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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

The question should be, is war justifiable. In war people die. Cities have been destroyed completely. Burned. Salted. Never again to exist!

Atomic weapons on both of those cities are no different. The difference is that never before in history has destroying a city has been so fast! Secondly, that was probably the first time that radiation was also introduced to the world. So the destruction ended up hurting more than the cities themselves. Radiation spreads! That was unfortunate.

But the war was harmful for all sides! Millions of people were killed by the Japanese. Korean people, Chinese and more including Americans.

So ask me if I feel guilt. No, I don't . America should not feel guilt. It is the past! It is over. And the US has been more than fair with the Japanese. Technically, by the rules of war, we had every right to take Japan and own them! But we let them keep their land and statehood. We have helped them get back on their feet and have been close friends with them.

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