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Posted in: Legal battles loom as first Mickey Mouse copyright ends See in context

If people would be sued using the character steamboat willie while being said to be under public domain, then it never really left Disney and was never under public domain after all. If Disney still has rights to it, the public domain rule would prove false and a failed and unenforceable rule. - a big insulting joke to lawmakers and the public. (sigh)

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Posted in: Fortnite's Epic Games wins U.S. court fight with Google See in context

I may be wrong but Epic Games is not “little” by any feat or means. This is a battle between huge companies - where Google is the obviously bigger one.

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Posted in: 82-year-old man found dead at home; wife says she killed him See in context

My imaginations are running high. Turning herself in is a genius stroke rather than taking care of herself now that her husband is gone. With her behind bars, she will no longer have to cook or tend for herself. She doesn’t have to work, go on errands and even fix the house. She doesn’t even have to the pay bills, the medical and house insurance. Nothing. Their property can go to their children or relatives. They can escape their debts and other responsibilities. And when they die, the government will pay for their funeral. Yes, the price for all of that is their freedom. But living in one’s senior years, there’s nothing much to go for, especially with the thought of having your husband killed by your own hands. Guilt would be with you onwards. It may also be a sign for penance. Either way, she graduated from life with the ease of mind that she would be taken cared for the remaining days of her life… Man, a sad story really. But why it happened or was it inevitable? We will never know.

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Posted in: Common-law couple plead not guilty over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

Wait, if I understand this correctly - the grandparents took the older brother to Universal Studios and left the 2 year old sister at home with the windows open? I don’t understand nor completely know the circumstances but why leave one child and not bring both children along? Or why leave at all if they can’t leave with both children? Do they mean not to plead guilty because the 2 year old child died due to the elements and not by their own hands? Why is there blood coming out from the mouth? What is the matter with people who do such things? Do they not have foresight? Do they not have love? Is human life no longer precious? Is right and wrong relative to one’s perception? The couple’s actions do not make sense to justify the death of a 2-year old who is utterly incapable of taking care of herself. In my opinion, if this flies with no accountability, this will be precedence to succeeding similar cases.

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Posted in: 73-year-old man fatally stabs wife, daughter, then kills himself at Shizuoka hospital See in context

Death is the answer for the ones who is too afraid and/or has given up. If there was something or someone who could give them support, an option, a respite of sorts or even a glimpse of hope, maybe things would have turned out differently.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Lawyers? None of that. There were videos right? As far as what the police knows, they already broke the law.. The police will let them “cook” as long as it takes until they verbally admit to what they did. We won’t be hearing from him anytime soon. Surely he well be the poster child for any unruly youtubers who defy the social norms and relative peace in Japan.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being left in car for 9 1/2 hours; grandmother arrested See in context

Forgetting someone’s behind the car? I am that person. I used forget some of my groceries at the back seat when i go shopping. I even almost left my son, 7 at the time, in the public bathroom accidentally when we went out and relieved ourselves. The door on the backseat slammed by itself and without bothering to check if he got in through the rear view mirror. I started driving. Only hearing the shouts and cries of a child behind me. I never thought it was my son until my wife looked back and realized it. She punched me on the arm so hard that it actually hurt. She shouted “Papa, you left our son!” I froze and felt like my blood left my body. My son eventually caught up with us. I didn’t bother backing up for fear of accidentally running him over. It was a good 50 meter run. Yeah, leaving people behind accidentally really happens. I’m glad my wife punched some sense into me. I could’ve also blamed my wife for not checking, but no, that was totally my fault.

Since then, I check the insides of my car before I leave from it. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I’m like the train driver who physically points their at each part of the vehicle to visually check each condition.

Forgetfulness is a bad habit. Combining it with multitasking, is asking for trouble. Never forsake life. Like the drivers in Japan, (who wear white gloves to enhance the experience) keep on pointing and never get tired of double checking.

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Posted in: IAEA opens office at Fukushima nuclear plant before water release See in context

The MSD sheet can always be adulterated. It's just a PDF file. Who knows if the data is accurate?

Don't they know anything about what happened in Minamata?

It's Minamata all over again!

But this time, it's nuclear.

And unlike Minamata. This will and can never be traced since the sea is big and wide, thus no accountability.

Safety is thrown in the wind.

Sorry for the one who will get sick of these waters.

I hope the government will take responsibility and be able to support the incoming spike of cancer patients 2 to 5 years from now.

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member says misconduct routine in her unit See in context

The experience really did a number on her. She really changed her image/ herself to a more masculine tone so as to negate any sexual references/advances towards her.

Judging from the swollen left ear, she might even be taking or is currently active in self-defense lessons. (I’ve seen some of them in people doing Judo or other martial arts techniques)

I really understand where she’s coming from. She’s been through a lot… I hope she gets her justice.

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Posted in: Hokkaido care home requires sterilization of mentally disabled couples See in context

so now, people are relegated like animals in a shelter…

just because one cannot effectively exercise their rights, it doesn’t mean others can decide and take it away from them.

that is just inhuman and immoral…

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Posted in: Blue Fuji See in context

Just like it did a thousand years ago. Breathtaking!

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

As I see it, gaijin's rights in Japan, when demanded, is non-existent.

it's doesn't even come close to a non-tax paying Japanese.

When you are perceived to have broken the rules, there is no room to qualify or defend your actions.

you lose all your rights... if there ever were on the outset,

in my eyes, it's like "it's not our fault, it's your fault entirely. if you didn't come here, this wouldn't have happened"...

sucks to be a gaijin...

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict man for killing homeless woman in Ueno Park See in context

Okay, somebody killed someone. That someone is no longer with us. The suspect was identified - the killer. But there is no indictment, no accountability for the crime. Where is the balance? Where is justice? This does not make sense at all. What does it imply? Killing with impunity is acceptable in the eyes of authorities? It is both frightening and mortifying to realize that justice is relative to the ones who should be enforcing the law.

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Posted in: Eye reflection stalker who assaulted idol says he 'would like to do everything he can' for her See in context

I pushed you, groped you,

Had all my hands on you, abused you.

But it’s okay now.

I reflected on my actions.

I’m sorry.

I’ll pay for the medical bills and rehabilitation.

Give you gifts, whatever you need.

I’ll be in your life as long as it takes to atone myself.

we okay?


yeah, that makes perfect sense .(sarcastic)

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri’s detention for drug possession extended another 10 days See in context

Was the punishment is equal to the offense? I don’t know. Did she deserve it? I can’t say. Was that justice? They say Justice is blind.

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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

I doubt the data. There’s a 67% chance that it the waters can still make it to human consumption, and 83% adversely impacting the environment. See? And I just made up all that claim just right now. Who’s to say the claims above have been manipulated? Or worse, tolerance/standard levels loosened enough to have the green light to have these contaminated waters released. They were collected up for a reason.

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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

I don’t know. If you told me that there was a teaspoon of poo in a hotel reservoir. I won’t even touch it. Similarly, contaminated water is still contaminated water.

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Posted in: Dementia patients reported missing in 2018 hit record 17,000 See in context

It’s in the food, the paint, the insulation. I tell you, one of these days, they’d find the cause of dementia and it will be something we’ve been buying and using all our lives.

unless the root cause of the sickness is found, this problem will surely grow as the years go by.

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Posted in: Japan to toughen controls on brokers for foreign workers See in context

I’m not sure how the government will enforce this. Brokers will always have ways to charge money back from their dispatched workers.

One way is through “utilities and rent”. The brokers have a satellite office in Japan that “oversee” all trainee activities. They charge a fixed amount for each trainee (about $300 a month) for electricity, water. The rent is not free and is divided between the housemates living together (3-5 per house)

they (the brokers) also get a cut from the pay of the workers, as much as 15-20% of the actual salary from the trainees as management fees.

Example, the company in Japan agrees to pay each trainee 1800 (or even more) dollars a month, the broker gets 300 dollars (or even more) from each trainee (which the trainee does not know) and the trainee gets 1500 dollars monthly.

No overtime, so no overtime pay (because of their visa status), (but companies do break them from time to time to cover “lost” days (due to weather or sickness). And the trainees think they’re earning all what they worked for.

Imagine that, at least 300 dollars from each trainee (on top of the 300 dollars for utility separately charged)

they send from 300-1000 a year.

Another thing, the trainees pay for their own health insurance. So brokers and the companies are free from health insurance responsibilities.

do the math, it’s big business.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting 15-year-old girl in Tokyo back alley See in context

He couldn’t restrain himself?

you mean it couldn’t be helped?

bound to happen?

what reasoning is that?

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