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We thought that China had the most visitors to Japan. Many Koreans come to Japan because Korea and Japan are so close that it is easy for them to come for sightseeing.  Although diplomatic ties with Korea have not improved so much, it is wonderful that so many tourists come. We think it is very important to know each other's culture and life style deeply.  In addition, to host the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the country has been making various efforts. So we want more and more tourists from abroad If tourists from abroad increase, Japan's economy will become stronger.  There are many foreigners here in Japan, of which many are Asian.  We want people from various countries and areas such as Europe and America to visit Japan to know our culture and history.  Japan should make more of an effort so that the number of tourists coming will continue to grow regardless of the Olympics but continually.

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We understood that the old Japanese idea that women are more conservative than men has become an obstacle for women to advance in society. We think that it is necessary to actively go abroad and remove cultural barriers. In addition, we thought that it is necessary for Japanese women to understand themselves and to have confidence in what they are doing in order to build a career.

  However, since many Japanese have no confidence in themselves and don’t have the ability of expressing their own opinions, we think that it is necessary to fundamentally improve their abilities. In order to have confidence in ourselves, we thought it would be a very good to make it a habit of going abroad and talking to foreign people. However, we think that it may be a problem that not everyone has the opportunity to go abroad. We then need a way to help those not fortunate enough to go overseas to be able to do so. 

  Also, companies should be responsible for creating an environment in which Japanese women can easily build their careers.

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