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Posted in: Israel rejects 48-hour halt to Gaza assault See in context

any way , all the sides are pushing the truth toward their own directions and benifites. it is just that israel don't apear in the television and show children crying with blood on there face. this war is all wrong but just must heppan. you didn't see it in international news when a bomb landed on a house in Shderot ,killed 2 people / or injured several, before this war happaned lets say two weeks ago or a mounth.

religion is not the isue or the cause for this to happen it is just that Hamas is using it to justify a killig. jews in israel don't act because of religion , but because it must protect its civiliens. most jews in israel are not even religius.

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Posted in: Israel rejects 48-hour halt to Gaza assault See in context

i never agree with a life being taken not from children not from any other persons, i don't jestify any of this. because hamas is hiding behind 1.5 ~ million people in gaza and keep bombing israel, unfortunatly innocent people getting hurt and killed Hamas does not go out and face israel face to face. they choose to risk their own people. they put the weman and children in front so you will see that they are the one who take the hit.

and maybe i am not an inteligant person as you are trying to imply, but i have better knowledge of this arew than you do.

i feel sad and pity for those civiliens in Gaza that are traped there between those actions of war, but their government of Hamas put them behind there. there was never any attack made on gaza before the HAMAS and HIZBALA took charge of the place. if israel wanted to Genocide the palestinien trust that there wasn't only 380 people dead. we have from the best pilots in the world.

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Posted in: Israel rejects 48-hour halt to Gaza assault See in context

all of you people who say : "israel is a terrorist country" "they commit Genocide"..."bla bla bla..." don't know what they are talking about. did you ever see a juwish man explode in a public place? did you ever see israeli people take any other country's flag and burn it? did you ever see any israeli person luagh or smiling after taking down a building or a child being murdered? after each kill the palestine make they are going out to the street and show exactly how happy they are about it.

all of what you see in the news around the world is what Hamas wants you to see. they don't show you they have been bombing israel for years now. WAKE UP! IF YOUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN BOMBED ALONG ITS BORDERS FOR DECADES AND ALL YOUR NEAR COUNTRIES AROUND JUST WANT YOU DEAD. YOU WOULD THINK DEFERENTLY.

i live in Rehovot ,israel. just a few miles from where the bombs falls. i have nothing against arabian people , i don't wish them to die nor disapear. we want peace more than you all. but in reality there is no one to talk to , Hamas is a terrorist organization ,the have murdered thousands of their own people just because they don't agree with them. search google for news about it , you will find many.

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