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Posted in: Tokyo reports 374 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,685 See in context

The amount of testing and the cost of getting tested privately in Japan is extremely disappointing.

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Posted in: Coronavirus makes popular Japanese restaurant chain raise prices by one yen, but not to earn more See in context

Why accept only cash?

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left in car for 7 hours See in context

Not sure why car companies have not stepped up to solve this issue with technology, this kind of incidents are common occurrences and something as simple as temperature/humidity sensor, motion sensor would go a long way.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

What a Joke? Do some actual changes or else just keep quiet. Don't make fun of yourself.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape prompts talk of more curbs in Japan's strict justice system See in context

I feel this will not change anything in Japan and probably won't roll any heads here too. Changing something is like accepting some part of the blame. Instead, why not blame everything on foreigners and foreign companies. Saves a lot of trouble.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

Are you serious, how can someone even think about this idea?

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Posted in: Japan's new working visa acquired by only 219 foreigners in first 6 months See in context

With the requirement and conditions for the Visa I did not expect anyone will apply. So 219 is a huge success.

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Posted in: Japan's consumption tax raised to 10% amid swelling welfare costs See in context

Next solution would be to increase the sales tax to 15%. We are still waiting for addressing the root cause of problems not treating the symptoms.

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to help employees undergoing fertility treatment See in context

What does the Japanese Govt do: urge, suggest, and recommend. I seldom see a real action on the part of the Govt. There are so many real problems that needs real actions.

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

Japan needs to stop presenting tourism as if they are doing a favor to the outside world by letting them visit Japan.

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

I suggest a two years course on Japanese manners for anyone planning to visit Japan.

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Posted in: Politician’s birthrate plan: Parents should nag their kids to have at least 3 babies See in context

Yes, that is the solution we all were looking for. Keep nagging and if they don't do it, ground them for a month.

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Posted in: Japan beefs up measures against workplace harassment See in context

Are you kidding, do something real already. What a joke.

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Posted in: Australian navy pilots hit by lasers during South China Sea flights See in context

@Kenji, yes this is an act of war. But some times invading another country is declared to be an act of peace. What a hypocrite world we live in.

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Posted in: More details emerge over Kawasaki stabbing rampage, killer See in context

Very sad story. With guns you can bring in new laws, but with knives, what should be the best course of action. Probably better identification mechanism and facilities for mentally ill seems to be the only solution. I hope such kind of thing never happens again.

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Posted in: Abe says he is outraged over stabbing rampage See in context

Very sad, how can we stop this kind of attack to happen again?

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Posted in: Trump hints he won't push Japan for trade deal before summer election See in context

I wonder if they told Trump to use family name first and given name last.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Really Guys is this a problem? What about foriegn names in Japanese. Never thought that a govt can spend time and money on such useless thing.

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to hire employees until age 70 amid labor crunch See in context

Govt next step to solve labor shortage will be to urge companies to allow work till the age of 80.

I see a real problem but all proposed solutions are just gimmicks.

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Posted in: Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name See in context

Wishing Japan all the best for the new Era.

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Posted in: Closing time? Japan's convenience stores pressed to end 24-7 model amid labor crunch See in context

Japan have relatively simple solution to the labor shortage problem. I am using the word simple because many countries have shown the correct way to do it. Provide practical childcare support so mothers can work, increase minimum wage, or increase immigration to replenish the decreasing labor. A better strategy would be have a multi-pronged approach. Yet somehow we keep seeing such articles very often without any serious action on part of the government.

I feel that government will realize ultimately that they have to do something real. But it might be too little too late by then.

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

By the way, why don't we add NHK tax on anyone entering Japan.

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

Keeps getting ridiculous.

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Posted in: Pakistan shoots down 2 Indian air force planes; carries out strikes in Kashmir See in context

Wow amazed at how people are misinformed on Pakistan India issue. For example @AlexBecu says Pakistan got Nukes first. The truth is that India got them in 1973 while Pakistan developed afterwards and reached that capability in 1990s. People should understand that when they don't know what they are talking about, not commenting is a better option.

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Posted in: Pakistan shoots down 2 Indian air force planes; carries out strikes in Kashmir See in context

I hope both countries will show restraint after this. But response from Pakistan was justified under given circumstances. I hope both Pakistan and India should understand that Kashmir is an unresolved issue and they must find some solution through dialogs.

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Posted in: Abe discusses Russia, Japan's low birthrate, social security in New Year statement See in context

Raising up kids in Japan still have huge problems that will not be solved by free pre-school. There is no system to give relief to parents, services as basic as baby sitting don't exist or are too expensive. This is a cultural thing. Help to mothers with household chors also don't exist. Similarly parental leaves for fathers mostly exists in documents and are not easy to avail. There are too many other things to list. I would say changing culture and mindset is as important as investing in the system.

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Posted in: Founder of staffing firm gets suspended sentence for speeding at 147 kph on expressway See in context

In Japan speed limits are a joke, no one follows them anyways. Plz have more realistic limits.

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Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

My heart is with you, but you are fighting in vain. Japan has yet to enter 21st century or even 20th century in many areas. Judicial system is one of them.

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

Sad world we live in, I stand by Palestinians right to breath.

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Posted in: On your way See in context

Great shot ... elegant princess.

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