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Posted in: Toyota recalls 690,000 pickups in U.S. over fire risk See in context

Toyota should recall all their cars and stop making them. There seems to be recalls from this company quite often.

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Posted in: Murdered girl's rucksack found in suspect's apartment See in context

I hope he sheds more light on the subject for, well, everyone's sake. This case really needs some closure. And I truly hope the young girl had a painless death (before the other bad things happened to her), although it is highly unlikely.

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Posted in: 'Street view' goes undersea to map reefs, wonders See in context

I hope this encourages people to go and see it in person, rather than just from their PC. Traveling, exploring, seeing the world is fun, and educational. You meet people of all races and religions and realize how good most people are, instead of being fed prejudice, biased and negative opinions from people who need to animate the truth just to get their shit read. Whoa..! Slow down there self. Too much?!

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Posted in: Japan teen murder accused 'kept cat's head in fridge' See in context

A country with one of the lowest crime rates... but also with a high unreported crime rate. Just ask Osaka.

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Posted in: FIFA to complete report on 2018 and 2022 World Cup host bids by June 9 See in context

Give it to Australia. They have never hosted a world cup but already have the facilities to do so. It's also a safe, friendly country and has plenty of local support for the world game. Last year in a friendly between Melbourne and Liverpool around 100,000 spectators filled the stadium. 100,000! For a club friendly!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for throwing 10-month-old daughter against wall See in context

I hope the daughter fully recovers and the mother isn't allowed custody of her child. Hopefully the father has more senses or they can find a loving, adopting family to take care of her.

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Posted in: AKB48 attack forces rethink on how handshake events are held See in context

One incident, overboard reaction.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for disposing of remains of 5 dogs in cardboard box in Sapporo park See in context

Horrific. The unimaginable suffering these poor animals went through. I know it is wrong but sometimes I/we wish that the criminals are given the same punishment as their victims (or at least part of it). I think this is one of those cases.

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Posted in: Gov't to revise road and location signs to assist foreign tourists See in context

Expressways are often trouble. The sign for the turn off is often right at the turn off, not at some distance before making it very hard or dangerous to make the turn in time.

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Posted in: Honda unveils new concept motorbikes See in context

Ugly. Good luck selling that in abroad.

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Posted in: Stronger regulations suggested for bento street vendors See in context

How about a food hygiene supervisor for every restaurant. Also review what the word 'hygiene' means. I've seen some pretty unhygienic restaurants here and most staff aren't trained in food handling/hygiene either.

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

The only reason for this government to revisit the apology should be to make it better.

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Posted in: Bullying suspected as cause of 16-year-old boy's suicide See in context

Not to sound hardhearted or anything but I'm wondering if students are seeing these suicides in the media and it is encouraging them to do so themselves. Giving them an escape from their difficult lives. Bullying is bad, but I wonder if it is the straw that broke the camels back. Students here really need another outlet. Counseling, mentors, etc.

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Posted in: Gaming magnate Adelson bets on himself to win Japan's casino race See in context

If the bill passes let Japanese companies have a major stake in the casinos built. The money needs to stay in Japan. Or let people buy shares into them.

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Posted in: Desperate singles fall for apartment fraud See in context

Did you know if you say the word gullible really slowly it sounds like oranges?

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy missing in Hokkaido since last December See in context

Was his disappearance made public earlier? Or just now? I agree with BuBuBu's comment. Why did it take the police 2 months to determine he isn't a runaway? if that was my child I would be furious that more wasn't done til now. At least in the way of publicity. I hope they young man is safe.

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Posted in: Japan may review study on WWII sex slavery See in context

Better late than never... as long as they are careful about what they say about it.

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Posted in: SMAP to collaborate on Nihonbashi Project See in context

SMAP and Arashi should collaborate on building a rocket ship that takes them far away from television so when I flick through all the TV channels I don't see one of their faces.

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Posted in: University student arrested for posting naked pictures of 13-year-old girl See in context

Some people in this world just need to get their ass kicked. Repetitively.

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Posted in: Woman in serious condition after her car hit by train See in context

Glad her daughter was basically unharmed. Very lucky!

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Posted in: China dashes Hollywood's hopes for greater access in 2014 See in context

This way their bootlegging of DVDs can still prosper.

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context

I don't have any issues with Americans or the military but I wouldn't want ANYONE forcing themselves into my area, my hometown, my livelihood, under and circumstances.

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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

Who cares if Japan signs the TPP or not. Well done celebrities for making the awful dolphin hunts more public. Hopefully more Japanese people will become aware of the cruelty in Taiji and help rally against it.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

It's simple. Japan can simply not admit its mistakes nor handle shame. Any English teacher should know this well because so many students just pretend to understand when they don't.

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Posted in: Missing Sapporo girl rescued from confinement; man arrested See in context

He was probably influenced in someway by the manga he reads himself. Some strange stuff out there! Great that the neighbor acted on instinct and phoned the police. Well done!

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for fatally abusing 1-month-old daughter See in context

Japan is full of wonderful, caring people but I think sometimes we forget that there are plenty of scumbags here too. I am also curious as to how much education about parenthood is taught to people here. Any idea?

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Posted in: Tohoku needs visitors See in context

I've talked about this to foreigners residing in Japan, and Japanese people. Most of them still worry that the government may be covering up (or just not mentioning) potential risks.

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Posted in: Biden spent hour on phone asking Abe not to visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

After hearing this I've lost even more respect for Abe, and faith in the J-gov, which to some, may reflect on Japan as a whole. Continually ignoring international advice, pleas and problems may result in something very bad happening which will affect everyone other than people like Abe and his pals. For the people Abe. Listen to the people and do it for the people.

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Posted in: Innovative bra cannot be unhooked without true love, say makers See in context

People are spending money on making rubbish like this which could be spent for Tsunami victims or a billion other worthy causes.

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Posted in: FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over animal cruelty See in context

Good decision so cancel it, but who's bright idea was it to create the bento? Cruelty to animals is something that needs to be taught about more in Japan. Those tiny cages for animals in pet shops, and even at zoos where there is so much space around and wide paths to walk on, but the enclosures have very little space... this disgusts me. I feel so sorry for those animals.

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