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Time for Koban to get barrier security windows and doors to keep the nuts out.

Not in direct contact with police.

The whole point of the koban is that it is a direct, personal link between the police and the public. If you barricade the place up you may as well shut it down.

*I think the Japanese cops should fire guns more often so that there would be less (sic) people trying to attack them. Like the us cops, for example.*

> Other cops in Japan need to take this example.

The US cops are surely an example of how NOT to do things.

Considering how rarely Japanese cops are actually called on to draw their weapons, the sergeant acted quickly and properly.

It is NOT good that the attacker died (much less Officer Seino, of course): if he had been apprehended we might have learned more about why he did what he did. That said, the sergeant did what was necessary in the circumstances.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl, 2-year-old brother killed in car crash See in context

This is why you never swerve, just hit the animal.

*he instinctively turned the wheel*

ie it wasn't a conscious decision.

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yup, they don't wear seatbelts

From Ebisen's link (which saiaku obviously didn't bother/was unable to read) -


(Ohata's vehicle was fitted with a child seat on the passenger seat and another child seat on the back seat. It appears that Sion was sitting in the passenger seat and Mion in the back seat.)

So they (some nameless generic Japanese) don't wear seat belts, and that is the reason for the death of these two children?


Poor kids. Poor parents.

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* it is really unfair to suggest that the problem is simply their own perception!*

Sorry no, that's not what I meant! What I meant was that people's perceptions will be affected by their experiences, not the other way around. Someone who has a bad time fitting in at school will see things differently from someone who experienced no problems, who will see things differently from someone who was popular.

it's still discrimination to put someone up on a pedestal because they have a white (or otherwise) parent

Yes, it is.

Why should ANYONE be judged on appearances, good or bad, and from whence they descended? Why should they be treated differently because of how they look? It happens all the time here.

It happens all the time everywhere, it's part of the human condition. Doesn't mean it's right or good, but it's not exclusively Japanese.

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 In general terms, I 'see' only people, not ethnicity 

That's as it should be. I do the same, can't understand people who can't get past the skin/hair colour.

I think you would be a great parent

Thanks, but ... I have been a great parent (pause while I blow my own trumpet... tootoot toot! As evidence I present two very well-balanced, well-educated, upstanding young members of society, one a working mum of three little angels and the other earnin' a mint in the media) for over three decades now, and yes I have seen my kids go through those 'real-world issues'. Very few if any of them having anything to do with the ethnicity of their parents. The only one that comes to mind, and it wasn't so much an issue as a comic episode, was when my son was nearly chucked out of a compulsory English class in his first week at university because the lecturer assumed he was an exchange student who had wondered into the wrong room.

Though I readily admit that being caucasian-japanese haafs, my kids maybe have a much easier time of it than other haaf combinations. They've got the looks, they've got the language, they've got the culture, they've got the confidence to stand tall.

That said, maybe I overthink the 'issue'

Could be, I dunno... different folk have different experiences, and different perspectives based on those experiences.

It's my experience that if you look for and/or expect problems, you will find them.

I'm probably too busy doing my own thing to bother looking for problems.

the moment she ran to head a party her nationality became an issue

Nationality and ethnicity are not the same. Renho is a Taiwan/Japan haaf, everyone knew she was a haaf long before she came to head the party and it was no problem at all until it emerged that she had failed to renounce her Taiwanese nationality on reaching adulthood (an oversight - she had assumed her father had done all the paperwork when she was still a child). Not unlike the recent furore in Australia over senior politicians having dual nationality.

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While we're on the perennial haaf means less than whole why didn't the Japanese think before they started insulting our kids roundabout, let's also remind the Japanese that they also use manshon, sumaato, tarento, rifomu and a zillion other 'English' words 'incorrectly'.

They aren't used incorrectly. They're used differently.

There is nothing insulting in the term haaf, unless you're of the opinion that stating the fact that a person has parents of different ethnicities/nationalities is inherently insulting.

Naomi is a haaf, and a very pretty and talented one at that.

There is always a strange pause when someone refers to another as 'hafu'.

Can't say I've noticed.

And half-Japanese people usually make out that it doesn't bother them (to be called 'hafu') because it's their only defense against being singled out.

Again, can't say I've noticed. Neither my own kids nor my friends' kids seem to have any problem. They don't need any 'defence' - Against what? Being called good looking? (they are). Being envied for growing up fluent in two languages? (Something Naomi appears to have missed out on.... what happened there, I wonder? If you're in America speak only American?)

in typical Japanese blame the victim mentality

Haafs aren't victims. 

Personally I don't know why the Japanese need to pigeonhole every single persons' ethnicity...

Yeah, it's not like other countries insist on pigeonholing people by ethnicity (African-American, Irish-American, German-American, Native-American etc., etc.,) generations after the genes have melted and fused and only the funny surnames (sometimes) remain.

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Why was the first person shot? Then his wife? The others? No one knows.

HOW was the first person shot? Then his wife? The others?

With a gun. Everyone knows, some just don't want to accept the reality.

People with guns kill people. You can't get rid of the people (though the US tries hard, with a higher incarceration rate per capita than anywhere else), which leads to Plan B; get rid of the guns.

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Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers.

Nothing else will happen.

It's hardly news anymore, except as a statistic.

How many mass killings is that this year?

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if NON-cruel methods are used in dolphin training what is exactly so much against the animal welfare?

Animals that should be free in the ocean spend their lives cooped up in tiny pools, eating dead fish. And that's before any training even starts. How can it not be cruel?

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Posted in: Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is here to keep you both bubbly and caffeine-charged See in context

Millions of rum and coke drinkers beg to differ.

Not my fault if millions of people like to ruin their rum. Rum (yum!) goes better with so many other things, rum and coke is a waste of perfectly good rum.

Rum and pineapple; rum and coconut water or milk; rum and pineapple and coconut (pina colada); rum and lime and soda and mint (mojito); rum and orange; rum and grapefruit; rum and cranberry; the list is endless. Well, quite long, at least.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is here to keep you both bubbly and caffeine-charged See in context

you don't mix cola and coffee. Period.

You don't mix cola with anything. You leave the fizzy, sickly-sweet chemical sugar-water on the shelf, and just put the kettle on.

And who would drink cola when you can get root beer?

Never had root beer, no idea what it tastes like, but if it's an alternative for cola ---- I'll have a glass of water, thanks.

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Veggie just means full of veggies. It's not the same thing as vegetarian.

Nope. Veggie is short for vegetarian. Try googling veggie burger, veggie sausage, veggie chilli, veggie salad - you'll get pages and pages of meatless recipes.

A veggie burger is a meatless burger; a veggie sausage is a meatless sausage; a veggie chilli is a meatless chilli; a veggie salad is (should be) a meatless salad.

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the perfect base for a veggie slaw

...and top of the ingredient list is dead pig. Which bit of 'veggie' is so difficult to understand?

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'My boyfriend suddenly changed' & 'I thought he liked me' See in context

I think vallum is more or less on the right track.

Mr cleo calls himself ore when speaking to me, the kids and his mother, boku when speaking to his sister (probably a remnant from when they were little kids and boku was natural), watashi when speaking to strangers and guranpa when speaking to the grandkids.

He's only ever used anata to me when we've been having a serious row, he's been really ticked off at me for something, etc. I've never ever heard him use anata to his mother, or indeed anyone else. He calls people by their name or nickname. I don't think I would feel at ease with a bloke who went around calling people anata.

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Posted in: Abe to proceed with sales tax hike next year: Nikkei See in context

Over time life expectancy has increased, that is, a fundamental assumption underlying the system has changed

And the retirement age has also risen.

Another is the change in demographics

The 'change in demographics' was apparent well before the baby boomers started to reach retirement age. Not changing the system well in advance to accommodate that fact was a major mistake.

Define "carefully invested and grown", and check whether the definition is the same for 40 years ago versus today.

I think the definition is pretty much the same then and now. The problem is that 40 years ago the politicians saw the 'surplus' money as an opportunity to spend, spend, spend rather than invest and plan for the future. Most politicians cannot see any further than the next election, never mind 40 years into the future. The baby boomers' taxes and social welfare premiums were blown on roads and bridges to nowhere and vote-buying eg., in the form of the Furusato Sosei Jigyo (a policy of handing out gifts of ¥100 million to local municipalities to spend as they pleased - a lot of it went on tacky monuments, statues, empty museums and other how-to-throw-good-money-after-bad projects.)

The mysterious "they"

Nothing mysterious about it. The third-person plural pronoun refers naturally to the plural noun immediately preceding it as the subject of the sentence, in this case The politicians. Reading skills, fxgai, basic reading skills.

what evidence is there to suggest that "they" won't mess it up again, next time, too?

None. Whatsoever.

I'd say that there is no such evidence, and this is something that voters and tax payers ought to think about carefully when considering what should be done.

On this we are agreed.

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It is evident that the elderly has received the most,

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Pensions are slowly but surely going down, and they are hardly extravagant in the first place.

and they have to pay for what they got. And indirect tax such as consumption tax is the best way to get money from all of the elderly.

Those who fill the ranks of 'the elderly' today are the busy bees of the rapid-growth and bubble eras, who paid huge amounts into the system on the understanding that they would in return receive the pension/welfare they needed when they were old and no longer in the work force. That huge amount of money should have been carefully invested and grown in preparation for the inevitability of the ageing population - the demographics were there for all to see. Instead the politicians blew the 'surplus' money on white elephants, empty concrete boxes and roads to nowhere, to keep their construction company pals sweet. At the same time they also messed up the pension records so that it wasn't necessarily clear who had paid in what.

And indirect tax such as consumption tax is the best way to get money from all of the elderly.

If by best you mean successfully gouging more proportionally from the little old lady debating whether to buy a bite to eat or pay the electricity bill in order to have air conditioning/heating than from the fat political dinosaur or business whizzkid debating whether to have gourmet French or gourmet Washoku for dinner or whether to spend the weekend at his country club or at his mountain villa, then yes, I suppose it is best. What it is not is fair, equitable, even-handed, impartial or even efficient. And it's certainly not good for the economy or for the moral health of the nation.

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Posted in: Understanding the Japanese pension system Part 3: How do I collect? See in context

Why is the lump sum payout taxed at 20%, when the income from which it accumulated was taxed at source when the contributions were made, and it was not tax-exempt during the period it "vested"?

I take it you don't fill out your own annual tax returns.

You are taxed on your income minus pension premiums (public and private), health insurance premiums (ditto), the basic personal deduction and various other allowances (dependent allowance, etc).

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Posted in: Abe to proceed with sales tax hike next year: Nikkei See in context

Amazing how there was zero consumption tax all the way until the mid 80s.

A rose by any other name.

There was 物品税, commodity tax, whereby different levels of tax were levelled on different items; eg. green tea was tax-free, coffee was taxed; commercial vehicles were tax free, ordinary cars were taxed. The general idea was that you taxed luxuries, not necessities. (Coffee of course is not a luxury.)

Nowadays Abe et al. tell us that different tax rates on different items is just too, too difficult and complicated and we have to have an easy, across-the-board tax on everything from daily groceries to diamond jewellery to gold-plated toilet seats.

its on par with Western European countries

Where groceries, children's clothing and education are taxed at zero rate.

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the fact is that the majority of Americans support sensible gun regulation

that would be political suicide for them

One of them facts is obviously not right.

There must be a blue moon tonight, I'm agreeing with Bass. Not sure whether it's the political system that screws things up or a majority of voters actually do want to live in a country where you cannot safely send your kids to school, to the mall or to a video game meeting without worrying that they might not ever come home, but it seems reasonable to suppose that if there were enough sensible Americans making decisions or influencing decisions through their vote, the second amendment would have been amended into sensible oblivion long ago.

Three families in mourning and 11 people injured. Just another day in America.

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Proof that liberals are hypocrites.

Yeah, those liberal types cozying up to vicious dictators and rulers of repressive regimes.

Wouldn't catch a conservative doing anything that.

Would you?

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This is the second typhoon in a row they got wrong

The current unusual weather pattern makes prediction more difficult than usual; the normal rules barely apply. At least they got it wrong in the right direction; better than saying 'Oh don't worry, it's going to veer off to the east and all we'll get is a bit of rain' when what actually happens is that Tokyo gets flattened.

They need to get their weather reports more accurate or people will stop listening to them

Do not stop listening. Pay attention, go home early, batten down the hatches (and bicycles) and feel happy next morning when nothing dire happened.

Be thankful it wasn't another Typhoon Vera.

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Please tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Please read the article.

And add in :

I don't know anything about the money I paid to Stormy Daniels to cover up an affair we never had.

This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe

We're the highest taxed nation in the world.

We believe in those really magnificent words, made in the USA. (Except for Trump-brand products, of course)

*On my first day** I’m going to ask Congress to immediately send me a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.*

I never said I was going to repeal and replace (ObamaCare) in the first 61 days.

It’s going to be so easy.

Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.

I'm a very stable genius.

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Posted in: May urges Boris Johnson to apologize for burqa comments See in context

If burqua wearing Muslims don’t agree with the views of a secular U.K. politician then they are welcome to exit!

So people who don't agree with Boris Johnson should leave the country?

By the same token, people who don't agree with Teresa May, who does not agree with Boris Johnson, should also leave the country?

England's green and pleasant land is going to be deserted.

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Regardless of the Olympics, it would make sense for Japan to put the clocks forward permanently one hour, and another hour for summertime. It's daft to have people sleeping a good two hours after sunrise and then turning the lights on in the evening.

Think of all the costs that taxpayers would have to pay to implement this stupid idea.

What costs? A few TV/newspaper/Facebook commercials reminding people to adjust their clocks?

As opposed to the savings in electricity/more efficient use of solar power/long summer evenings/perk to the economy through more frequent replacement of faded curtains?

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Posted in: Japan, it’s time to end your love affair with cash See in context

US$1.00 = ¥110 should be changed to US$1.00 = ¥1.1 .

Why? If the yen was worth 100 times what it is now, you'd have to add in a new smaller denomination to cover the smaller amounts, otherwise you wouldn't be able to give small change.

The current system, with ¥1,000 = $9 and small change handled in ¥, works fine in a decimal system. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We'll just jack the price on everything, in order to make sure we cover the expenses related to credit, and profit off of the cash payer.

All the more reason to pay by card?

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the percentage suggests that the majority of those who want to murder will seek out the most efficient tools to do so even if they are illegal and difficult to obtain.

Or the lower numbers could mean that a significant proportion of people who 'want to murder' cool down and change their minds when they find getting hold of the most efficient tool is such a hassle?

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They dont allow you to pay back money over your monthly limit until they charge you interest(16%!!!) 

i still have close to 40000 yen now in credit card balance which THEY DO NOT ALLOW me to pay back.

I have no idea what that means.

No matter how much or how little you use your card over the month, you get charged for how much you have spent - not a yen more, not a yen less. There is no 'monthly limit'. Unless you're fool enough to take the 'revolving' option, which is a mug's game. If you are revolving automatically, I suggest you phone your card company at the earliest opportunity and get it stopped.

If you borrow 1000 yen and pay back 1000 yen the company earn nothing and they aren't lending you money out of the kindness of their hearts.

Well they aren't charging me anything, and they give me points that turn into money, so from my perspective they are very kind. And despite my not giving them anything, they keep giving me stuff so they must think I'm a good customer. A couple of the cards I have regularly send me 5% Off/10% Off coupons plus special discounts in my birthday month, so not only do I not pay any interest, at least once a month I get to do some discount shopping if I so choose.

The Japanese government is in debt and is increasing the sales tax to compensate for this

The national debt does not come from the government overusing credit cards. It comes from politicians being incompetent and/or not caring about the state the economy will be in ten years down the road when they're retired and living off a nice padded, subsidised Diet pension. If no Japanese person ever used a credit card again, it would not affect the national debt one iota, or the sales tax.

You and others have to pay more for the goods you want on credit.

The people paying cash are paying just as much sales tax. So what does credit cards have to do with it?

It's easy when everyone can pay 100% by the due date but sadly many cannot

Not sadly - stupidly. It's easy, don't spend more than you can afford. $1, $3. We've agreed on this several times already, I don't know why you keep bringing it up.

if everyone could pay 100% of the balance, then there was probably no real need for a credit card anyway after all it was only a pay day away.

I really think you do not understand the merits of a credit card. The purpose of a credit card is not to be able to run up massive amounts of debt on luxury items. A credit card means you can make everyday purchases without needing to carry huge amounts of cash around with you. It means you can set up automatic payments of bills that go out every month, with no need to worry about remembering to go to the bank/post office/business premises on the right day to pay. Just arrange to pay it all by credit card, and make sure the bank balance is enough to cover it on the one day every month.

And when you do make a large planned purchase, you can arrange at your leisure to have the necessary money transferred from a savings account to your current account, instead of making a special trip to the bank, transporting all that money to the shops and then counting out stacks of cash at the till. Who wants to do that?

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you end up giving interest to shareholders

This I don't understand at all.

I go shopping; the item I want costs (say) ¥1000 whether I pay cash or plastic.

If I pay with plastic, then on the next due day that ¥1000 disappears from my bank account in just the same way that the cash would have disappeared from my purse if I had paid cash.

I don't pay interest to any shareholders. The amount I pay is the same, with the added bonus that the credit card company awards me points depending on how much I spend. The points can be exchanged for goods or coupons, which means that in effect paying by credit card is cheaper than paying cash.

how can you save if you OVERSPEND on credit.

Is this a trick question? No? Then the answer's easy; don't overspend. Whatever method of payment you use.

And lets look at Japans debt....... it has to be paid back sooner or later, and that will be by ....the consumer. Thats why they are hiking the sales tax up, and i will expect sales tax to increase much higher over the coming years.

What has that got to do with credit cards? The national debt is a completely different animal and is all to do with the govmint printing money.

I'm not an economist, but any house wife who earns $1, knows she can't spend $3

I agree. And it doesn't matter whether the $3 are paper or plastic.

 it just seems to easy to just stick on the credit

Not when you know you have to pay on the due date.

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Posted in: French woman missing in eastern Japan See in context

There wouldn't be too many Westerners in that part of Japan

In Nikko? It's a major tourist spot, you can hardly move there for furriners.

Epilepsy doesn't sound good. A healthy person out in this heat for hours would suffer, more so if she can't move into the shade and has no water.

Hopefully she'll be found safe and well.

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I am not sure where your evidence is for that theory, because there certainly is a lot of evidence to show how you pay influences how people behave.

I'd like to see that evidence. TrevorPeace is claiming that there is a link between him paying cash and him not trashing his hotel room and therefore the hotels being thankful for him paying cash; the implication apparently being that people who pay by credit card are unwelcome low-lifes with no idea of how to behave in public. I'm not a lowlife, and I find my plastic is every bit as welcome as paper.

Why do you think companies reduce the amount of clicks you have to do to complete a purchase online? 

That's a completely different scenario to credit card users being prone to trash hotel rooms. I think you're confusing TrevorPeace's dubious claim with marketing technique, which is of course a completely different matter.

the credit card companies seem to find value in credit SCORING, which is partly based on BEHAVIOUR

Tell me about it. My Mum worked for a credit company in the days when only the very rich and influential had credit cards and the rest of us plebs had no choice but to save up till we had the money to buy what we wanted, or we got a credit voucher and had my Mum on the doorstep once a week expecting payment. And if the weekly payment wasn't forthcoming, that family got no more credit. A synonym for credit is trust. Only people who were trustworthy could buy stuff on credit: people who could be trusted to pay.

 people taking credit they can't really afford

Spending money you can't afford is not good, of course. Neither is raiding the kiddies' piggy banks. It's easy; don't spend money you don't have. Whether it's paper or plastic is not the point.

The US credit card debt is over 1 trillion dollars.

And that is relevant to Japanese cash/credit preferences how? The article states, Many Japanese people fear inadvertently spending too much money if they use their credit cards. Which means most Japanese do not simply rack up as much debt as they can get away with, until the card company pulls the plug.

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