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Posted in: Court halts decertification of Japanese school over student abuse See in context

Anonymous goon. This sideways talking school do one thing say another. They obviously didnt learn a thing double the sentence!

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Posted in: Opposition steps up offensive against beleaguered PM Kishida See in context

abe234 says... 80 more YEARS~

Abe234Today 08:32 am JST

The opposition is so fragmented I think a bowl of Rice crispies would have a better chance of working together and becoming the next government in waiting.

news flash.

Someone, in the opposition rice crispie party is very very upset and is leaving to creat their own party. Called the choco crispie party.

That’s how useful they are.

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Posted in: Man who robbed convenience store says he needed money for living expenses See in context

The Fami- "fruit knife" kid… The 10 yen bandit… a trend

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Posted in: Gov't plans ¥50,000 handouts for each low-income household to fight inflation See in context

Somethin you need to remember about your pinstripes in 2 piece. Its always "trickle trickle" for the low incomes. You got the questions. Here. The answer is, Looters Don't Pay. And these days, tanking yens, poorer poor, the hell they care. Company record profits is all we see.

Gotta wonder whose getting real handouts. The big big chunks of "loose change" invested, sleepin on the boards, rollin around in kickbacks and toppin off rainy day stash accounts in some far off someplace. Who doesnt wanna know, where s the extra cash going? Go on, ask em yerself. I know my bet is goin on all big guys. Especially with cash to burn. WHining about 50,000 yens. Whats that $200US? Ask the 10 yen bandit how it feels to run from the kitchen staff for 2000 yen.

Better question. How much for big handouts tossed to the ol warehouse renter mask maker? icy dirt wall builder? The digging tunnel under the sea people? How big are the handout then, over/under 50000yen?

How come anybody else didnt get that same handout? I mean whats the big deal? Theyre payin taxes too right?

state funeral is such a waste of tax payers money! If the LDP were so adamant on holding this, then each politician from LDP should have paid for this from their salary! They won’t have agreed for the state funeral if they had to pay themselves!

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Posted in: No preferential treatment given over bid for Abe state funeral: Matsuno See in context

Facts. "taxpayer to over 1.6 billion yen (+/- 10 million USD" With 1 party payday's like these… I gotta feel for the 10yen bandit.

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Posted in: No preferential treatment given over bid for Abe state funeral: Matsuno See in context

Oops. "tell it like it is post armor" is strong with this one.

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Posted in: Why do Japan's opposition parties seem unable to field candidates who can oust the ruling Liberal Democratic Party from power? See in context

80 more years! buy votes cheap x more money talks.

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Posted in: Protest against Abe state funeral See in context


I wanna see the next episode. The one they showed the abe mask-maker wharehouse guy, lickin stamps with his assistants and mailin out postcards to all his fans! "Enjoy "tax" masks! Don't worry, you already paid for em. so, pretend its on me. Just as he jumps on the lear jet to paris for the overnight weekend getaway bonanza.



On TV the other night,they showed a 10-year-o;d kid who apparently wrote to Abe thanking him for his masks.Don't know if it was legitimate or not.

Well done to the folks above.

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Posted in: Australia enlists NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal on Indigenous reform See in context

Shaq. What a heart! This is champion in action..

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

“how dare those Morons” kinda rough talk for a JT post? Good to know you see it my way. 30-40 years of dropping the ball.

You think 80 more years of “big winners” the way to go?

hands of oppositions, , do you understand what I mean? Also if you know how things were like 20 years ~30 years ago , sure, I agree things getting worse. Rather than meaningless exchange, what is it? Do you think DPJ or JCP should have ruled better this nation for last 20~30 years?

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Posted in: Woman, with only ¥10 on her, arrested after leaving restaurant without paying bill See in context

Sad aint it. This 10 yen desperado, actually desperate. Meanwhile all the talk about liftin 2yen a taxpayer to throw a public funeral…

Police said the woman was not injured, just tired. They said she only had 10 yen on her when she was taken into custody.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe was highly regarded both within Japan and internationally, and there have been many messages of condolence since his death. We believe it is necessary for Japan as a country to respond to that as international etiquette, and so we decided that it is best to conduct this funeral as an official event hosted by the government and have international visitors attend. See in context

Whew, that was a heapin mouthful. All those angry croc tears.. All he wanted to say was, NO we never pay and we aint about to start now with our ex PM funeral! If there ever was a chance to do RIGHT thing for the tax payers, but they Dont Pay.

Guess its never enough for some folks. I say, leave the people alone and go take all these messages and condolences to mr no-mask by the truckloads and warehouses, buddy buddy, and tell him he's gonna generously donate the proceeds for his old friend. Get TO IT.

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Posted in: 14 from Japan opposition party had dealings with Unification Church See in context

An article in 2006, an interview in 2010, "an organization connected to the church had paid a 10,000 yen fee"; none of these examples are worth getting hysterical about.

This Exactly.

If that's the best dirt they got on em…


These aren't juicy, these are 3 random lame things. And now it all makes no sense. The whole time, before now all these Looter affiliates ever talk about, is, well ya see, everybody votes for the one party cus theres like, NO other option. Or we'd vote for the other parties too. But they got no suitable candidates... so…

OK then, if you say so. Opposition = Non options.

So now this here, what are We even talkin about.

It sounds like, 14 non options and 1-man and some random interviews. 1 stinkin-man? Right after all the preaching all those years about no votes cus no- other options. Suddenly somebody got desperate for some options...

Stop with the weak sauce. Go fetch the piggy bank, get out the forks for the stash for yer buddy guys. (maybe not suit recruit cus hot water) but you know, the other PR spin people. Pretty sure they'll even take tax or check. That'll fix it.

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Posted in: Japan signals return to nuclear power to stabilize energy supply See in context

Well Howdy doody, meet the new ~nomics same as the old ~nomics. Nuke power x : ) ooters buyin up s'more good ol countryside Votes. Nevermind the write-off thats Fukishima now… land of the LOST. All these old men are the real winners and these bad guys are tellin the people, "we really dont give a Rats--_ss about ya"

10 yrsof waitin around to push some 40-50 yr old fallout factory past the best before date. First time disaster, guess you call it lucky / call it Unlucky. Sure. Who knew whaat could happen. Second time round, your goin outta yer way, beggin to get smoked, cruisin for a bruisin. I can see it, the kids and wife are nagging ya, private ivy league schools pricey, I know I know, somebodies gotta pay for that second yacht and the brand new encantadora casa o villa vacaciona, mual!

And @wanderlustToday

You nailed it.

Clap CLAP CLAP- this- the straight talk. Tell it like it is! Take a bow!

Looters 10 years diggin holes freezin rocks, still searchin for a clue. This watchdog- Absolute must for these so called "villagers" Thats an actual idea you got there.… iNdependent Watchdog!

Should call it CUJO!!

After all of the mistakes, accidents, cover-ups, bribery, falsifications of data, deletions of video, and other sheenanigans that the Power Utilities, Nuclear Power Plant Manufacturers, Regulatory Authorities, National and Local Governments, and other members of the 'Nuclear Village' have carried out since 1966; a 100% independent nuclear watchdog is required, if the public are to have any trust in nuclear power.

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Posted in: Girl arrested over knife attack in Shibuya says she wanted 'death penalty' See in context

Wild, wild, story. You were ten right?? Whatre you worried about, Just claim self defence next time. How heavy was that 13 year old who punched you out?

I was assaulted by a black teenage girl from behind when I was ten. Had I done it, it would have been a hate crime. Luckily she didn’t turn me into a cripple that day, but she tried . , My doctors have told me my backbone is rather messed up.

Anyway, always be aware of your surroundings, especially what’ or who is behind you.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

damage controlling much… just makin it worse. Now the blue lid people are waving wierd signs and sitting around in packs, screaming human rights but timings all wrong. UC Looks even more guilty by the second. Regular ppl aren't buyin the spins. Shooters behind bars already... Hate you call it? Dunno. Feels more like HEAT.

Honestly it does seem like a witch hunt. It's pretty crazy that a guy assassinates a fomer PM, blames a religious group for i

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Posted in: Japan July core consumer prices up 2.4%; biggest rise in 7.5 years See in context

Ran away with easy votes and fightin good with the greed.

As long as I've lived here (mid 90s), the LDP has been trying to tell us that inflation was good. They p!ssed away untold billions of yen in failed scheme after failed scheme (remember Premium Friday?)

Premium Friday. .. what a ride!

But Looters dont just piss it away now, make sure it trickles down a pinstripe pantleg or 2 into one tiny beerkeg of stash and cash for buddies, wives and vacation homes! By the time you hear about it, it's like… it's gone!

Maybe one day, we're gonna hear the press ask real questions like, "Hey sugerman? where'd all the Loot go?"

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

Between smirking guy with the sweaty guilty face and the blue visor Cult moment, the Moonies gonna have to find a better look. "Stop reporting distortions", Human rights? ROFL that'll be the day.

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Posted in: Rushdie attacker says he is 'surprised' author survived: NY Post See in context

Really? Lebanon made him mad? Thought it was pretty mild place, half and half churchgoers and mosque goers.

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Posted in: 9 men sent to prosecutors over alleged orgy with high school girl See in context

Wish there was a way to Wipe the SLIME off this headline.. Whoever nameless wrote this, they had a hellof a time dancing around the all the eggshells. "Alleged" "participants" "entrance fees"

Oh careful with that axe…

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Posted in: Prosecutors arrest ex-member of Tokyo Olympic committee, others for bribery See in context

Uh oh. Really wanna believe it isnt one of those "take the fall guy" Dave Copperfeeld routines.

Arrest ed? Pretty big show. Must be some pitchfork sharpening sounds and torch smoke burnin in the background somewheres… Might be someone figures its a good time to put a little heat on the suit recriuit. Like throwing some chicken feed to shut all the angry tax payers up. Make it Big news too. Lots of cameras and news distractions. THen in 6 mos, a year whtever, judge goes softball, prosecuter lets up, heats goes back off again, suit recruit fades into all expense paid retirement.

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Posted in: Actor Anne Heche 'not expected to survive' after crash: U.S. media See in context

Lemme get it straight here. We are talking… both citizens. Both News for "intentional" drugs. Both sad situations. One major fire. One russian judge. Can't put a finger on it but are you sayin… "International" Drugs are bad?

Sad that she lost her life as a result of a drugs/alcohol induced car crash. Fortunately, the owner of the home into which she crashed and caused a major fire

She intentionally attempted to smuggle the illegal drugs into the country. Foolish choice that results in harsh punishment. Don't feel sorry for her.

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Posted in: Japanese government steps up efforts to care for women who miscarry See in context

Good. Im all for it. DO more. Take care of the moms! Especially moms struggling every day just to put food on the table to feed the kids.

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Posted in: Prices set to rise in Japan for over 10,000 food items on weak yen See in context

@Ricky Kaminski13

Kinda those words but with less words:

No Thanks Mr Kishidsan とか。Especially after everything this pandemic has shown and taught us.

J leadership class does exactly what they do in times of crisis. Pretty much Empty the Register and tell the working people, "Oh cmon people if you… just "ganbareba" like we did we'd all be RICH actually. But no tax break, Enjoy anyway- Your on your own!

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Posted in: Tokyo court rejects request to halt state funeral for ex-PM Abe See in context

cool, its only state money. Thought judge "wopner" was gonna go into pocket for a sec.

But he's just a Judge. taking Orders in the Court from a backroom pin stripe.

Isnt it just like at Mc'Dees?

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Posted in: Prices set to rise in Japan for over 10,000 food items on weak yen See in context

That time again already?

Wasnt it just Christmas like, last summer? 2020-1 stadiums, contractor rigs, inside sponsors, fudge budget games… A very merry Christmas to my mask makers and all! Now you see it plain as day. These Looters Dont Pay when the yen is up, they darn sure Dont Pay when the yen is down. But take a big fat thanks for all the extra votes and hey, dont forget to send tax!

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Posted in: Opposition camp criticizes reshuffle of Kishida cabinet reshuffle See in context

Hear this all the time. All you need is a "suitable" candidate.

Easy fix hey?? So how about it. What's this perfect weapon?

What kinda stuffs this perfect "suitable" candidate made of? Tell me Im wrong but a new suit, sweet speech and a shiny resume isnt gonna even take a looter out of pocket. Throwin pocketknives at F15s…

Instead of complaining, develop suitable candidates to take over the LDP and make changes in Japan.

There’s your real problem.

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Posted in: Osaka exits opening match at Toronto with back injury See in context

@Mr Kipling

Date's good. She's Not 4x Grandslam Champion good. Sure she won a buncha Nationals, question is she Grandslam level greatness. As for other questions… go ahead, spell JAPANESE, in BIG letters, knock yerself out. Everytimes still gonna be 100% WRONG. Why Spray it when you can say it etc. Screaming doesnt make you less wrong. Google or maybe ask her for a passport, birth cert photocopy, or better yet, watch a match and see for yourself, shes the one playing with that white red dot flag on there, next to her name. Just the facts hombré… but you play in your court… I'll play in mine.

Date is the best JAPANESE female tennis player. I thought that was the question.

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Posted in: Unification Church says Japan members received death threats See in context

What is with this guy. Just drippin in "call me guilty" sweat!

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Posted in: Pandemic delivers major blow to number of new marriages in Japan: study See in context

I think it is the generation change.


COVID and money issues are just an excuse for young ladies that prefer to be independent. It is totally bothersome for them to get married, and take care of a baby when there are many things that they can enjoy with friends, etc.

Money ? Excuses? I didnt hear the young ladies swear theyre gonna be "reviewing" "urging" "considering" or "debating" ?

The girls that will want to be mothers and have a husband they will definitely do that and find an appropriate partner.

You said it, and neverforget, that appropriate husband could be a wife.

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