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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 15-year-old daughter in Fukushima See in context

I think it would be interesting to know if this was disaster stress related. This does not excuse or condom but canbe used to shine a light on the mental crisis that is mirroring the nuclear one.

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Posted in: Torrential rain hits Oshima; another typhoon on the way See in context

I have lived here 4 years now and I don't remember so many typhoons.

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Posted in: Japan trying to confirm N Korean missile launch status See in context

They will take out. North Korea when china says its ok.

In the past china has always defended them.

But this time they won't..

North Korea has nothing to lose

When they attack Japan the US will have to defend Japan against North Korea

So it's already planned its just a matter of when it happens.

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