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Posted in: Thais debate use of 'Death Railway' for World Heritage application See in context

Why not be honest and call it like it was. Time for Japan to own up to its war crimes. However I would sugget that Japan demand that other countries do so as well, including the United States, Britain and France, just like Germany has. Unfortunately war crimes are a constant in war, as in the Viet Nam War that I fought in which followed the usual scorched earth poicy. If you fight a war at least be honest about what you did.

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Posted in: Top Republicans accept 'alternative facts' from Trump See in context

With a little bit of luck, perhaps both the Democrat and Republican Parties will be destroyed. Trump is the perfect example of the Ugly American, filled with his own self importance, respecting no one and who throws fits anytime anyone disagrees with him. He wants to run the entire world like one of his businesses, and cares nothing about the allies. This might be a very good time for America's allies to learn how to get by without America and let the United States wobble to its own path of self destruction. Let the United States isolate itself. Watch the wealthy gut the government the treasury and leave the United States in ruins.

While the United States had great power at one time from the end of World War II totheendofthe1960s,it was not because of American superiority, but because America's industrial base was both undamaged while most of the rest of the industrial nations were in ruins, but also flush with the wealth created by the war for the United States. Our power came from the fact it took twenty years, or more for Europe, and Asia to recover.During that time the US could demand and get anything it wanted.

But America is no longer the manufacturing country doing nearly 90% of the world's manufactured goods. Nor are most American companies strictly American owned. Most in fact are heavily foreign owned now. So let Trump, and America, isolate themselves and learn how dependent that they are on their allies,and lose their big ego feeling of superiority. Once they wake up, then they will be meeker and more cooperative. It is long past time for the United States to grow up, become wiser, instead of foolish and childish.

I say this as a thirteenth generation American citizen and Marine Veteran of the Vietnam War.

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Posted in: Philippines leader likens himself to Hitler; wants to kill millions of drug users See in context

Looks like a new regime change is about due. You just don't get the United States mad at you and expect to stay in power long.

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Posted in: Survey: Almost 40% of Japanese men reluctant to eat alone in public See in context

I cannot even imagine why a man would have trouble eating alone. I enjoy it immensely. With no conversation to uphold, I can focus completely on enjoying the food that I am eating.

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Posted in: Gay U.S. couples wed on historic day as conservatives resist See in context

Ah Christians playing victim. May I point out that most everyone involved in making this happen were straight and Christian.At about 1.5% of thePopulation, there is no way Gays by themselves could have make this happen without a vast majority of straight and mostly Christian people who agreed with them and worked to make it happen.

So even within the Christian population of the United States, the ones complaining are a minority. Ironically the ones complaining are the ones that are driving Americans out of Christianity.

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Posted in: Conservatives push agenda at NHK See in context

Correct history is that that follows the party line. Public broadcasting becomes party propaganda machine and the public has no say so in it. Add the new secrets act.

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Posted in: In U.S., is it rude to ask guests to remove shoes? See in context

Much more fun when you wear work boots like I do, especially when you are going to enter and leave the place several times a night, to go to other places where you must do the same. However I still did it as it was the custom in several of my Buddhist friends' houses and this was in Los Angeles back in the 1970.I was in Nicherin Shoshu at the time.

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Posted in: New NSA spying allegations rile European allies See in context

The easy way to determine what the American government does, is look at what it accuses other governments are doing and figure the American government does much more and better. Thank goodness Snowdon spilled the beans and lets hope more do so we can keep up with what the American government is doing to its own people.

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Posted in: Car goes off bridge after being rear-ended by Ferrari See in context

Hmm I wonder if the driver was that fifty year old doctor who got into trouble making a Youtube video of driving his Ferrari traveling well above the legal speed limit last year. That doctor said that he had made the video because he wanted to feel important but he had unfortunately also filmed his license plate before doing the driving video. No we could not be that lucky. It has to be another driver. [Grin]

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Posted in: Man hit by arrow while walking in garden in Ibaraki See in context

Lesson number one in archery, please point arrow in the direction of target.

Lesson number two, please do not let go of arrow until you are certain it is pointed at target.

Lesson number three, if you still cannot hit target, worse if you actually hit innocent bystander, consider a much safer hobby.

Meanwhile say you are sorry to unintended victim and see that he gets necessary medical aid.

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Posted in: Securities watchdog probes U.S. asset manager over missing funds See in context

As they say Crime in the Suites is always more serious and more profitable than Crime in the Streets. Way past time to hold business managers and owners to only the highest standard.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

ikemen, we don't do it here in America. most of our bridges and tunnels are far past the date they should have been replaced, but gee we might have to raise taxes and we can't possibly do that, eve if the lawsuits form collapsing structures might be even more expensive In Pennsylvania we just had a gas line blow up burning three houses down and endangering others because they probably did not keep up their inspection of the inside of the pipes that can be done by sending a probe through. Half of our dams should have been replaced long ago. so when the collapse happens the will try to claim it was natural disaster and act of God

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

All countries should be honest about the atrocities committed in their past. All countries gloss over those atrocities to paint their ancestors as some sort of saints, which none of them were.

Japan committed many atrocities during World War II, as did the Germans, the Italians, the Russians, the the British the Americas and every other country that has been in war, any war. Okay every country, lets all come clean about the parts of our past that we rarely talk about. No everyone don't speak up at once.

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

Jus what Japan needs, an extraordinarily expensive nuclear weapons system that it dares never to us because fallout from it's use would kill everyone in Japan.

If you want an interesting study, check out the statistics on Cancer in the United States before and after our nuclear testing period. When I was a kid cancer was mainly a disease of late middle age to old age. Now we see babies coming down with cancer at very you ages, not too mention teenagers and young adults. The Radiation spread across American during on open air testing and even during our underground testing, which also leaked radiation has made genetic changes and I believe is our main reason for the increase in cancers.

Now I assume that actual testing is less likely with computer simulations, but it might be wise to do a study o cancer rates of people in your nuclear industry compared with people outside of the industry. You also will want to keep a good watch of the victims of the disaster of your nuclear power plant and the effect of radiation long term on the contaminated areas. Add this to the statistic of descendants of those near the Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions of world two.

Any form of use of nuclear energy carries some risk of radiation danger to those directly involved in it. Now do you consider the possible risks worth a slight ego boost of joining the Nuclear club.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for Fukushima compensation, decontamination See in context

I have never read or heard anything that makes decontamination sound plausible, much less possible. I think Tempco will end up declaring bankruptcy and the Government will back off claiming it is also bankrupt.I hope that I am wrong for the sake of the survivors

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Posted in: IAEA to send 12 experts to help with Fukushima decontamination See in context

I think the world is eager to see just how they plan to decontaminate such a large area. No one has ever done it before. Russia did not even try, just blocked off the area and abandoned it. I am especially interested in how they will decontaminate the soil and all that rubble, or if they remove it where will they dump it, in whose back yard? If the decide to get new soil, where will they take it from, again whose back yard?

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Posted in: Genkai nuclear reactor shut down in Saga; cause unknown See in context

Gee, that is nice. A nuclear reactor shut down ad the people running it don't know why. Next comes the statement, "There is no reason to panic!" At which time everyone panics. Meanwhile only one out of four reactors is working. I can't imagine why anyone would be getting nervous about now...[Grin]

It might be time to fire the management though, take back their salaries and retirement benefits just in case the company is going to need to money soon. Remember nuclear power is completely safe. How do we know? The nuclear industry keeps telling us so, and they would never lie to us.....would they?

It might be a good time to see if any of the big guys have dumped their stock lately. Might be good to confiscate that money as well, just in case the company is going to need the money.

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Posted in: U.S. investigating credible but unconfirmed al-Qaida bomb threat See in context

The odds of getting killed by a terrorist in the United States is far lower than people think. Now if you want something dangerous, try riding in or diving a car, not only the accident rate, but car jacking.Then if you live in a city, try the possibility of walking into a crime scene, particularly in one of our convenience markets late at night. Then there is always the chance of getting shot by one of our street gangs or even the police.. forcible home break in is another possibility.Even dying by accident in your home, has a higher possibility, or by medical misadventure in one of our hospitals. Dying from family violence is more likely. So if none of these things scare you that much, I would hardly worry about terrorists.

As for 9/11, I only wonder why they only used jet airliners once and then went back to car and truck bombs.

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Posted in: Film series looks at world under Nazi rule See in context

Smithinjapan Nanjing and unit 731 were Japanese atrocities under the same time period. Of course to be fair it would be jus as difficult to get movies about American atrocities in World War II shown either. There were plenty of atrocities in World War II by all participants, but only the losers got credited with it. I think fire bombing of Japanese cities and German cities could be considered as war atrocities as mostly civilians were killed and that would also include the dropping of the atomic bombs. But again the winners get to write the history anyway they want.

As a Marine Vietnam War veteran I think much of what we did there with napalm and white phosphorus artillery shells, along with Agent Orange and some village mass killings would today be considered war crimes. But I don't expect movies about that to show up in America. I have an odd view for an American. If it is a war crime if the enemy does it, then it is a war crime if we do it as well.

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Posted in: Japan quake could raise concerns elsewhere See in context

We have not shortage of areas in North America and Mexico and South America that could produce equally damaging earth quakes. It is possible that we are entering a very active period for the so called Ring of Fire.

Just as we are entering a cycle of very damaging storms here in the United States. On the Atlantic side we have some evidence that the Gulf Stream is moving over a bit, and that can have drastic effects on both Europe and the Eastern United States.

I believe it is said of a Chinese Curse, "May you live in interesting times. We may indeed be entering such a time and a lot of assumptions about modern civilizations superiority may get a real test. We may get some interesting surprises, such as the disadvantages of having a linked world economy and having manufacturing spread over several countries.

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Posted in: Harry Potter stars sad to say goodbye See in context

I liked all of the books and the movies that I have seen so far. I have to wait for the DVD. But what really struck me about the Harry Potter phenomena was getting the religious nutters to give it nearly daily free advertisement. I would have never read the first one without all the noise made by the religious nuts. They turned it into the success it has been because they got the adults to read what had been a children's book, most of us might have ignored.

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Posted in: Pressure builds on Florida pastor who wants to burn Quran on Sept 11 See in context

Lets see, he has a fifty member church, $140,000 mortgage that he can't pay and runs a business on the side selling furniture on E-bay. Sounds to me he is hoping the publicity might make him a little money and increase his membership. It is usually little failing churches that do these kind of stunts. And for the same reason, the minister is hoping it will make him famous and successful, with a big income. So much for caring anything about the deity. Money talks with a number of the ministers and that is the reason they are in the ministry to make as much money as possible. Serving Mammon is so much more profitable than serving God in their mind.

I think consider how insane this little act is, you can fully understand why the bank wants the mortgage paid now, before the church goes up in smoke. Yes, I would say that church sounds like a real credit risk. Pity the poor bank that holds the mortgage.

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Posted in: Gulf of Mexico oil spill grows to 3.5 mil gallons See in context

Don't worry no matter how bad the disaster, the right amount of money and the government will step aside, especially as the Supreme Court says that not even Congress has any right to limit the amount of money that corporations give them as, bribes, campaign contributions. Do you want to guess just how hard Politicians are going to fight to limit all this money coming to them. We have the best government money can buy. But if you have not bought it, it ain't yours and we are not talking about your tax dollars. It is how much you can pay the politicians that determines what laws get written and what laws get enforced and how often they are enforced. So expect congress to echo Sarah Palin and say "Drill Baby, drill!"

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Posted in: Futenma commander defends Marine base See in context

While i can understand someone wanting to develop the land where the old base is, have you considered that all closed US military bases around the world have turned out to be major hazardous material sites. The land will prove to be unusable and the cost of clean up beyond any value you can get in development. Meanwhile you lose the money that everyone is making off the base. So you get rid of the base and end up with a desert to dangerous to develop. Are you sure you want to close down one of the biggest businesses on your Island, just to get unusable land. The United States will not clean up the mess it leaves behind, it has not done so anywhere else in the world.

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