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 I do not believe in evolution, but if you understand it properly....

Which you obviously do not....

It's all totally random and depends on which mutations are more statistically possible/common than others.

The mutations may be totally random, but it is not a question of which mutations are 'statistically possible/common'.

It's a question of which mutations lead to an organism being better fitted for survival.

To really be trustworthy, scientists would need to be able to test their hypothesis 

Oh my goodness, you mean as in testing the hypothesis of 'the Creator must have done it'? How do you do that, then? Pray?

Read this description of how the peppered moth literally changed its spots in Industrial Revolution Northern England, to see evolution in action before our very eyes.

A similar thing happened with our sweet tooth. Those ancient humans who got lots of valuable nutrition from sweet, ripe fruit grew healthy and produced lots of babies that inherited a sweet tooth; they had what it took to survive in their environment. Those ancient humans who did not have a sweet tooth and chose instead sour, unripe fruit got less nutrition, were less healthy and produced fewer babies, probably because they didn't have the energy to run away from predators, lacked the necessary sex drive and their stunted, pasty bodies were not appealing to members of the opposite sex who were looking for healthy mates.

Try reading Darwin before you embarrass yourself again.

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you can keep your countryside I will keep my convenient living

'Convenient' means different things to different folk.

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the 200-300 deaths per day that you would typically see at the peak of the flu season

Where are you getting your stats from? In 2018 (ie pre-Covid) the UK had 1598 deaths from flu. If the flu season is three months in winter, we’re talking 15-20 deaths per day, not 200-300.

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This is and always has been about politics NOT public health.

It isn’t about politics and it’s only marginally about public health.

It’s about the law.

Novak fought the law, and the law won.

Now just send him home and let him watch the Open on Telly.

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Auto-correct at the very instant I press post??

Mr Mujahid

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They need to educate themselves that men and women are not separate species requiring separate and segregated treatment.

Treat people as people, Mr Mujahideen.

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There are reasons why we have laws in place like drinking and driving a car or taking on serious responsibilities that adults do in their daily lives.

drinking - 21

driving a car - 14 ~16, depending on the state

possession of a long gun - no minimum age in most states

marriage - with parental consent, 12~17 depending on the state; without, 18~19

age of consent - 16~18 depending on the state.

All over the place.

You can't say she LIKED it, how would you know what that woman was feeling.

She doesn't look in the least unhappy in the photo. And she kept going back again and again and again. If she didn't like it, why didn't she just leave?

People getting so upset over sex, while a woman who kills a boy through dangerous driving is allowed to return home with 'diplomatic immunity' and a boy who takes a firearm to a riot, shoots three people killing two of them is lauded as a hero.

It's sick.

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How do you know “this whore” wasn’t drugged or threatened with violence if she didn’t give it up.

From her own words.

She said that he “wasn’t mean or anything but he got up and said ‘thanks,’” after which she “sat there in bed, just horrified and ashamed.” The next day Maxwell allegedly told her that she “did a really good job.”

“In the car Ghislane (Maxwell) tells me that I have to do for Andrew what I do for Jeffrey.

*Giuffre described how the alleged encounters with Epstein and other wealthy men often began under the guise of a massage before turning sexual. She said during the interview that she “went from being abused by Epstein to then being passed around like a platter—a platter of fruit.” *

Giuffre also alleged that she was instructed only to talk when she was talked to and be polite and friendly with Epstein’s friends.She recalled flying on private jets and going to places she never imagined she would visit.

No mention of being drugged. Threats? What threats? That she would be reported as an illegal alien? Nope. Was her passport confiscated? Nope. More like threatened that she wouldn’t be allowed to fly on private jets to places she never imagined, wouldn’t be allowed to stay in fancy hotels and palaces.

She knew what she was doing. She knew that the ‘massages’ would lead to sex. And that she would be paid for it.

I’m certainly not defending Andrew. He’s a sleaze and a perve and a disgrace to his family.

But she was no little innocent. Calling her a victim does great injustice to the genuine victims of trafficking and pedophilia.

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It's still a violation of US law.

News flash: US law is valid in the US, not in the UK.

The act by her own admission took place in the UK. US law does not apply.

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Andrew abused his privilege to commit crime

He certainly abused his privilege. But having sex with a 17-year-old in the UK is not a crime, sleazy as it may be.

And the sleaze is on both sides - both the creepy older pervert getting sex for money (or as a favour from his friend) and the younger gold-digging whore giving it up for money and/or a glamorous jet-setting lifestyle.

Pity the poor queen having to deal with her favourite son being publicly outed as a perv.

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if he has any sense ....

If he had any sense he wouldn't have gone to a party in the middle of a lockdown he himself had legislated for.

London's Metropolitan Police have not ruled out a criminal probe into the party, which occurred at a time when Britons were banned from outdoor socializing

In the same week that Bozo and his mates were partying, hundreds of ordinary folk were handed mandatory fines for breaking the same Covid rules, in most (all?) cases on a much smaller scale. Not for them the benefit of an official police inquiry, they just had to pay their £100 fines.

If Bozo really wants to take responsibility let him pay the fines for all 40-odd attendants (plus interest and a further penalty for late payment?). I don't suppose anyone expects him to take responsibility for lying yet again to the British public and their elected representatives. He's done it far too often and gotten away with it.

Just stick a fork in him.

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I think a lot of people who lived in Japan for over 10 years regret making that decision.

None here.


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It isn’t about the noise, it’s about not spreading more potentially virus-ridden droplets every time you open your mouth.

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I think it's a bit of both. If the US were to leave that would leave Japan and Guam and eventually Hawaii open for the Chinese to easily launch an attack on the West Coast and put it in the worst vulnerable position and they're not going to let that happen, why would they?

How is that a 'bit of both'? They're there to protect Guam, Hawaii and ultimately the West Coast.

Not Japan.

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What's the point of Australia Open if the all-time champion is not allowed to play?

What's the point of any tournament if the winner is a given? Boring.

With him out of the way other folk can have a crack at the limelight, we might see some tight games.

So, No. He broke the rules, kick him out.

No reason someone whose claim to fame is hitting a little ball over a net should not be subject to the same rules as everyone else.

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what more could this man have done?

Get vaccinated?

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They are not there to explore Japan - they are there to defend Japan.

They are not here to defend Japan, they are here to cement the US military presence in the Far East.

Try saying that to a US MARINE in his face and see what happens lol

What happens?

He guffaws at the idea that his presence in Japan has anything to do with the defense of Japan? Don’t need to be a US Marine to do that.

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Christmas decorations come down on Twelfth Night, not before, not after, not at a convenient weekend.

We took down our decorations today, so that’s the official end of Christmas, Tomorrow we’ll have our nanatsugusa-gayu (rice porridge with seven traditional herbs) and that will be the official end of Oshogatsu.

Nowt of any interest left in winter. Haru yo koi!

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His paperwork was all in order, which is why he was able to board the Emirates flight from Dubai. 

When you get on a plane to leave a country, the Immigration people there check you out of the country. They do not check you into the country you are going to. That doesn't happen till you get to where you are going and the Immigration people there check your paperwork.

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That's why they claim to be denying him entry. Because he recovered from infection more than 6 months ago.

The rules apparently say you have to be either double-vaxxed, or to have recovered from Covid within the last 6 months.

They aren't claiming to be denying him entry, they are denying him entry. As per the rules.

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 the science tells us that the prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed until your late 20s,

….so I was non compos mentis when I determined my future life by marrying in my mid-twenties? I don’t think so.

do you honestly think 17 year olds are old enough to truly make rational decisions?

On whether it’s a good idea to crawl into bed with a selection of creepy older men?

Yes I do. If they’re not old enough to work that out, what are their parents doing letting them out by themselves?

I’m not defending Andrew, I think he’s a total creep. But Guiffre is no innocent victim, either. If she didn’t know what she was doing then she needs to sue the people who raised her and let her go chasing after men with money, not the moneyed creeps she let into her bed.

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The 14 year-olds are a different story. I don’t think Andrew has been accused of messing around with children. If it turns out that he did, then by all means throw the book at him.

Sex traffic victims are those who are too young to make rational decisions, and those who are coerced into prostitution through poverty, threats, confiscation of passports, etc. Not 17 year-olds dressed to the nines, jetting around the world with rich men, taking smiley photos and staying in posh hotels and palaces.

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Mortified to find I'm kinda agreeing with bass.

I've got no time for Randy Andy - when I saw the photos put out during his courtship of Fergie, I couldn't help thinking what a skin-crawling creep he looked then, and my opinion since hasn't changed.

But at the same time, I don't get this Virginia Guiffre person. By her own account at the time she was 17, above the legal age in the UK where the assault is said to have occurred. That's slimy, but not illegal.

And if she considered it assault the first time, why on earth did she continue seeing him, and hanging out with the Epstein crowd? What's with the big smile and leaning into Andy in the famous photo? She doesn't look like she's being forced into anything in any photo. Why didn't she kick up a fuss then, to stop it happening to her again and to stop it happening to other girls?

She was not a child, she was just stupid. She should give herself a sharp slap up the back of the head for her misspent youth, and get on with her life. And if she has any kids, to raise them to be a bit smarter than she was.

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Posted in: How much money should you give children for New Year’s 'otoshidama'? See in context

I was brought up with the idea that giving gifts of cash was crass and showed a lack of thought.

When our kids were little, and now for the grandkids, we find out what they want for Christmas and make sure they get that and then some. Otoshidama is/was a pass.

The in-laws were never big on Christmas and wanted to dole out otoshidama. We told them that was OK so long as it was a small amount, enough to buy a few sweets. Any paper money would be removed and placed in the child’s bank account.

It worked/works for us.

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I think back in the old days mochi was a rare treat and made in different flavors. My understanding is that daily good was genmai

When I first came to Japan honks ago, all the mochi was white. Now we can (and do) buy genmai and yomogi versions. Much tastier and healthier.

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The last thing they should be doing is tweaking the ‘rules’ in order to keep everything the same.

What’s needed is not some way of ‘preserving’ the system, but some way of enabling the individuals in the family to live normal lives. Get rid of the gilded cage, the meaningless, outdated protocol and the suffocating ministrations of the Imperial Household Agency.

Mako managed to get out of it (good for her, though it involved the drastic step of moving to the US) and as things stand Aiko will one day be free (if some normal human male without any blot on his character can muster what it takes to ask for her hand), but the males are trapped. Let them go.

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Thee's a shortage of spuds in Japan? I hadn't noticed. What's wrong with Japanese spuds?

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Posted in: A show with a national reputation groups performers by male-female gender categories serves to reinforce binary thinking about gender and possibly results in encouraging human rights violations against non-binary people and others. See in context

How many people actually watch it? In most households I think it's probably no more than background noise to the eating, drinking and merrymaking that is hopefully going on.

I think we had it on a couple of times way back when the kids were teenagers and wanted to watch their favourite singers, but otherwise we used the telly to play video games on New Year's Eve, the one day in the year when Mr Cleo could be persuaded to join in. Nowadays we watch a film.

As for the 'binary thinking about gender' encouraging 'human rights violations' .... grow up, and stop being so precious.

Look what's between your legs, and act accordingly.

If you have to be different, then be different quietly.

And wot GBR48 said.

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Life isn’t long enough to waste time on plastic rice.

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I get confused having Showa, Heisei and Reiwa chucked at me randomly. Regardless of its roots, AD/BC seems to be pretty universally accepted these days; no need to fix something that ain’t broke, or change names arbitrarily, or use sticky notes.

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