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There is no reason that China and Japan should work against each other. Why the Asian countries want to invite the non-Asia country to mess with Asia business is beyond me. The Western country never asks Asia country to 'help' them. Is Asia country stupider than the Western country?

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Posted in: Flotsam from March 11 tsunami reaches U.S. West Coast See in context

Welcome to USA. We are big enough to accommodate all the unwanted junks from our neighbors.

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Posted in: Japan to test-drill for seabed 'burning ice' See in context

****ihavegreatlegs is a cynical person. Have you ever do anything for the good of humanity? Buddha blesses you!

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Posted in: Sarah Palin: Serious 2012 contender or pretender? See in context

If you want to entertain yourself or the world at large, Palin would be the most "qualified" US citizen to be the president of the most powerful country, militarily , in the world. This earth is only the human theater in passing. Why be so serious.

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Both China and Japan are independent powerful countries. Why Japan needs third party to meddle it's own business? Have you ever heard any Western country ask for Asian country to intervene their business? Are the Asian people the inferior lots just like the westerners want to believe? Have you ever read the book by Gore Vidal? Wake up, Japan!

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