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Posted in: NTV employee arrested for groping woman on train See in context

How it started…

MSweetToday 10:15 am JST

I some cases it really is a he said she said thing, don’t be so quick.

How it ends

I admit it doesn’t happen as often as the reverse,

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Posted in: NTV employee arrested for groping woman on train See in context

Si senōr! Said it yourself- get saucy with the ladies, you get what you got coming to you. And you, one of the good guys… you telling me it never happens to you. So all clear right?

Except for all those breasts…pushing you around. Sounds like your trying to say they deserve to be punished severely too. All sides. GMFB

If the guy purposely touched her breasts or nether regions, he deserves to be punished severely. Personally I've never grabbed breasts or anywhere else on a train to a stranger but numerous times I have breasts pushed up against me on a train or bus.

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Posted in: Cyprus recovers looted 18th century church doors from Japan See in context

I hear you. Pricey navy suits and ties. If only it was just the paint hangin on the walls.

zichiToday 09:18 am JST

There are a number of questionable artefacts in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

Whatever. This guy is so handled. He can barely get two words out of what he really wants to.

I wanna hear him out but ever since these pandemic games, its just like the hands on

this site; scrub erase delete. Repeat. Repeat.

The threads get killed off quicker and quicker these days. Gotta wonder whats the end game?

It's like slots in vegas. Now I gotta save before post just to keep the vibe going.

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Posted in: Paralympic closing marks end of Tokyo's 8-year Olympic saga See in context

So youre saying... There's a chance- to find out?

TokyoiteToday 03:01 pm JST

Alfie NoakesToday  09:39 am JST

We'll never know the true costs, either in terms of money spent, lives lost and opportunities wasted, but I'd bet there's not much change from $35bn.

No you don't know.

However, despite no credible evidence, it will not stop you speculating.

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Posted in: Osaka should take whatever time off she needs See in context

So much Naomi coverage, so little time…

How's it hanging with all you big leaguers? Last post closed before I could join ya.

You saw it for yourselvs. Billie Jean king has entered the chat!

I read this. And I read it again. And I smile. Cus no matter how hard all you big leaguers

in your little chairs b-m-n complain. None of the lameness holds a candle wax.

And this is Naomi on a BAD day.

Absolute gem.

“It would be nice if there was that line for me, but no. I’m the type of person that everything is sort of the same. So, like, I feel like maybe you could see it earlier on in my career: If there was something that was not right in my personal life, you could kind of see it in my playing,” Osaka answered

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

Teal its a color. A lotta people think it. But is there a point?

You know the difference between a hero and a coward?

As a hero of mine liked to tell me, the difference is: a hero does the things- a coward wouldnt.

Need more heroes with 'safe' gigs on radios and on TVs. I agree with that. As for the live house,

Get your house in order BnG!

Go talk to your people voting Looters in, watchin em run wild on your tax dime.

GO on, ask the guys in charge. The ones who paid their buddies a killing for masks nobody asked, for nobody wore. I say go ahead and ask but I know you won't. Cus you already know. Looters don't pay. They don't pay for live-houses. But you never know, they do pay for tunnels… under the sea. Call em up the ask em if they need a live house to go with it? Maybe they cut you in?

blue in greenToday 01:58 pm JST

People are so gullible.

This guy says what a lot of people think,

then has the press promote him; his achievements, and his new book-

And then goes back to work at his "safe" gig on the radio.

What about all the live-houses that have been and continually are targeted,

restricted to closing by 8pm?

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

Speak of the devil.

People are so gullible.

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Posted in: 130,000 meals for Olympic staffers thrown away in 1 month See in context

Monkey's not gonna feed itself Follow those Dineros. You got "Health coders" like your neighborhood ... National Restaurant Association (the lesser-known NRA) is just one of roughly 6,300 IRS-classified food trade associations that are part of a deep and powerful ecosystem of influence-peddling—a Big Food swamp.

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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

No, what you hear are the Loot pack burnin rubber on their getaway cars. All these governors threw away the real panic button way back when. Close to the time Back man landed to roll around town for his Olmpick "cheers"

You want answers, yea, me too. But it's really up to voters and the "Looters"

And since your new, I'll let you in on a secret. The Looters are like the old boys running things and Looters Don't Pay.

Now the Games are gone. Along with billions of taxes etc, the yens your imagining about… your too late. The Looters came, they looted. They got their cuts and it's all private funds only by now I'll betcha. Safely Stashed, some places far away, from any more "suitable alternatives"

> AustPaulToday  12:16 pm JST

So what is the more suitable alternative until we have more vaccinated?

Only hearing whinging and I’m still waiting for some suggestions..

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal offers to take 3-month pay cut See in context

Mr Mayor. Good start. Since you really like serving Nagoya people so much, put your money where your mou... Lose the salary. Do it for Free.

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Posted in: To what extent do you think the Tokyo Olympics are responsible for the spike in coronavirus cases across the nation over the past month? See in context

officials? Gotta name? You name one… I'll believe you. And give you a million yen.

Mr KiplingAug. 16  03:42 pm JST

Public health officials have stated that the Olympics is NOT a major factor in transmission. Athletes and officials were regularly tested and quarantined if positive. There was little chance for the public to come into contact. At least until the last few days when most had been here and been tested several times.

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

No more games, he's not messin around here. Oh pretty please… With suger on top!

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor apologizes for biting athlete's gold medal See in context

But the important thing is this mayor falsified petition that he filed trying to kick out Aichi-ken governor and there was no public outcry.

Such a chump move. Playing dirty is one thing- but you go get caught fake petitioning?

What a piece of hot garbage. Slimy too. Get with it Nagoya! Time to Take out your Trash.

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Posted in: Police say man in train knife rampage thought of bombing Shibuya crossing See in context

And at what point do we realize that we are looking at a Human who has no idea of the general 'Reality' we all imagine ourselves to be living in? And

when the next terrorist knife guy goes ape, and leaves you bleeding all over the train tracks,

I can bet you on your life, you won't be so generous with imaginations and general 'reality'. Data and delusions and motives.. none of that is gonna weigh you down then.

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

Hail to the theives!

If you ask what it cost, then we need only look at our tax bills for years to come, as we pay for another huge corporate welfare scam.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

…A few moments of silence.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor under fire for biting Olympian's gold medal See in context

Guys a total flop. Giant waste of everything you can think of having a man-sack like that taking up such a primo office. And quit licking the hardware, who raised this mop?

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Posted in: For Biles, it finally all becomes too much See in context

What part of These are HIGH LEVEL athletes. Peak performance. Top of peak. There's no room for error. Competition is like walking on sharp deadly razors.

Takes a heavy toll dontcha think? That what you wanna see?

Dangerous talk. Lot of powderkegs walking around just waitning to blow and the do whatever it takes even if it costs everything crowd has no idea. None.

Once upon a time not so long ago, it was known as 'bottling it'.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

“I can finish the match but I can die"

True. True. But if you didn't know, you do now. This is the Drill with this Loot Pack. It's all fun and games til … it's all over… and then the tears.

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Posted in: TV viewership for Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony 56.4% in Japan See in context

All Diversity All Harmony. Games of a lifetime.

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Posted in: 36 victims of 2019 Kyoto Animation arson attack remembered See in context

Do not, start me.

saiakuJuly 18 08:19 pm JST

It's sad, but

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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

DId I say hous- Let me get a second round of wagyu, nihonshu- yes on the HOSTS!

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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

Looters Don't Pay… But Looters Do POLICE. ( Have another SOE ! Oh, How's that 1 x 1000 dollars support over 2 years working out for you taxpayers?? ) Meanwhile, let me get a second round of wagyu, nihonshu- yes on the house!

AntiquesavingToday 11:31 am JST

Noticed the same thing as the past several days especially since Bach arrived.

An incredible police presence.

Blue riot buses everywhere I went in Tokyo.

Motorcycle cops, police cars, riot vehicles and buses.

I haven't seen this high a concentration since right after March 20 1995.

My only conclusion is it is to make sure few if any demonstration get off the ground.

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Posted in: Ohtani donates HR Derby winnings to Angels' support staff See in context

Giving is good! You like to see it!

His bosses need to be following his example for a change. Angels are valued at $1.975 billion.

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Posted in: Gov't asks airlines to halt new bookings as Olympic traffic rises See in context

Unfortunately now Japanese people are starting to resent the athletes.

The most common word used was wagamama (some other words would result in my post being removed)


That's just a TOTAL Waste of good energy, going Nowhere.

Why waste your energy when there's LDP/JOC and all THEIR fans. These guys right now, wine sake and steaks! State of Emergency whatever… you think they care? The facts are this. Olympics are HERE and

maybe people wanna moan about it sure, but in the end, boo hoo. It won't stop the LDP champagne and oysters.

So nothing matters now. Why? B/c the LOOTING is DONE. Bach's here, doing his VIctory lap Tour. Tax Payer's like your family, they paid for Bach to take his all over Japan tour. He's happy to take it.

More Bach money just coming out of his banks. So he's Smiling for all the camera.

From where I stand, it's real simple. What these LOOTERS want is simple and they have it.

Pretty clear for the Looters and friends, it's JOB WELL DONE!

So resenting Athletes, like I said, no point at all. The dudes in charge who order the PR and advertising. Or sponsors who put on these neverending NON STOP feel-good interviews and media stories.

It's just for show. Looters gotta look good. Athletes are just the entertainment.

Athletes don't loot. They don't go all in overbudget 20x to put on the gong show. They sure as hell aren't forcing sugar or whoever to change the "rules" about bubbles, borders and PCR. Flying in Bach and Coe. all expenses paid, nope- not the athletes call!

Tell your folks they gotta stop crying about athletes and do their job /duty and go VOTE and get ALL their friends to VOTE and one day, maybe make the Looters PAY.

Until that voting happens, well get comfy. Because this is the way it's gonna be. Over and over and over, again and again and again until they do. This is what success looks like for Looters and friends.

They win this round. Everyone else… not so much.

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete leaves note saying he wants to work in Japan See in context

Nigerian mafia ??

Huh? Kid's from Uganda though...

guess he’s handing out flyers…

Flyers???! What Ugandan flyers? Let's get to the punchline ??

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Posted in: Man slashes junior high school girl with knife in Hokkaido See in context

Evil. Degenerate are not the only things that comes to mind when any grown man attacks a little girl like this.

But you just gotta make excuses... I wonder why?

stormcrowToday 09:49 am JST

Mentally ill is the only thing that comes to mind when any grown man attacks a little girl like this.

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Posted in: He's gotta have it: Spike Lee's Cannes cash-in See in context


Cancellers you say? I say. let em come.

As for PETA. Those showboats talk a good game but they never figured it out. They have a rap sheet miles long. They like to 'do' the one thing while 'saying' the other.

And as for asserting aspects and true natures… How about that. Spike is in the limelight. Seizing his moment and turning a profit on his name. More than I can say for.. uh, the uh… photographer?? whose it- what's it… Who'd she cut a deal with? Why'd she get her name printed up next to Spike for… talking out loud, tossing her salty attitude around her like- "yokozuna just entered the ring"

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