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Japan is the most volatile (manipulated) economy ever.

Japan, China, and South Korea's economies are actually among the "least volatile" countries.

For manipulation, it's hard to tell for "economies" in general, but all three countries are on U.S.' monitoring list for "currency" manipulation. Then again, that's U.S.' list, was made for the U.S., and of course they will only add other countries and won't ever ever ever add themselves to the list.

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Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics

They should've just prove it by action without the need to talk about it.

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Of all countries, it got to be SK somehow. There's going to be another SK-JP drama all over again.

I hope they can keep other athletes and staffs in Olympic Village safe. Japan and IOC, please prioritize people's health over some sporting event.

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There is a reason why Korea is building thousands of ballistic missiles, a nation-wide triple layer defense, home-made stealth fighters and nuclear submarines, and aircraft carriers while Japan can't, Korea now has a lot more money to spend on defense than Japan does.

The "reason" why "Japan can't" is because of "article 9".

I mentioned in another news that Japan's military is nowhere near SK, but some users here still think Japan have the better military somehow. All these years, SK keep modernize and advancing their military while Japan bind themselves with their own constitution.

The rising sun banned in its own country Japan? The Koreans won this round.

Only in Olympic stadiums and venues during any Olympic from now on, but yes, a huge win. And I believe SK won't stop right there.

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This won't fly well for Japan. Problem is, they don't even have decent military to back up such big statement. Japan rely heavily on the military of U.S. and its allies. Japan should've either be silent or keep all these stuff classified.

Samit BasuJuly 14  09:05 am JST

Because Korea is now the most militarily powerful adversary faced by China in East Asia.

OssanAmericaJuly 15  06:29 pm JST


If you think the most powerful in East Asia is Japan, then no, Japan isn't even comparable to India or SK. The pacifist leaning population and existence of article 9 is the reason why Japan is very lacking in military department.

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