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Posted in: Rally for Gaza in Nagoya See in context

No is listening in Israel and doesn't care.

Until Gaza is cleared and every single Palestinian is under the ground.

Heartbreaking as it is. Is seems to be the times were living in.

Israel seems to be hell bent and unstoppable in it's campaign.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter charged with stealing $16 mil from baseball star in sports betting case See in context

He is facing thirty years. 16 Million embezzlement case.

Gambling may be an addiction. Many will want leniency. Not going to happen. If we were talking about a couple hundred thousand. Yeah maybe.

16 mill? He is going to prison. The level of deception and manipulation and what can be proven is mind blowing. And he has admitted to it. Open and shut case.

Otani should have nipped this in the rear on day one.

Some people have more money than sense, is all I can say (write).

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Posted in: Biden praises Kishida's leadership and Japan's growing international clout See in context

The only thing shining through here is that wonderful poker face Kishida has and does so well.

We all know what Kishida san is thinking. He is thinking. I hope I can hold on to power until November when my pal is back in power. This guy Biden pffft!

With my pal back in power. Then we can get down to real business.

Have a round of Golf and serious discussion on firepower and some serious discussion on Japan final getting the Nuke to keep China at bay.

Kishida knows Biden is living in a land of la la and ice cream.

Biden was most likely thinking. I wonder what flavor ice cream Kishida likes? :-) What's that green ice cream called? Mushoo? Mushy? Macan? No Mr. President. Its Macha sir. LOL

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Posted in: Kiss sells catalog, brand name and IP to Swedish company See in context

If we are going to be honest about this 300 mil. Big number.

The only one who really earned it in the band is Paul.

Gene, well. Loud mouth, know it all, egotistical over blown mouthpiece. Everyone who had to deal with him walked away saying what a horses a........

Most hate KISS because of Gene's antics. But Paul is one of the best rhythm rock guitarist to ever do it.

This can not be denied. Imagine a Kiss with no make up more center focus on Paul and just a humble decent base player that can actually hit a triplet. And not use pick on every track with only down stroking.

That would be 300 million dollar Kiss. But here we go. Kiss Brand on everything now . Pop House is going to get their moneys worth. Everything from a Kiss Cafe., to Kiss wallpaper. But nice cash out for Paul. He earned it to put up Gene. Letting Ace go was a huge mistake. If Ace was still in the line up they would be 500 mil. Paul Ace wrote good Rock -n- Roll songs together.

Some of Paul's best work.


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Posted in: All 10 skaters brawl off opening faceoff at start of Devils-Rangers game See in context

NY & NJ have always hated each other.

This happens from time to time in the sport. Unfortunate as it is. It's Ice Hockey.

Go Bruins.

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Posted in: S Korea says N Korea has fired intermediate range missile into its eastern waters See in context

Some cheeky comments here. The cat and mouse game continues.

North Korea launches it's Missiles. South Korea USA and Japan forces throw off an exercise.

And its nerve wracking in South Korea and on my base. US sensing less and less troops here as the threat grows. A direct result of severely poor leadership in the Oval office.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

He didn't sign with Boston. So we need to look at how Millions were sent to the Bookie without him knowing.

On a serious note. I am not buying his story. He knew. And for a while too. Tried to cover it all up. Selling out his boy as the fall guy.....

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Posted in: ‘Shogun’ reimagined for new generation of TV viewers See in context

Thrilling and enjoyable. Shinnosuke Abe as Buntaro is a master class of acting.

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Posted in: Images taken deep inside melted Fukushima reactor show damage, but leave many questions unanswered See in context

30-40 year target for the plant's cleanup set by the government and TEPCO is overly optimistic.

That's not to shocking or over optimistic.

March 11th 2021 Will live in our memories forever. And its awful they dumping the water in the ocean.

But on a positive note. We have reached the half-life of radiocesium in the damaged core. In about 29 years. The quantity of the radioactive material should drop by half by roughly 2041. That's huge.

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

LOL Strange such Malarkey. Shawn Fain wrapped up all strike wise issues and solved most with UAW/GM/ Ford /Stellantis. I know. I am member of the UAW for over 20 years. Biden if anything was a mere distraction and a voice from a far during the strike only calling for end to it. The Biden Admin stinks to high heaven! Inflation, Border crises, high unemployment rates, Hasty withdrawal out of Afghanistan costing lives, crime, Need I go on? Cause I could. But the big one. National security at home and afar. Horrific! But yes I know. You cant see anyone else's point where Biden and Bidenomics has effected me and so many others! I have paid my 4 years of dues of suffering under Biden.

No more. He's got to go. End of the line. Joe Biden is embarrassment to my country at this point.

Not much choice but to vote Trump. Joe ran the U.S. into the ground.

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

I am really enjoying this. When this topic came up. The sale of US steel to Japan Steele.

I was and still am dead set against the sale for two reasons.

U.S. steel is American history. Like GE. Hoover. Betty Crocker, Kraft. It should never sold.

Bankrupted yes, before sale. Its history.

Kept American workers in jobs.

The down votes went wild. Biden back tracking...No suddenly Biden cares about American steel workers?

Do not kid yourself.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim 'drives' new tank during mock battle See in context

There is a lot be learned from the photos of these new tanks. The Lockheed Javelin will render their tank a heap of burnt out rusted and twisted steal. Just ask the Russians over in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Tokyo police mistakenly arrest Filipino man for allegedly overstaying visa See in context

Correct me if I am wrong but, if he was re-applying to get his new Alien Card and Visa. He should have received a document form the immigration officer he was working with and supposed carry with him at times? The document indicates he has applied for re-newel and its under review?

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Posted in: Apple unveils new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air with powerful M3 chip See in context

I could not afford Apple products. Or just refuse to pay their price's. I have Think Pad X1 Carbon G11. $1500.00. I am sure it can keep up with Apples latest and greatest.

Matter of fact let me take you all back when I realized I could not afford Apples price.

As an 80s kid. If you wanted a home PC. It was the Texas Instruments TI99A, or the Commadore 64, or the what the rich kids had. The Apple I. Its cost was $666.66....We could talk about why that price from Steve Jobs. But another conversation for another day.

TI-99A won out. Defender was fun to play in my house.

Texas instruments system made many wonderful memories.

Every since, the only apple product I have and still use is the U2 Edition 500 Gig IPOD on my Sony floor bluetoothXV800 speaker. And I tunes. The IPOD I won in a Yamada denki raffle.

Anyways a neat little video on the TI 99A system and what it could do.

Apple fans. I get it. I just can not get the price...... some Iphones are 3K here in Korea. Crazy.


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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after choking while eating school lunch See in context

In the Japanese article. The Heimlich maneuver was preformed and the Fukuoka based teachers are taught CPR and AED training.

The egg was lodged to deep. And the boy lost power to hold on or force the egg out on his own.

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Posted in: Trump wins South Carolina, easily beating Haley in her home state See in context

Recently, Democrats, who argued a rare opportunity to advance immigration reform. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden told Congress to “show some spine” and pass a deal.

I find this rich now that he has his voter boost.

Many voters do not understand what’s needed to address complicated issues within immigration,. Current immigration laws do not match the needs of the U.S. economy, its labor market or an aging society, People who wish to legally establish their lives in the U.S. often must wait for years, spending thousands of dollars and jumping through countless legal hoops before they are granted green cards or citizenship.

But not on Biden's watch. Green cards for votes! -Down vote all you want. It is what it is.

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Posted in: Trump wins South Carolina, easily beating Haley in her home state See in context

I am curious. With all the illegals that crossed on Biden's watch. How can we Republicans combat all those illegal blue votes. Its a fair question. Democrats are cheating.

It will come out. Biden encouraged illegals to cross the boarder for votes.

This must be investigated. To many. I mean a ton have crossed.

Visa for vote fraud.

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Posted in: Trump wins South Carolina, easily beating Haley in her home state See in context

What is really surprising is Biden approval rating is only 38% right now.

That is just slightly above Jimmy Carter at 34% during an election year.

Statically. No modern POTUS has ever recovered to win a second term in office with at those ratings.

What is certain. Biden will not be President again it seems. I see another Democrat jumping in the race.

There is just no way the Democrats can endorse Biden again. The scramble is on to find a new Candidate.

Biden has become more and more agitated and disconnected from the American people.

He had a good run in politics. Time to retire with grace while he still can. Seems a red tsunami forming and that will be devastating for Democrats.

Congratulations Mr. President on your overwhelming win in South Carolina.

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Posted in: Watch that melted during atomic blast over Hiroshima sells for more than $31,000 See in context

This should be returned to Japan. Placed in Hiroshima memorial museum or Nagasaki. Imagine the convo over wine. Hey, want to check out my watch that was recovered after the blast in Hiroshima? How morbid that would be.

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Posted in: Private U.S. spacecraft is on its side on the moon with some antennas covered up See in context

What an incredible waste of money. More man made junk on the moon.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods withdraws from Riviera with flu symptoms See in context

I love Tiger. And love what he has done for the game of Golf. Golf is sacred to me. I have been playing the game since 10 years old. Let me say this. I have followed many players from Fuzzy Zoeller to Tom Watson. I take my time and study swings. Especially the ladies. Cause you can just see everything when a woman swings a golf club. The full swing. The full ranger of motion. I am not pro, but I am in single digits at 53 on my HCP.

I know Golf that's the point.

Its time to talk about the elephant in the room here. The really big one. Tiger God love him. He needs to stop. Just stop trying to play competitive Golf on the PGA tour or the Liv tour. No body. I mean nobody can come back after the surgeries he's had and that mangled leg of his. His swing is so bad. His range of motion is so bad. Its all upper body now with limited motion and slow foot turn. I mean it is bad and not even close to pro level.

Basically he has 70 years old's swing that can no longer win on tour. Period. After watching him in Genesis I know its over for him. Flu or not. Its over. He will never be the same. And the sooner he comes to grips on this. The better he is going to feel. No shame working for ESPN or the Gold channel. Yes Jack won more Majors. But courses were shorter. Balls clunkier. Hitting with permission woods. And a limited field.

Tiger was way better than Jack was. Even Jack knows it. Tiger is the GOAT. And I am grateful I have seem him play live and on TV. But Tiger. Nothing left to prove man. Focus on Charlie. Cause Charlie has it in him to surpass even Tiger himself (Dad)

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

What can North Korea offer Japan? Go on. I am waiting.

Dragon Chasing and dumplings........

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Posted in: Man given prison term for food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka See in context

His main conviction was for growing cannabis. Acting like a twit was just a bonus charge to show what typical pot heads are like.

Couldn't agree more. The sentence is fitting on both.

However, I think a combined 500.000 man a bit low.

incarceration time. Yeah , spot on.

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Posted in: Sakurajima volcano erupts See in context


I been there too. Allot of loose lava. Slip and fall. Hey if you didn't know it Kagoshima is famous for its Udon noodles and Shochu. One shochu named fittingly Sakurajima Kuro. Very pleasant with a seltzer and twist of Ume and Lime. The web site claims-

Like a cherry tree in spring, this is a gorgeous shochu with a beautiful taste. Full-flavored sweet shochu with satsuma scented. Freshly brewed southern satsuma sweet potato with black koji carefully, finished to a rich aroma and a deep and dark taste. This sweet potato taste and sweetness is a real sweet potato shochu that makes full use of the characteristics of black koji.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

Global economy is like dominos. Stars with weak leadership in the white house. A beautiful display of dominos falling clicking and clacking (politics, lies, media, saying nothing to see. Nothing to worry about).

Now look at you all back of the bus now with a global lagging economy and high inflation and high interest rates. Don't worry Japan. Its not your fault.

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Posted in: Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Cher, Sade, Oasis and Ozzy Osbourne among Rock Hall nominees See in context

@ kohakuebisu

Rush sold 42 Million

Ozzy solo career sold 66.7 Million sold.

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Posted in: Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Cher, Sade, Oasis and Ozzy Osbourne among Rock Hall nominees See in context

You can go on about sales. Popularity. Units sold. Net worth's. Analytical study this and that.

The fact is. The above artist are not even involved with Rock Music unless its a Collab, or live thing.

Do not get me wrong I have every single Sade record she ever published. I listen to them allot lately. She is amazing.

The others I can pass on including Oasis. Never really a fan.

But Ozzy, Sabbath. He has influenced so many.

I will say it again. His name needs to be etched in the glass on the side of the building.

He is the GOAT. And he is not going be around much longer. And that saddens me.

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Posted in: Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Cher, Sade, Oasis and Ozzy Osbourne among Rock Hall nominees See in context

Mary J. Blige, Not a rock performer.

Mariah Carey, Not a rock performer.

Cher, Not a rock performer.

Sade, Not a rock performer.

Oasis Grunge/Rock Okay.

Ozzy Osbourne The ultimate rock performer.

On this song alone. Ozzy should have his name on the top of the glass Pyramid for all time.


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Posted in: High school girl killed, likely after being dragged 5 km by car See in context

There is no way you are going drive a car with a body stuck under it and not notice.

Period. Unless its a truck.

Come on....

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Posted in: U.S., Britain strike Yemen's Houthis in a new wave, retaliating for attacks by Iran-backed militants See in context


Its your vote to do with as you want. I do not judge. I am just old enough to know the road were going down if Biden gets another Term. A very dark dark place.

Trumps word on the MOAB he dropped in Afghanistan on the day after. For those who remember.

“Although the MOAB weapon leaves a large footprint, it is discriminate and requires a deliberate launching toward the target,” “As expected the weapon left a substantial psychological effect on those who witness its use and survived.” -Donald Trump.

Biden response thus far is minuscule compared to what Trumps reaction would have been. Purely speculative of course. Biden response is like a C- Just passed your exam by the skin of.......Very controlled. Houthis may be down a bit. But not out it or decimated. Now Israel. Hats off to them. They know how to fight a war mercilessly.

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