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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Australia will likely also have to play and England team that has had 2 weeks off, and fewer injuries. Unfair advantage from the get-go. And if the typhoon veers away from Tokyo, a lot of egg will be on certain faces

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Posted in: Japan stunned by manner of defeat, admits coach Nishino See in context

Agreed. Japan regained some of the honour they lost in the Poland game, and Belgium made an amazing comeback.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Every team runs the clock down when there is a strategic advantage to do so

For a few minutes, perhaps. Not for 15 mins - and certainly not when you are a goal down.

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 73rd anniversary of end of World War II battle See in context

The battle didn’t officially start till April 1945. Small correction

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Posted in: Messi misses penalty as Iceland draws with Argentina 1-1 See in context

Well done Iceland

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Posted in: Emperor, empress visiting Fukushima See in context

A class act these two. The government could learn from them

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Posted in: Airbnb says new law regulating short-term rentals 'stinks' See in context

A rather stupid move by the Japanese government

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Posted in: Switzerland beats Japan 2-0 pre-World Cup friendly See in context

Not looking such a great idea to fire the coach now is it

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Posted in: Record 98% of university graduates land jobs amid recovering economy See in context


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Posted in: N Korea casts doubt on Trump summit if U.S. insists on unilateral denuclearisation See in context

Abe will be happy. A once more belligerent North Korea means the scandals will go away

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Posted in: Japan must boost protection for sexual harassment victims, says Noda See in context

Last night, I saw one secretary at a nijikai table in a bar surrounded by ten raucous salarymen.

I can only imagine what she puts up with in her job.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan soccer coach Halilhodzic to sue JFA over sudden firing See in context

He failed to “read the air”. One is supposed to guess the unspoken in Japan.

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Posted in: Aso under fire for new remark on ex-official's sexual harassment case See in context

"We have to be very careful with our words," he added.

Try thinking before speaking

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Posted in: Aso repeats controversial comment on sexual harassment See in context

Surely Aso is overdue for the retirement home? 70 at the latest should be mandatory retirement age for all politicians.

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Posted in: Dozens of Canon security cameras hacked in Japan See in context

Guess you can’t count on a Canon after all

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Anyway, if I'm guilty of something I don't get to decide how many apologies are enough.


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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

Why is Abe still around? Surely the scandals should’ve forced him out by now.

Considering how tarnished his reputation is, he won’t get any support for this move now.

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Apologies are nothing when right wing politicians in Japan deny them the instant after they are uttered. Throwing money at an issue to make it go away means nothing when sex slaves aren’t covered in the education system.

The decent thing to do would be to re-erect the statue ASAP.

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Posted in: Things going very well, Trump says after talk with S Korea's Moon See in context

He hasn't fulfilled anything yet.

For the first time ever Ossan, I agree with you.

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Posted in: 'Comfort women' memorial removed from Manila baywalk See in context

Why does the euphemism “comfort women” continue to be used? It’s insulting to the memory of these women, and what they endured at the hands of the imperial army.

They were sex slaves, plain and simple. Sure, some were voluntary prostitutes but the vast majority were not.

Demolishing the statue was a stupid move on the part of Manila’s government. I assure you Seoul and San Francisco will not follow suit.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 3-year-old stepson because he ‘wouldn’t stop crying’ See in context

Beat him then. Give him a taste of his own medicine

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Posted in: Education minister visits 'sexy yoga' studio by official car See in context

I thought Hayashi looked familiar, he used to be big in the whaling industry. One amakudari post to the next.

Typical of the way the LDP is behaving.

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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

Whatever the rights of the Turkish man’s immigration case are, he is still a human being and entitled to medical care. That he almost died as a lack of it is a stain on Japan’s name.

He should sue - big time.

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Posted in: IOC tells Tokyo 2020 organizers they must prepare for questions, criticism See in context

Yep if you want the 2020 Olympics to fail, putting an 80 year old former PM in charge is certainly the way.

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe slips amid calls for Aso to quit See in context

Abe certainly looks under stress.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

Whst a sad, pathetic individual

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Posted in: Names of 3,607 members of WWII Unit 731 to be released See in context

Dropping the bomb had nothing to do with unit 731 - which was unknown in the west at the time.

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Posted in: PM's dash See in context

Heading to the toilet, looks like.

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Posted in: Names of 3,607 members of WWII Unit 731 to be released See in context

@Ricky. Precisely. History must be faced - however unpleasant.

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Posted in: Names of 3,607 members of WWII Unit 731 to be released See in context

To put the icing on the cake, postwar US occupation authorities pardoned all members of the unit, in exchange for their research findings. Conplicit therefore, in helping cover it up.

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