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Posted in: Rare photo of A-bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima See in context

Fadamor and Hide Suzuki argue that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were solely due to the desire to ward off Soviet ambitions for the Home Islands and to test the effectiveness of nuclear weapons on major population centers. Unfortunately this version of history is largely taught in Japan today, although most Westerners would be surprised at this argument. And well they should, because it is NOT substantiated by any of the massive number of documents available to historians today. Of course there were scientists and some military leaders who had an interest in these outcomes, but documents available from the political and key military leaders show nothing to support this argument.

What is shown in Allied documents is the knowledge that Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be potential staging areas for large numbers of fresh Japanese units that had sat out most of the war in China and Indochina. This is besides the large military industrial base still remaining in major cities such as Kokura, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima. The planned invasion of Kyushu that would start on November 1, 1945, known as Downfall, meant that these large cities would have flattened by conventional bombing prepatory to an invasion of Kyushu, regardless of whether atomic bombs had been available or not. The fact that Kamikaze units and random Imperial naval ships were continuing to attack Allied units towards Okinawa also made southern Japan the primary target for invasion.

The high casualty rate of US forces during Okinawa, combined with the shocking disregard that IJA forces had for local civilians that resulted in massive casualties caught in the crossfire, were major considerations during the planning for Operation Downfall. The expected high casualty rates for Allied invading forces in Kyushu combined with the expected high costs of supplying the invasion, as well as having to rebuild these areas in the post-war (something NEVER considered by revisionists), were all major concerns. The fate of Japanese civilians in Kyushu was also a concern, as Japanese militarists were expected to make civilians part of the resistance to invasion, instead of evacuating them from battle areas. The large caches of deposited WWII weapons and ammunition found to this day in Japanese cities provides evidence of the resistance mentality that Japanese militarists enforced among their civilian populace. This was a no-win situation no matter what the US and their Allies did. Southern Japan would have been destroyed to a greater degree by conventional means during an invasion. The stubbornness of the Japanese militarist faction saw to that.

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The real concerns will start when surveillance is not enough or not working. China will no doubt continue to increase their activity there. So does "respond firmly" imply use of force in the near future?

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Guess it's time to visit Fuji-san soon before things take a turn for the worse. Any eruption from a volcano that massive is going to be significant. The concern about lava flows is misplaced though--As with St. Helens, the main worry should be the initial force of super-heated gases and ash from the area where pressure is building. Something to really monitor!

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The difference this time is that there is a "new sheriff in town." How will PM Abe respond to these moves by China?

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Posted in: Suspected norovirus outbreak kills 4 in Yokohama hospital See in context

Kimukuzashiiii: I also don't know why the hospital are apologizing - I agree that there is VERY little they can do once an outbreak starts. Cleaning, handwashing, and disinfecting do nothing to stop Norovirus - alcohol and most cleaning products have no effect on killing norovirus.

I am curious from where you derived your opinions? Because they obviously conflict with what the US Centers for Disease Control advise--That handwashing as a primary method to reduce the spread of Norovirus particles. The goal is to detach the virus from skin and other surfaces, not necessarily kill it on contact. Having visited and observed hospitals in Kinki region, I saw the same problems as in the US hospitals where I have worked--that handwashing was not done frequently enough, especially by older nurses, dietary aides that visit from room to room, and almost all physicians. Lack of time was an excuse most of them provided.

Having a graduate degree in public health and also having worked in school districts, I have seen where frequent handwashing and isolating those infected with norovirus did a lot to slow down its transmission. Touch remains a primary method of transmission for Norovirus. Of course emesis events also need to be dealt with asap. Because Japanese hospitals seem to rely more on a patient's family for their care needs, then families need to be better cautioned also. There are methods practiced in US hospitals that have to deal with MRSA infections that also apply to norovirus situations, but they are more costly and time-consuming, something that not all profit-oriented health organizations want to think about.

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Celebrity autographs are such a racket that it's best to avoid buying such articles unless there is a photograph accompanying the signature or other documentation, other than a dealer letter, that can show solid provenance. Many celebrities have their assistants learn to forge their signature in order to to save time, so it's quite a chore to verify these things....

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For those making excuses for this jerk, usually the objective does not end at the veranda but to go forward and access the residence. Every law enforcement officer worth his salt will assume that potential action. This guy may have known someone who lived there, a possible scenario and something for authorities to consider rather than just assuming he was a wandering "harmless" drunk.

Many guys I knew in the military when drunk were not "harmless" and playful kitties, but potentially hostile and ready to fight. Not the type you want fumbling around your or my residence, or civilians in Japan. Why make excuses for someone who should know well by now both the reaction and penalties for violating the regs? I'm sure there are those who sneak out and drink, but they have learned to be discreet. Obviously this idiot didn't care how his actions affected the overwhelming majority of law-abiding Marines in Okinawa and elsewhere in Japan. He deserves to be reduced in rank and shipped out.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for posing as aunt of Newtown massacre victim to con donors See in context

Lowest of the low. People like her have little conscience and deserve the maximum punishment. Did she make bail with her ill-gotten gain?

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T-V: Now with this in mind : the military is only obligated to follow the rules when they are practical and do not conflict with mission requirements.

Young man, I both heard and experienced that disclaimer spin many times in the 14 years I served in US Army Combat Arms units, mostly overseas. That statement comes across as arrogant now as it did then, with respect to how we expect other nations to follow an agreement, but then we do entirely as we wish. Try walking in the shoes of the average Japanese some day and see how that feels.

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Starbucks doesn’t offer the short size on its menu in the U.S. where the smallest serving is the tall size.

Take it from a former Starbucks USA vendor, Short size is not on the menu board, but it is offered in most US stores if you ask. I miss the Hojicha tea that is offered in Japanese Starbucks. Nothing like that to be found in US or Euro Starbucks unfortunately.

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Looking forward to more verbal gaffes by new Finance Minister Taro Aso. He now inhabits another high profile post and will surely be the focus of Japanese media attention if the Abe Administration policies do not make a significant impact in 2013 as hoped.

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Posted in: Dollar hits new 20-month high, passing 85 yen See in context

semperfi--WELL . .unlike So Korea (Hyundai/ Samsung) and USA (General Motors)- Japan has NOT poured funds or bailed out their auto industry, or any other industry , to stabilize or salvage it from liquidation .

The US Big Three bailout is an ongoing story. So far the result are moderately good and much of the loans are paid back. Killing an industry that has subsequently shown it can fairly recover made no sense, as well as the huge cost of unemployment benefits and other social costs that would have been doled out if the Big Three and their sub-contractors had been allowed to die as Tea Party anarchists wanted.

Different strategies work for different national economies. The hand-up that was extended to the US auto industry and some banks in 2008 has so far worked in good fashion and the US taxpayer continues to be reimbursed . The drop in the value of the Yen, if sustained, is also projected to make US auto manufacturers a bit more profitable than Toyota due to its heavy reliance on overseas sales. Cheers to Japanese monetary easing policies!

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It's amazing how pervasive and durable this song/video has been since July--Far beyond whatever Macarena did back in the day. My co-workers just made an end-of-year retrospective video featuring all our staff and the highlight for all viewers was a gangnam style parody. Still hear the song on many radio stations here in Calif. So the phenomenon continues. Sure we'll see the song in a lot of New Years programs too (outside of Japan of course!)

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Posted in: Abe's return in Japan heartens U.S. See in context

An Abe government is not likely to be as sympathetic to Okinawan concerns about the status of US forces there. Perhaps he will try to offer economic incentives instead, but regardless, Abe seems more interested in currying favor with the US to support his foreign policy goals. Any Okinawan issues are likely moving to the back burner. Wonder how they will respond?

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Cos: They have 70 times the number of food poisoning cases per inhabitants of Japan

That is an inaccurate statement you appear to be pulling out of thin air. As already stated, reported incidents in Japan and most other nations, especially incidents involving only a handful of people, are likely not reported or not followed up. I have grad degrees in Public Health and Health Science, am certified in US as a Food Safety Instructor and have worked as food safety trainer and inspector for food service companies in US and Japan for a decade. I have seen good and bad food safety practices in Japan: Individually owned shops and smaller urban hotels were among the worst offenders, based on observations as a customer and client. Oyajis wiping their nose and mouth during prep or cooking, or smoking in the kitchen and wiping their utensils on dirty towels attached to their waists while preparing food was a common sight especially, but not restricted to Osaka and surrounding cities to include Okayama.

I have evaluated and trained numerous Japanese who work in restaurants on military bases around Japan and often found them below US standards, until they completed our basic food safety training. However Japanese food service managers on bases and in US-concept restaurants on the economy were much better in their practices. Japanese school food services I have visited were also fairly decent, but my main concern was food safety in their supply chain and lack of documented safeguards, compared to US practices.

The cozy relationships seen between government inspectors and the agriculture, fishing, and nuclear industries in Japan, is probably no different when considering prefectural and local inspectors and the food service entities they must evaluate. This may be due to a less confrontational culture versus Western attitudes, but also a habit of avoiding obvious violations for whatever reasons. Clean kitchens in Japan are not so much the issue as how food is protected and how many workers handle food. IMO, food safety standards in Japan (or any other Asian nation) are not consistently enforced to the same degree as they are in California or most other states in the USA.

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As long as this 11-year-old received "safety" training on how to handle the weapon he brought to school, I'm sure the NRA will endorse his right to "bear arms."

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

As shown in this article and in some of the comments posted afterwards, typical revisionist responses to the Nanjing massacre include: 1. Minimize the number of Chinese brutalized and killed to well below 100,000. The ridiculous number of 20,000 Chinese killed, if accepted, implies that they were "collateral" casualties that occurred during street battles and as a result of individual "rogue" actions by individual Jaoanese soldiers and not organized; 2. Explain away any Nanjing atrocities as just another dark chapter of history to be found in every nation's past. For example, Japanese extremists tend to bring up America's treatment of Native Americans particularly during the 1800s, the British in India, the Dutch in Indonesia, the French in SE Asia, etc.

Blame for any civilian casualties in Nanjing are also generously heaped upon Chinese Nationalist Army actions in departing Nanjing, which in part may be true. Yet the selfishness and incompetence of Chinese Nationalists could never justify the mass of well documented atrocities committed by Japanese officers, NCOs, and soldiers in and around Nanjing. A further embarrassment lies in the disputed roles of some members of the Imperial Family who were commanding or attached to IJA units that entered Nanjing. It is no wonder that right wing extremists will go to the extent of harassing Chinese victims of Nanjing even today. To a Japanese militarist, Chinese were a lower form of the human species to be treated accordingly.

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

Congrats to JT for promoting a dialogue at least among English readers regarding both the atrocity and controversy of Nanjing. Many are not aware, outside of Chinese circles, that the swath of slaughter BEGAN once the IJA left Shanghai and moved towards Nanjing. Countless villages were destroyed, their inhabitants brutalized and massacred by the same vicious militarists who would later overtake Nanjing. The numbers of Chinese villagers killed may well be above what occurred in Nanjing itself, but as the IJA left few survivors on the vicious march to Nanjing, historians can only speculate.

Some here have brought up the actions of Germany in their remembrance of the Holocaust, and it is a fitting comparison. I lived in Germany and can remember the annual commemorations announced via the West German media, as well as special documentaries and dramatizations on TV, often sponsored in part by the German government. Most Germans are well-educated on the horrors of the Holocaust as a result, the major theme being "Never Again." However, a minority of those raised in East Germany, as well as some recent Slavic, Balkan, and Islamic immigrants, form the relatively small lunatic fringe of German Holocaust deniers.

Understanding that Japan is one of many face-saving cultures in the Far East, repeated elaborate apologies by the government for actions of Japanese militarists during WWII cannot be expected. But as previously stated, more expansive education in Japan regarding their militarist atrocities in China, Philippines, Thailand, Burma, etc., could be done. Yet even media dramatizations such as Song of the Canefields, which dealt in part with IJA atrocities against Okinawans, receive such loud protestations from right wing elements that Japanese media tends to cower and avoid such "controversial" material. Japan has not shown the "Never Again" attitude that Germany has. This compels the many nations affected by the Pacific War, China foremost among them, to do the remembering for Japan.

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

That girl is definitely trainworthy...

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Posted in: Australia to become first country to enforce first plain-pack cigarettes See in context

Frungy posted that a Google search shows that heart disease is the leading killer around the world, not smoking. Perhaps you should search further online. Did you not know that smoking is a leading risk factor for heart disease, as well so many diseases of the lung and bladder cancer? Obviously you are a smoker and take this article personally.

As someone working in the medical field with an MPH, I don't have a problem with governments grabbing money back from the tobacco industry. Especially if that money goes back to cover the growing health insurance costs that many nations now struggle with, thanks in part to so many chronic smokers and those who must live with them receiving costly treatments for the rest of their lives. If smoking is a "choice", it is a miserable one.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy restricts nighttime drinking by all personnel throughout Japan See in context

Less and less fun to be stationed in Japan or Okinawa these days. I can see more servicemen applying for transfers or not extending their tours in Japan for critical specialties as a result. Why live in a place where you don't feel appreciated by some communities and where the off-duty restrictions are getting tighter? Maybe should focus on the type of people they send to Japan, than these TSA-style regs.

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The new You Tube versions of Gangnam Style featuring MC Hammer with Psy will not eclipse the original but are gaining popularity. The black community has been slower to embrace the song, so that' probably why they cqame up with this version:

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Posted in: 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman accepted bag of cash from Ceausescu, paper reports See in context

How do you know he did not claim it for his taxes?

I think the fact that Hagman asked for it in cash in an unmarked bag at a designated dropoff point may have been the clue there. Not that politicians are immune from this type of payment process.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' becomes YouTube's most watched video See in context

Not to mention he's popular because a known stereotype of silly Asian dude in western countries.

Really? What country are you living in? In the past six months, I have been all over Netherlands, London, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA. Haven't heard anyone characterize him as an negative Asian stereotype, whether in media or on the various college campuses where I've been. They just like the music--If you dispense with the You Tube rhetoric, the album sales, ITunes downloads, and radio requests in Europe, North America and Asia are very significant. Because of the way they are promoted, no Japanese artist has ever or will likely ever come close (That includes Sakamoto Kyu, B'z, Puffy, MoMu, AKB, etc.)

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' becomes YouTube's most watched video See in context

"but the Gangnam Style craze is so over right now."

Not really--Psy's new version is a mashup of Gangnam Style and MC Hammer's 2 Legit 2 Quit. They performed it at the close of American Music Awards last week and it brought the house down. Already getting a lot of play in clubs and on You Tube. It's probably better than the original song--May end up with a tour in Korea and SE Asia with Hammer and Psy...

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Posted in: TV blunder labels Abe a train groper See in context

Might be worthwhile for Abe-san's election team to take advantage of this unfortunate situation by plastering subway cars with ads showing him wearing a trench coat and a cheesy grin. Every demographic is important at this stage leading up to the election.

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With fur on your cuticles, can you wash your hands without the fur getting damaged? Don't want Mariko's sticky little paws touching me. Honestly, this is only of interest to 13-30 year old female demographic, is it not?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa See in context

As both a long term combat arms vet and having served in Okinawa, I think we can be assured that the immediate and command superiors of this commissioned Marine do not consider this incident "insignificant." In light of all the bad pub US servicemen are receiving in recent months in Okinawa, this is an embarrassment both to his unit and US authorities in Japan at a sensitive time. Of course the J-media and some Okinawans will capitalize and use to their benefit.

Marine officers are expected to lead by example in all situations. Posters sem to be looking at this incident thru an enlisted man's eyes--Officers are held to a higher standard and this fool will be lucky to keep his commission, let alone stay in Japan. Hope he enjoys his transfer to Herat....

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Posted in: AKB48 urge Tokyo residents to vote in gubernatorial election See in context

Akiba district has Tomomi-kun leading so far on mail-in ballots...

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Posted in: Noda warns against jingoism as parties draw election battle lines See in context

What "territories"? Japan lost them all after the war...

Karafuto, Takasago Koku, Chosen, Manchukuo? Abe has been consulting at Yasukuni.

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