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Posted in: WhatsApp to delay launch of new business features after privacy backlash See in context

More like WhatsApp backtracks after losing millions of subscribers

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Posted in: Japan may consider further stimulus package for COVID-19-hit economy: Kono See in context

Hopefully we'll get another ¥100,000

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

Japan needs to give a sincere apology and compensate these rape victims properly or else this will never end.

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Posted in: McDonald’s brings back monstrous Grand and Giga Big Macs to celebrate New Year See in context

I feel sick if I get the slightest whiff of a McDonalds. It certainly doesn't smell like food.

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Posted in: On golden pond See in context

Looks like Ueno

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Posted in: Toyota's global output hits record in November despite pandemic See in context

It’s because their cars are so reliable.

Even if you keep a Toyota for 20 years you are unlikely to face any expensive repair bills.

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Posted in: Abe questioned by prosecutors: report See in context

Why voluntary questioning? Arrest him and lock him up until he confesses.

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Posted in: SDF deployed as record snowfall blankets parts of Japan See in context

You must be joking

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Posted in: As pandemic spurs a tidying-up frenzy, Japan's market for second-hand goods booms See in context

¥4000 for 22 kimonos sounds like a bad deal.

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

Chen Xi, a senior party official called the massacre “an inhuman act in human history." 

And what does he call the Tiananmen Square massacre?

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Posted in: Burger King releases new Plant-Based Whopper in Japan See in context

I tried one yesterday and had heartburn afterwards. It tasted okay though.

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Posted in: Australian COVID vaccine dropped over false positive HIV result See in context

I think I’ll pass on any vaccines made in Australia

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Posted in: World's longest-running TV soap, 'Coronation Street,' turns 60 See in context

It was funny when the Ogdens and Eddie Yeats were on it, especially the episode when Eddie bought them a coloured lens for their TV

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Posted in: Battered but unbowed by coronavirus, Tokyo's gay district forges stronger ties See in context

"Plus it's where we LGBT make the rules; straights who come here have to obey."

You can imagine the fuss they’d kick up if a straight made rules for them.

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Posted in: JETRO opens website to promote Japanese liquor shochu worldwide See in context

I don’t like shochu.

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Posted in: Ikea to open third store in Tokyo next spring See in context

Their furniture is very poor quality and falls apart soon. Their food and drink is overpriced. I cannot understand the popularity of this retailer.

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Posted in: Japanese rental house comes with a full-size bus See in context

Nobody will pay 70k for that old shack.

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

Japan’s justice system is not good, but Ghosn is obviously guilty and deserved all he got.

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Posted in: Singer 'Matchy' Kondo suspended from work after admitting to affair See in context

He’s being punished by his employer for having an affair? WTF!

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Posted in: Have you used the Japanese government's Go To Travel campaign? If so, did everything go smoothly? See in context

I got a 35% discount when paying for my hotel on and will receive a ¥2000 voucher upon check-in. The campaign has made my trip very cheap.

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Posted in: Man, woman jump to their deaths from Tokyo apartment building See in context

It was social housing.

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Posted in: Virus-hit Japanese companies turn to early retirement to cut costs See in context

The figures aren’t much different from previous years. It seems like some people will use the virus as an excuse for anything.

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Posted in: Lebanon decides not to charge Ghosn over Israel trip See in context

He broke Japanese law and Lebanese law. He is only Lebanese when it suits him. You are naive if you think he is anything other than a corrupt, dishonest and greedy individual.

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Posted in: Lebanon decides not to charge Ghosn over Israel trip See in context

He has total disregard for the law.

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Posted in: We made the decision at the strong request of the bereaved family and in the interest of protecting privacy. See in context

Jonathan, somehow I get what you’re trying to say

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Posted in: Japan to lift entry ban on travelers from 9 countries, regions; exempt returning residents from quarantine See in context

Great work, Suga. Let in the very people who started all the chaos in the first place.

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Posted in: Safe containing ¥22 million stolen from home in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Obviously a tax dodger. Serves him right.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers show masks do block coronavirus, but not entirely See in context

People look ridiculous wearing those stupid masks. There is no way I’m wearing one.

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Posted in: Berlin allows 'comfort woman' statue to remain for time being See in context

This could all be forgotten about if Japan would just stop being so stubborn and show a little remorse for its wartime atrocities.

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