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Not correct. Most of the media reports point to it being less devastating. The actual evidence and scientific data, however points conclusively toward it being much worse in radiation released over time, type of particles released, number of melted cores (3) and fully exposed cores (20), as well as population affected by the fallout. Moscow drivers never had plutonium and strontium particles showing up in their air filters. For those who are not into science so much, spoon feed: if it's in your air filter, it's also in your lungs. And there are about 30 million people in Kanto area alone who all have lungs of one form or another. Anyone know what the population of western Ukraine and Belarus are combined? Hint: much less.

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Hey guys, say what you want behind your little aliases because you don't have the guts to use your real names. I am getting a kick out of it, actually. But at least get the facts straight on a couple of important details.

Isaac was not "born and raised in Japan". He was born in Palo Alto CA at Stanford Hospital. He had attended schools in the UK, U.S. and Japan but NEVER attended a school where Japanese was the primary language of instruction, so saying they are completely Japanese is a flat out lie and is misleading. He scored in the 98th percentile in standardized English tests in the U.S. But he couldn't read and write kanji at his grade level in Japan for obvious reasons. And Rebecca had absolutely NO reading and writing ability in Japanese to speak of when she was abducted and forced into a Japanese public school. She went to F.I.S. and spoke English exclusively with her friends at school. Rebecca's Japanese was not as native as her English, to be quite honest and she used katakana gairaigo English words often because she was more comfortable with English. I even have some recordings. Maybe I'll post them to my blog so you can denigrate and make fun of my daughter as well as her father. Many of you seem like people who would like that opportunity. And you are protected by anonymity, so no consequences or accountability required!

Noriko had hired her U.S. attorneys before she even got on a plane to come to the U.S. and we have solid evidence to prove it, including invoices (Yes, I paid for Noriko's lawyer with my credit card) and testimony from the judge himself. I'll post some of that on my blog for those of you regular Savoie bashing addicts who also voyeuristically read my blog posts. Even Noriko has not herself ever claimed she was trapped. It's all Monday morning quarterbacking. Her divorce lawyer is pretty fearsome around here. She was president of the divorce lawyers association of ALL of the USA. She could have easily argued for Japanese jurisdiction and maybe could have won. She is that good. She got Noriko the passports, didn't she? But that jurisdiction issue never even came up! Not once until after the abduction. Under Noriko's own volition, she voluntarily waived any jurisdiction issue because she knew a U.S. divorce would benefit her more than a Japanese one. So she was forum shopping as well. I didn't force her. Her lawyer didn't force her. The judge didn't force her. Nobody did. It was a COMPLETELY voluntary contract.

So, have a wonderful day blogging anonymously about little old me armed with some actual facts from someone who was actually there. Hope it makes your day/night oh so much more happy feeding off my misery and gives y'all respite from your own life problems. I am glad and honored that my misery can bring some joy to your lives, by venting it on me, even if just for a little while. Enjoy.

Blessings, CJS

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