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Posted in: The top 10 hardest Japanese words to pronounce See in context

for some time I had problems with 皮肉 and ひき肉.. Also 自己資本規制比率 (often used in my workplace) But seriously, the list in this article is what foreigners cannot pronounce. Here are more interesting words that even Japanese themselves can fail pronouncing : 消費者少子化担当大臣 (Minister of State for Measures for Declining Birthrate) 低所得者層(Teishotokushasou : low-income group) 摘出手術 (TekishutsuShujutsu : extirpation) 旅客機 (Ryokakuki : passenger plane) 赤坂サカス (Akasaka Sakasu) 過失致死 (KashitsuChishi : accidental homicide) check out at

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Posted in: TEPCO says it was reluctant to worry public over toxic water leak See in context

It's cultural.

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Posted in: JFE Engineering to accept interns from Myanmar See in context

Hahahaha 2 months lol

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Posted in: The secret slang of Japanese cabbies See in context

Here is a dictionary of taxi "industry" terms published in Japanese :

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Posted in: TEPCO takes blame for Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

After some time in Japan I got to the point that competence is not valued in people's careers. Do not expect professionalism even in nuclear matters. Hence, better stop the nuclear industry here. Japan is not an adequate country, speaking not only of adverse natural environment, but also cultural.

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Posted in: Gov’t aims to boost number of foreigners who speak Japanese. See in context

Seriously, Japanese people have a problem about language.

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Posted in: Rejoice, fashion-challenged men! Now you can have a hottie stylist dress you See in context

This service just asks you questions on your style, budget, etc and promise to send clothes by mail. Disappointing.. I guess only men with no common sense can use this...

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

Awfully egocentric article. Didn't the author learn about humility living in Japan ? (;一_一)

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context

Japanese is a country of great discrimination directed to many individuals, not only LGBT. However LGBT have often low profile, hide themselves, which may not help for the general population to understand their case. My message to them : be pride and show your best side ! Get your co-nationals to know more about you and get out of stereotypes we see on TV..

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Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan? See in context

I read a lot in Japanese, and often find the expression "我が国" (Our Country), in any type of formal documentation including business. I am reminded I do not belong to this country, which affects me badly as I feel at home, and this shows well the self-centeredness of the Japanese people, though I see it as their expression of love towards Japan island. Still, I think that nature belongs to all human beings.. Japan people, please share it with the world !

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl killed after lying down on railway tracks See in context

Poor girl. My thoughts : Mental depression is an issue because it is not healed enough in Japan.. People are ashamed and usually they don't want to give a bad image of themselves.. Only exit is suicide.. In Japan it serms easier to end one's life that to "beg" people's help, where in fact gov should be taken responsible for providing such help.. Life has so little meaning here sometimes it seems to me..

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Posted in: Areas near nuclear plant may be unlivable forever, gov't says See in context

at least they admit it. that's a good first step..

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Posted in: Olympus sues 19 current, ex-board members for Y16.54 bil in damages See in context

We all expect that this case be solved duly for the sake of Japan.. Action now ! There is now no doubt about a deception scheme and the former board members, the auditors, were naturally responsible.. They should be already in court..

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