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Posted in: Gov't, DPJ settle on tax increase plan See in context

The democrat morons need to have their own agenda read to them (again). Anybody remember the "agenda"?

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Posted in: Noda, S Korea's Lee discuss N Korea, bilateral relations See in context

sfjp, you are going backwards; Japan won't apologize and Korea/China makes new accusations ... have we heard this before? It would be better for both parts if they just forgot about each other for a while - it is going nowhere and there are current problems that need solving. The countries can just do the capitalist business with each other as usual and stop the bitching. If Korea does not care about 1950-53, who cares about 1910-45? Murder is murder and people are people.

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Posted in: Pachinko: Japan's lifesaver or time waster? See in context

Pachinko is an IQ test. Relaxing for people who have trouble in their lives and do not want to face it.

Japan has allowed the industry to live in order to support the Korean economy without having to tell anybody (even their own people) and also to provide jobs for the Korean nationals living there. Not needed anymore.

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Posted in: Japan gov't, Mitsubishi Heavy websites hit by cyberattacks See in context

China being their little self again. They are so old fashioned it is becoming a giggle.

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Posted in: Philippines president to raise China sea dispute with Japan See in context

Why is it that so far it is only Japan in Asia that has had the guts to take on the western institutions (military, international courts etc)? Why are the Asian nations running around doing old-style power games, setting up intrigues, covered threats, refusing outside impartiality to negotiate? Grow up, Asia.

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Posted in: Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo See in context

Japan has the skills to develop the renewable energy technologies into practically useful, modern versions. This is the natural time to start and become a world leader of that - green, safe energy. Go Japan!

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Posted in: S Korea's Lee, Noda to meet in New York on Sept 21 See in context

The relationship between J and SK should become intersting to follow from now. There is so much activity on YouTube etc showing the Korean looking habits of Noda (and his predecessor Kan) for instance about their way of drinking with two hands and so. I just wonder if the Japanese know thay may be ruled by Koreans aleady? Ha ha.

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Posted in: S Korea calls for talks on sex slave issue See in context

smithinjapan, the way soldiers in wars have always used prostitutes (and still do) does not differ much from the situation of Japan in WWII. Rape is rape, and it has always been part of wars due to the limited emotional ability of many men. This is the reason why this issue should no longer be discussed in a political way - the problem needs to be solved within our lifetime for all wars, for all countries. Whether Japan specifically is a country that tries to cover it up is not important - it even distracts the world froom looking at sexual violence in wars in the right way. The state is not someone that rapes, men do. They do it everywhere, a lot in Korea too. We should now change this to become a discussion on whether there is any underlying cause that may still need attention today; Do Japanese men abuse women more than other nationalities? If so, what can be done to reduce this, and also create knowledge for stopping it elsewhere. In short, get operational, get on with an issue that exists. Any mistreated woman will thne be empowered to step forward and make her case. The issue here has become political due to the nature of the contries involved and that the South Korean economy is going south fast now - they need any cash they can find lying around. Do not waste everyone's time running a some state's agenda, please. (Unless your are an employee of that state - you need to provide for your family of course). We should however, in these times, all be able to rise above the old nation state way of thinking.

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Posted in: K-POP See in context

Nice to see some decent strippers on a news site. I.e. is this boring VANK/Dentsu campaign for Korean popularity still going on? ZZZZ .. ZZZZZ ... ZZZZZ

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Posted in: Japan warns N Korea seeking new missile, China navy active See in context

Why are China and North Korea so old-fashioned? Sounds like a stupid question, but civilzed nations like South Korea, Taiwan and Japan have a right to peace.

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Posted in: Police raid 27 Aum Shinrikyo facilities See in context

A good thing that the police in Japan shows action as the whole society now needs inspiration.

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Posted in: Kan criticizes nuclear safety agency, cozy ties to industry See in context

If Kan knows physics, he would not have requested to stop the cooling for the time he posed by travelling nearby with a helicopter after the tsunami. The truth is he does not have a clue.

Also, he jumps the chance to promote solar energy for his own reasons. Research this if you wonder. It was not high on his agenda until the world's third biggest earthquake finally made him think about what anyone else already knows.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese lawmakers give up and return home from Seoul See in context

Korea keeps showing that they are not mature enough to be part of international diplomacy. However weird the visitors' agenda is, a developed and democratic nation can handle this without any childish outbursts.

Japan can handle when Korean schoolclasses visting Japan pose with anti-Japanese banners at tourist spots. So Japan wins the trutstworthy game.

Korea, please grow/open up to be the nation you claim to be. You can do it. The world knows what the far right in Japan is like - and they do not have the means to theaten you.

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Posted in: What do you think about the custom in Japan of women giving chocolates to their male co-workers on Valentine’s Day as a form of “obligation,” and then receiving chocolates back from the men on White D See in context

Women and men should give each other gifts now and then to celebrate each other's existence and practise cute/romantic communication. Certainly a commercial motive behind the Japanese version but the ultimate results are worth it.

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Posted in: Russia's Medvedev says he's sending weapons to disputed isles See in context

Russia needs to handle internal terrorism and mafia power within the state before they can pay for new boats in some far off waters ... this smells populist cheap stuff all the way. Medvev knows that the current Japanese government can't even create their own budget so he just takes a chance while they are in power - ultimately showing what a little rat he is...

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Posted in: Nobel Peace winners in Hiroshima argue for nuclear weapons ban See in context

Fun to see the spineless Japanese media ignoring/downplaying Dalai Lama's visit in order to please the press clubs that are pressured by a government which is just too eager to lick China's feet. These are days of shame for Japan.

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Posted in: How bad do you think tensions between Japan and China are going to get over the disputed islands? Is Japan's detention of the Chinese fishing boat skipper the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's See in context

It is good that Japan and China engage in public rows like this as they educate in international dispute. Japan has experience and China is a beginner but they nevertheless have a lot of homework to do. Japan is to start standing on her own two feet and China needs to face the fact that they lost all credibility when they erased their own history in the cultural revolution. China can be calm though, they do not need to start from scratch - the rest of the world still has records of her rich culture and history. So ... some small boats with angry captains ... are just a few small boats. Stupid men make it more.

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Posted in: Where Is the Justice? See in context

Asahi has fabricated stuff before so this still smells of being a political attack. The 60s-Left-romantic naivety of Asahi is a tradition. They probably feel that they were really "activist" when they could attack something that looked capitalist-LPD connected. Sadly, they are too engulfed in their romantic ideals to be able to reflect upon anything. A second class newspaper.

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Posted in: The expat summer See in context

Stupid lifestyle where you accept stress just to get the money and the career... These people seem to like the stress ... it makes them seem/feel busy = successful, I guess.

If sport scholarships for your son is important to you, then go home now. This is quite easy to understand... you have problems of luxury that very few people on this planet have.

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Posted in: Kan says sales tax debate will come after July election See in context

Yes, Japan is in an almost embarrassing state. You may be tired of the old-fashioned corruption that LDP embodied but the democrats have shown that they are just as corrupt - yet on a personal level. And people I talk to feel they are progressive and free voting for them. The democrats treat these issues in the same old corrupt way. They think it is more important to stay in power than taking on a sensitive subject which is of utmost importance to the Japanese economy. So let it wait. Let's get more behind. What's wrong with being late, slow, second best etc etc ... Most Japanese still think the TV news represent reality well.... (sigh)

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Posted in: I pledge See in context

A "genki" Japan where we give voting rights to non-Japanese nationals and ask other countries to release terrorists who have kidnapped Japanese nationals???

This is a sad parody.

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Posted in: Media has it all wrong on foot-and-mouth outbreak See in context

If this is not partly the farm minister's responsibility, then we don't need one - sack him and use his salary for children in need. Dentsu does this type of work every day - it has become a routine to the point where even the uncritical Japanese population are beginning to get suspicious. Check how the reporting of bills passed in parliament has been censored since DPJ formed government. But then again, can we believe the loose tongue of an unnamed "local political insider"? What are really in his/her interests?

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Posted in: Stand up straight See in context

Loopy: - I think we can should my own be two far away, so we know.... Wife: - They attack! They attack!! It is wonderful!

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Posted in: Muhammad cartoonist head-butted during lecture in Sweden See in context

Seems freedom of expression is alive and well in Scandinavia. If your religion can't even handle silly pictures by a Mr.Nobody, then you need to find a better one.

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Posted in: Chinese navy chopper approaches Japanese destroyer near Okinawa See in context

This is normal behavior for military units. And it is also the normal procedure to politely lodge a diplomatic complaint. All routine.

What is really funny on the Japanese side is that Loopy Hatoyama suddenly ordered quiet around this in parliament. Again, he does not have a clue, or he has an agenda that cannot be made public.....

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Posted in: New film questions China's effect on world See in context

The production itself seem to be the content of the movie; to base oneself in a country, with 65 years of improving health after a serious bout of military fascism, and make a movie about the biggest country in the world, incidentally run by a fascist regime. ... and is it really a positive view when a nation finds out that its most powerful asset is its economy instead of its military? Sounds like a country that is living in the middle ages to me...

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Posted in: Anvil: Yes, they’ve quit their day jobs See in context

This is a fantastic metal band. Some albums weren't the best but the good ones are some of the funniest, most powerful of metal albums (check "Absolutely No Alternative" or "Plugged In Permanent"). Their sense of humor is very very straight and may as usual offend some but that fits the essence of this music. If all music was created the way that Anvil creates their type of music, there would be no wars on this planet and everybody would have fun.

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Posted in: Obama: Al-Qaida would use nuclear weapons if it could See in context

South Africa a moral leader? The country with the weakest strategic reason to develop nuclear arms should instead apologize to the world for having taken part at all. That would put them on the right side of the line and put the right pressure on the main culprits.

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Posted in: Depp gets to the heart of the Hatter See in context

It is unlucky that they are not critical of each other as it makes their creative output quite dry ... Hasn't anyone noticed that Tim Burton as a director is very weak in character development and plot? His movies are all about image detail. Very boring. Johnny Depp has a style and is going to be classic, but needs to develop in order to fill the shoes that the audience is giving him. The confused Gilbert Grape was perfect, but in the fairy tale dramas of current, he lacks the fireworks. He can surely add this by practice though.

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Posted in: 'Heroes' actress Hayden Panettiere gets chilly reception in Taiji See in context

Another couple of western people who apparently never visited their own local meat factory to see some cows have their heads sawed off and then smell a bucket of blood. There is always a very hard to understand angle of approach in the way semi famous people like to engage in issues like this.

Are the dolphins facing extinction due to the very local activities of this particular village? Why weren't the movie makers interested in where the big money murders animals? I think it is a less than minor issue in our struggle to keep the planet inhabitable.

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