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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

Don't be a victim

An absolute shambles

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

Different approach? Victims rights equally? Japan??? Oh yea, I get it now, being sarcastic arent ya. Punish criminals like, you mean the Looters, do "whatever they like", paradise, Pinstripe pant-leg parade, tax stashing, buyin, selling votes for my friends and family, censorship rules… type victims? That "one way" or the other way around?

Jus because a cuountry's justice takes different approach from yours— The victims of every crimes have equally human rights to be entitled including punish criminals

one way or the other

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka launching her own sports agency: report See in context

I wish her luck but is she going to break down at

4 time Grand Slam Champion.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

All I hear is "Team Kishida, somethin something- do it… fast!" Just doesn't add up.

Let's lookit the math here, ( Team Kishida ) x (something to be done) - No Loot - no Duh! - not his votes = only minus things! And that equals, just hurry up and don't do something.

As for the wolf

And the foreigners arguing for the Olympics to be cancelled only ended up shooting themselves in the foot. Not only did it not cause the cases to spike, trying to ban the event only fueled the rise of Xenophobia and rabid Covid hysteria.

Brings me to the wolfshine. Some big misses here..

it would have been reasonable to assume that Japan would open up to allow international visitors in during an INTERNATIONAL event (like that's the whole point LMAO),

Look harder. Yer missing the big point. The Loot. It was made. Game over and out.

Then we got the gasp terrible Delta variant, which, although being potentially the least deadly major wave in the Covid era, lead to Japan keeping the borders closed,

Diamond Princess Yokohama "circus times" enters the chat.

implementing a nearly year long State of Emergency and banning spectators from the games.

Yes take the Loot… then get to eat it too.

And the foreigners arguing for the Olympics to be cancelled only ended up shooting themselves in the foot. Not only did it not cause the cases to spike, trying to ban the event only fueled the rise of Xenophobia and rabid Covid hysteria.

Huh? Now I'm thinkin, whose payroll are you on? This part smells… like a Looter's coat pocket

Then we get to November. After announcing students and business travelers would finally be allowed in under very strict conditions after a year and a half, it only took two weeks for Kishida to panic and reverse course just like his predecessor when Omicron hit. Not only that but they wasted billions of dollars on a vaccine passport app that effectively has no use.

Arite! back on track. Wasted? Wasn't it just the plan the whole time? Tax paid billions, to my Loot buddies and stashed away for private spending. hey, Wanna take a wild guess who voted for it?

So no. I refuse to believe that they will keep their word. Japan, although not instituting a full lockdown or vaccine mandate, has unfortunately become just another country dominated by Clownvid hysteria.

You wanna know what to believe, just do the math follow the Loot.

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Posted in: How far has political correctness gone in Japan? See in context

Somebody here got a thing for sharks…? Lookin at you hoffman.

So, sorry, still not Sorry Mori gettin on his 1-year later poor poor "me" tour? Your tellin me he's finally payin some minions to throw around the shiny yens, and wash up his act. What 's all that tax fund Loot dinero he's got stashed safely away after backseat driving olmpic games? What is this weak knee clickbait?

Your tellin me this is the best PR all the mori Loot can buy? HAHAHA.

Stop wastin time and wasting wasted Loot on fake sorries. Nobody believes you.

You want respect. Be a man. Be strong. Do something like… not waste the tax / Loot and give back to real abuse victims for a change. SML

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Posted in: Sushi chains Sushiro and Kyotaru combine to make megastore, but we spot major oversight See in context

Flag looks Hungarian to me. Would'a thought theyd go more for the Italian sushi-sign thing.

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Posted in: Court rules police removal of Abe hecklers from speech illegal See in context

You don't say? ? Looters Dont Pay?

surprise surprise x2

They had filed criminal complaints against police officers, but prosecutors made a no-indictment decision.

Surprise surprise

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Posted in: Shot 9 times at New Zealand mosque, survivor walks for peace See in context

Hell of a forget me not. And dont forget the -'s

To quote my guy. I've got No sympathy. None.

Australian white supremacist Brenton Tarrant in 2020 pleaded guilty to 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism

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Posted in: Rattled by spectator's insult, Osaka loses at Indian Wells See in context

Good lads?

One things for sure when they do attack you, never apologize or they will make you pay for it until the day you die. I

If mild knights of mordor don't do it for ya I guess its… womens tennis? Some of these takes are inches away from an I love putin or fauci vaxx is killin me so don't be surprised. Be prepared. They want to make it all a fear factory so you gotta side line the guano talk and see the message for what it is. Anyhow, we all know Naomi is rich, a bit rich. Gets political even before all the dudes. Way talented and completely human. Now 99% of the - makers here are meltdown mode anytime the name comes up. Fragile rock.

painkillerMar. 16 12:16 pm JST


Good lads.

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Posted in: Nadal says players should be ready for heckling after Osaka exit See in context

Something smells. That's some Tweedle dee I hear?

2 words. Free speech. Unless the contract signed says something else, Naomis got all the rights to politics and social and cultural problems and religion and all the non tennis activities I care about. GO Tell the world!

Sister JaneMar. 15 04:58 pm JST

Perhaps if Naomi would keep her mouth shut on things she doesn't know about, Politics, Social and cultural problems, religion and other non tennis activities

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Posted in: Why is Japan stuck in a wage rise rut? See in context

Try this take on.

"Greed" Japan, my .3% friends. It's nothing but Looters rising under the sun!

Japan’s world-famous major corporations comprise a miniscule proportion – 0.3 percent – of the overall economy. “Small and mid-size companies” make up 99.7 percent. Many of them are struggling, some on the very edge of insolvency. Seventy percent of Japanese workers are employed by small businesses. Why? Greed. In Japan? Yes of course. That’s at least mostly why.

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Posted in: Shot 9 times at New Zealand mosque, survivor walks for peace See in context

…Uh we aren't idiots? 51 dead. Remember that part. Or is this some kinda simple math score pointing?

Australian white supremacist...

from a group made up of people

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Posted in: Kishida calls for unity at party convention to win upcoming election See in context

Whole lotta (gold silver platinum) lining those public paid for-deep pockets. IS it Tax (Fraud) time again?? Somebody call a forensic accountant, but not for me!!

That's what those watches mean.

You love to see it happen but it'll take some doing. Fancy speeches and seances, fiesty feelings won't bend this big greasy pole; the old old boys know it's all in the bag. Been a slimy skid since the friendly neighborhood pin stripe artists stumbled back in power like a zombie after 3 11.

Vote looting or Gerrymander, the bench looting or friends called Judges, tube looting oh yea, airwaves restricted to 24 hrs of one party-think. Makes you North K Kim took notes or is it, the other way around?

What a pic. Lootery on parade!

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Posted in: 77th anniversary of U.S. air raids See in context

I don't always see eye to eye with @Richard Gallagher takes..

the purposeful killing of civilians:

This happened.

Not really. Most of Japan's industrial facilities were located in and amongst residential areas, including densely packed cities like Tokyo, which is still often the case. Not a lot of zoning then, as well as now.

Save the kibble and bits trying to weasel out from it. Defenseless civilians in wooden boxes.

Mass mass murder with intent to murder with prejudice!

Intent to kill. Again, with prejudice.

I will call out these Looters that got left to fill the void, all day everyday. But this take is no better than they are. Tell it like it is. War criminals on both sides of it.

Curtis LeMay was responsible for the fire-bombing of Tokyo.

Not really.

So what now, don't like the truth so deny the man his due? LeMay s got a big reputation.

Winning by murdering less civilians.. dont remember that one being on the list.

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Posted in: Sake brand Dassai increases workers’ starting pay by over 40%, pledges to double salaries See in context

On trend. Move this needle.

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

It could always be worse.

Straw grabbing pearl clutching over some serial sex criminals and then crying because their broken future. “oh won’t anyone think of the child predator?”

Almost gets ya, teary eyed, hits you... right in the tender places.

Everything can possibly go wrong. Cannot disagree with the statement. But just because things go wrong doesnt mean we oughta kid glove these gargoyles Hard pass on the fear factor my amigo. Thanks for the tip-off though. If what you say is true. These monsters are 100x more deadly and dangerous than I thought.

There's no time for any lame, candy a... teartment.

Microchip em, barcode em, collar em, never let em out of plain sight without a tracker. They can only use sex offender smartphones and apps know who they are so no more SNS grooming! Soon as they get near the daycare-

Light em up!

Cobble up some tax yens for the new uniforms, start doing the rounds, drop by at odd hours, send an nhk guy undercover with tasers and paint guns, get creative. Do whatever it takes.

Always let these ghouls know they’re being watched everyday, everywhere they go. They’ll get used to it.

That'll rehab em.

> TuxedoMichaelToday 08:05 am JST

The system "could lead to the offender becoming a social outcast," GOOD!!


A sex offender being made a social outcast (pariah) may go through negative changes of behaviour and could even become aggressive, more dangerous and even resort to far worse acts of violence (i.e.: Robbery, Murder, Terrorism)!

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Posted in: Reporting the number of tests taken has been bogged down because health care organizations are overwhelmed. See in context

Unnamed kanagawa "official" bit later than never getting the word out. Thanks I guess.

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Posted in: Taye Diggs writes a children's book about racial injustice See in context

HAHA Good one. Let me try…

"Daddy, why can't you stop telling lies?"

Darnit junior… why? You wanna know why?? Because you can't handle the truth is why!!


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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

Face it (Let us) GoTo Japan movement isn't gonna cut it where it counts.

No way Go to Travel doesn't have first dibs the whole touristy thing cus Well

Looters 1st!! So go ahead paint your sign, post a youtube rant, find a japanese friend to translate…

but your gonna better off just mailing in your taxes and donations in advance,

that'll soften em up. or better yet while your at it…

since you didnt want to face the truth about what your getting into- let me spell it out for ya...

It aint Marioland, Its not some animal crossing farm park or sailor moon theme song..

No. You ask why, but it doesnt matter. It is Japan.

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Posted in: ABC suspends Whoopi Goldberg over Holocaust race remarks See in context

Might and Magic


What is 'race' anyway?

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Posted in: Suspect in Osaka clinic fire may have copied animation studio arson See in context

here, another freebie. Sprinklers shminklers, sources reported govt throws 25 trillion ¥ party for the GOTO grift and games. What's 24 innocents to 25 trillion ¥ ? If they stop pretending and funnel some of their dosh back to the 61 yr old men livin on a thought / prayer out of work and out of options and fs to give, well maybe you save a few ppl along the way from copycat postal terrorism. Or split some of that GOTO siphon with the psychology testing screening service for angry toxic young men. Or forget it. You love the trauma, so just keep on votin for these old men… Ho ho Anshin anzen- you live by the sword …

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Posted in: Police search house of man linked to deadly Osaka fire See in context

And don't forget to remember, better check twice all workplace storage areas, missing fire suppressors, broken - non escape windows, non smoke detectors, smoke pits such and such. Unemployment lines, wife beater reports etc ( for other disgruntled dangerous pyros about to go postal..)

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Posted in: Police search house of man linked to deadly Osaka fire See in context

This from an unidentified source: Likely a serial arsonist who committed other types of arrestable crime.

Oh yea, and according to professionals in the field "pyromania" doesnt cut it as "impulse disorder."

So there's your answers … any fresh cop outs?

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Posted in: Arson suspected after 24 confirmed dead in Osaka clinic fire See in context

Good on the EMT! Really hope they pull through.

Tragic. I’m working in a building just across Yotsubashi-suji from the scene, so I saw things unfold on my way to work and from a window before I started work. Smelled the smoke, saw an EMT giving CPR to someone,

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Posted in: Gov't to pay damages over bureaucrat's suicide linked to Abe scandal See in context

Like a made for tv movie. Netflix THIS! HaLooters hardcore. the mob- pure entertainment.

Look at how these old guys run things. They get Tax payers to write off their criminal actions.

Looter's Courts/ Looter's Ministry. Hands deep dirt.

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Posted in: Gov't to offer unused Abenomasks to local governments See in context

Ahhh, Looters. D.on't P.ay.

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Posted in: Japan's military, among world's strongest, looks to build See in context

The current arc, arming & increasing Japan's military, is aimed at provoking war, not defense. A fool's errand undertaken by old men willing to sacrifice others to enhance their own power.

A point made. All about the loot. Fight over wins for owners-buyers-suppliers.

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Posted in: Japan will no longer allow foreign students to buy duty-free goods See in context

Pretty obvious. Looters Don't Pay… you don't say?

As in pay their share if they can ever help it because… that's just the game.

Games and Governmint of old men who don't twitch a nose hair at ol paydirt mask looting, and paydirt warehouse storage fee looting and GOTO corona looting and COOl japan loot and Limpics.. lol

Too many "voters" on the "take" getting off on reading about students and 10% fees...

Only reason this is in the good ol newspaper..

Is pretty obvious they would buy large bulks and send them back to their homeland for a increase price. This practice isn't new. It been around for decades.

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Posted in: Supermarket employee stabbed in Tokyo See in context

Time for some action. Keep Fruit-cakes away from the fruit knife.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested after throwing shopping cart from roof of Osaka store See in context

Get it on camera and that makes it all right? You got all the ifs and buts now but take a walmart cart to the ol tic toc and I betcha you'll be singing holy hellfire then...

The girls were detained at a nearby park. Police said one of the girls filmed the incident on her smartphone.

Sounds like teenage stupidity more than attempted murder. I would not be at all surprised if this was TicToc related.

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