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Posted in: Nuclear regulators' Fukushima crisis probe hit by coronavirus See in context

SARS-CoV-2 isn’t going anywhere. Pick your NRA team. Test then quarantine then send them. Yes it is hot in the summer.

Not one kilogram of the triple meltdown has yet to be removed. Not one fuel rod from Reactors 1 & 2 spent fuel pool has been removed. Yes wait until fall weather. Oh lets not rush to begin removing the radioactive water pumped daily form radioactive contamination of Fukushima Aquifer This will take over 100 years to complete. So what’s the rush? Wait 100 years if we retrieve and remove and store where? Only 10 years if after Olympics when Abe announces we are going to cover up the problem and walk away. Leaving cement dome of doom forever. Yes there is no rush after all.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

Fukushima aquifer dumps invisible radioactivity into ocean daily. Read Fukushima Daiichi Status Reports for evidence. TEPCO tanks are visible containers of radioactive water. Once Japan begins visible dumping TEPCO tanks radioactive water into ocean congruence with invisible aquifer dumping will be achieved. Bringing the world to accept Sarcophagus solution a reality.

Thank you Japan.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

Japan will dump Fukushima Daiichi water into Pacific. Chernobyl Sarcophagus over Fukushima Daiichi is next. Problem solved. Oops. Fukushima aquifer will continue through ice wall to drain radioactive water into ocean. Do you remember TEPCO saying we will contain and store Fukushima Daiichi water? Why is TEPCO flip flopping? Is 182 years of Twist Drilling Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdowns to expensive?

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Posted in: TEPCO to employ foreign workers at Fukushima plant under new visa system See in context

I’m an Occupational Health Nurse. TEPCO wants foreign workers for Fukushima Daiichi because there is no official oversight record keeping of occupational illnesses in foreign workers. Is someone expecting accidents to occur in Fukushima Daiichi?

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Posted in: Study says Fukushima radioactive water continues to flow into sea See in context

Professor Micio Aoyama mentions water is being used to cool triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi. Failing to mention 265,000,000 kilograms of corium settling at bottom of breached Units 1,2, and 3 Primary Containment vessels. Primary Containment vessels are 7 meters thick walls of steel and cement due to explosion during meltdowntheir walls are now cracked. The breaches of containment vessels are shown in Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT) images from 2016. The aquifer surrounding Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station is flowing directly into the breached 7 meter thick Primary Containment Vessels and out after absorbing radiation directly from contact with 265,000,000 kilograms of corium. NOTE seven years since Nuclear explosions and meltdown and not one gram of corium has been removed. Fukushima fishermen stand and ask when will corium be removed so radioactive water will stop contamination of ocean.

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Posted in: Regulator urges release of treated Fukushima radioactive water into sea See in context

Toyoshi Fuketa says “Release the contaminated water” Toyoshi Fuketa did not say the water is not contaminated? Toyoshi Fuketa Chairperson of Japan Nuclear Regulation thinks the “solution to pollution is dilution”. Fukushima fisherman and frankly all fishermen know that contaminated water causes contaminated life forms that live in newly contaminated water. Toyoshi Fuketa please reconsider your options

open to decontaminate water? Evaporated water doesn’t pollute. Again I know this hard concept compared to dilution but please for sake of all life forms living in water; evaporate contaminated water. OT sorry Tidal Energy in Goto Islands is fantastic.

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Posted in: Fuel removal device installed at Fukushima reactor See in context

TEPCO, will begin to remove spent fuel rods from Fukushima Daiichi NPS Unit 3. Unit 3 spent Fuel Rods are composed of 93% uranium and 7% plutonium also known as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. Thank you TEPCO for announcing to the world your intention to begin removal of MOX spent fuel rods from Unit 3 spent fuel pool. NOTE 435 million kilograms of molten melted radioactive nuclear fuel, location unknown, from Units 1, 2, and 3 is still unaccounted for and waiting for discovery and identification utilizing Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT). Removing intact solid fuel rods from storage in onsite Spent Fuel Pool is a smart thing to do. Where will the MOX Fuel Rods be taken too? Oh I forgot. I'm supposed to listen and not ask questions.

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Posted in: Fukushima radioactive waste storage starts full operation See in context


Excellent summary. Thank you for speaking out on this most important subject. Speaking truth to power is every citizens duty.

love christopher

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Posted in: Member of Nobel Peace Prize winning group raps Japan over nuclear weapons treaty See in context

Japan has been stockpiling Plutonium for decades. Unbeknownst to the world Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 MOX Fuel Plutonium breeder Reactor was operating at full power when the world believed Unit 3 to be powered off. Japan embarrassing itself was acknowledged 24MAR14 by US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to have sent over 300 kg's of fully enriched Plutonium to United States. Middle East countries dare to imagine one kg of enriched Plutonium within their border are invaded. Is there a double standard that ICAN can exploit?

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Posted in: TEPCO reactors' safety clearance irks Fukushima victims See in context

TEPCO caused 11MAR11 triple Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns. 3OCT17 Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT) tomography TEPCO declassified MELT images identifing location of 160,000 tons molten fuel for each of three FUkushima Daiichi reactors. After six years not one ounce of more than 480,000 tons of molten Reactor Fuel has been removed. With this live catastrophe on going what worse possible action could TEPCO engage in for TEPCO to loose license to operate Nuclear Reactor's?

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Posted in: Defense chief Inada gave nod to withholding info on peacekeeping logs See in context

Tomomi thank you for your important decision in February demonstrating your expert ethical reasoning followed by all present. Situational ethics is where the artificial "logs written by individuals" is leveraged to apriori status and then declared honest justification for lying when asked for logs to be disclosed.

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TEPCO has not removed one milligram of Melted Nuclear Reactor Fuel from three Meltdowns; Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3 Fukushima Daiichi in over 6 years. 200,000 Metric Tons waiting to be removed. Three Mile Island began removing Metric Tons of Melted Nuclear Reactor Fuel within months of meltdown and was finished within 7 years. Why does Japan allow TEPCO to delay removal of Melted Nuclear Reactor Fuel?

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Posted in: Fukushima village begins sowing rice for 1st time since nuclear disaster See in context

6 years after Fukushima Daiichi Units 1,2&3 Exploded and melted down. Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT) has located radioactive corium however TEPCO and Toshiba have refused to release locations. Not one ☝️ milligram out 210 metric tons of radioactive corium has been removed in six years. This shameful display of hubris by TEPCO and Toshiba is allowed by the citizens and farmers who have their heads buried in the sand. Please. Please. Please Stand Up for yourself. Stop ✋ planting rice. Clean your mess up. Your soil is filthy and your complicit ignorance is no excuse. Demand TEPCO and Toshiba release MELT study results. Next clean up all 210 metric tons of radioactive corium from Fukushima Daiichi Units 1,2 &3 and only then please resume pastoral husbandry famous rice farming in Iitate.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it will make plan this summer to clean up Fukushima plant See in context

11MAR17 Six year anniversary of Tsunami and TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Units 1-2-3 total meltdowns. Six years and no indication of where melted Uranium-Plutonium-Zirconium mixed with Reactor housings and cement are located. TEPCO contacted Toshiba to contract with Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT) provider to MELT scan Units 1-2-3 for where abouts of Corium, the now melted fuel mixed with reactor housings. Where could they have gone? Six years later and TEPCO can't bring themselves to share the MELT scan results with the public. TEPCO what are you waiting for? The olympics? The right time? Now is the time to become honest and release the MELT information? Three Mile Island had partial reactor/fuel meltdown and took 7 years to drill molten corium off of the floor and safely contain and then ship somewhere for storage for forever. What did that cost. TEPCO you have three total meltdowns and one has conventional fuel mixed with Plutonium, the worst half-life length of radioactivity hundreds of thousands of years. TEPCO you will announce the Coriums are where again? TEPCO will begin to remove one gram of corium when again? TEPCO you want to cover Fukushima Daiichi up but wait you decided to move a mountain and locate the reactors closer vertically to the ocean for cost saving and now you have the radioactive contamination daily of ground water and coolant water keeping corium cool and all of that water just running off into the ocean. TEPCO you have no money. Japan Government is keeping your TEPCO name a charade. When will you grow up and ask for help?

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Toshiba calculates losses. Lets review; Three Mile Island occurred 28MAR79, Seven years to clean up and remove partial reactor core meltdown of conventional fuel Boiling Water Reactor. Chernobyl 26APR86, Thirty years and still no clean up. One total core meltdown of conventional fuel Boiling Water Reactor and after 30 years 2017 will see the first complete cement paper towel covering up Chernobyl's molten melted nuclear reactor. No clean up. No technology in existence to clean up total melt down. Fukushima 11MAR11 Five years and still no location of not one or two but Three Boiling Water Reactor cores; two conventional fuel and one MOX ,Plutonium,fuel. No location because TEPCO won't release Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT) exact location of molten melted reactor cores because that would lead to a conversation about the consequences of unlimited radioactive contamination of air, water, ocean, soil, by radioactive reactor cores. Oh back to Toshiba anybody want to invest in nuclear power?

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Posted in: Confusion over Trump's first talks with foreign leader as Abe heads to New York See in context

Haiku for Abe - Trump Votes win election not in the united states hello donald trump.

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