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Posted in: Japan's rising sun flag removed from classroom at Canadian school See in context

I really liked the flag but my Japanese wife said that it is associated with old school thinking and its like the German flag for Hitler and his way. I never got the tattoo. We still have to admit its a good looking flag. And it is just a FLAG

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

It starts from birth. All kids hear and see is English is a joke on TV with their Idols and then they see their mom N dad say I can't do it and it's too hard . Teachers dont speak English. I met a so called teacher with her Masters in English that couldn't speak. When it comes time to learn English they have given up long before they even started. The parents need to wake up and treat learning English like Kanji. First 3years of school 360 characters 1600 before Jr high but 26 letters and 42 sounds is too hard cuz it's really okay not to learn and God forbid we loose are culture.

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