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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Whoa, look out! Christmas come early this year?

So many maybe presents for the kids! Way to go santa!

But other than feel goods whats in it for ya, wheres the Loot?


now I get it. Just another "Pledged Friday", "baby steps", "voiced readiness", "expressed eagerness" but when its money/Loot where the mouth is… "stopped short of clarifying" to "join hands" around a "unification circle…"

Already Decided? But what about the baby steps pledge eagerness plan?

meanwhile decided double Japan's defense spending over the next five years and to acquire enemy base strike…

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Posted in: Nobel prize winner, activist Kenzaburo Oe dies at 88 See in context

One of my treasured memories is when I attended an Oe lecture and had a chance to speak with him, a Japanese who had succeeded in escaping the mental chains of the narrow nationalism he had imbibed as a defenseless child, and who humbly wore his humanity on his sleeve. Oe has now left us, but his books will continue to inspire the best of Japan to make common cause with others to build a better world for Hikari and other children. RIP a Japanese writer who towered above all the mindless kitsch and pulp of modern Japanese pop culture.

Thank you for sharing, that's re-assuring he wasn't a closet nationalist fraud and yes, modern societies a cesspool of selfishness and cowardice with a LARGE dose of dishonesty mixed in for good measure but let's all hope and pray more greats are on the way ASAP!!!

Same. All those words above.

El héroe!

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Posted in: Japan's birthrate policy could be funded by gov't bonds, says LDP official See in context

"I think it's completely plausible to consider covering it with government bonds," Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lawmaker Hiroshige Seko said during a segment on BS TV Tokyo regarding the government's policy to take "unprecedented" steps in

Yes its completely "plausible" "consider""join hands""discuss" "Looters dont Pay"

But Just in time for Spring. Is it the sound of cheap votes coming soon?

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Posted in: The plan is insane. What we need is to cut tuition fees. See in context


masterMar. 6 06:44 pm JST

Nordic nations Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden all offer opportunities to study free or at low cost: In Norway, university study is available free of charge to all students, regardless of study level or nationality.

Theres that word again;


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Posted in: Teenage boy slashes classmate with knife at Hiroshima school See in context

Now yer talkin Rod! Yea! But lets go for big game first!


Metal detectors, and body searches on entry to school. Child rapists should never be allowed to use toilets without a GPS tracker or security guard present. Facial recognition and AI cameras should track all child rapists movements.

stay safe out there kids.

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Posted in: Takaichi vows to quit as lawmaker if document on broadcasters proven real See in context

Sound serious. Fightin words. But same beat. Same kick drum sounds…

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Posted in: Teen arrested in school attack says he wanted to experience killing See in context


Working so hard "we" might sprain something.

Try premeditated. 3 knives + reasons. Course if yer an MD, like Quincy…

So many cranks around.

Oh. Now its cus cameras?

Which is it? Is he the crank pot killer or the camera shy killer?

If yer saying cameras coulda stopped the guy with 3 sharp knives looking for blood, you gotta another thing coming. Or maybe you think some cops woulda bothered to do the job and figure out dead cat bodies everywhere instead of waiting for some camera to tell em its already too late again.

Security cameras would seem like a minimum these days and not so expensive.

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Posted in: Kishida rallies party members for victory in April local elections See in context

fistfull of cheapvotes- Banzai!

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Posted in: The reason for Japanese people's increasing reluctance to get married is that their romantic ability is declining. See in context

Passions of the Pinstripes!

Top scores gotta go to this guy and all the hostess bar flys..

It aint your skills eL bandito. Maybe its The Loot for love..

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Posted in: Just 16% of Japan assembly heads open to foreigners voting in referendums See in context

Pay attention Jonathan Prin,

inflations runnin away here but funny thing is, you never see a price goin up for cheap votes.

But if we're actually talkin about the neighborhood Moon church of "propaganda and political steering" …

then I see yer point. When it comes to those guys "one will inevitably take orientation of any political choice towards interest shared or more favorable to you or your cult or your home country or you nameit … consciously or even unconsciously."

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

The same month, the prime minister cited the examples of Britain, France and Singapore establishing

Yea right. Talking catch-up-with-world is real convenient. Only if there's loot to take. Never when its loot to pay.

Meanwhile same sex marriage law, examples Britain, France– crickets

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Posted in: Japan weighs lifting age of consent from 13 See in context

Tradition? Some of these pinstripes need to get with the international standard for kids. I know you gotta buy bullets and bombs, strike firsts etc to keep up. 100 years is circus time.

Keep screwing this up and good ol voters are gonna want their money back.

Then what?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bribery scandal rolls on; company apologizes See in context


Yea, you can say that again. The PEOPLE payed for it. And now that shows almost over so its time for bows to the suckers, thanks for all the votes, here's to 80 more years and- Kanpai!

Kadokawa “seriously betrayed public trust,” company president Takeshi Natsuno said. He bowed deeply with two other executives to show remorse in a news conference.

> Do people still buy this theater?

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Posted in: Russia's Paris participation gives IOC moral, political and legal headache See in context

I say solve this already. Make em all team "Free Ukraine" and we can start talking

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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

prosecutors who are weighing possible criminal charges

Proscutrs better get it right.

Kechi wastes no moments ever when he's signin over tax for planes and promises.

No excuses. Better not be one of those "urges" kind of weighing or "join hands" kind of possible charges.

Throw the gdd#mn bench at these loser b_strds!!

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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

And imho, I think it’s unrealistic to tell people to stay out of trouble; some people like to say that, and it’s partially true; I mean, don’tbestupid, right? BUT,

there's always room for prosecters on-speed-dial people with friends in high places or buy your way outta trouble-free people; some people like to say ti even works like a charm.

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Posted in: Dentsu officials admit to Tokyo Olympic test event bid rigging See in context

Its the ol takahashi fall guy routine. Out of all 2000 letters in this "tear jerker"

ONLY non-nameless is this short straw guy. Hope he kept his Rainy day stash safe for all his trouble.

Reading this is like a list of urges, join hands and will considers.. Whose writing this?

Several officials ?? Nameless Faceless

bid rigging contracts??? Nameless

related to test events??? Nameless

a source familiar with the matter say ??? Nameless Faceless

Try it like this :

A said to B san, We got Looters gone wild.Olympic bid rigs looting, they came clean!

OMG?? Who?

Sorry hombre´ Sin Cara Sin Nombre Sin Número

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

What lame Ai wrote this speech?

I wonder did some buddies nephews neices aunts kids startup land a ginza steak contract for this extra fat? Whats this PR for kids?? Cut the filler and just more of the same Looters Taking vs Paying Loot

Taking Actions vs the Lip service

--NO loot here

warned, pledging, focus, pressing, voiced, readiness, play, Calling, aimed, vowed oversee, scheduled, map out, outline, plan, "will consider" , various efforts, without elaborating on how

called for, join hands, because coronavirus 2019, emphasized, because Russia Ukraine

Kishida expressed, intention, the necessary steps, show, will demonstrate

while trying to

-- Oh ¥

¥ ¥ new governmental body

¥¥ ¥ will "take measures" procure sufficient funds almost doubling annual defense spending

¥ ¥¥ decided to acquire enemy base strike

¥¥¥ boost defense spending

--No Loot here either

Kishida, meanwhile

reiterated, eagerness, "communicate closely"

? ?? unfication Church, often labeled as a cult.

said… taking issues "seriously" … will strive

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers to set up group to promote Japan's defense exports See in context

Action men making changes overnight.

Afterburnes at 10,000, All turbo boosters on. Signed and Hanko'd

When there's Loot to rake off the line… No Urges, no considers, no messing around, no carefully.

Pay the Looters!

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Posted in: Acquittal upheld for ex-TEPCO execs over Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

Tsunehisa Katsumata 82

Ichiro Takekuro 76

Sakae Muto 72

230 years old.

Cashed out x stashed away. Welcome to the Future

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in Fukuoka told police she had issues with ex-boyfriend See in context

Any person in the Japanese legal system has the right to put forward an argument of criminally sane, which will lead to an evaluation.

It's silly to call this an opinion.

Agreed. Weaksauce. Can't make a point- reach for the ol Mental take.

6 mos of testin stilll came out sane for Duct tape musket to the back guy.. Once in a lifetime thing. That kinda screams way more criminally NOT sane. Stalker stabber rage and wife child beatings= absolutely nothing new.

Mentally not sane. Prove it.

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Posted in: Japan is paying families ¥1 million to move to countryside – but it won’t make Tokyo any smaller See in context

This is ridiculous.

Japan is paying 1 million to move to countryside while The Tokyo metropolitan government has decided it will provide free childcare for a second child aged between 0 and 2 for all Tokyo households from fiscal 2023,

Politicians have no idea what they are doing.

I say, Looting looks easty but isnt for idiots. After all, who needs to get creative about it, you just Loot on auto repeat, flush and fill. Gettin Tokyo votes prob break the ol bank book, less bang for yens and prob looks like real work to get those.

Why work hard when keep enough tax cash flowin back to my smalltown GoTos and more works way cheaper? Think Nursery rhymes for kids. Probably singin it to theirs at as we speak… here a vote there a vote (inakas cheap) they give me votes votes!

And good plan or bad plan, whose payin for it? Mori?

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Posted in: Trial ends for defendant in Tokyo subway station acid attack See in context

Last post scrubbed. Good to know someone s up saturday night moderatin over comments on violent dudes scarring up innocent people with sulphuric acid.

Like I was saying this guys getting off way easy and the story goes he's "The son of a wealthy chiropractor father and a mother who works in the medical field now lives alone in a two-storey detached house in Shizuoka, with both his parents having passed away." Who "tried to give the police the slip by claiming that his name was Sunagawa and had hundreds of thousands of yen in cash on him when nabbed."

Now he's sorry so he's getting maybe a few years for this. He's no poor little defendant guy.

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Posted in: Japan's immigration law revision to retain controversial proposal See in context

Yea your right. They dont need to…

But you figure everytime its down to the Urges, the Considers, the meetings, the Committees, the maybes, the mights…

it's just time… to "PAY" some Piper.

But these rediscover hot water guys, these Looters, they Do only TAKE, they Dont do the Pay thing.

@ EastmanToday

this dont need any meetings,paper printed reports and mountain of faxes.

go abroad learn from others and adpt.faster,more effective and cheaper.

Japan dont need to "invent" how to make a hot water...

And as for

public comments on this proposal (and the entire immigration law reform as well)

Right. Now theyre goin all fuzzy ears on public opinoins now huh? Only comments these guysll take are cherry picked outta Magic pinstripe rabbit hats, copy pasted by invisible moonbeam ink and typed out on wireless ouija board comments. As long as the votes are cheap x eight zero more years.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years See in context

Hey Kuroda- Kampai

80 more Yrs

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Posted in: Families in Tokyo to get ¥5,000 per child to address falling birthrate See in context

LOL Still crankin out the same ol snake oil.

"Single moms!? Oh this is terrible!! What a problem Oh my ears are smoking… " looks like you fit right in with those other reruns and retreads still yelling at those fluffy clouds. Runnin outta lame brains to sell to hey?

NO one buying the stories about gold plated toilet havin single moms and their ivy league fake profile buyin poor kids just livin it up on champagne and private planes to honolulu tax free on the tax payers dimes. But go on


Back home we have one group that consistently produce more children than any other group.

Single mothers on welfare, more kids more money.

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Posted in: Families in Tokyo to get ¥5,000 per child to address falling birthrate See in context

Whatta finish. So exciting. The gov takin the lead in the Krooked race.

Got this story pipin hot off the grill straight to front page news too! Forget testing symptoms or takin patients, or stadiums and maintenance or whats that electricity cash grab costin you. Here's a foodstamp a month for the kids, thank me later.. after all 5000 yens better than zero. Pennies from egypt!

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Posted in: Public faces ¥1 bil annual maintenance bill for privatized National Stadium See in context


and fire it into the Sun!!

blueToday 09:16 am JST

It’s probably cheaper to tear it down.

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