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Posted in: Russia-Poland feud over history clouds Auschwitz anniversary See in context

The Polish authorities only did what provoked the Russians. And the Russians answered them shortly. The Poles have been responding to the short phrase about their ambassador for a month now.

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Posted in: Putin says he 'sympathized' with Trump before U.S. election See in context

Something the Democrats,as always, all distorted. Ukraine intervened in the elections on the side of Clinton,which by the way was proved by the Kiev court, all this is freely available. But the old dogs of the cold war are going out of their way to accuse trump and the Russians,without any evidence.Bravo.

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Why don't they find a solution for normalized relationship and make a peace with neighbors?

Russia and Ukraine have always competed for Europe's attention.Ukraine saw Russia as a rival. After communism,the Ukrainian authorities failed to build a prosperous country and to somehow justify their failure incited nationalism,which clearly put Russia bad. In addition, America and England generously sponsor Russophobes, they will never allow Ukraine to be friends with Russia. Always where American money comes to there is a bright Russophobia and hatred of the Russians (Baltic States,Poland,Ukraine,Georgia).The Ukrainian government realized that it can make money on Russophobia and continued to incite hatred of Russia.

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Aircraft MH 17 is the most that neither is an operation under a false flag. Why is this plane so special? In 2001, the Ukrainians shot down a civilian plane and there was no such hype and did not put anyone in. But then the plane deviated from the route towards the fighting because of the Ukrainian and German dispatchers, they were punished? No. Immediately they began to accuse Russia, although it was not side of the conflict. It was a well-thought-out operation by the Americans to introduce sanctions.

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the Japanese are manipulating the facts "in order to conceal from the international community the present conditions specified in the declaration and to turn the situation in their favor. The USSR authorities, as a gesture of goodwill, were ready to give Shikotan Island and the Habomai rock group. To do this, Tokyo was required to document documenting Moscow that Japan would never enter into international agreements against the Soviet Union. The corresponding condition was included in the 1956 declaration. However, some time later, the Land of the Rising Sun concluded an agreement on military cooperation with the United States, which automatically annulled a document signed with the USSR.

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