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Posted in: Shiga temple bans visits by gangsters See in context

Enrayku-ji does not want, nay, need friends in Kobe? I guess they have - so to speak - no monetary problems then.

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Posted in: 'Inglourious Basterds' one of many tricky movie titles See in context

Tarantino says there will be a prequel.

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Posted in: Tattoos, rap and saggy pants See in context

"In spite of it being against our religion, he’d love to have a tongue piercing, a death skull tattoo or, at the very least huge pierced earrings, as many of his teen friends have at ages as young as 14."

Against the religion this old geezer forced down his son's throat, and brainwashed him into believing is a good thing.

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Posted in: Nagiko Tono breaks record for shortest showbiz marriage – divorcing after 72 days See in context

I'm just waiting for her recording career! Or they should put her on Quiz Hexagon, she seems to have baka tarento qualities...

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Posted in: Shape up! See in context

It's made of plastic...who would want to pay that much for a plastic bag?

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