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Posted in: Japanese senior vice finance minister apologizes for tax delinquency See in context

5th times a charm Kenji. UnSerious taxman.

Looters Dont…

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Posted in: Kishida to return part of salary amid backlash over planned pay raise See in context

So in a sense, everyone is responsible.

Huh What?

So then you mean everyone gets benefits just the same. Cus logic.

Like gettin 460,000 yen and 320,000 yen and all travel expense paid accounts and never fired for resultless talk make work and...

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Posted in: Japan ruling party tax chief exposes rift with Komeito over tax cuts See in context

shake the right hand- smack you with the left!

…never met a "also plans" I didnt not like

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan offers to set aside up to ¥10 bil in compensation fund See in context

He said the government request for a dissolution order is unacceptable “from the viewpoint of religious freedom and


get a grip tanaka! Who died and made you president?

Lotta big talk for this gang of never pay 1 yen tax, billions of yen to throw around, fraud volunteer voters and prey on the weak prayer circle. Totally Unserious dangerous looters. 10 yen bandit and pickles and beer got cuffed for way less. Apologies? Get outta here.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is determined to lead world toward cooperation, not division See in context

lips move. And... Action?!

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Posted in: Japan's inflation slows to 2.8% in Sept as energy impact lessens See in context


Right! Exactly.

2.8% + all that shrink percent = more like 28%. More like the real unbaked numbers isnt it?

Be serious.

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Posted in: Honda names new plane HondaJet Echelon; plans first flight in 2026 See in context

Made right in the USofA!

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Posted in: I was just trying to break the ice at the party, but as an elected official, I now realize I should be much more careful about what I say. See in context

Exactly what I said!

Wheres the LIE?

He's telling it like it is. Can't fault him for that.

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Posted in: Man convicted over viral video of sauce bottle licking at sushi chain See in context

-2 yrs suspends with remorse for Sushi licking… Whatever.

Better than minus suspends plus no remorse.

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Posted in: Transport ministry to penalize used car dealer Bigmotor over fraud See in context

Golf Balls Property destructions insurance fraud? Sounds kinda bad.

But nobody call the cops ! They got their hands full dealing with mr Pickles n Beer.

Heard he was hungry…

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Posted in: Okinawa pub posts 'Japanese only' admission sign based on some shaky logic See in context

People demanding to be let into these places they clearly are not welcome AND ONCE AGAIN to spend their own money… is nonsense. It’s not equal access to education or services or the right to live, it’s to get bad service that you have to pay for

At first I kInda gotta agree to a point. They wanna be like that, scrww em. Take pictures tell all yer friends never go there. But 40/60 language gray zone not some hate bar.

Signs gotta go for sure. Thats bad mojo to regular business nearby.

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Posted in: IMF lifts Japan's 2023 growth forecast to 2% on brisk inbound tourism See in context

Onmy way

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Posted in: All we can do is to deal with compensation claims while confirming them one by one. See in context

Uh oh. Cant even do the math Yoshida??? But we gotta trust yer gonna save the world…

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Posted in: Publishing exec gets suspended sentence over Tokyo Olympics bribery See in context

Toshiyuki Yoshihara, charged with paying 69 million yen to Haruyuki Takahashi, was given a two-year prison sentence, suspended for four years. That **means *he avoids prison, *as long as he doesn’t break the law in the next four years.

Hey this judge missed the part about…

and promises to pay back all that Loot with penalties and interests like tax dodgers.

-1 year Suspends. My favorite!

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Posted in: PR firm says it made Johnny's press conference reporter 'blacklist' See in context

Nothing Johnny's have done since the scandal blew up has demonstrated the tiniest bit of remorse or responsibility for the crimes they commited.

"We are unaware of the abuses Johnny commited. . . actually, yeah we did know"

Julie Fujishima steps down as company president, remains on the board, still owns 100% of the company, assigns someone who is accused of sexual abuse as the new president.

Starts a new company under a different name to whitewash the scandal.

You could sum up Johnny's reaction in one sentence. "Sorry we got caught. Sorry, not sorry." How about actual legal repercussions for their crimes? Is it too much to ask?

Good one!

Total PR sideshow from day one. So obvious.

"So called" reporters try pretend to report, clapping on command for jonnys pinstripes. Lame.

Probly makes sory not sori kinda jealous too. Made his wife talk more, then had to face 16 seconds of music…

Shoulda hired these guys pr writers and news stations.

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Posted in: Reports Sapporo will drop 2030 Winter Games bid draw mixed reaction See in context

$12.9 billion

quick! How many yens?

And hey, Hokkaidos got boatloads of appeal 51 yr old man.

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Posted in: Charges dropped again over death of detained Sri Lankan woman See in context

Japan is a country of laws, which are enforced...

Yea… sure… case by case

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating up girlfriend in parked car See in context

company employee + woman beater.


William_BlakeToday 01:28 pm JST

DisillusionedToday 09:23 am JST

Man arrested for beating up girlfriend in parked car

He is not a man. He is a cowardly thug.

Agreed, He's a very very naughty man.

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Posted in: Kishida's political groups misreported 2021 donations See in context

Such donations are prohibited by election law.

Do the crime ya do the ti- or take a bow… say sorry.

Simple stuff. Names Dates Places. Got it.

These smooth ones probly misremember whats for dinner last night...

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to seek court order to dissolve Unification Church See in context

Yamagami's mother is believed to have made donations totaling 100 million yen ($670,000)

Religious freedom to cash the checks protected by the tax man too.

Try and send 670000$ to yer paypal account and see how many red flags and papertrails land on your face while the bank freezes transactions to double check- anti social forces. Be SERIOUS

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Posted in: Japan zoo worker dies after apparent lion attack See in context

Jesu... RIP MR KATO 25 yrs of service

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Posted in: No tritium found in fish one month after Fukushima water release See in context


Japan should invite a CCP scientist to come and do some checks too

Take it all the way. Checks on live TV!

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Posted in: Japan to delay bill blocking sex offenders from working with children See in context

wake me up when its hankoe3x sealed and delivered

zzz Unserious business

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Posted in: Our group has been subjected to online slander and defamation since it was founded in June. See in context

Time to hire some online muscle.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Oligarchs?? Dear lord…..Anyway, Because it has nothing to do with them, it has everything to do with an insecure, inconsiderate, hopeless and annoying sociopath who’s ONLY mission life is to fly to a foreign country, spend thousands just to harass people that are minding their own business and you don’t see anything wrong with this situation? Sorry, don’t have a droplet of sympathy for this guy.

Like this.

So much cares about guy nobody cares about… almost like caring

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context


This guys sucha nobody. Totally local news.

Guess thats why cops all over it … tresspassin? Right...

need an ex prosecuter to wave a wand like… this is not teh Jonnies yer lookin for

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Posted in: IT giants warned over low pay to press in online news distribution See in context

Everytime i see "ensuring a fair and competitive environment"

Straight face. I cant keep it.

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Posted in: Johnny's agency sets up panel to compensate sexual assault victims See in context

More like panel for do the crime but don't do the time?

1 year volunteer donations?

Just stop the circus clown show already. Be serious stop whining

stop fake penalties and fake panels and face the music.

Nothing but excuses and pretend tears.

Quit actin like those Looters (x months salary + bows and promises)

Pay up!

But no. Its just double down on the name change thing with excuses like

but but "millions" of fans dont wanna change.

Almost like buncha boy band fans who love the pedo name are running the show nowadays.

Telling the cops, judges and private shareholder and press how to do their jobs.

Kid glove penalty.

365 days later… itll be back to GoTO let the Good times roll!!

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Posted in: Sompo Japan president to resign over Bigmotor insurance fraud scandal See in context

scared of the backlash?

Grow another pair shirakawa! Get back in the kitchen and sweat it out like a man.

Running away cops no where in sight. Prosecuters... LOL

Unserious shockwave of fade away Lootery.

Sory not sorry taught em well. All the rosy gold parachute party people jump with all the cash in pockets

and no penalty or prisontimes.

Good times.

Loyal customers just got cranked and shafts.

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Posted in: Head of Johnny's talent agency quits over abuse scandal See in context

Is that it?

hardcore crime gang just walkin around like todays just tuesday again?

No Cuffs, no crime charges, no state pen?

No cops cus why?

Ill tell you. SO called ex prosecuter is not real!!

Thats why.

So no news here.

Just Free stuff.

Totally unserious.

Free Fake bows to cameras. Free meet greet the new "boss". Free no questions no jailtime for old boss?

And wanna know what else is free?

Free Cheap crocodile tears. Penalty Free keep 100% shares…

Next time even I hear peep about "Whatabout carlos" Im pointing to "Whatabout"

this monster of the year show.

When the guiness world record guys gets more in week than all the Judges, media, investigators and prosecuters in Japan in 40 years…

its beyond bows and sorrys.

Big big big mammoth whale time problems.

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