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Posted in: Ohtani and Yamamoto are unbelievable in any language See in context

Baseball has become an antidote.


Something at least the pinstripes didnt screw up.

Pretty wild how the big sho-s like a one man attraction in LA!! Good to see it.

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Posted in: Images taken deep inside melted Fukushima reactor show damage, but leave many questions unanswered See in context

At the end nothing being done just little sneak peak to inside of crippling reactor after more than 13 years.

If it's so easy you should be able to show them how it is done.

All fingers arentcha.

If its such a "big" deal… how come stopping trains by suicides gonna cost yer family generations yens but cut all corners on a nuke plant and… corner office. Guess thats really how its done out there.

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Posted in: Japan foreign minister says women's involvement key to peace efforts See in context

kamikawa getting a lotta sunshine right around now.

Role modelling all she wants, pitchforks just keep goin up cus her good ol big pant boys

still goofin around the sorry not sori routine. Torches or no m-nusnumber-pay-no-tax-free-for-all party!

Single moms support and so on, of course, its the right thing.

So obvious to anyone with a half a brain!

Girls can fly choppers, buy sell bullets, tanks, be active in all kinda places.

Who says different? (mod?) Taro??

Mr grab a headline, old guy jokes for some lame Good cop vs Bad cop routine?

Who cares when ya look closer its just unserious comedy.

Speech away!!

This Kamikawas… on same team PINSTRIPE. So no change.

Nice try, speech disctraction.

suits skirts Tax free kanpais all around.

x 80 more yrs!

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Posted in: First drone probe of melted fuel inside Fukushima Daiichi reactor halted due to equipment glitch See in context

everytime I see "Unfortunate, buts" "glitches…" incoming

it smells like-sniffsniff

just like it sounds.

Go cry me a safety spring.

Always another fresh batch of reasons about easy cheap safe

and always another round of … unfortunate buts

Hm posts go fast n furious in here like (snapchattoday)

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Posted in: Kishida apologizes for LDP political funds scandal See in context

No news? Good news? Wheres the Loot?

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Posted in: Japan's ¥43 trillion defense spending plan still insufficient: experts See in context

Alright alright…

Forgot to throw in a firm pledge, a plan to tackle and a fresh batch of "promise to will considers"…


everybody hold hands and its bobs yer uncle

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Posted in: Continuing to eat cup noodles and other high-salt foods can lead to high blood pressure, which combined with the mental stress and disrupted lifestyle during evacuation can lead to life-threatening problems such as a stroke. See in context

Local governments are dispatching nutritional specialists to evacuation centers

Good!! I gotta feel for all of em stranded up there.

Good on these guys finally doing SOMETHING about it.

Living off cup noodle soup everyday like its ww2, talk about pathetic.

Speakin of pathetic, where'd all that tax Loot for rainy days and earthquake emergencies run off to??

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Posted in: Education minister signed Unification Church-supporting document See in context

Ok Moriyama…so toxic prayer circles up to who knows what, and yer the education guy with a sharp pen signin off all the papers and got a blindfold on. Some story ya got goin on there.

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival opens with all COVID restrictions removed See in context

Solid ice work !

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Posted in: 2025 Osaka Expo operating expenses up 1.4-fold on rising labor costs See in context

Unbelievable, the whole thing seems badly planned. I mean look at that awful mascot, defies belief.

Seeing (same (partially Loot manuever on rinse repeat) x what? 80 more yrs? Yer trying to tell me it still aint believing enuff for ya? Just hearing about it, sure its Total unseriousness… But sure does look more like a "badly planned" "on purpose" "real" "plan for tax Loot in my accounts after all…" doesnt it? LOL. Never problems rakin in the ichimansatsus fistfulls for these planners… Then everybody suddnely remembers their right bank name, acct nos, passcodes. Its like…magic

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Posted in: IAEA reaffirms Japan's treated water release in line with standards See in context

The IAEA does check "data and assessments provided by TEPCO," but

Whats about it? All the vowel sounds in the world already spelled it out…

I remember it went somethin like this

Anyone who doubts the Japanese government or the fully independent IAEA - who have given the green light for the clean water to be released - needs to put up or shut up.

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Posted in: Japan to host 2025 Expo as scheduled despite quake-hit area's need for building materials See in context

And oh yea!

ALmost forgot.

RebuiL(ooters)ds Dont Pay.

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Posted in: Japan to host 2025 Expo as scheduled despite quake-hit area's need for building materials See in context

Wrong question. These events are goin according to plan.

Only question is, who didn't get all the Tax-Loot injected straight into my best pals buddies cousins wives aunts grandpas stadium builder co., PR writer co, mascot sticker co and booth makers co and… etc etc

Holding Accounts. Just cus anybody you know aint seeing the Loot at the end of the rainbow doesnt mean

these events are so dumb. what did Japan get from spending all that cash to host the olympics? what will they get from this?

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Posted in: TEPCO further delays removal of melted fuel debris from Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Cheap clean. Hook it up to a big piece a driftwood. Watch for a bit, it floats away..

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Posted in: Aso to keep faction within Japan ruling party despite funds scandal See in context

That was fast. Guess he just Answered all the questions, whos the pinstripe in the hat who really signs all the checks behind the scenes. Telling the other suit guy with the megane how to run the country.

Gotta be the best thing ever on his team. Do whatever crime and no matter what happens you can Dial up mr. ex dictator… cops courts prosecuters, suddenly get the texts and suddenly its all…

"No mynumbers tax dodger mystery Loot? What criminal investigations?"

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Posted in: 86.6% in Japan back tougher political funds control laws amid scandal See in context

Regarding support for political parties, the LDP maintained the highest support rate at 33.3 percent, up from 26.0 percent in the previous survey. Its coalition partner, Komeito, garnered 4.4 percent, up from 3.0 percent.

Up %? Nice work fellas.

Work from home ex- Accountant guy musta mixed up his old computer with support rate counter company guy.

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Posted in: Meet Japan's female marines who are training for war See in context


Although the pay of Japanese female workers is still far behind Tokyo's ally, the United States…

bigdrum sounds… thats all we hear.

Better be leaders by example and recruit the Best and brightest! NEED every single Pinstripes daugters cousins, step kids nieces first in line for elite ground forces. Thats how you stop wars.

Although the number of Japanese female soldiers has doubled during the past decade, it is still far behind Tokyo's ally, the United States.

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Posted in: Disney debuts deaf Native superhero as 'woke' debate swirls See in context

deaf prosthetic superhereo… WIld ideas sure but do it right and thats gonna be one bada_s a_s kcker. Tell me more

The Original WingToday  03:33 pm JST

Can a deaf, Native American superhero with a prosthetic leg reinvigorate Disney's Marvel franchise

No. I think we need to make her dyslexic, albino, and anorexic as well, just to cover all our bases.

LegrandeToday  04:24 pm JST

No. I think we need to make her dyslexic, albino, and anorexic as well, just to cover all our bases.

You forgot to throw in transgender/LGBT.

How dare you assume the pronouns of a fictional character!

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Posted in: Comedian Matsumoto to go on hiatus amid sex scandal report See in context

Matsumoto is an ambassador for the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka.


The joke writes himself. Take all the green-stripes with ya on the way down!

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Posted in: Man arrested for pushing woman off station platform in Tokyo See in context

Same old charity-case talk.

Who are we kiddin. Everybody knows its not gonna be talk charity from you when the next manlet guy goes for a girl but misses last second and throws you all over the track.

copypaste "Oh no, nit again. Well, it seems that it’s known that this chap has mental health problems."

Sure as sunshine isnt gonna cut it then. hey?

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Posted in: Gov't warns about spread of false social media info on Noto quake See in context

earthquake weapons... that'll be the day

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Posted in: Prosecutors building criminal cases against Japan's ruling party accountants See in context

Bean counters on parade hey?

While looking into the potential role senior faction members have played in the scandal, prosecutors also seem to be targeting lawmakers who received large sums.

"Could also's" "Also Seems" are doin all the heavy lifting around here.

What a vote getter this story. Nobody call the law its turnin out to be just another dial-a-fall guy.

Oh yeah…forgot about ex lawmaker nobody name last week and his youtube sidekick…

So lame. Whose stupid enough to hire accountants that cant count and dont pay taxes legally ?

These lawmakers are geniuses right? So whose criminal enough to hire accountants that got the license but forget how to count for election tax free Loot not mynernumber it?

Go on. Fill the blanks in and go get the BstRDS!

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Posted in: Man arrested for shoplifting at Sapporo convenience store says he was hungry See in context

Maybe he's a regular, the 'hungry' just being an excuse.

1000 yen in the pocket says different. I can think up a lot better excuses if I wanna

go front page news for katsu sand.

Now take yer ni-man-satsus by the fistfuls no records or mnumbers, no tax paid and decades of grift... now THATS somethin, worth makin excuses for.

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Posted in: Prosecutors search offices of two LDP factions mired in funds scandal See in context

A Kishida doll would say things like: "I will restore public trust" and "I will take steps to prevent a recurrence".

WHere can I get the set..

Maybe with the Kono figure and the bonus takaeichi with "kickdrum sounds" one too…

"time for a hold hands" "Firmly will seek," "Might just may consider"

And "free Pts for Mynaumbers… kickbacks not included!"

and "Ban critics. Emergency power for me. Lets try hitlers will!"

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Posted in: Man beaten, robbed on street in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Mugged in Chiba? Always picture it as a good place for some ol RnR?

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Posted in: Verdict due Tuesday in landmark Japan SDF sexual assault case See in context

Only way she loses… if this Judge is on the take.

elephant200Today 12:37 pm JST

She will lost the lawsuit!

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Posted in: Kishida plans to replace chief cabinet secretary Matsuno: report See in context

Whats difference if more of same pile just different pinstripes?

Systems a joke so start there.

Dont be a sucker for all the Wack-a-mole pass the Loot, dont call the cops game.

AureliusDec. 10 08:38 pm JST

Kishida is the one needs replacing

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Posted in: Transgender man gets new register with court-approved gender change See in context

The court said on Oct. 11 that such a legal requirement violates Article 13 of the Constitution, which stipulates all people must be respected as individuals.

Nothing wrong here. Call it like it is. Scr w the holy roll. This courts going places.

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Posted in: Kishida steps down as ruling party faction head amid funds scandal See in context

LDP factions give members election funding and recommended them for ministerial posts. Around 80 percent LDP lawmakers involved in intraparty groups.

But critics point out LDP lawmakers take every single opportunity to generate secret funds

meanwhile in 2023 its difficult to trace exactly how they receive the money from their groups and how they use the Loot because— WHAT IN THE… -MY number CARD???

totally unseriuous pathetic excuses. Whats with all the fancy cards and readers?

Free points and taxes?

Whose even buyin these PR excuses writeups anymore?

This is sad. Like the same lame Joke over an over just wrote itself. One day maybe but for now

x80 more yrs and Kanpaii! These Looters dont…p¥

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Posted in: Tokyo makes high school free for all families, even the rich ones See in context

expanded benefits will be financed by increased taxes, and…

ccp vote for me! Here s some New taxes free for alls!

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