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Posted in: Meghan Markle urges tabloid shake-up after second privacy win See in context

In the last sentence it mentions that Markle apologized for lying to the court. Sounds like she has zero high ground here.

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Posted in: Elle says it will drop fur from magazines worldwide See in context

Fur is warmer and more comfortable than synthetics.

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Posted in: Laos opens Chinese-built railway line See in context

Laos is a communist country so this is understandable. Hopefully Cambodia and Malaysia have better sense.

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Posted in: Auckland reopens as New Zealand tries new virus approach See in context

Israel tried this same tactic and it is a failure. Why? Because the vaccines don’t work to prevent covid cases or transmission. They only temporarily reduce the symptoms.

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Posted in: GM venture to build North American battery chemical plant See in context

Where will they get their nickel, cobalt, and aluminum? There are very few North American mines for those metals.

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Posted in: Omicron unravels travel industry's plans for a comeback See in context

Omicron didn’t do this, the government’s knee-jerk overreaction did it.

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Posted in: OPEC+ to meet under pressure from Biden and Omicron See in context

OPEC has Biden over a barrel and everyone knows it.

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Posted in: Author Alice Sebold apologizes to man cleared in 1981 rape See in context

Another MeToo fiasco.

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Posted in: South Korea's daily virus jump exceeds 5,000 for first time See in context

Better get them their booster shots, and fast!

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Posted in: Joy as Fiji reopens borders to international tourists See in context

They haven’t locked down against Omicron until everyone gets a few booster shots?

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Posted in: Black Eyed Peas frontman defies Israel boycott calls See in context

Don’t bend to threats from fascist leftists.

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Posted in: Ski jumper Kobayashi tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Sounds like he needs those booster shots.

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Posted in: Nissan investing in electric vehicles, battery development See in context

Japanese mining companies need to gain some ownership in lithium and graphite mines or else Japanese automakers will continue to have to rely on Chinese producers for their battery metals.

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Posted in: Barbados will spur others to ditch the queen: experts See in context

This is another sign at just how badly Meghan and Harry have damaged the image of the monarchy.

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Posted in: Calm returns to Solomons capital after deadly riots See in context

First of all, the country shouldn’t have locked down its borders and crushed their own economy.

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Posted in: Channel deaths fuel UK-France tensions over migrant boats See in context

Globalism is a deadly political movement for one thing it encourages mass migrations through dangerous environments.

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Posted in: France opts for 3rd shots, not lockdown, to fight new wave See in context

Why are boosters needed if the shots are supposed to be effective?

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Posted in: Samsung to build $17 bil chip plant in Texas See in context

More winning for Republican-run states.

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Posted in: Asian stocks mixed after Fed says ready to act on inflation See in context

Capitalism is not obsolete, it just needs people in government who know what they’re doing, like Trump. Inflation was under control until the recent regime change in the US.

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Posted in: UK royals attack 'overblown' BBC documentary See in context

Looks like the BBC is trying to repair some of the damage that Meghan and Harry did to their reputations but I don’t think it will work.

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Posted in: Trans Netflix workers drop labor complaint but one resigns See in context

Huge defeat for the radical trans activism fascists and big win for free speech and common sense.

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Posted in: U.S. retailers cheery about holiday season despite inflation See in context

Bank savings accounts are higher right now because people reduced their spending during the pandemic. However, this holiday season would likely have seen even better sales without Bidenflation.

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Posted in: Santana blast tilts Japan Series balance in Swallows' favor See in context

Why are they playing in the Tokyo Dome rather than their home field?

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Posted in: Rittenhouse verdict flies in the face of legal standards for self-defense See in context

This article’s title contradicts what the article actually says, which is that Rittenhouse did, indeed, act in self-defense.

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Posted in: Europe's COVID crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated See in context

If the vaccines are so effective, why do articles like this continue to claim that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated?

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Posted in: Rittenhouse, cleared in protester deaths, says self-defense 'not illegal' See in context

This trial verdict is very important because, for one thing, it informs leftists that they cannot continue to burn down cities and attack people with impunity. When a Democratic-run city like Kenosha won’t let its police force maintain order, brave Patriots like Rittenhouse will step up. Notice that there haven’t been anymore riots in Kenosha since this incident.

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Posted in: Biden turns 79 after getting clean bill of health See in context

Will he release the results of his cognitive function test as Trump did?

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Posted in: Austria to enter lockdown, bring in mandatory vaccinations See in context

Fascism takes many forms.

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Posted in: Japan envoy says U.S. sought help to free journalist in Myanmar See in context

The Trump administration wouldn’t have needed to ask for help to get him freed.

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Posted in: Wikipedia editor 'warriors' fight lies, bigotry and even Nazis See in context

It’s very quick and easy to revert a Wikipedia article back to an earlier version. So, it means that Coffman and these other Internet activists are stuck in a Sysphusian trap of constantly watching those articles for the rest of their lives.

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