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The conclusion is of the story is the Japanese Government is desperate for money.

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Truth be told, We need the nuclear energy.

Because other sources of energy is on lack and expensive.

That is why the government was extremely hesitant about making the next move.

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3.2 million yen

That's IT!!!

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A lot of the dudes buried there are people who were forced to goto war and ended up dying because of that. There is nothing wrong with respecting the dead for their poor sacrifice. I do not understand why China and Korea goes crazy over it. I mean does it really make a big difference to them?

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What's really bad is all the money that has been paid out to S.Korea in the past as compensation has no route to the actual victims. That is because the Japanese government pays directly to the Korean government and god know what the Korean government used that money on. That is how they keep the victims angry. Just think about it...They keep the public angry, make Japan look bad, and they leverage more money from us. Even if we do compensate this time around, that money is most ikely not going to the victims and the Korean government will come up with some BS 5 years from now, get public support to riot, and spread the news globally to make Japan look bad. and Japan goes "not again..."

I do not understand why the J government stands for this...

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"But South Korean President Moon Jae-in said last year that the deal had been signed by his ousted predecessor Park Geun-hye without consulting the Korean victims and disbanded a foundation set up with the Japanese funds."

That is not our problem! that is S.Koreas problem. The people of S.korea voted her to be in office. Not Japan...Sounds like an complete excuse to take more money from us.

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