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Posted in: Russia warns of World War III ahead of Western summit on arms to Ukraine See in context

Russia in recent weeks has accused Ukrainian forces of striking targets on Russian soil,

Number 1, That right there is pathetic.

Number 2, WW3? Calm down. You ought to ashamed.

Number 3 if ww3 is what's you want, be careful what you wish for.

Peace first.

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Posted in: Smith apologizes to Rock; Academy to launch review See in context

Well, what can be said is that anyone who truly knows about Will and Jada's relationship or marriage, and all the turmoil, then they know what happened on that stage had nothing to do with chivalry. You can't be in a relationship like theirs and think you have that ability.; That ship sailed long ago. What happened up there was rage and manipulation at the highest level.

I feel terrible for Chris and the Will, it's just both very traumatic and a tragedy. It could have been such very different night.

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Posted in: Iran blames U.S. for delays in reaching nuclear deal See in context

Nuclear negotiations nearly reached completion on the deal earlier this month before Russia demanded that its trade with Iran be exempted from Western sanctions over Ukraine, throwing the process into disarray.

Well let's be clear; to sign a deal and let Russia make money, while they are doing monstrous acts in Ukraine would be a bridge to far, that's frankly insane. Don't blame the the U.S. for this one. You can put this one squarely on Russia. Pragmatism yes; insanity, definitely no.

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Posted in: Don't help Russia's invasion, Biden tells China's Xi in video call See in context

...China knew that Putin “was planning something” before the invasion of Ukraine, but the Chinese government “may not have understood the full extent" of what Putin had in mind.


Remember Russia has over 800,000 casualties, after the battle of Kursk. That's one battle.

Is China willing to support and back all that potential death and destruction?

If Putin looses 100,000 to take one country judging by Russia's past, He will think it was nothing.

I don't think China is willing to go along with that, or NK, or Iran, or India.

Putin's thinking long term, so I think we are in for a very long and truly bloody, protracted war if China and India support him outright. That has to be circulating at in the Chinese, and Indian government back corridors.

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Posted in: Japan accepts 8 people displaced by Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

I think there are some who believe a narrative that says the west does not really know what's going on between Russia and China; that thier alliance was a surprise; in truth it was not.

America and the west knew, they did. They also knew about Russia's grievances, and that they go back as far as Clinton, when we promised that NATO would not go an inch more east once Germany joined NATO, in fact they expanded even more; no one was blindsided.

Remember NATO may carry influence, but it is by nature a defensive entity; and if the inaction of NATO even now militarly in the face of such destruction is not proof enough of that I don't know what is.

It just begs the question, what is Russia planning to do, that they detest NATO at it's borders do much?

What is not to be condoned but is by countries like China and India, is that since Russia was not satisfied with the situation; that it gives them the right to invade another nation that they themselves agreed to be in existence after the Soviet Union fell.

They have killed maimed, caused great destruction to thier own cultural brethren for nothing warranting such a thing, and if anyone harbors support for what Russia is doing to Ukraine now, they should be ashamed of themselves, that they do not hold life and freedom in a more high regard as the west does, and certainly the Ukrainians themselves.

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Posted in: 'Russians, go home!' Pro-Ukraine protests sweep Europe See in context

I think there are some who feel Russia have had good reason to go into Ukraine for its own interests. These entities need to understand that theory and diplomacy are fine, but when you actually enter another country and start killing and destruction; it's no longer on the table to come back to negotiate. It's over; you need to be taken out.

Not wanting NATO on your doorstep may have been a valid issue, not sure of the danger or that being, it would have led to war because NATO is by nature a defensive force. It leads only the conclusion that states that take an absolutists stance to their policy, tend to end up being insane, and there is no negotiating with the truly insane. And ultimately it only ends in catastrophy if it is not identified, and put to an end within its generation. if not it will lead to what we see here today and are experiencing.

It appears we have been very naive, and very greedy in this generation and in generations past. Let us hope the future children's children will be more wise and act accordingly.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

This is happening because we are ignoring fact over profits. Fact Putin has chosen a scorched earth policy because Ukraine is not surrendering, and the west continues sanctions, that do little but say a lot, which inflicts a backlash for his constituents and creates a negative image for him. So in order to save face he's truly taken the tyrannical road. We will all pay in some way, be it for inaction, indecisiveness, miscalculation, or just flat fear, and cowardliness. God help us all.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine's future in doubt as ceasefires collapse See in context

NATO has said it has no plans to implement such a no fly zone, which would bar all unauthorized aircraft from flying over Ukraine. Western officials have said a main reason is a desire to not widen the war beyond Ukraine.

Strategically thinking, what is wrong with the above statement? I guess there has not been enough unprovoked and non-discriminate violence, death and chaos to intercede yet. This absolute madness.

Did you know? Russia just took 400,000 hostages in Maripul, because of NATO inaction.

Fact, at this point Russian losses are not impacting their war fighting capabilities, and the sanctions clearly are not working,

And NATO weapons and aid are only trickling in, and that will probably get worse.

And on top of that, Putin is now saying, Ukraine probably won't exist in the future; which he never even really wanted anyways.

Western powers need to step it up and stop living in sanctions la-la land. But I believe now they are getting the message.

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Posted in: China pulls Premier League coverage over Ukraine support plans See in context

Well, at least we know for sure; China is in bed with a monster. As for Putin, he's not going anywhere. Russia has said sanctions are the same as a declaration of war; so I wonder what it will take for the sanctions to to be levied last for at least 20 years, and a no-fly zone put into effect? What are we waiting for? More death, more destruction, more conquest? Which is it?

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Posted in: U.N. General Assembly votes to demand that Russia stop war in Ukraine See in context

The vote on the resolution, entitled “Aggression against Ukraine,” was 141-5 with 35 abstentions.

Honestly, this is really an embarrassment.

Russia, just went into sovereign nation with death and destruction, and and said basically, 'We will control what goes on here and if you don't like it we will level your civilization, and take lives'.

And what is India, and China and 38 other country's response? Either they said nothing, or they sided with Russia.

If you are Russia, are you worried? I don't think so. And this vote wasn't even enforceable.

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Posted in: Most of the world lines up against Moscow; attacks intensify See in context

And by defense, I don't mean the commitment of military hardware, which let's face it, are not the latest tech, and are probably antiquated. Not to mention the aircraft committed, Mig29's really?

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Posted in: Most of the world lines up against Moscow; attacks intensify See in context

Honestly, I see and I hear the unity of Europe, but quite frankly speaking, not immediately accepting Ukraine into the European union over reasons of admin and time restrictions etc. Is very telling. For Georgia as well. I think possibly the EU or NATO, does not understand Russian strategy, military prowess, their military objective s , the Russian culture, government or society in it's entirety.

I watched official after official give speech after speech at both the EU council and at the UN. All of them pledging their "support" but I heard none willing to commit to it's defense on the ground. Big mistake, and both Russia and China are watching.

If I were the Moldova government, I would be very worried. Ukraine seems to be nothing more than an example of what Russia's capabilities are, and they seem undeterred by sanctions.

There is so much to analyze, and so much to say. But the main advice I would give any government in that region, is to rely less on sanctions, and more on man power and military strength.

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Posted in: ICC prosecutor to open probe into war crimes in Ukraine See in context

Something we need to think about strategically, is that as hysterical Putin may become with the Ukraine resistance; the fear that he may use nuclear weapons is very real; low yield nuclear bombs may seem an option to him. I think we need to be aware that Russia is still very dangerous, and has been planning this for years. To think that we can end this in a couple of weeks is very naive; especially when they are still exporting oil, to western nation no less, and are still pressing forward with their offensive, though bogged down.

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Posted in: Ukraine talks yield no breakthrough as Russians slowly advance toward Kyiv See in context

Russia is invading another nation. This monstrous. However as people evacuate there are reports of foreign nationals being thrown out of trains and beaten at the borders. This is unacceptable. It's fascist, biast and racist.

People are under stress ... and when people are scared they become egoist and forget about everything,” she said.

fair enough but, it is no excuse for not upholding human dignity and humanitarian goodwill.

If they behave this way, they might as well lay down arms and let Russia take over.

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Posted in: Russian troops enter Ukraine's 2nd largest city See in context

Do not be mistaken, this has little to do with good and evil, every player in this has issues; there are no angels here; what we are talking about is a monstrous act committed by a state. This government does not want to evolve; but wants to devolve to a savage time, where they could easily control the world; and now western powers and Ukraine especially will need to fight within thier own means and bring this monster to heal; the very fate of democracy as we know it hangs in the balance, and the lesser monsters are helping and watching.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree impact of Russia's aggression goes beyond Europe See in context

The people can and should decide upon how they want to be governed, and by whom, and behind what borders, not by an invading force, that's wants to change democracy as we know it.

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Posted in: Countries around world heap more financial punishment on Russia See in context

Look, Russia has about what 560 billion in their war chest, that they have divulged to the public; which means they probably have about a trillion if not more. They also have China which will bank roll them another trillion. Not to mention the the hundreds if not thousands of tons of gold they have, and we cant even account for all the crypto they have. They have endless means of moving around their money because china will be their bank and money launderer. they are quite possibly laughing at our monetary sanctions. I mean who in their right mind would rely on a system that could shut you down at a moments notice? On top of all that, they have the power to veto at the U.N. Security council, and they are nuclear. And you just know that Iran and North Korea and every other well versed adversary nation has done the same thing.

This goes beyond bringing back the old soviet union; this all speaks to redefining democracy and the monetary system in the modern world, and the western world will not have the majority vote by a long shot. But China and Russia will; if don't do something different right now.

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Posted in: Countries around world heap more financial punishment on Russia See in context

I will only say this, Russia DOES NOT NEED THE SWIFT system. they have not needed it for at least a decade. i hope we have something more powerful upstream planned.

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Posted in: Ukraine crisis to test Japan's democratic principles See in context

Apparently, nobody read the joint statement of Russia and China,

"Breaking down that Putin-Xi joint statement on a 'new era' - Responsible Statecraft"

We are foolish to think this is about just Bringing back the old Soviet Union; if that were the case China wouldn't play along.

Russia and China are trying to redefine democracy in the world. They want to water it down to version where they can do whatever they want, and face no consequences because their democracy will accommodate it.

Russia does not need SWIFT. They have the bank of China to filter their monetary needs, and ALL of thier oligarchs are onboard. We cannot hurt Russia financially to any real pain.

NATO does not have the coordination diplomatic or militarly to mount any buffer. And Russia knows it.

The sanctions the the U.S. wants to impose are definitely robust, but will take about a month to kick in.

And no one wants an all out war.

I cannot offer an outcome, but I can say if we had not let profit blind us, I think this could have been avoided.

Japan is in a very difficult position.

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Posted in: Japanese, S Koreans in China hold mixed views on Beijing hosting Olympics See in context

'Learn to appreciate the country where you reside'. Well said.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

"The point I’m somewhat agitated about is what more could this man have done?” Kelly asked Djokovic’s lawyer, Nick Wood.

He could have gotten vaccinated. Good grief.

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Posted in: Djokovic opens dramatic court battle to stay in Australia See in context

Well, if Tennis Australia knew his situation and got him into the country, they certainly have some explaining to do.

However, the guy is supposed to a role model for the tennis world, how does this help? I hope he learns something from this; I think his rebel days are over.

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Posted in: Manchin still a no; Biden's $2 til bill on Democrats' back burner See in context

One of Manchin's targets is the bill's extension of a beefed-up child tax credit, a top goal for many Democrats, which has included recently expired monthly checks of up to $300 for millions of recipients. Manchin said Tuesday he wants that benefit, which unemployed people can currently receive, narrowed to only help those with jobs.

Ok, that's pretty bad. Why on earth would you only give money to the people who already a have a job? It's insanity.

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Posted in: Japan decides not to send gov't delegation to Beijing Olympics See in context

If the Western countries and Japan are so concerned about China’s gross human rights violations, they shouldn’t be sending their athletes to the Beijing Games. A full boycott is the only answer.

I would agree with is if we're not the fact that athletes would be the hardest hit by this action. These Olympians only want to compete, So why waste all thier talant and investments, seems rather cruel.

I do think they should have moved the venue, with the IOC and other protesting countries covering the cost; that would have been the best option.

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Posted in: Musashino city in Tokyo rejects proposal for foreigners to vote in referendums See in context

To the people who are angry about this, would you still be happy about non-citizens voting in your own home country?

There are countries where foreign individuals can vote in there residential county the U.S. being one of them.

If you pay taxes and your income is entirely earned in Japan, the reasons for being banned from voting seem a bit shallow.

“, but there’s currently more than 23 million people (over half of the total immigrants in the country) who are naturalized and can vote and be elected for offices as high as State Governor. “

23 million naturalized? That's an amazing number, I'd like to see the stats on that.

If true, that would represent a significant percentage of the present 125.8 million population. And if proper leadership were in place that said percentage could have significant influence already. A more interesting question would be why they do not?

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Posted in: When the chips are down: McDonald's rations fries in Japan See in context

Japan has a great potato harvest doesn't it? Why don't they resource potatoes regionally? Anyways, it will be sad not to have L size fries with my apple pie and coffee for a while.

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Posted in: China brands U.S. democracy 'weapon of mass destruction' See in context

China really should ignore the the international community 'words' and focus on correcting the factual insufficiencies of their own country. And Honestly, they have a pretty powerful communistic weapon of mass destruction themselves, no one would ever dare attack China, militarily or diplomatically, but to think that the fact of suppression of religion is not addressed by the international community would be a terrible thing. China has its reasons for sure, but there are other ways, and they need to better address them in the future.

And really, should any country be hosting the Olympics right now? I feel for the athletes, I really do.

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Posted in: MLB lockout sets up March showdown in union talks See in context

I could be different. One day I stopped in a park, noticed some mature people playing gate all, took a seat, and found it to be truly enjoyable to watch.

I guess it just comes to what standard people are willing to take interest; for me to see a bunch of hustling minor league players playing under big lights etc. with snacks and drinks at the ready, I could deal with that until something better came along. But that's just me.

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Posted in: MLB lockout sets up March showdown in union talks See in context

This will only last until it starts to hurt Big corp sponsorship profits.

That said, players are just too greedy; be it Baseball, basketball, even soccer/football etc.

Here's a question:

What's a person that can hit a ball, catch a ball, put a ball in basket 3 meters up when they themselves are over 2 meters tall, or whatever, and no one invests?

They are nothing, they have nothing, they can get nothing, and they can make nothing.

They need to be grateful to have a job and have people who can appreciate their abilities enough to part with thier hard earned income. The investments are a two-way street ofcourse, but there are always ways to make money for those who have it, and players are fortunate to be part of that machine.

Anytime this happens I think they should fire these greedy players and call up minor league players in thier stead. The games would be way more competitive, because they would played by athletes who truly love the game.

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Posted in: China lashes out at Abe over his warning on Taiwan See in context

I think the world forgets that China plans by centuries, and millenniums rather than years; this is forgotten a lot. China can wait, they can wait until powerful nations are not powerful anymore, until militaries have grown weak, or lack the will to rage war because their own nation is in shambles etc.

Nations should focus on remaining strong for the foreseeable future in thier infrastructure, thier society, as well as military, economy and diplomacy. If not, China can sit back, files complaints, enjoy the power of thier economy and watch everyone crash against the shores of time.

No need for invasion, they know it, they are betting on time and Taiwan failing in thier economy; and if we're not careful they may be right.

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