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Posted in: Railway services to typhoon-hit Kansai airport resume See in context

Great to see the train service up and running again. Kudos to a lot of work and dedication that went into it.

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Posted in: Osaka to provide multilingual disaster information for foreigners See in context

Do you need a disaster to realize that you NEED MULTILINGUAL SUPPORT everywhere especially if you are promoting tourism. I am afraid if something like this happens during olympics they will keep announcing and showing all the information in Japanese and no one will understand anything. FOR GOD's SAKE get out of the Island mentality.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

Whoever did wrong must pay for it. But sometimes humanitarian leniency is required in such cases. They can find other kinds of punishments. When it comes to basic humanity we all know where Japan stands.

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

Seriously, is this supposed to be a fun.

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Posted in: Airbnb, Uber woes show Japan does not share easily See in context

Two things at play here. Industry monopoly and pressure groups and Japanese people island mentality. Two things that stop Japan from joining otger developed countries.

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Posted in: Female mayor battles sumo rule allowing only men in the ring See in context

Good to see that the Mayor still have hope to change the beliefs of Japanese society.

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Posted in: Watery welcome See in context

Are they wearing suits under water?

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 16 Palestinians in Gaza border protests See in context

Germans killed us and now we have license to kill Palestinians, this is Israel philosophy. Sad world we live in.

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Posted in: Damages awarded to families of fatal raw meat poisoning victims See in context

Restaurants must abide by all sanitary laws, no excuse for that.

But please cook the meat before eating it, that is what we (humans) have been doing for thousands of years. In my opinion there will always be a risk in eating raw meat.

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Posted in: Pressure grows on Abe; opposition boycott Diet debates See in context

Why are people so surprised, corruption is a norm in dictatorships. With a single ruling party from God knows when it is more like a dictatorship than democracy. I know Japanese people will shout at this issue but if you vote today they will elect Abe again. For them trying anything new is too frightening.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry admits altering land sale documents, removing name of Abe's wife See in context

Pathetic and disgraceful. I am sure if the hold election today Abe will come again. Japanese people accept the corruption of ruling party. Same party for 7 decades. Its like a kingdom or a dictatorship. With no one to challenge, it is bound to be corrupt.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

It is a disgrace, nothing should be above humanity. I am all in for extremely carefulness, but if someone really in need want refugee he should never be denied that right. Japanese moved to several countries to run away from wars, now it is your turn to take in refugees.

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Posted in: 'Little idols': Japan's dark obsession with young girls See in context

Very sad that this is allowed anywhere in the world, not to mention a so called developed country.

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Posted in: Japanese woman publishes book about being groped on trains for six years, from age 12 to 18 See in context

It can't happen everyday. I blame girls too. I see on some metro lines the cars reserved for females are almost empty. They may have to walk a bit more to use this car but they can feel safer. So why not leave the house 2 minutes earlier and use those cars.

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Posted in: 84-year-old woman loses Y70 mil in scam over nursing home place See in context

Very sad, I feel that in Japan everyone is on his own. No one seems to have a friend or relative with whom they can discuss their problems.

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Posted in: Man arrested for choking woman’s baby on train See in context

Growing number psychopaths in Japan for sure, Good work by the policeman.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls on members to raise wages by 3% See in context

Hehehe at least they have sense of humor. This kind of appeals have become a joke.

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Posted in: Zushi City ordered to pay compensation to man whose wife was killed by stalker See in context

Value of life in Japan = 1.1 m yen.

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Posted in: Japan to curb asylum seekers' right to work from Monday See in context

Shame on you Japan, get out of the Island mentality. Japanese were granted asylum in many countries during the war. It is your turn to return the favor to the world.

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Posted in: U.S. suspends security assistance to Pakistan See in context

Punishment for China economic corridor and trading in Yuan. Grow up USA ... the world order is changing.

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Posted in: Japan's traffic deaths drop to record low under 3,700 in 2017 See in context

Great... Welldone. Wondering if it is due to good roads, vehicles, drivers or is it just due to the reason that people use more trains and less cars.

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Posted in: Man's body found at yakuza office in Tokyo’s Akasaka district See in context

"Yakuza office", a slap on the face of law enforcement agencies.

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Posted in: Land ownership mysteries in aging Japan stifle economy See in context

May be a result of poor policies. Inheritance tax might be too high?

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Posted in: Japan Airlines defrauded of Y384 million See in context

An inside job for sure.

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Posted in: Tokyo airport to be 'scattered' with robots for 2020 Olympics See in context

Wow ... what a childish statement ... "We want to foreigners to think that Japanese are cool" ... I would say that I already see a lot of robots in airports or as a matter of fact all over Japan.

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Posted in: Reduction of over 30,000 seats at Tokyo 2020 venues proposed See in context

Why not put 10 chairs in an open ground. I think at least this should be doable in 5 billion dollars that you are spending. Stop making fun of Japan in the whole world. Have a strict check on why the price is inflating.

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Posted in: Palestinian stabs Israeli in Jerusalem; anti-Trump protest flares in Beirut See in context

I know that the world demographics keep changing over times, but the way Israel took over the land in Palestine/Jordan/Syria and is still expanding is bizarre. It would be strange if someone supports Israel on this issue. Sometimes I think what would I do if I am declared a foreigner in the place I was born in and kicked out of my house (this is exactly what is happening in Jerusalem). Although I don't support any kind of violence from any side, my heart is with Palestinians.

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Posted in: Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019 See in context

Wow it takes over 5 years to decide something like this. Imagine how much man hours were used to discuss this issue with an obvious and practical solution. Its shocking to see how they waste the money and time.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

Grow up Japan, admit what you did and move on. Actually there should be a culture where the next generations accept what their ancestors did wrong and move on. Not only for Japan but for all the countries.

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Why are you wasting your time UN, don't you have better things to do. This is like banging you head against a wall. Its funny to see many foreigners living in Japan saying in comments to not let in more immigrants. The target of Japan is to let 40 million visitors by 2020 but make sure that all of them leaves.

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