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As long as this 11-year-old received "safety" training on how to handle the weapon he brought to school, I'm sure the NRA will endorse his right to "bear arms."

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As shown in this article and in some of the comments posted afterwards, typical revisionist responses to the Nanjing massacre include: 1. Minimize the number of Chinese brutalized and killed to well below 100,000. The ridiculous number of 20,000 Chinese killed, if accepted, implies that they were "collateral" casualties that occurred during street battles and as a result of individual "rogue" actions by individual Jaoanese soldiers and not organized; 2. Explain away any Nanjing atrocities as just another dark chapter of history to be found in every nation's past. For example, Japanese extremists tend to bring up America's treatment of Native Americans particularly during the 1800s, the British in India, the Dutch in Indonesia, the French in SE Asia, etc.

Blame for any civilian casualties in Nanjing are also generously heaped upon Chinese Nationalist Army actions in departing Nanjing, which in part may be true. Yet the selfishness and incompetence of Chinese Nationalists could never justify the mass of well documented atrocities committed by Japanese officers, NCOs, and soldiers in and around Nanjing. A further embarrassment lies in the disputed roles of some members of the Imperial Family who were commanding or attached to IJA units that entered Nanjing. It is no wonder that right wing extremists will go to the extent of harassing Chinese victims of Nanjing even today. To a Japanese militarist, Chinese were a lower form of the human species to be treated accordingly.

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Congrats to JT for promoting a dialogue at least among English readers regarding both the atrocity and controversy of Nanjing. Many are not aware, outside of Chinese circles, that the swath of slaughter BEGAN once the IJA left Shanghai and moved towards Nanjing. Countless villages were destroyed, their inhabitants brutalized and massacred by the same vicious militarists who would later overtake Nanjing. The numbers of Chinese villagers killed may well be above what occurred in Nanjing itself, but as the IJA left few survivors on the vicious march to Nanjing, historians can only speculate.

Some here have brought up the actions of Germany in their remembrance of the Holocaust, and it is a fitting comparison. I lived in Germany and can remember the annual commemorations announced via the West German media, as well as special documentaries and dramatizations on TV, often sponsored in part by the German government. Most Germans are well-educated on the horrors of the Holocaust as a result, the major theme being "Never Again." However, a minority of those raised in East Germany, as well as some recent Slavic, Balkan, and Islamic immigrants, form the relatively small lunatic fringe of German Holocaust deniers.

Understanding that Japan is one of many face-saving cultures in the Far East, repeated elaborate apologies by the government for actions of Japanese militarists during WWII cannot be expected. But as previously stated, more expansive education in Japan regarding their militarist atrocities in China, Philippines, Thailand, Burma, etc., could be done. Yet even media dramatizations such as Song of the Canefields, which dealt in part with IJA atrocities against Okinawans, receive such loud protestations from right wing elements that Japanese media tends to cower and avoid such "controversial" material. Japan has not shown the "Never Again" attitude that Germany has. This compels the many nations affected by the Pacific War, China foremost among them, to do the remembering for Japan.

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That girl is definitely trainworthy...

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Posted in: Australia to become first country to enforce first plain-pack cigarettes See in context

Frungy posted that a Google search shows that heart disease is the leading killer around the world, not smoking. Perhaps you should search further online. Did you not know that smoking is a leading risk factor for heart disease, as well so many diseases of the lung and bladder cancer? Obviously you are a smoker and take this article personally.

As someone working in the medical field with an MPH, I don't have a problem with governments grabbing money back from the tobacco industry. Especially if that money goes back to cover the growing health insurance costs that many nations now struggle with, thanks in part to so many chronic smokers and those who must live with them receiving costly treatments for the rest of their lives. If smoking is a "choice", it is a miserable one.

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Less and less fun to be stationed in Japan or Okinawa these days. I can see more servicemen applying for transfers or not extending their tours in Japan for critical specialties as a result. Why live in a place where you don't feel appreciated by some communities and where the off-duty restrictions are getting tighter? Maybe should focus on the type of people they send to Japan, than these TSA-style regs.

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The new You Tube versions of Gangnam Style featuring MC Hammer with Psy will not eclipse the original but are gaining popularity. The black community has been slower to embrace the song, so that' probably why they cqame up with this version:

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Posted in: 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman accepted bag of cash from Ceausescu, paper reports See in context

How do you know he did not claim it for his taxes?

I think the fact that Hagman asked for it in cash in an unmarked bag at a designated dropoff point may have been the clue there. Not that politicians are immune from this type of payment process.

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Not to mention he's popular because a known stereotype of silly Asian dude in western countries.

Really? What country are you living in? In the past six months, I have been all over Netherlands, London, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA. Haven't heard anyone characterize him as an negative Asian stereotype, whether in media or on the various college campuses where I've been. They just like the music--If you dispense with the You Tube rhetoric, the album sales, ITunes downloads, and radio requests in Europe, North America and Asia are very significant. Because of the way they are promoted, no Japanese artist has ever or will likely ever come close (That includes Sakamoto Kyu, B'z, Puffy, MoMu, AKB, etc.)

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"but the Gangnam Style craze is so over right now."

Not really--Psy's new version is a mashup of Gangnam Style and MC Hammer's 2 Legit 2 Quit. They performed it at the close of American Music Awards last week and it brought the house down. Already getting a lot of play in clubs and on You Tube. It's probably better than the original song--May end up with a tour in Korea and SE Asia with Hammer and Psy...

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Might be worthwhile for Abe-san's election team to take advantage of this unfortunate situation by plastering subway cars with ads showing him wearing a trench coat and a cheesy grin. Every demographic is important at this stage leading up to the election.

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With fur on your cuticles, can you wash your hands without the fur getting damaged? Don't want Mariko's sticky little paws touching me. Honestly, this is only of interest to 13-30 year old female demographic, is it not?

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As both a long term combat arms vet and having served in Okinawa, I think we can be assured that the immediate and command superiors of this commissioned Marine do not consider this incident "insignificant." In light of all the bad pub US servicemen are receiving in recent months in Okinawa, this is an embarrassment both to his unit and US authorities in Japan at a sensitive time. Of course the J-media and some Okinawans will capitalize and use to their benefit.

Marine officers are expected to lead by example in all situations. Posters sem to be looking at this incident thru an enlisted man's eyes--Officers are held to a higher standard and this fool will be lucky to keep his commission, let alone stay in Japan. Hope he enjoys his transfer to Herat....

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Posted in: AKB48 urge Tokyo residents to vote in gubernatorial election See in context

Akiba district has Tomomi-kun leading so far on mail-in ballots...

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Posted in: Noda warns against jingoism as parties draw election battle lines See in context

What "territories"? Japan lost them all after the war...

Karafuto, Takasago Koku, Chosen, Manchukuo? Abe has been consulting at Yasukuni.

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almxx above recommends ingesting 4-5 Alfalfa tablets after every meal. DON'T! You will find hardly anyone in the medical world recommending such an outdated remedy as Alfalfa tabs today and for good reason. Try parsley instead.

Alfalfa is a complex legume best left to ruminant digestion, not a human digestive system. There are many contraindications for Alfalfa intake, to include those anyone with an immune-related disorder such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, soybean or peanut allergies (alfalfa is in the same family), and women using birth control pills (Alfalfa has large amounts of plant estrogens that can interfere or neutralize birth control meds). If you use diuretics or must avoid potassium intake due to kidney disease, also avoid Alfalfa--It has large amounts of potassium.

A significant intake of Alfalfa (4-5 tablets per meal is significant) may also interfere with blood cell formation and cause thrombocytopenia. Some researchers have also noted a preliminary connection between heavy alfalfa intake and the formation of some leukemias. Alfalfa can be a strong immune stimulant in the wrong way--taking it for trivial reasons such as gas is not recommended. If it not from an organic source, you can be certain you are also ingesting chemicals used during its growth cycle such as fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Using Alfalfa nowadays makes as much sense as taking bone meal or Dolomite tabs, which are now well known to be contaminated with lead and/or cadmium. I am a clinical nutritionist with advanced degrees in nutrition, and also a health food consultant who believes in moderate use of supplements, but NOT Alfalfa.

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Posted in: Nepal man who served 15 yrs in prison acquitted of 1997 murder See in context

Dog, I am curious as to your role in this story--A neighbor perhaps? Working in the legal profession or an expat support group? Anyway thank you for the background to this story. Things are never as clearcut as we might imagine them to be. In a rigid system of justice like Japan's, any misstep by a gaijin defendant during the investigation or subsequent hearings is likely to be used as strong evidence against him or her.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' second most-viewed YouTube video after Justin Bieber See in context

I wonder if japanese still think its done by f5 forces behind the screens by koreans.

Hope not. I know a lot of my friends who have kids that watch this video and all the variations on their i-phones almost daily. It's just a novel video and culture to them. Silly to think it's some kind of conspiracy. And if this Psy stuff is so sad, then what is AKB ad nauseum? AKB is something most Westerners cannot relate to....

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Posted in: U.S. envoy goes into damage control mode over latest Okinawa incident See in context

Yuri, this airman or whatever jumped out of a third story window. He probably had serious impact injuries that cannot be treated as well in a regular Japanese clinic. Plus security in a military hospital is going to be far more effective than an Okinawan hospital where animosity by locals is likely to be high. This fellow will get his prison sentence soon enough, and probably harsher than organized crime figures usually get on the main island.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

Who cares if Japan doesn't like it. There are several billion who do!

Yup, seems to be pure jealousy that a Korean song and video has become a sensation in the Western world and elsewhere. The No.1 Halloween costume this year for kids in USA was the blue Psy tux. This song has made a major impact on the Western music scene--Something you won't say about J-music labels promoting 12 to 16 year-old idols who cannot even harmonize with the lame tunes they crank out these days.

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Posted in: U.S. military to impose curfew in Japan after alleged rape See in context

Might see an increase of franchised restaurants/bars on bases if this policy continues for more than a year. Otherwise Shore Patrols and MPs are going to be kept busy trying to enforce this strict curfew. Maybe a novel approach in post-occupation Japan, but soldiers/ airmen/ sailors in other regions of the world have had to deal with curfews for decades--I did so in Germany.

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

Wow thanks JapanVisitor--Good investigative report. I got lost in that area one time and it is definitely not Akiba turf.

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So police could not have reviewed the tape after the initial beating or stepped up additional patrols for Saturday night/ Sunday morning? Obviously the value of homeless in Japan is very low to wait until Monday to actually process these crimes. Police once again only there to file a report and clean up the scene.

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rickyvee, he probably did that due to the interest and pride of his fans in Australia. Show me a big star who doesn't have ego--Sheesh. Living here in SoCal and as a former consultant to many resorts in Palm Springs, I can tell you Crowe has a very decent reputation with fans compared to most movie and music stars. He'll recoup the alimony with likely just one film.

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I think many comments here and from Japanese viewers show how shallow the worlds of J-Pop and K-Pop truly are. Folks here are always complaining how awful AKB, SMAP and a host of J-idol groups sound with their untrained voices, but hey, they look cute and sweet and hot , etc. Conversely, Psy has done pretty much everything on his own, without the help of the traditional K-Pop machine, because he doesn't look like Y2K or Yon Bin.

Most Westerners can appreciate an entertaining music video with exotic hooks, as they have not been exposed to Asian music on a regular basis. Psy came up with a clever marketing package, sound, and video, so much so that US music producers are on the record as being very impressed with his presentation. The song is still on a LOT of local Top-10 request lists around the US and Psy has been on numerous news and TV shows in the US. I see kids around SoCal singing the words even though they don't speak Korean. This has gone far beyond silly Macarena.

K-Pop is supposedly trying to imitate the US music machine in recent years and is making a easier transition to the US than any Japanese group. Girls Generation sold out Madison Square Garden last year and other groups are likely on the way. K-Haters better deal with it.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. troops consider drill to retake island See in context

Sounds like the initiative for this came out of Okinawa. I seriously doubt the State Department would have ever brought this up. But if some higher ups in DOD start talking to their Japanese counterparts, I can see where the SDF would get very excited and run with it.

Since it's been already been announced, maybe we should just go with it. Load up the SDF and Marines, say we're going to said island and then head to Iwo Jima. Now THAT would stir up some sentiments...

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

Anyone here who has made casual remarks that it's fine to be wearing ballistic gear on an international flight coming into the USA should just go ahead and try it from now on. I can assure you that either your fellow passengers on that 6-12 hour flight, flight crew or US agents will likely identify you and have you subsequently detained for extended questioning. Such vests could be armed with new generations of plastic or flammable explosives if they were ever allowed on board.

Wearing such gear will likely be added to future lists used by TSA and US Customs agents, as well as other nations, to screen passengers entering the country. There is no rational excuse to be wearing ballistic gear on a flight unless you are expecting trouble, and then fellow passengers as well as the authorities have a right to know why. This is not a free speech or right to bear arms issue in any sense--But go ahead and press the issue if you want to waste your own time.

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Does Oyaji urinating against any convenient wall count against the Hygiene or the Littering category? The littering part gets me too, although tourists are not likely to venture into industrial areas like port of Kobe where it can be a common sight.

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Can't speak for Japanese ex-AV types except that if they had any significant time in the industry, it's doubtful they could marry most types of salarymen. If they were recognized at any point, that salaryman would probably see his chances of promotion decline due to major embarrassment factor for himself and his company or division.

As for Western AV types who leave the porn industry, besides rampant STDs many of them have serious drug and/or alcohol addiction issues. That's the part of the lifestyle that can be very difficult to kick. Tragic stories abound here in the LA area regarding the porn lifestyle, including AIDs scandals every year. It's not glamorous in the least for most women who are in that industry for more than a year...

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Posted in: 3D art from Yuki Matsueda guaranteed to catch your eye See in context

Another term for this stuff is extruded acrylics. Yuki looks a bit like Kimura Takuya, which probably adds to his popularity.

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