated by its government,not free speech, not honest testimonies. It would be easier to publicly defame the newspaper the journalist worked for, rather than giving its own citizens something mean to chew on.

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