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Clayton K. Char comments

Posted in: History says tariffs rarely work, but Biden’s 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs could defy the trend See in context

Quick to act on the threat of a potential invasion of cheap Chinese-made EV's, but slow to respond to illegal aliens crossing our southern borders at will. Another major milestone for President Biden's horrible legacy.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

In Hawaii, local residents often get a kamaaina discount on their purchases. It has been going on for decades and not only in restaurants.

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Posted in: Testimony begins in lawsuit accusing Japanese police of racial profiling See in context

Does the Japanese Constitution prohibit the police from unlawful search and seizures unless there is probable cause?

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Posted in: Philippine protesters trample on Xi effigy; condemn China's maritime 'aggression' See in context

Now that they have the U.S. protecting their backs, they can act tough?

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

A peace treaty between Russia and Japan? Is this a belated April Fool's Day joke on the part of Putin?

Can Putin really be trusted to honor a peace treaty?

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Posted in: Fukui court allows 5 aging nuclear plants to continue operations See in context

Is the service period for a reactor based on science or is it arbitrary? Exactly which parts degrade and deteriorate over time and can't be replaced?

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Posted in: Japan approves plan to sell fighter jets to other nations in latest break from pacifist principles See in context

The world is getting to dangerous to remain a pacifist nation especially when you are in the middle of the disputed area, the South China Sea.

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Posted in: Australia defends its U.S. ambassador, Kevin Rudd, after Trump attack See in context

"he has called Trump a “traitor to the West” and the “most destructive president in history.”"

He who throws stones first should expect stones in return.

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Posted in: U.S. resumes Osprey flights in Japan 3 months after deadly crash See in context

""There is no problem in the design and structure of Ospreys" and the accident was caused by a defect in specific parts of the aircraft, the ministry said."

And the specific parts shall remain unamed?

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Posted in: China pledges to increase opportunities for foreign companies as it seeks to boost its economy See in context

It's called an about face. Xi's get tough on foreign businesses and investments have resulted in their flight. This has led to vacant factories and mass unemployment.

Will foreign businesses and investments return, probably not? They have already fled to friendly neighboring countries who have welcomed them with open arms.

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Posted in: 2 Filipinos face murder charge over bodies found under Tokyo home See in context

And killing is the answer? Race of the assailants is not a factor. It's the dark side of all human behavior.

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Posted in: Baseball superstar Ohtani announces marriage to Japanese woman See in context

Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you.

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

EV's are not the panacea to solving the problem of climate change. Only now automotive experts are beginning to see the downside of EV's as the population of EV's increases.

In additions to vehicles fires, insufficient or defective charging stations, premature tire wear, and higher insurance premiums, a new problem of weak road barriers and multi-deck parking garages unable to handle the added weight of EV's.

Will our existing freeways and highways need to be upgraded in the interest of public safety and at what costs?

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

Sorry, you are not living in the U.S. You are living in Japan and the Japanese can do as they please unless their Diet passes a law against it.

Japan has a homogenous society and wishes to remain that way. However, change is coming due to depopulation and aging. A major crisis is just around the corner and their only viable solution involves immigration.

Young Japanese are not getting married and having children. It's become a ticking time bomb for Japanese society.

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Posted in: Trump vows to block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. Steel if he's elected See in context

What happened to the movement to bring back and/or keep strategic materials manufacturing in the U.S.?

Can it still be owned buy foreign interests or it has to be owned U.S. interests?

That is the question?

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Posted in: Carbon-cutting benefit of cookstoves vastly overestimated: study See in context

Fake science strikes again!

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Posted in: Failed 4th downs contribute to blown lead for Lions in NFC title game loss to 49ers See in context

You got into the playoffs due to your aggressive style of playing during the regular season.

Do you change your style because it is a playoff game?

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Posted in: Hong Kong court orders liquidation of China's Evergrande See in context

China's economic bubble has burst. The economic powerhouse was built on a foundation of sand.

Does China still want to reunify with Taiwan? Do they need Taiwan to bail them out?

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim says military should 'thoroughly annihilate' U.S., S Korea if provoked See in context

Such big talk coming from Kim. Is he yearning for more news coverage from the international press or trying to divert his peoples' attention from their perpetual starvation and suffering? Maybe both?

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Posted in: With eye on 'if Trump wins' scenario, Japan weighs committing to its own defense See in context

"In a departure from Trump's first administration which ran from 2017 to 2021 and had "decent" people who saw a need to strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance and U.S. defense posture in the Indo-Pacific region, Kotani believes "we would see weakening U.S. commitment to defending" Japan in a second term."

The "decent" people were leftovers from the Obama administration who were disloyal to Trump and had their own agenda.

WWII ended in 1945 and the occupation of Japan ended in April 28, 1952. The year is now 2023, why do we still have U.S. military stationed in Japan? Isn't it time that our allies defend their own countries.

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Posted in: Man arrested after sneaking into woman’s apartment and washing her lingerie See in context

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, he can achieve.

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Posted in: Toyota posts record global output, sales in April-Sept period See in context

Toyota is one of the few automakers who did not "bet the house" on manufacturing EV's. They have been building Hybrids for over decades and selling them at prices car buyers can afford.

Is anyone surprised at the recent announcements from Ford, GM, and others that they will be scaling back production of EV's and EV battery plants due to the oversupply of EV's in the market?

$100,000 for a Ford Lighting EV truck? President Biden and his push to green renewable energy with free government handouts to the automakers who bought it hook line and sinker. How will Ford recover from losing over $4.3 billion dollars on EV manufacturing?

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Posted in: WTO warns of 'first signs' of trade deglobalization See in context

Globalization only works if all nations get along when it come to trading and free trade. However, its not going to happen because humans are involved.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

Human nature being what it is, don't come means come. The Mayor should prepare his city for a much larger turnout this year.

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Posted in: Apple loses about $200 billion in market capitalization on reports of iPhone restrictions in China See in context

Too much emphasis is being placed on market capitalization. Does it really affect long-term shareholders? However, it does affect CEO compensation.

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Posted in: Commerce Secretary says U.S. firms complain China is 'uninvestible' See in context

Bullying foreign investors and businesses will not instill confidence and ignore risks. Whether it is deliberate or not, China is not winning friends and influencing enemies.

China's domestic economy is deteriorating and their people are starting to suffer. How much longer can they let the suffering go on? Beating war drums on the need to face the imperialist U.S. can only distract the peoples' attention for only so long. The government needs to do something to bail out the over-extended provinces and provide relief to their people.

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Posted in: Over 7,200 Japan firms employing foreign trainees broke law, gov't says See in context

Apparently the practice of good business ethics is not a Japanese trait.

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

Although they won't admit it in public, China's economy is in a state of decline and the future doesn't look bright. There is no good domestic news coming out of China. The communist government has overextended itself and the national debt has reached a borderline.

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Posted in: Japanese economic growth for April-June smashes expectations See in context

It has been reported that the EV market has hit a plateau because the early adopters have already purchased their EV's. The next market segment, traditional car buyers, will be a challenge because they are leaning towards purchasing hybrids instead of going all in on EV's. The biggest objection is range and frequency and availability of charger locations. Up to now, only Teslas have the superchargers and locations.

Toyota is the leader in hybrids and they will remain the leader unless the hybrids are outlawed in the U.S. market. You never know what President Biden will do to eliminate the use of fossil fuel. Yes, he is that dumb!

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Posted in: Tokyo area enters power-saving period amid tight supply forecast See in context

Planning and building capacity to meet demand is no longer being done? Have they become a should do instead of a must do?

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