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Posted in: Hello Kitty designer defends cute character as cat turns 40 See in context

Hello Kitty will be fine as a product/cartoon. As far as, “There are new cartoon characters that are coming out daily… (but) I think Hello Kitty is the only one that can adapt to the changes in the world,” Yamaguchi said. Mickey Mouse and other cartoons that are way past the 40 year mark say good job & keep it up. There are some cartoon figures that become a part of the culture & keep going.

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Posted in: Asian nations dominate OECD education rankings See in context

The result of "leave no child behind". The US can say that all they want about education; But when you leave no child behind, you sacrifice the ones that can lead. They are the ones who have to stay behind so that the ones who should take that extra year don't feel bad about their grades. If the US wants to start doing well again, the gov't will have to acknowledge that yes, some kids are just naturally smarter than others., which in turn, according to the law of averages, means there are children who are naturally.. not. They need the help, but forcing the other kids to slow down to go at their pace won't work. Instead, let those children fail. That may seem cruel, but we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our success. The ones who "fail" at first, can then be given the proper extra help & support they need to catch up. This way, you still don't leave any child behind, but your also not holding others back as well.

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Posted in: Japan not ready yet to pass non-tariff barrier test: EU trade chief See in context

This is so true. When I was teaching English in Japan, all of my students were adults. With 1 set of students, the one who were best at talking,. we often talked about different subjects so as to provide a better background base. On cars, we were looking at it one day because 1 of them wanted to go by a car and he told me he was going to get a good deal. However, when we looked at what it would have been in the states(he was curious), he saw that the same car, made in Japan, shipped thousands of miles away, via boat was thousands of dollars(in American), cheaper than what he was getting and couldn't figure out why. I had to point out that Japan heavily taxes whatever comes in from foreign countries so as to make the domestic products sale better. However, that has the negative impact of then letting the domestic companies sale their cars for more money, but still cheaper than the heavily taxed foreign products; While at the same time, using that money to then make it much cheaper in the foreign markets to grab a bigger share.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia discuss peace treaty negotiations See in context

A lot of things could be why this is going on, but it's still good if Japan can settle some disputed islands.

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Posted in: 'Ender's Game' explores complexity of youth, isolation and warfare See in context

Same. I read this last year(didn't know the movie was coming out), and it was really good. So many aspects of the book apply to today's society & warfare that I could easily see this being something looked at for more than its entertainment value depending on how they do it. Not sure this could get a series as LOTR's books were all connected much more fluidly than this series, but it's possible.

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Posted in: Japan scaling down 2020 Olympic stadium after criticism of cost See in context

I just like how the whole design is being scraped AFTER they won the bid. Everything is fine and dandy before, only after, does it all come to light. Gotta wonder if they would have won the bid if they had said beforehand.. "Yeah.. we're not really going to make the stadium we're showing you.. hell, we don't even know what we'll do., but come to Tokyo anyways!"

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Posted in: Meet Les Romanesques: The most famous Japanese people in France See in context

I'm stuck on the technicality of what the first paragraph said.. "4th most watched video in the world", I looked on youtube, but I can't find a video with more than a million views.(curious what the # is)., at the moment., I"m wondering if its the 4th most watched video in the world involving a Japanese Duo on France's Got Talent.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

FrungyAUG. 11, 2013 - 12:34AM JST So you're saying that anything goes in war-time? ... no. And the invasion wasn't inevitable, in fact it probably wouldn't have happened at all because of the projected U.S. military casualties. Sit and ponder on that for a second. The U.S. military didn't give a damn about killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese CIVILIANS, but wouldn't have invaded Japan because a lesser number of U.S. soldiers would die. You're making a false comparison. Without the a-bombings they would have found another way.

So as I understand it, your saying that if the US didn't have any atomic bombs, they never would have invaded Japan.. So what would they have done? Twiddled their thumbs and waited while the Emperor took that as a sign of weakness? Waited for Russia to attack from the North? Layed Seige?(Assuming that is also what Russia did?) If Japan was so ready to surrender, why did your head Military guy want to keep fighting and commit suicide when the Emperor caved in? Let's go with lay seige., then Japan gets a lack of food,. and from what I remember, that was already happening, so how many hundreds of thousands, if not more, would have died of starvation? Twiddle their thumbs? For how long? Probably not long before they started a naval/aerial barrage against the cities. Invade by land? If the Emperor didn't surrender, that would have happened, and with how populated the country is, and how nationalistic most Japanese are, let alone how they are then, do you really think the wives would have said, oh, my husbands over there, please kill him mercifully? Hindsight is 20/20, but pretending that the Emperor would have surrendered when he hadn't yet, and with the US not invading is just being silly. Were the atomic bombs a war crime? I have to say No. Were they a mistake. The 2nd one., yes. I do think the President could have waited more than 3 days. As someone else said, the greatest crime in any war is the one who started it.

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Posted in: Kumamoto hospital Japan's first to offer adoption service See in context

Wish a lot of countries & adoption agencies could do this and remove the business aspect of it, not to mention make it more transparent.

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Posted in: U.S. senators say Okinawa base plan needs congressional approval See in context

China would/would not attack Okinawa purely because of the leverage against Japan. China is just as nationalistic of a country as Japan is, and you think Japanese are upset about Americans and having lost the war, imagine the anger the Chinese feel. They suffered far more than the Japanese did, and lost millions of more lives to slaughter, rape, bio-chemical testing. IF Americans left Japan completely, it would mean a treaty was over. The reason they are there is because of Japans transgressions against almost all of Asia, they are not allowed to have a true standing military force. Hence why everything begins with SD- Self Defense. While China may dislike America(for a few good reasons), that is nothing compared to what they would love to do to Japan. As far as economy. Look at the Philippians. There used to be a base there and it got shut down. The economy at where the base used to be, and how it is now with the base gone. Unless another massive amount of people go in, the economy, based on previous history, is going to very quickly turn bad. Japanese already go to Okinawa as a tourist destination. It's not like they avoid it now, and while some may think so. If the land opens it, its not like there will be a huge constant influx of citizens who can maintain the constant money source the Americans are providing.

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Posted in: Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes See in context

You did notice that the range of this is very very small correct? While a woman or man, may not notice it from the backside, I am pretty sure that any intelligent woman would notice it if you put a cell phone right over her chest.

As others have said, the possible medical ramifications of this are freaking staggering.. X-rays done in seconds. Possible brain bleeding? They can check that. Maybe in the future, there will be a filter developed, or the signature of cancer will be figured out, and go in for a real, accurate cancer screening and be done in 10 minutes knowing that you truly do not have any cancer.

3rd world countries, except even more important where x-ray machines, cat scans are too expensive, require too much power, and take up too much space to be used. A doctor can have a cell phone and quickly help set broken bones, and do actual examinations with much better equipment since they will have much better information to work off of. The variety of ways this can be utilized in the medical world, and the far-reaching implications of this are just mind-blowing when you think of what this could lead to. This small team from Dallas may be ultimately, and directly, if not indirectly responsible for millions of lives saved due to the possible medical uses of this.

Other applications, police. If there is a bomb, rather than having to open it to directly to see what is inside, they can have their robots equipped with this, and do a quick scan. Lets them know if its a dud or a real bomb in seconds, as well as they can start planning right away how to take it apart, or even how big the blast radius is. This could save very valuable time.

And as others have also pointed out. This could lead to other, new inventions, using the same technology that others have not thought about.

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Posted in: U.S. senators say Okinawa base plan needs congressional approval See in context

I do think that the Okinawans should be asked on that, but lets be honest. Japan is not losing any money by renting it to the Americans., they may not be giving any of it to Okinawa, but they are making a lot of money off the rental fees. The Americans do not get that land for free you know.

As far as an imaginary history, Japan has more enemies because of its past transgressions than you or it seem to realize.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists use drone to track Japan fleet See in context

Out of curiosity, but when is Japan going to publish the research it has learned from this.. Surely by now, with a country as techno-advanced as Japan, and with the years of research already out there., they've gleamed/learned something truly insightful. I am just wondering what has all of this research learned. Ignoring the food issue, the moral issue, and the culture issue, from a purely scientific standpoint, if 20+ years of research yields no new data on an already extensively researched subject then there is no reason to continue this "research".

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Posted in: Scientists on trial for manslaughter in Italy for failure to warn residents about quake See in context

Agree with all of the above.. seriously, you want them to be able to predict what each and every ground tremor is?.. whats next, they're supposed to predict hurricanes/typhoons from rainstorms?

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Posted in: Elderly woman transfers Y29 million to man posing as son in trouble See in context

Could be a lot of reasons. I don't call my mom for months at a time.. especially when I live in a foreign country because of time zone difference and cost. It's quite possible that the son lives in a different country and between a possible very busy work and such, just hasn't had time. As for those who say why didn't the son call the mother. It works both ways, why didn't she call her son. I'm sure she had his number, and she should have, especially after the first?! transfer, called her son to ask about it.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

@ Brandon; Get real, your doing the same thing as Speed in assuming the other team is weaker and has to cry. Neither team would have cried because neither team thought they were owed the victory(like your stupid self seems to think the US women would think so), and as such, each team gave it their all. If they had cried, it would because they gave it all and they lost, not because they lost what they were owed.

In regards to the main theme. I don't understand it either, right after the game was over I checked ESPN and Japanese Ladies win was on the main page, I checked this site, and it still has the pre-game thoughts. This site, a Japanese site, didn't report the biggest victory for women's soccer in history until much later(even 10 minutes is much to late when it seems every other online newsite was updated within seconds).

In both countries it seems that the women's team is infinitely stronger than the mens, and neither get the respect they deserve. In the states, though its the women playing, some of the soccer commercials had the men acting like it was them representing us. I can only hope that that this victory will make Japan realize that the men don't rule the roost, and that they'll start truly supporting these women better. As some of the announcers stated, some of the players on the field don't do this for a living, it doesn't pay enough, instead they have to work side jobs to cover what they love to do. Hopefully Japan will finally recognize how good of a team they can be, and pay them as such. At least they're proving they can win on the big stage..

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

@ Carch: Anyone who actually watched that game knows the US ladies weren't underestimating the Japanese ladies. They just couldn't finish their shots, and they took a ton. @El Mex. Don't confuse US mens soccer team with the US Womens soccer team. The US womens are(probably still are) ranked #1 in the world, and have in the last 5 years, have always finished ranked in the World Cup. The Japanese team didn't beat a team that just recently got good. They beat the #1 ranked team in the world(yes, that includes Brazil/Germany/France), and also arguably the best goalkeeper in the world with Hope Solo. As an American, I had hoped we'd win, but Japan did everything right and it paid off. One other note.., in regards to how they need to "practice their penalty shots". US had beat Brazil earlier by penalty shots, and Japan did have that advantage, as the first shooter for US shot the same way she had earlier. Either way, Japan did a fantastic job and kept pushing it and never gave up. Kudos to the first, and not last, Asian team to win it all.

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