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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context

Wait. We have to remember that all people are inherently free. The moment we start trying to control peoples private lives, it's absolutely overreaching, if it isn't in the best interest of all parties concerned. On top of that we live in pretty messed up age, and if the women get pregnant, so what? Give them leave, let them return home, welcome them back, or let them stay. People are saying, 'they are here to work, not get pregnant' That's junk reasoning flat out, and completely biased; get real, be compassionate, and find a way to accommodate. Yeah, it may have been the plan the whole time, but so what? What difference does it make? Get real.

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped Ghosn flee Japan sent back to U.S. See in context

Looks like the Taylors and Sam Rockwell will make that move after all. Funny world

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Posted in: Russian hackers say Japanese hospital paid $30,000 in ransomware attack See in context

Honestly, are you sure it was the hackers that scammed them or the IT firm? 475,000USD seems a bit steep. The Russians look like angels compared to that firm.

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Posted in: Japan, Finland pledge unity against Russia over Ukraine war See in context

I'm reminded of Avenger's endgame, with Dr Strange(Japan) showing up at the end with all of the allies needed to defeat Thanos. That ends well. But with all hope, we'll never get to that point. We'll chop off Thanos's hand and throw him in prison.

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Posted in: U.N. condemns Russia's move to annex parts of Ukraine See in context

It is disappointing.

politicized and openly provocative," adding that it "could destroy any and all efforts in favor of a diplomatic solution to the crisis."

This means ' it doesn't matter what the UN thinks; the reality it that those territories are annexed and now status quo for Russia, furthermore any attempt to change that will be met with the full force of the Russian Federation' And with that understanding the UN is more welcome to veto all it wants to knowing full well in truth it's an empty statement.

Another disappointing thing about this is that most of the UN knows this and has accepted it.

The U.S. is really on its own in it's true support for Ukraine. All other support may soon fade.

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Posted in: Japan protests possible gas extraction by China in contested waters See in context

You should thank China for the research and development, and make haste to drain the the place dry before China does.

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Posted in: Business circles mixed about Japan's intervention amid industry shift See in context

The yen fluctuations have always been of great interest, not only for myself but for the economy as a whole. I am fascinated with the basic love\ hate situation. When the yen is so weak like right now, factories that create products from raw material get to clear their warehouses, and profits soar, foriegn investment and tourism comes pouring in where its allowed, and basically the people, entities and markets manager that have lots of capital get to move cash around and so, make short term profits and long term investments. But, the domestic economy suffers higher prices and usually no or low income increases in the short or long term. It can also lower the public‘s opinon of themselves which ultimately leads to less spending in domestic markets, this can and normally does lead to higher interest rates and a sticking money under the matress mentality. Good or bad, Its all one neverending cycle, but very interesting.

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Posted in: Finland's 'partying PM' apologizes for controversial photo See in context

At first the people have to think of the safety of thier country and thier readiness.

What if there was an emergency in thier nation? Now she's been drinking all night and needs to be the one making the tough decisions at those dangerous times? Frankly, she was not ready, and definitely not focused. Can she have a girls night out, like that? Absolutely not, don't be silly.

She's a public official, on call to the people 24/7. If she thought differently she should never have taken the position.

Everyone wants the status, but few want to bare the weight of that status.

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Posted in: CNN cancels 'Reliable Sources,' host Stelter leaving network See in context

Gutfeld is on fire right now you can bet. But Stelter will become a cult classic type, he'll set up his own podcast, and he'll be back at it.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister tells S Korean president to 'shut his mouth' after offer of aid See in context

Kim Yo Jong said in a statement released by state news agency KCNA, calling Yoon "really simple and still childish" to think that he could trade economic cooperation for the North's honor and nuclear weapons.

Well, guess the age of innocence is over. North Korea has about the most stupid and dangerous policy the world has ever seen.

Like, straight up, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is ever going to or was going to EVER going invade N.K.

But these paranoid megalomaniac brutes, decided anyways, to starve thier people and build these archaic nuke modules. And their just going to end up having some kind of horrifying meltdown, destroy thier country and endanger the entire globe and all of it's habitants.

They looked at all the history, but thier arrogant leaders missed Chernobyl, 3 mile island, and Fukushima. If those governments with GDP's many times thier own could not avoid catastrophic meltdowns, how in the world will they, and how can they ever hope to recover afterwards? Amateurs; It's ticking time bomb.

Some civilizations, some; would be better off with sticks and fire, and left in the stone age, because they do not have the capacity to become a better version of themselves. They just can't do it.

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Posted in: Elon Musk tweets he is 'buying Manchester United' See in context

Hahahahahahaha, yes Elon of course you are........

You know, Micheal Jackson and Paul McCartney had a very similar conversation back in the day....and the rest is history. Peace.

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Posted in: U.S. commander says China missile fire over Taiwan must be contested See in context

Why doesn't the USA actually do something about it ?

Because the U.S. has no interest in contributing to China's arms sales campaign.

China's not going risk getting any dust on it's nice clean trophy navy and air force.

But you can bet it's got missiles, aircraft and navigation hardware it wants to sell.

That's the elephant in the room.

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan hold missile defense exercise with eye on N Korea, China See in context

I truly wonder if N.K.'s government ever gave a thought to the cost that it will take over next decades to service all of they're nuclear facilites units and projects to prevent mass catastrophe taking place.

I really think their admin gave no thought, and simply banked on selling their tech and ransoming thier way along, simply adhering to their predessors wishes, believing that a nuclear N.K. was the only way to continue existence as they are, with the current regime.

It is doubtful they will be able to maintain a safe environment for material and facilities they have, past the lifespan of their facilities presently in existence.

Sri Lanka thought as much with going organic with it's agriculture and it's not going well; today they barely have nation.

North Korea's insanity and obsession could be the world biggest catastrophe waiting to happen.

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Posted in: China announces new Taiwan drills as U.S. delegation visits See in context

No one is going to war. But money is going to start flying around like there is one.

And let's just say hypothetically that they did have a war. To what end? I mean, if there is hot war in the South China sea let's be real, China can't hope to benefit from it.

You really think the U.S. would let it slide? The oceans would be a nuke caldron before it was all over. N.K. would be their only ally after that, and with allies like that who needs enemies.

So no, on the hot war, it isn't practical or logical; but regrettably, because of domestic and party appeasement, yes on the saber rattling and embargoes sure to come.

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Posted in: Taiwan thanks U.S. for maintaining security in Taiwan Strait See in context

We can be sure the the saber rattling and drills were nothing more than to show their domestic that were doing something. Thier military when it comes to facing modern militaries, is nothing more than a trophy military; what that means is that they show it off but they don't want to risk loosing in a conflict. Case in point, the US has the 7th fleet parked right There next to Taiwan,

What has China done? Nothing. But, the US thanks China for the opportunity to show how the world's militaries should invest in U.S. hardware even more.

I do credit China for embargoes on such things as sand to Taiwan, but other than that the world has seen all it needs to about China's capabilities in the south pacific, and none too impressed.

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe murder suspect: What we know See in context

Sincere condolences to the Abe Family. As a man, he fulfilled his role protector and provider for his family. As a patriot he Helped his nation progress through time. No one deserves this kind of a tragedy.

That said, I have to implore Churches and Christians of non and denominations;

Stay informed.

Know who you are supporting.

And scrutinize personality cult leadership

I can remember when many Christians in Japan and perhaps even whole church orginazations who were mainstream got behind this man; leadership and all. And this entire time he was part and parcel to one, not the most, but one of the most destructive cults in history.

I sincerely hope the Christian organizations pay close attention, and remember this tragic and cautionary story of a great man belonging to a terrible organization.

Peace on the seven seas.

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Posted in: Russia steps up attacks in Ukraine after landmark NATO summit See in context

It so strange. All this chaos. If only the wives of these leaders, Putin, Zelenski walked in the room, this freaking war would be over in two weeks tops. Slap on the back of the head a good dressing down, their wives making them feel so small like you know they can and do; and this war is over. Wives of the world leaders stand up; and put your crazy lunatic world leader in his place.

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Posted in: Widow reveals Gene Kelly's Cold War mission for JFK See in context

I could go on forever on how talented this was. When he got up on that piano in An American in Paris, my jaw dropped. And 'I got Rhythm', that was awesome, and I have to wonder how he kept those kids interested the entire time. And Singing in Rain's 'Moses Supposes' Has to be remembered as just really cool, it reminded me that the rhythm today is still the same as yesterday. And finally, his use of George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess in an American in Paris may have been the most controversial, but certainly the most heart grasping; as he used it to express his love relationship, heartbreak and restoration. Absolutely brilliant artist for his generation and any other for that matter, or we wouldn't be talking about him today.

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Posted in: World swimming bans transgender athletes from women's events See in context

This is not saying that people are encouraged to transition by the age of 12. It’s what the scientists are saying, that if you transition after the start of puberty, you have an advantage, which is unfair,” James Pearce, who is the spokesperson for FINA president Husain Al-Musallam, told The Associated Press.

“They’re not saying everyone should transition by age 11, that’s ridiculous. You can’t transition by that age in most countries and hopefully you wouldn’t be encouraged to.

Talk about deep waters. This is something no government body should be involved in. This is as personal as it gets. Simply adding an official "Open" Category would have been enough. What they have stated will have so many collateral consequences. At the end of the day, no one should be telling anyone about who they are or how to raise the children unless it is endangering them.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. fly fighters after China drill, North Korean missiles See in context

As the other parties often are blunt, let us be the same. It is certainly hoped that our dear counterparts RUS/CCP/NK, would not conduct operations to show their abilities in conduct that would amount to their own destruction of trade, finance, and man power and facility, namely their own.

It is hoped that said parties would be professional and cooperative in all realms of diplomacy; not to do so is simply futile. Peace.

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Posted in: Russia takes steps to bolster army, tighten grip on Ukraine See in context

Zelenskyy reiterated Wednesday that he would be willing to negotiate with Putin directly but said Moscow needs to retreat to the positions it held before the invasion and must show it's ready to “shift from the bloody war to diplomacy.”

Is he serious? In what fantastic scenerio does he see that happening? Dig in, it's going to be long war. Tragic reality.

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context

Turkey Says No to Sweden and Finland Joining NATO- Bloomberg

If your not going to allow a brave Ukraine in, why would NATO accept Sweden and Finland?

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

“History will determine why Finland needed to turn its territory into a bulwark of military face-off with Russia while losing independence in making its own decisions,” 

It's sad when you give the enemy the moral highground and you haven't even fired a shot. A coward truly dies a thousand deaths.

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Posted in: Japan freezes assets of Russia's Sberbank, Alfa Bank See in context

These actions though possibly no crippling to Russia will pay dividends after the war. There is line being drawn, on one side, who is for the invasion and destruction of Ukraine and the killing of innocent civilians, and on the other, who is absolutely against it. When it's all over the victors will write the history, and yistory will say Japan stood against Russia; not a bad move at qll

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Posted in: Finnish PM says joining NATO will strengthen security See in context

With this visit though, it could be that Japan has become a defacto leader of those wanting to end thier dependency on Russian crude and other exports, and therefore build a better working relationship with the U.S. and Asia. I hope they are here on a 'how to' mission. That's a diplomatic gold medal for Japan. Time will tell.

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Posted in: Finnish PM says joining NATO will strengthen security See in context

Unless they are here asking about how to get 100percent off Russian imports and crure oil, they need go back to Europe and hide. Joining NATO for them the s pointless

Any country not completely dedicated to ending Russian imports, is outright supporting Russia and and thier invasion of Ukraine. That's just the way of the beast.

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Posted in: Macron proposes new political union for non-EU countries See in context

Macron and Sholtz interest in anything should make any world leader cringe.

Any union formed now or even 10 years from now would be absolutely worthless past paper. This is simply a way for European leaders and their backers to feel less guilty. Anyone who is worrh their salt in research could see that.

These European leaders and thier corporate sponsers are like 7th gate if hell evil. They are buying oil from Russia, who intern funds thier military who by cause and effect go out and destroy Ukraine, and they know it.

Any country still buying oil from Ukraine or supporting it, or who doesn't support a full stop of any Russian import has no right trying to form some paper union; And you gotta know Zelenskyy knows it too. It madness.

The only they got coming is revolution.

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Posted in: Japan to slowly phase out Russian oil imports but keep interests in projects See in context

Enough has been said about this, and everyone can surmise the terrible truth of the situation.

Thank you Japan for being strong and seeing the light. God bless.

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Posted in: Kim warns N Korea could preemptively use nuclear weapons See in context

Same with Putin. I got the feeling, even if they managed to be able to push the button, if pushed, nothing would happen. Dud city; the next thing that would happen is revolution. And maybe, accidentally obliteration of thier country. This why they're not that careless. They talk like crazy people, until their wives walk through the door, lol.

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Posted in: Myanmar court sentences Suu Kyi to 5 years in prison for corruption See in context

One day people will forgive her for selling out, you just know she lives in absolute regret these days. She was human, but she had such a responsibility; and she let her people down, now the hand that tempted her will now incarcerate her. I too hope the tribute they pay to her one day will be a beautiful one; also a cautionary tale of how power and lavishness can truly corrupt even the most spirited and militant of activists; it makes one contemplate. Peace.

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