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Christopher Smith comments

Posted in: Japan ranks 116th in 2022 gender gap report, worst among G7 See in context

PaulToday  04:20 pm JST

We will not see this on TV news at all.


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Posted in: The end of an era: Sushiro to up price of 100 yen sushi due to inflation See in context

Do any JT readers venture into Kappa sushi? Went there years ago and left rather unimpressed. The thought has crossed my mind about revisiting.

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Posted in: Man stabs brother and sister, then leaps to his death from nearby building See in context

Some very callous comments above. The young man who did this must have been in a terribly dark place at the time. It's always easy to make snide remarks based off a news article. No wonder there are so many people resorting to committing suicide which such indifference to people suffering. Compassion and understanding would go along way.

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Posted in: Over 2 mil people used Japan's travel subsidy campaign in 1st month See in context

If you can take advantage of it, do it. My family and I are currently in Shikoku enjoying the countryside at a ryokan. Get on to Yahoo or Rakuten travel. So easy to get the discount.

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Posted in: Japan's consumer prices flat as deflation specter looms See in context

How can consumer prices go up when the lousy minimum wage will rise by 1 yen - 1 measly yen!

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Posted in: Race against time to rescue stranded flood victims; 52 dead See in context

The nursing home tragedy should never have happened. Why would anyone build such a home near a river which is prone to flooding? One can't fathom the dread they suffered.

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Posted in: Travel from Japan to Vietnam to partially resume on Thursday See in context

Vietnam has done remarkably in handling the virus. Surely they'd be more worried about infections coming from Japan. Mr Monty, do some research pal.

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Posted in: New Zealand says coronavirus eliminated and life can resume without restrictions See in context

The Kiwis must have impeccable hygiene habits. Take note Mr Aso. Well done to our friends in new Zealand!

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Posted in: Man detained in first arrest for illegal reselling of face masks in Japan See in context

A budding entrepreneur. He sells them at a much lower cost than our Abenomasks.

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Posted in: People return to work under extended emergency after Golden Week See in context

Doesn't seem that people in the photo are wearing Abe's masks. Just saying.

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Posted in: 3,700 cruise ship passengers, crew face 2-week quarantine off Yokohama See in context

Doom and gloom from posts above. Brings the total number of apparent confirmed cases to 33. Roughly 123 million people in Japan. Odds are you won't get the virus, just saying.

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Posted in: Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner See in context

Rough start to the new year. Surely a world without such destructive weapons can prevail. Condolences to all those who lost their life.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

According to Mainichi news: "In terms of lawyers' confidentiality, we used the right to refuse seizure based on criminal procedure law, and asked (the investigators) to leave," the defense team said in a statement.

Investigators of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office visited the office of Junichiro Hironaka, a member of Ghosn's defense team, following his refusal to voluntarily submit the personal computer that Ghosn used there. But the lawyer did not allow them to enter the office.

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Posted in: Cosmetics giant Shiseido gambles on 'Made in Japan' See in context

Shiseido is not a cruelty-free brand, so better to avoid and go for a brand which is. So many brands on the market which are more ethical, organic and most likely to give more superior results.

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

Japanese drivers are best so a student told me. I have reason to disagree; considering the above statistics, to which I might suggest may be under represented.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

Also Jetstar Pacific Vietnam.

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Posted in: North Carolina campus shooting leaves 2 dead, 4 injured; suspect in custody See in context

Students should be able to learn in peace, absolutely — but looking at past school/university shooting statistics, I have serious doubts that peace will prevail.

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Posted in: Man charged with murder of Israeli exchange student in Melbourne See in context

Codey Hermann.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

His actual statement which he read out in court is well worth reading if anyone is interested.


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Posted in: Caffè Veloce serves up tempting winter comfort drink based on hot sweet sake See in context

some of the worst coffee I've ever had in Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

Great. Let's keep adding to Japan's astronomical debt.

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Posted in: Mindfulness the answer ex-workaholic swears by See in context

Interesting article. If only more people adopted the practices of mindfulness and meditation, the world would be a better place.

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Posted in: Melbourne knife attacker inspired by Islamic State, police say See in context

If the Australian government continues to allow immigrants from such countries, then adequate support systems must be in place to help these people assimilate into society. The Sudanese and Somali youth who are running amok and committing serious crimes are often of Australian citizenship; therefore they can't be sent back to their war-torn countries. It's very easy to say, "fit in or far cough" however it's just not that simple.

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Posted in: Japanese cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal See in context

The day I can walk into my local Mandai supermarket and buy some decent cheese which doesn't lack a wonderful intense flavor, I shall be content.

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Posted in: Japan to continue to push resumption of commercial whaling See in context

Immediately stop the funding for whaling and let's see what happens. Divert that wasted tax-money and use it for something much more necessary, ie., those hit by disaster areas.

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Posted in: Japan to propose resuming commercial whaling at IWC meeting in Sept See in context

Why on Earth does Japan even need to make this ludicrous proposal? Aren't enough animals slaughtered for our own selfish pleasure? Surely we can be content with what we have. Oh no, let's kill more and more and more. Makes complete sense.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing 10 people See in context

There are more mass killings in the U.S. than any other country in the world, yet people still claim the need to have guns in order to protect oneself. Wake up to yourself! When will you learn? Never will I visit the U.S. until the draconian laws and demented views change.

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Posted in: Japan association allegedly ripped off pay from Vietnamese interns See in context

The article implies that the association was ripped off from the Vietnamese nationals. Pay seems omitted from the first paragraph.

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Posted in: Mending Mac: McDonald's Japan CEO on how she turned around a brand See in context

Gave up McChucks ages ago. Moved on to bigger and better things, Kuaina Burger - little more expensive but a whole lot tastier. Do yourself a favor folks.

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Posted in: 26 killed, 20 wounded in Texas church shooting See in context

Wake up, read the news, another mass shooting in the U.S. No surprise. We come to expect it now. What a sad state of affairs. Condolences to those people concerned.

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