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Clayton K. Char comments

Posted in: Trump calls for more from Japan as security pact turns 60 years old See in context

It's time for the people of Japan to decide if they still want the presence of U.S. military on their native soil. If yes, they will need to pay for it. If no, we will leave.

National security for the U.S. and its allies has been the reason for our presence across the world. Is this still a valid reason? Why can't our allies provide for their own defense instead of relying on the U.S.?

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Posted in: New Trump rule targets poor and could cut legal immigration in half, advocates say See in context

Unless you have refugee status, you must show a means of support to immigrate to the U.S. The alternative is to have a sponsor who will support you. The days of anyone without means of support are over. The U.S. is not the only country who has this prerequisite. It's just that we haven't been strictly enforcing it.

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Posted in: Defying critics, Trump salutes military in pomp-filled July 4 celebration See in context

A fitting tribute to our uniformed military, Border Patrol and ICE which has been long overdue. Contrary to the MSM, patriotism is on the upswing. We are proud to be Americans and take pride in our country.

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

Cohen is lying. The hush payments were not illegal. Hush payments are made all the time. If the payments were made from a political campaign fund and there is incontrovertible evidence, they would be violations. Violations result in fines. In other words, no jail time.

Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion and lying to Congress. The anti-Trumpers want you to believe that the hush money payments were a crime.

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Posted in: Trump's U.S. loses role as Mideast peace mediator See in context

It isn't over until it's over. Obama had 8 years and failed!

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Posted in: U.S. to cut $25 mil in aid to hospitals serving Palestinians See in context

"This is not the formula for peace building..." Was the current formula working? $25 million and what in return? Absolutely nothing?

Only the U.S. would continue giving financial aid year after year and get nothing in return. It's called diplomacy by the elitists.

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Posted in: No shove, but Trump body language speaks to frosty relations during NATO events See in context

Trump is correct, the dedicated gas pipeline between Russia and Germany is a deal with the devil. Once completed, Russian will have total control of the energy which powers Europe. Leftist will say that this will not happen because Russia can be trusted. Wasn't it just recently when Russia shut off the existing pipeline which runs through the Ukraine to teach the Ukranians a lesson?

As for NATO, only 5 members of the 29 members alliance are spending 2% of their GDP on their military. Other U.S. presidents have noted this but Trump is making an issue of it. You would have thought that Germany one of the most successful member in the alliance was meeting its financial obligation. However, it has been reported that the majority of the air force is grounded and their infantry had to use broomsticks for simulated rifles in a military exercise.

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Posted in: Trump wants those who 'invade' sent right back without appearing before judge See in context

Due process for aliens who illegally cross into your country? What section in the U.S. Constitution guarantees due process for aliens who illegally cross our borders?

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Posted in: Aiming at Trump strongholds, Mexico hits back with trade tariffs on U.S. products See in context

Why doesn't anyone comment on the negative effects to the Mexican consumer? Will they stop eating U.S. pork and stop drinking U.S. bourbon?

When the U.S. government mandated ethanol from food corn to be blended in gasoline, the price to tortillas in Mexico jumped from 75 cents to $1.50. Our corn farmers made out while the Mexican consumers were shafted.

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Posted in: N Korea using Olympics to drive wedge between U.S., Japan, S Korea See in context

Is this a joke? You mean all it takes is a joint participation in the Olympics and the attendance of Kim Jong Un's sister to drive a wedge? This is absurd!

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Posted in: 14 Security Council members criticize U.S. action on Jerusalem See in context

In addition to moving our embassy to Jerusalem, we should remove ourselves from the UN because the it is a joke. Since its inception in 1945, what has the UN done to ensure world peace? Is it accomplishing its mission? In other words, it the world more peaceful?

The UN has become a public forum for bashing the US. What is most ironic is that the US pays the largest share to finance the UN and the land it sits on was donated by the US.

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Posted in: Top court finds charging subscription fee for NHK broadcasts constitutional See in context

Is NHK using the public airwaves to broadcast their signal or using cable? If the signal is broadcast over the public airwaves and not encrypted, the use of the pubic airwaves is free not private.

If the signal is encrypted and over cable and people are using black boxes to illegally capture the signal, it would be considered theft.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear commander says he would resist 'illegal' order for strike See in context

Fake news! The MSM would have you believe that Trump will in the near future order a preemptive strike on North Korea because Trump is irrational. However, this is far from the truth. Trump has backed Kim Jong Un into a corner waiting for him to make an offensive move i.e. launch a missile at the U.S. or one of its allies.

With 3 carrier groups, nuclear submarines, and who knows what else on alert status in theater, it's up to Kim Jong Un to decided if he wants total destruction of his country.

Has anyone noticed that Kim Jong Un has disappeared from public view. He's probably hiding in an underground bunker for fear of assassination by one of his own people.

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Posted in: Trump reviews military forces in South Korea See in context

It's time for the South Korean people to man up. Do something about your crazy neighbor to the north instead of letting the U.S. do all of the heavy lifting.

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Posted in: Formula 1 champion Hamilton avoided taxes on jet: leaks See in context

In the U.S. tax avoidance is legal, but tax evasion is not. Don't know if it is the same in the U.K.

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Posted in: Nearly 40% of LDP candidates back U.S. military action against N Korea See in context

The headline is very mis-leading. Are we talking about a pre-emptive strike by the United States on North Korea? If yes, this is not an option for the United States unless it is supported by the Security Council of the United Nations. Obviously, the Security Council will never approve this option with Russia and China sitting on the council.

However, if North Korea strikes the United States and/or any of its allies, the United States under the leadership of President Trump will respond. Whether or not Kim Jong Un believes this is anybody's guess. He never believed it with Obama and that's how and why we are in this grave situation.

He's already tested Japan and knows that Japan will do nothing about ICBM's flying over their country.

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Posted in: Republican lawmakers rally around Sessions as Trump intensifies pressure See in context

Without a single shot fired across his bow by either a Democrat or Republican, Sessions voluntarily surrendered by recusing himself from the Russia/Trump investigation. What a bonehead move!

If in fact there was collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, what are the allegations and what evidence has been discovered/uncovered to prove that a crime was committed and who was the crime against? Cite the law which was broken.

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

"two U.S. officials with knowledge of the situation said on Monday."

Who are these U.S. officials disclosing this information and why are they disclosing it? Is it because they are true patriots? We now know why Washington D.C. is referred to as the swamp.

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Posted in: In legal battles against travel ban, Trump’s own statements are his worst enemy See in context

The judge's decision should have been based only on the legal language of the Executive Order and the oral arguments presented in court. To include statements made outside of the court room and in the heat of a political campaign should not have entered into the decision making.

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Posted in: Nissan declines talks with union after Mississippi rally See in context

With all of the government-backed laws both Federal and State protecting workers why would anyone need a union?

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Posted in: Asian media decry isolationist Trump, fear economic, diplomatic turmoil See in context

Putting our nation first! This is what all nations do. It doesn't matter whether it's Japan, Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the European countries.

If you don't put your nation first, what nation do you put first?

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Posted in: Japan Inc warns of global trade contraction under Trump presidency: poll See in context

Free trade is not fair trade. Trump is for free and fair trade. The U.S. trade problem is with China, not Japan. Running a trade deficit of over $800 billion dollars with China is not fair trade.

Trump will put an end to this one-sided balance of trade.

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Posted in: Obama calls refugee plight 'crisis of epic proportions' See in context

Obama is partly responsible for creating this crisis of epic proportions. His decision to remove our military forces from Iraq and for backing the rebels in Syria have caused this crisis.

Our allies in the Middle East will have nothing to do with the refugees. Why is this?

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Posted in: U.S. agrees to waive restrictions on Japanese military component imports See in context

The Japanese are known for the quality in whatever they produce. Precision and adherence to tight specifications are their forte. Now the U.S. will have weapons which will hit their target within less than a meter instead of 3 meters.

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Posted in: Electing Trump would be 'historic mistake,' Clinton declares See in context

Now the excitement begins. The way is open for Trump to start a full-scale assault on the Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. If Bill and Chelsea join in the fray, Trump will have a field day with Bill's past and Chelsea's husband and father-in-law.

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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

What happened in Nanking was a massacre committed by the Japanese military. Their brutality matched that of present day ISIS.

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Posted in: Korean A-bomb victims angered by Obama's Hiroshima visit See in context

Our desperately seeking a legacy President has opened up a can of worms by visiting Hiroshima. He is excellent example of being ignorant of foreign relations and its ramifications. Was it his super ego agreeing to this visit or John Kerry's idea?

The DAV and VFW should be outraged at this decision. He has opened up old wounds.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

Obama's planned visit to Hiroshima is a big mistake. His visit will re-open wounds which have taken the past 75 years to heal.

The Japanese may have valid gripes/rage about what the United States did to their country to end the war, but the Americans have a stronger argument about the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

President Truman's goal/objective was to end the war as quickly as possible. Judging from the fierce Japanese defense of Iwo Jima, a quick surrender by the Japanese wasn't going to happen. It took a second bomb on Nagasaki to convince the Japanese to surrender. The first bomb on Hiroshima was not convincing enough.

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Posted in: Trump says he's open to raising taxes on wealthy Americans See in context

In terms of affordability, the rich definitely have the ability to pay more in taxes and still have disposable income to spare.

It's the middle-class which is being squeezed by the rising costs of food, shelter (own or rent), healthcare, transportation, etc. Their disposable income has not recovered from the economic recession of 2008.

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Posted in: Trump's open path to nomination causes agony for some in GOP See in context

Unless you're a beltway insider, you have nothing to fear of a Trump presidency. Trump will be going after the insiders who have been feeding at the government trough for decades to the detriment of the American people They are the politicians both Democratic and Republican, the lobbyists who represent Wall Street, major corporations, foreign governments, lifetime bureaucrats (IRS, EPA, DOJ, etc.). Your days are numbered!

Think of the current Federal Government as a ship about to sink because it is overloaded. In real life, the first ones to leave a sinking ship are the rats.

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