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Posted in: Muto to snub Chelsea for Mainz See in context

Gary > Miyaichi is currently playing for Twente in the Netherlands.

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Posted in: Muto to snub Chelsea for Mainz See in context

No deal was paid or sponsored but I guess it's way too tempting to post a negative dump when you have it in mind. Of course, apart from Yoshida none is up to playing in the Premier ... since he's the only one actually in the league.

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Posted in: Japanese media, fans rue Japan's semifinal exit at WBC See in context

Win and it's okay, lose and you're "overated". What a sad approach to sports.

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Posted in: Wrestlers vow to fight Olympic removal See in context

What's up with the "promoting" thing ? Wrestling doesn't need to be promoted. The Olympics has been a way to way to showcase sports which don't get media attention all year long and now they are taking these away for the sake of money. Seriously, golf is in when wrestling is out. It's terrible.

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Posted in: Otani's reversal on MLB plans raises questions See in context

Amazing that people considers playing in the NPB as "blowing his arm". He's going to play in front of loving fans, in meaningful games at a very young age.

And it's not like american pitchers never get Tommy John surgeries, of course there is no injury in the MLB, only in Japan.

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Posted in: Kameda beats Ruiz to keep WBA bantamweight title See in context

What's the problem with the fights taking place in Japan ? The US and Japan are where the boxers can take the best paychecks due to the good television deals. It's good that these guys can make a living.

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Posted in: Four free agents from Japan seeking move to MLB See in context

The same Iwakuma who signed for 1m$ with the Mariners. Your bashing never gets old (wait it gets).

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Posted in: Girls' Generation posters for new album released in Japan See in context

Here's Passpo Shojo Hiko release more than a year ago : http://www.nautiljon.com/images/cd/00/10/shojo_hiko_34801.jpg?1304871195

This is so blatant ...

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Posted in: Girls' Generation posters for new album released in Japan See in context

Nice copy of Passpo's concept.

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Posted in: Schoolboy with MLB designs upsets Japan baseball establishment See in context

While I'm glad he's going to follow his dream, you can't reproach the NPB for wanting to keep the best players and make the best league possible, you would do the same. He wouldn't "wear out" his arm, he would professionally pitch ina meaningful league. Would you excuse a soccer player if he were taking it easy waiting for a transfer in the Premier League ? I don't think so.

That said, good luck to him, that will be exciting to watch.

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Posted in: Darvish goes over 200Ks as Rangers rookie See in context

The same goes for every other pitcher

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Posted in: U.S. beats Germany 1-0 to win women's Under 20 World Cup See in context

Crystalyle > A japanese crowd, hostile ? Never seen that in my life. The US girls even brought a "thank you" banneer to the people of Hiroshima because they felt very supported.

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Posted in: Sonny Bill Williams quiet in Japanese rugby debut See in context

It's only been one game, don't be overreacting.

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Posted in: Hiroshima widens lead in J-League See in context

Japan's international results show that its league is absolutely good. Great matches between teams that both want to win, there's no real disparity between all those squads so everybody (well at least 6-8 teams) have a shot at the title and it's less boring than all those championships where the richest clubs battle for the top.

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Posted in: Japanese appeal bantamweight defeat See in context

And they won the appeal, Shimizu won. Case closed.

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Posted in: Farcical scenes in Japan-Korea judo quarterfinal See in context

well in the end they got it right, Ebinuma landed a good action that should have been awarded. Too bad we went through that painful experience for Cho.

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Posted in: Japan's players vote to boycott World Baseball Classic See in context

Yeah right because they should get less than the others and just shut up.

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Posted in: Kagawa? It's Honda who drives Japan See in context

Honda plays like a possessed man these days and he backs up all his talk like nobody else in the past. He just wants to leave Russia to take his career to another level, nothing wrong with that, we only live once. Enjoy every second of him because we will miss him so much when he retires.

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Posted in: Ioka beats Yaegashi in unification bout See in context

Probably because you don't love boxing enough, the small guys don't gas after two rounds and produce the most technical fights.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Nadeshiko Japan 4-1 See in context

Funny what can a loss to provoke ... Was the USWNT criticized this way when they lost to Japan the last two times they faced ? That's dumb. They lost, they will learn from their mistakes and try to do better next time. Don't burn what you used to love.

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Posted in: Australia, Japan draw 1-1 in World Cup qualifier See in context

Damn Honda was once again amazing. What a difference he makes everytime he's on the team. I can't wait for the next match.

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Posted in: Japan trounces Jordan 6-0; Aussies held by Oman 0-0 in World Cup qualifiers See in context

Honda is the man. When he's injured, the team struggles. Since he's back ? Two wins and nine goals scored.

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Posted in: Top FIFA official unhappy with World Cup referees after Japan beats Jordan See in context

The guy elbowing Hasebe wasn't really fair play. Red card deserved.

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Posted in: Japan counting on Kagawa, Honda in World Cup qualifiers See in context

Honda only scored two goals and made one assist out of the 4 goals Japan scored at the last World Cup, this is exactly what you calls a choker.

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Posted in: Jeonbuk advance to last 16 in Asian Champions See in context

If Kashiwa beat Jeonbuk and Guanghzou beat Buriram, they will each have 10 points, one more than Jeonbuk. So it's not over yet.

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Posted in: Matsuzaka struggles in first rehab start for Red Sox See in context

rehabs games are called rehab games for a reason.

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Posted in: 'SPEC' to be remade into U.S. TV drama See in context

smithinjapan > You know that the “How can they make it without us?” comment was a joke right ?

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Posted in: Bar manager arrested over death of customer due to headlock See in context

He killed a man. Yeah, self defense, but it's severe enough to trigger an investigation.

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Posted in: Japan counting on Darvish to rescue pride, bragging rights See in context

People all over the world are racist, it's a brand new information really ... The big picture is rather that Darvish is a beloved pitcher all over Japan and it's completely normal he has to deal with a lot of medias, this is what feeds him, being constantly in the spotlight. You can't take only the good parts of the job, that's what being a public figure means.

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Posted in: Japan earns Olympic soccer berth See in context

Why are you creating problems when there's none. Every team wins and loses. They are under 23 years old kids, there's always room for improvement. Congrats to them, they can only do better than the previous generation.

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