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You don't need TV you have internet except for a good game of the British soccer premier league. I need the TV to watch first and foremost a Chelsea game and maybe the Super bowl.

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Posted in: Missing 4-year-old girl turns up safe; 21-year-old hostess arrested See in context

I am glad that the little girl is sound and safe. I hope Nakagawa has some good reasons for not contacting the police asap. Also, the mother should be questioned.

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Posted in: American man, Japanese wife settle dispute over son, 8 See in context

Congrats to the Mueller family for coming to a mutual agreement for the sake of their son. This is a happy ending for both parents. Some of the above posts are very negative. Guys, stop the fear mongering and wish the family best wishes.

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cwhite-People from SE Asia will always try to come to Japan for economic reasons. Disaster or nuclear radiation will not deter them.

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Posted in: Rally planned to raise awareness of parental abduction issue during Biden visit See in context

I will probably going to see them when they go thru Toranomon. I can't join them but I support their actions.

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this taunting always happens in european soccer games. Remember the "monkey sounds" addressed to the black players in the italian league particularly to Samuel Eto. The guy didn't let this baseless acts affect his game. He toughned up and now he is about to sign of of the richest contract transfer from AC Milan to the russian club Anzi. I feel sorry for Kawashima but he should not be affected by the attitude of the fans.

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Good insight but I can't apply to my life. The kids and Mrs have to be taken care of therefore I have to toil everyday at work.

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New York Grill is the best setting for a memorable date in Tokyo. I used to go there in the good old days. I still have good memories of the place.

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Me too. Looking forward to the discussion. As a long term resident, I can't wait to read comments by a gaijin expert on Japanese culture and dating.

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Now we know. The French were right. I read a better version of this article in the NYT yesterday. I feel very sorry for all the people in Fukushima.

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Posted in: Londoners strike back with 'Operation Riot Clean-up' See in context

Did I miss something in the discussion above. Please inform us.

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Posted in: British PM promises action to restore order in strife-torn cities See in context

London is burning and DC is no where to be found. And when he returned (how is the beach in Tuscany, Mr PM) from his holidays, he promised more police force out. What a knuckled head. I hope the people give him a permanent vacation by voting him out in the next election. Just like his counterpart across the pond. They were very promising but at the end they are not up to the job.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

It's a very tragic story but it happens all over the world. Two years ago an immigrant (Guinea) died into custody at the New Jersey immigration center. How does the deportation process work here in Japan? What I know about the US, the immigration officer has to board the plane with the deportee(s) until port of arrival (At least for my friend who was deported back to Haiti) . One more thing, how in the hell you put a towel in the mouth of someone who is resisting? That's plain savage.

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Posted in: Former Japan defender Naoki Matsuda collapses during training See in context

Indeed very sad. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Posted in: U2 caps biggest concert tour ever: promoter See in context

Way to go U2. My favorite rock band. I saw them 20 years and they still rocking. Sad they didn't have any gig in Tokyo.

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Posted in: The other side of Tokyo's Nigerian community See in context

I would not say that the articles is offensive but as a long time resident of Tokyo I think it's stereotyping the Nigerians in general. First of all, most Nigerians are doing legitimate business in Japan. I personally met Nigerians who are restaurateurs, import-export managers and even English teachers. Before coming to Japan, they lived in the States, England, Italy and the Middle East. JT or other media won't talk about this group because their successful story is not "interesting" for the reader.

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Posted in: Gov't denies online, Twitter censorship over nuclear crisis See in context

I think it's very late for the Japanese government to control the information about Fukushima. I am pretty sure that the average person in Japan does not believe Tepco or the Japanese government explanations about this crisis. Most of my J friends get their info from independent bloggers. Why waste your time and look for info about radiation on the government media mouthpiece: MEITI, NHK or the Nuclear Agency.

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Paulinusa. I agree with you that "it 's about getting the best deal for your constituency". But here we are dealing with a crisis. A deal has to be made otherwise the US will default. And nobody knows the consequences. Remember Leham Brothers. Paulson and Bush never predict that Leham going brankcrupt will produce a financial disaster. Boehner only cares about appeasing his contributo­rs and others of his ilk, and the tea party who are pressuring him to stonewall the process. As for Obama he hasn't put into writing what the details of his proposal. I am very disappointed with both men. What happens to the golf diplomacy.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old baby girl dies after being left in car for 6 hours while parents play pachinko See in context

I agree with cleo. There is no way a parent can leave his/her child for 6 hours in a car without checking on the child. There more to the article unfortunately JT would not do a follow up.

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Posted in: Boehner delays vote on his debt-ceiling measure See in context

Political dysfunction at this best. And the politicians are supposed to represent the will of the people. Both parties are to blame. In this time of crisis, the country needs strong leaders to make the hard decisions unfortunately President Obama and Speaker of the House Boehner are not up to the task. It's all about political posturing.

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Posted in: Invoke Pinkerton Rule to get back abducted children See in context

It's a very interesting article but it's too much sided towards the US citizen side. This rule/law is not the solution to the children 's abduction cases in Japan. First, let's hope Japan sign the Hague Convention, then the court will be challenge on the domestic family law.

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Hopefully the case will bring some kind of "closure" to the family. Deep down the Hawker family will always be sad because nothing in the world can replace their daughter. Ichihashi is a COWARD/SICK/lowlife (feel in the blank) that took away the life of their daughter. I admire their grace in front of such tragedy.

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Way to go BoSox. Next let's Big Papi do the talking.

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Posted in: Japanese rocker, arrested for unruly behavior on flight to Saipan, hangs himself See in context

Wow. I shocked. Big fan of X Japan back in the days. Why this is not on TV. Very sad indeed. After Hide, I thought the band hold pretty good and now this sad news.I can't believe it.

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Kan said he can learn a lot from Sawa's ability to unite the team. Yeah right. I got news for him, Kan got no team. The DPJ is in disarray. Most of its members want Kan to resign asap. Poor thing,too little to save his position.

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Posted in: Japan bans all cattle shipments from Fukushima over radiation fears See in context

What a mess. No more Fukushima Gyu. Is the supply chain safe now? I doubt it.

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Posted in: What are your top 5 eating cities in the world in terms of restaurant variety and quality? See in context

Tokyo,Paris, NYC, New Orleans, Hong kong

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

Very inspirational game. I am very happy for the japanese women soccer team. They showed poise and resilience throughout the game. I watched the entire game and I can tell the american were their worst enemy. The players could not capitalize on golden opportunities and at time their defense was shaky. Congrats to Nadeshiko Japan.

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Posted in: 'Widow penalty' victims finally allowed back in US See in context

Poor people. This is just the tip of of the immigration mess that is affecting thousands of people in the US. The politicians (Dems/Repugs) don't have the cojones to fix this problem. It's hight time for comprehensive immigration reform.

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Posted in: Do you think there should be a statute of limitations for murder cases? See in context

No. Like in most countries until the perpetrators are caught the cases should remain open.

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