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Even with my extra steps realize I’m not a hundred percent safe until everyone gets on board this virus is real and can be deadly.*

You must be a lot of fun at parties!

Why- you must be a lot of fun at funerals.

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Posted in: Disney's 'Peter Pan,' 'Aristocats,' 'Dumbo' get racism advisories See in context

A decent movie- “sexist, racist, freedom, homophobic, islamophobic, antisemetic content please”.


I get it! I get it!! This is So how they whine! Whiners. See how the whine. Emotionally Paranoid androids.

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However designed this looks like a fan of Archie or Blondie comics.

I totally see what you mean. Really reminds me of the master illustrator, Herge. Remember Tintin in the congo. Has a bit of that old european classic comic feel.

As for this

…Japanese would never do these sorts of things on trains, would they!

And that

First thing I saw was 1-5 is foreigners 6 is japanese.

Never forget - - they look animeand not of any race. Brighter colors probably to save on ink and create contrast, they don't really harp on being pc to purposefully do something for the sake of it. I mean c'mon. Obviously the artist is a big fan of the gaijin masters.

And - - character design is about ideals. So it reflects idealized beauty standards like big eyes, tiny mouth and nose, light skin, very thin long legs, etc. Background art and themes aside, it's not supposed to represent reality. Tell me I'm wrong.

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Posted in: Marseille allege Neymar made racist remarks toward Japan's Sakai See in context

Thats it Fighto! Monies and Flag Wavery.

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Posted in: Osaka edges Doi in 3 sets at U.S. Open; Djokovic advances, Gauff ousted See in context

Err -O light of the world… that's supposed to be some 'genius' take? Shade for the tennis star? Jeesu- I mean, for christsak- lighten up already. And yes, your'e totally wrong. I do fully agree with the Grommit however that she is NOT a genius. Absolutely RIGHT! She's more like… a Young Genius+ProdigyXMaster of her sport. Don't let lord latin sunbeam bring us down.

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