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It;s a good movie. Saw it yesterday.

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We watched this at the theatre last night. It's good. A lot of good one-liners. Interesting video effects.

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@ UnagiDon That is true.... When you don't use the language, you lose it.... but not completely. When I moved to Quebec for 4 months, I was surprised at how much I had learned and could converse somewhat. It means that if I had lived there a couple more years, what I learned in school would be very useful. It could be the same with Japanese. What they learn could become useful as a stepping stone should they move to an English speaking country. It could make it easier. A friend of mine from Japan thinks that Japanese are taught English because of the tourist industry and common Japanese courtesy. She is thinking that if someone (a tourist) is confused, that Japanese people should be able to politely help that tourist who is probably English speaking. Personally, (along with my friend) I don't think Japanese should be forced to speak English.... this is Japan... the visitor should prepare themselves to speak a little Japanese. :)

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If I was going to learn Japanese, I would insist on being taught by a Japanese person...not just anyone who could speak Japanese. A Japanese teacher teaching English is not the way to go. Here in Canada, immersion is the way to learn French. When the student enters the room where French is being taught, no English can be spoken. You can only speak French. So if Japanese students entered a class where one could only speak English the whole time you were in that room, they would learn better. I take care of hundreds of Japanese students who come here to learn more English and even after 5 years of learning English in Japan, they have a hard time. Using the English as others here have stated is imperative. Students and probably their teachers see English as a subject rather than a form of communication. We have 91 students coming in a month and when I have a student living in my home, it helps them greatly to actually use English as a form of communication because after a couple of days (I let them use their translators when stuck in the first couple of days), they do much better. I see the improvement once they are ready to return to Japan. So, to me, using the language is very important. Young students are also a bit shy about using English because they are not confident that they can do it perfectly. We had a girl 2 years ago for 3 weeks and she spoke little English but the night before she left, she gave a beautiful speech in front of a crowd of students and host families in perfect English. We were so proud of her. It goes to show that immersion with the language all around you and boosts of confidence is something that students need. I am so glad I recorded her speech by the way.

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If Nato would call off the "rebels", peace could prevail. If the former Blackwater, and Qatar mercenaries would stop fighting, peace would prevail. 80% of Assad's people approve of him. The people not approving of him started out in peaceful protest but the murdering foreign rebels took them over. Don't take my word for it. Dig deeper past the western press because they are not being truthful. All reports are coming from one side only in the west... dig for news from the people on Assad's side and you will have your eyes opened. There are so many instances of CNN creating the news and rebels staging mock deaths and even an interview in Germany with one of the rebels who said that it was simply his job to assassinate people. Challenge yourself to dig for the truth.

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Ben... I remember when Iran was offered that and because it had to come through France, they turned it down because France is one of the countries that reneged. Some western countries are just not trustworthy. Did you see the Al Queda flags flying in Libya after that fiasco? I don't want anyone having nukes but if you are surrounded by nuclear powers, you better have them for defence. How about making the ME nuclear weapons free? One country says no of course. My several contacts in Syria are pretty reliable and I don't listen to any paranoid people. The facts and only the facts please. The power of the media, as you are showing, is very powerful indeed!

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There was a time when Iran only enriched to 5% (fuel for electricity). They needed enrichment to 20% for the medical field but they instead paid USA and others millions to have those countries supply their needs. Those countries reneged on agreements and even kept the money. Now, rightly, Iran will never trust them so they are enriching themselves to 20% to take care of their people. They have not gone further than 20%. You need 90% for a bomb and also if you want a nuclear powered submarine, for instance. The west knows these details and still they continue on their march to regime change. The one to not trust may be Israel. They may hold the "Samson Option" over the west's head. Are their nukes aimed at Europe and USA and that is why they have so much influence?

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@Beb... lol!

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It is totally about another Nato regime change and like Libya, the western propaganda machine is working overtime. And like Libya, most Syrians are on Assad's side. Dig deeply in Youtube and you will find real reports out of Syria that the western media will not run. Even Al Jazeera (based in the USA puppet country Qatar) is taking the western side. Many journalists from Al Jazeera have resigned because of the pro-west bias. Look up Syrian Girl in Youtube.

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I cannot believe this is happening! This "Friends of the Syrian People" is anything but! They are made up of Nato, Al Queda, and numerous Arab mercenaries. They are the ones who have been assassinating the people in Homs. Now that the Syrian army is in control there, the killings have stopped. Only a small amount of Syrians are revolting and even they have defected from the "rebels". The Western media is doing a great disservice to the Syrian people with all these lies. Unbelievable! The Western media will not carry true news videos of what is actually happening there.

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Where is the sovereignty of nations when bowing willingly to another country's orders? Why is USA allowed to dictate to other nations what they can and cannot do? If my neighbour came to me and ORDERED me to stop buying electricity because HE has a dispute with the company supplying my electricity, I would tell him to solve his own problem diplomatically and quit being such a child!

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@Export... These tours by the Japanese schools are planned far into the future. Not only are plans made that far in Japan, but also at the destination where hard workers like me have to find, in this case, 96 families, who have to get checked out and everything. To cancel would be devastating for all involved. I am in the process of finding 116 families here in Canada for near the end of March.

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