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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

I really don't know what's more difficult, the virus, or the angst of wondering what will happen next. People in Japan are very competitive and strong minded when it comes to making a living. They do not mess around. So, if a policy is not clearly stated, or not strictly enforced; then the common Japanese salary man, or family, will simply with what they know, and argue that they don't know about what the Local Gov, is saying. Peace.

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Posted in: Do you support the government's call for companies to take an extended holiday over the New Year period until Jan 12? See in context

I don't know, I think not much is really going on at that time of the year for Japan, and although contract workers may want to get to work soon, I really think people need to be together and do stuff for as long as they can these days. I may just benefit the economy as much as the family and individuals.

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Posted in: Japan, China discuss restarting mutual business travel See in context

Why would Japan want business travel when they might invade Taiwan? Seems to me they China needs to cool it's heals first.

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Posted in: JRFU rules certain Japan passport holders will be regarded as non-Japanes See in context

If you try to argue this with many local people they may respond "but they are foreign so it can't be helped". This attitude in itself is at the route of many of Japan's problems, and Japan Rugby behaving in this way is not helping.

International rugby is one thing. Human rights is another.

I agree that these are important issues. Like I said, I applaud your argument, and respect it.

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Posted in: JRFU rules certain Japan passport holders will be regarded as non-Japanes See in context

@Jpn_guy you are such an angel, I applaud your argument, and respect it.

I would only say that these 'newly minted' Japanese citizens were not 'spring chickens' and Thier motivations were probably more on the whole competition side of things.

And, frankly, these people are not 'Japanese' they are people from foreign lands, like myself, but instead of being satisfied and grateful and appreciative of their natural citizenship like me, instead tossed thier citizenships to compete at the national level, and took on Japanese Citizenship, and now they are victims of immigration bureaucracy.

Now, If these individuals would have come here as kids or something you may have more empathy; Or they had taken advantage of some legal loophole that had suddenly closed on the count of thier retained nationality, this too may have garnered support; But in reality we know deep down these guys need to take their medicine and drop this.

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun indicted on domestic abuse charge See in context

The sad thing about this, is the children. And the outrageous thing is. That he actually laid hand on the mother of his children; and the other audacious thing is to even think that he comes from some kind of humble beginning; The man, Bobby is very spoiled and very rich, in Africa his family was practically royalty. You would think he was raised better than that. Bobby should have known better. I hope he gives pause and changes course. And sincerely spends the rest of his life in dedication to his family instead of ego.

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Posted in: JRFU rules certain Japan passport holders will be regarded as non-Japanes See in context

Well, it seems there is a price to pay for throwing away your natural citizenship for a starting position or any position on a team that you will obviously be cut from eventually, and left with the fact that you are without employment and a bit of an elephant in the room.

Although I do understand the dream-like quality of such an enterprise it's just, in hindsight it sounds a bit unwise if you ask me.

Remember, that precious passport you have doesn't just encompass a few seasons; it encompasses your entire life. You need to think long and hard no matter who you are, or what your position, about the cost of such an endeavor, and the true and ultimate consequences of those actions.

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

Please don't get to angry or unforgiving of the governments response to this catastrophe. Their response was comparatively very humain. If people outside your home could be sick, and your family could be infected, wouldn't you tell them to come back at a later date? And if you did let them in would you not take the utmost precautions? And let's say a family member could have this sickness, would you risk letting them in and infect the whole family, or would you not tell them to come back at a later date? On on top of that what if you had little info on this sickness to begin with? Let's get off our high horses, take our medicine on this one, say thank you, and move ahead.

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Posted in: Muji to sell candy and snacks by weight, each individually plastic wrapped See in context

Ask the past vendors before of sweets what this practice got them in the end, Sweet Factory etc. No business; thirty years ago maybe, but this is clearly a money grab, bubble era-like and in this day and age, its a terrible one at that. What a tremendous waste of plastic and money. What on earth was their R&D or marketing department thinking? And who in there right mind gave the go ahead to this? I hope whoever it is has retirement in mind.

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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

I think it's quite clear, if you support public safety and health, then you wear your mask; I don't want to hear about technicalities, and sympathy. Your are in a closed space, people are uncomfortable as it is, then there is always the chance that you will spread your saliva around, no one knows anything about you; stop being so demanding, show some consideration, and put your mask on.

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Posted in: Osaka to play in Western & Southern Open semifinals, after all See in context

All her actions proved is that she as no leadership in her life. She has no one to give her any real world wisdom. It wasn't until she was sat down by sports officials, that some common sense was given to her.

A few points: The people on the street think it's all Call of Duty, but it's not, and it's costing them their lives ; it's no joke. And statistics?

Everyone worth their salt in that field knows that all statistics are always stated in a way to favor whoever posted them. So frankly Osaka needs to focus on what she knows, tennis. And all these athletes protesting need to shut up and play, and drop their Chinese sponsorships, they are not fooling anyone. Even their announcements seem half hearted and lacking of any real knowledge of the situation. As soon as these athletes step out of there professions to protest, they immediately seem bought and payed for with no true skin in the game but the money that was payed to them. In Osaka's case though it was probably the threat of monetary penality that made her change course; she's probably just as confused as she was before.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of older brother See in context

Looks this time Cain got thrown into a Japanese prison, never to be heard of again. And Able? Back to work.

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Posted in: Gov't appeals court order to recognize 'black rain' victims See in context

I don't know why they did this. There must be some kind of in-fighting going on here. There's no logical reason to appeal; and of all the times in the year, August, really? This sounds like a self inflicted tragedy. You can't make this stuff up. It's so sad.

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Posted in: Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow thanks Japanese for support See in context

Hints of Aung san suu kyi spring to mind when I look deeper into this. We should not expect too much from Agnes. Let's just hope she gets out of this alive and free. But in the future if you hear things like her being elected to office or something, let's not get carried away and remember Aung san suu kyi, she completely abandoned the plight of the rohingya in Myanmar, and for what? Fear, pressure and enticement.

Don't think for a second that with the right amount of fear, pressure, and enticements, that the Chinese government won't do the same thing with Agnes. What does she know? She cannot possibly fathom what the Chinese government is truly capable of. And neither can we.

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Posted in: Trump end run around Congress raises questions on his claims See in context

And there it is:

After negotiations with lawmakers on the next package of pandemic economic assistance hit a wall, Trump used what he said were the inherent powers of the presidency to forge ahead on tax and spending policy that Congress says it is granted by the Constitution.

So, perhaps they need to get the bill passed and stop arguing over Trump's stopgap. No his executive order will not solve everything, but it does but time to get the job done. Please, stop bickering and and get the bill passed.

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Posted in: Japan to send help as Mauritius races to contain massive fuel oil spill See in context

Well、let's just be thankful that it wasn't an oil tanker, that would have been a catastrophe. However, this is no picnic, and waiting two weeks seems more like paperwork bureaucracy, something that needs to dealt with at a later date. They just need to get that fuel out of the water, and that cargo ship to the yard, and quick. Good luck.

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Posted in: LDP policymakers say Japan should have missile base-striking ability See in context

Well look, if your going to be a powerhouse in Asia, which Japan is without a doubt, and have the third largest economy in the world, as well as be situated right next to Chinese military prowess, you better be able to assert yourself in the region, meaning, be able to defend your entire airspace and souvergn land and or territories at anytime by land, air, sea, digital, and intergalactic, as well be able to preempt any hostilities toward you all the same; this not amature night here, this like Land and political soverngnty basics 101. Not to mention just good governence. This shouldn't even be a topic for discussion, this should have been done long ago.

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Posted in: Jagger, Stipe sign letter demanding campaign song consent See in context

A bunch artists angry that another rich person is using their songs, and has more influence with it then they could have ever imagined or wanted. This reminds me when George Gershwin made Porgy and Bess. (Not that much) anyways, the composition was steeped rich in anti-slavery anti-segregation idealism. But it ended up being the soundtrack for an American In Paris. Not at all what Mr Gershwin wanted, and he was livid about it. However, and as you u know MGM kept it and the rest is history. Now, I'm sorry, but as beautiful a dancer as Gene Kelly was, and as much as he was protrayed as the struggling foreign man in France after WW2. He was definitely no Porgy. So I guess Trump is no Mic or Tom either. But he's still using those songs.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

Desert Tortoise,

I gotta say, your on the money. It's really tough out there.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

Well, it looks like the Chinese manifesto for the Senkaku islands just hit a roadblock. I'm pretty sure they didn't expect this. They don't want war, and those waters aren't worth it. They'll, counter with a diplomatic, pragmatic word salad, and then maybe try a few times but finally relent in their adventurism. They'll have to wait another hundred years or so. And they will wait; and I think that may be the scariest thing. The fact that they can afford to just wait, and eventually get everything they want, if we are not careful.

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Posted in: Australian police disperse Black Lives Matter rally See in context

...planned to highlight the deaths of Aboriginal people in custody....

That's cool, I support it, but pick another slogan.

BLM is confusing at least and dangerous at most. They may have good intentions but their numbers are infiltrated with those that do not. Please read their manefesto on thier home page and then put that upgainst what is happening in the U.S. right now and you will understand, heck the manefesto alone is enough to scare the daylights out of anyone ( -wait till you get to the end, it's a doosy.)

And stop color labeling, ex 'black, white, yellow etc. It's archaic and insulting. There are between 193 and 215 different nations in the world, those preferences are quite sufficient for identifying someone.

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Posted in: Chinese authorities take control of U.S. consulate in Chengdu See in context

It is a shame and waste of a reputation and resource that China, with all its history, intellectual prowess and potential, still feels it necessary to steal intellectual property and information from other nations. I mean, they must literally have more geniuses in that country than anyone can count, yet they still pull the the whole cloak and dagger deal in the states, maybe even in Japan, what are they thinking?

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Posted in: Japan now scrambling jets against Chinese military aircraft taking off from Fujian See in context

Japan really needs to look at more practical options, for example why not use drone tech? Turkey, Israel, and of course the U.S. offer some very good options. They could be used for these intercept mission quite easily, with more numbers, and less expensively, with no chance of loss of life. Japan could have the high ground easily, and there would be nothing China could do about it.

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Posted in: South Korea to reopen WTO complaint over Japan's export controls See in context

First off, much love to South Korea. But, they need to get out of bed with the Iranians. Stop building their ships, and giving them "unbeknownst" Japanese tech, and ofcourse and stop buying their oil. They do that, and then come to the table. Until then don't wine.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka tops Serena Williams as world's highest-paid female athlete See in context

Lets just hope she continues to matures with age, and becomes a very good philanthropist, for her sport and others, that would be best.

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Posted in: Japanese teenager plans lawsuit over gaming limit ordinance See in context

I thing egaming is becoming more and more popular in Japan, so it could be quite lucrative enterprise in the future, and with that many kids might turn pro, if that happens, these measures may become a much bigger issue. Cities may want to revisit such actions in the future. But for now, it's good to see a youth taking civil action, it's a healthy thing.

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Posted in: GOP tries to rein in Democrat governors on virus response See in context

America is not responsible or any virus befalling it from China no matter the strain, Covid45 or any other. This plague came China, and it mutated in the U.S. if you want to criticize Trump, you can, the response was slow, because he was bombarded with opposition to anything he wanted to do from the start( He's never had their support before, so you can hardly blame them, it's just business in washington) and his own misunderstanding of this virus from the start, fair enough; but don't say this is his entire fault, that's ridiculus.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands See in context

I think Xi may not have command and control right now. What just happened is extremely dangerous no matter the claim. A Chinese coast guard boat chasing a fishing rig is absolutely outrageous. Japan exemplified self control and command.

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Posted in: Streaming video, online retailers escape pandemic pounding See in context

Well, other business are hurting. That's the truth. But digitally focused companies have flourished. It says something of the future we have to look forward to. How can we both compensate those affected and reconcile the good things that have happened in the business sector as opposed to the fallout in the social everyday lives of common people all over the world? This question will stay with us for some time, and the sooner we can answer and satisfy those affected by all of this, the sooner we can all move forward in a new world, a post viral world.

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Posted in: Tulips snipped to prevent crowds at Chiba festival See in context

A Botanic tragedy. What a pity. Seems like an extreme measure that wasn't very well thought out, yet seemed necessary on the surface. Only time will tell.

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