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Posted in: Japan's opposition parties unite to take on Kishida over tax hike plan See in context

The country that taxes business at 40 percent but thinks they can get businesses to move there while they are ranked 145th in difficulty to start or live a business has become beyond delusional.

nobody needs to attack Japan. It’s doing a great job of ruining itself.

all these taxes and what in return ? 200% debt highest in the G7.

Japan is a lost country. Only delusional people think it’s wonderful.

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Posted in: China suspends visa issuance to Japanese travelers, industry sources say See in context

They bullied Thailand into changing the requirements.

Nobody needs to visit China or do business with them.

rest of world already started process of moving their factories out.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for constructive relations in talks with China's Li See in context

Japan has tough choices to make and very soon or it’s dust.

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Posted in: U.N. expert says Japan should do more for Fukushima evacuees See in context

Japan has ignored and bumbled and lied about this situation ever since I was in it.

first only 30 km circular radius of damage.

proven wrong to 85km and farther it took making a movie and involving Yoko Ono and other environmental groups to actually compensate and move people. But national denial was still there. They just keep pretending like this, the power plant, the water discharges aren’t a problem.

This was the moment I realized Japan was not as organized as it pretends. It lives in a culture of denial and pretend. It’s cold the wha people were treated during the tsunami and nuclear disaster.

We rescued a lady from her car and she was refused shelter because “it was the wrong zone” because of Japanese square box thinking unable to think outside the lines. The last eventually found housing, months later.

Anybody defending their job during this disaster either has no clue or no soul.

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Posted in: Canadian PM Trudeau cancels trip for Abe's state funeral See in context

PM Abe put Japan into economic disaster…who owes him the visit really ?

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Posted in: Japan holds 1st tourism expo in 2 years to aid virus-hit industry See in context

For what tourists ???

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

Japan doesn’t want tourists or to stop living in fear. Japan has always had a fear based culture. Fear or disappointing the family, the job, the burden of Japanese culture is too much for most humans. People are not going to flock to Japan for this. People will continue to go elsewhere and Japan will sadly decline until they realize they are too rigid in their thinking.

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