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Posted in: Say thank you or be identified, police tell owners of lost items See in context

saying a failure to do so could risk their being identified.

One more step in the direction of the fascist state

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Posted in: Toxic substances detected in Tsukiji fish market soil samples See in context

When you preach the policy to spread contamination everywhere I guess this is the kind of result you have to expect...

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japanese immigration detention end two-week hunger strike See in context

It's the same pattern as you can see in Europe. 

No it is not, they ask for better conditions and medical cares, they do not want to be the next on the list of people left to die.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japanese immigration detention end two-week hunger strike See in context

This hasn't gotten a whole hell of a lot of coverage here in Japan. The average Japanese person does not seem to care a lot about the plight of these people.

The previous news about the start of the Hunger Strike in that detention center has been censored by JapanToday when they decided to close the comment section (first time I saw a comment section closed after a few hours), and now it seems they have suppressed the whole news about it, try to search for "Hunger Strike" or even "detention center" and witness how everything disappeared , there is nothing to be found but that news today which will vanish also in a few days I imagine, very alarming, I hope for the moderator to explain on this matter but I rather believe my comment will be suppressed as the previous news about that strike.

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Posted in: Kyoto University demonstrates rescue robot See in context

You call that a robot? In 2017? Really? Looks like it will fall apart any second.

Indeed and I am 100% sure there is somebody who does remote control the toy that wire, nothing impressive...

in the meantime, the competition is doing this

or this

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Posted in: Parties split over fish market move in pledges for Tokyo assembly race See in context

Between chemicals and radioactive contamination..enjoy your meal.

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy bill' draws backlash in Japan over state powers See in context

Protesters must hurry before it is a crime to "protest"

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Posted in: 2 more nuclear reactors in Japan clear regulator's safety review See in context

Who needs enemies when you have Kepco, Tepco and Govt all in bed to make money now destroying your child's future, congratulation to Abe.

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Posted in: U.S. military in Japan unveil Global Hawk surveillance drone See in context

This drone is big enough to carry a nuclear head.

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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for stealing food See in context

Stiffer anti-gang regulations are also making life a struggle as regular businesses are banned from dealing with mobsters, who struggle to even open a bank account or receive mail at their office.

You have to be a very strange country to let known criminals run known offices.

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Posted in: Japan must stick to budget balancing goal, Aso says See in context

Japan must stick to budget balancing goal, Aso says

Rather goal is balancing the budget for mine and friends's pockets.

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Posted in: Man spends wife’s inheritance from her mother on mobile games See in context

That’s not really surprising, given that a lot of Japanese mobile games rely heavily on a gacha system

Gacha system is illegal in Japan since 2012, if this game is based on gacha system then the police should investigate that mobile game developer.

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Posted in: Flynn declines to comply with U.S. Senate subpoena in Russia probe See in context

Trump and his affiliates, sounds like a bunch of politicians with a morality of about 2 cents value.

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Posted in: Constitution debate in new stage as Abe puts Article 9 on agenda See in context

Abe should just call a plebiscite and hear the voice of the supreme Japanese people.

With 2/3 of the majority, it seems the supreme Japanese people have already decided and sealed their faith, military and fascism expansion VS peace and human rights.

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Posted in: Japan protests against U.N. privacy expert's queries on conspiracy bill See in context

"It is not at all the case that the legislation would be implemented arbitrarily so as to inappropriately restrict the right to privacy and freedom of speech," he added.

Dixit Mr Suga... this would have more weight if not coming from a govt which does not hesitate stepping on its own constitution, "re-interpreting" any text at will and using their two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament to force bills on the population with the only goal to please military and fascism expansion, time for them to understand that Action implies Reaction.

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Posted in: Japan protests against U.N. privacy expert's queries on conspiracy bill See in context

He asked Abe for information on the accuracy of such concerns and the compatibility of the draft law with international human rights norms and standards.

"Unless and until corrected on any point of fact, I stand by every single word, fullstop and comma of what I wrote to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe," Cannataci wrote in his email.

"There is absolutely no justification for the Japanese Government to behave in this way and push through seriously defective legislation in such a rush."

Thank you Mr Joseph Cannataci for monitoring and being a watchdog on international human rights, urging the Japanese govt to explain its position to the world on that matter, this bill is dangerous. Refreshing to NOT see a general apathy for a change.

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Posted in: Japanese essayist, TV newscaster Sawako Agawa announces first marriage at 63 See in context

As we are both taking care of our elderly parents and are preoccupied with work, we have no plans for a wedding party or a ceremony,

As a foreigner, I find this reason pretty strange to not celebrate your wedding, apparently enough time to PR about it, but then, in japan.

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Posted in: Democratic Party demands Abe retract Constitution reform proposal See in context

Democratic Party demands Abe retract Constitution reform proposal

Good luck with that, and you should better hurry up to demand before it does become a crime to mention about it.

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Posted in: Trump denies asking Comey to drop probe, colluding with Russia See in context

"With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed!"

If he fears nothing then he should not be afraid of any counsel, democracy is about transparency.

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Posted in: Toxicity levels 100 times safety limit detected again at new fish market site See in context

The groundwater survey has been conducted since 2014. But the levels of benzene detected at the site were shown to have climbed to up to 79 times the government-set limit in a report released in January, compared with previous results that ranged from below to up to 1.4 times the limit.

Must be another place where "clean" local Japanese industries dilute their toxic to reduce cost, won't be surprised to see TEPCO dropping some of their water there too at night (sarcasm), anyway...simply amazing that nobody is looking for a reason why it is so contaminated and who should foot the bill for the decontamination.

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Posted in: Lavrov mocks U.S. media over intelligence-sharing reports See in context

"There used to be a joke in the Soviet Union that there was no news in the newspaper Pravda and no truth in the newspaper Izvestia,"

So let's criticize the media for reporting the truth, right ? That would makes sense only in Soviet far the only party which spread lies are the WH when they denied facts to the general public stating "it did never happen" when actually it did.

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' bill set to proceed after no-confidence motion fails See in context

But opponents fear the legislation could be used as a vehicle for excessive state surveillance and suppression of civic groups.

Exactly ! This bill has nothing to do with terrorism (like if a terrorist would follow any law btw), this is only about state surveillance and how to suppress anyone who is against the LDP, preliminaries to a fascist state.

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Posted in: Japan's economy expands for 5th straight quarter See in context

The government data are simply as trusty as their polls on the PM's popularity.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric restarts reactor at Takahama nuclear plant See in context

Nuclear power is the cleanest power available

After chernobyle, fukushima and all the accident covered up to date by the nuclear village, there are still people who thinks we do believe this...unbelievable..., it is so clean that it cost trillion to ..."clean" ...definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Nothing changed in Japan, another Fukushima is on the making as long as those nuclear plants are running, just a matter of time.

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Posted in: Suga denies Abe involved in veterinary school school scandal See in context

Another school scandal, another Abe denial and another round of protectionist rhetoric from his cronies. TIJ!

Which will be followed by another NK's threat on all TV channels if the scandal is taking off.

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

“He has no filter; it’s in one ear and out the mouth.”

God bless america (and the world) with a president like that.

The White House said the allegations, first reported by the Washington Post, were not true.

Trump has now admitted in his tweets that he did divulge classified information to the Russians.

Well Trump may or may not have the right to divulge classified information but the most important is that ...under Trump, the White House is now officially lying to the general public (and spreading fake new).

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Posted in: Japanese government says Toshiba, Western Digital need to get along See in context

The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that some senior members in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration have privately discussed offering up to $8 billion in government loan guarantees to support an INCJ-KKR bid.

Abe offering public money so Toshiba's executive can receive their golden parachute.

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Posted in: Desperately short of labor, mid-sized Japanese firms plan to buy robots See in context

Hey well the reality is that robots may be the answer.

If only robots could work and prepare manufactured product ready to be shared with everybody at zero cost, money could disappear so humanity can start to think about where and what we want to do of our free time instead of focusing on how to be able to afford the next lunch....

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Posted in: Gov't eyes banning entry of gambling addicts to pachinko parlors See in context

enabling pachinko parlors and other gambling facilities to ban the entry of people with serious addiction

I don't believe this 1 second, like if the yakuza will ban themselves their most addicted source of income.

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

I think Japanese government is preoccupied with the urgent need to revive the economy!

You mean, the military right ?

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