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Posted in: 30-year-old Texas man dies from virus after attending 'COVID-19 party' See in context

He could have been infected before the party

In which case he could have passed it on to how many people at the moron party?

As others have said, no sympathy for the partying morons, every sympathy for any vulnerable friends and relatives they may have infected. And the medical staff charged with caring for them all.

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Posted in: War over words: U.S. Scrabble leader overrules panel to ban slurs See in context

They need to change the name of the game from Scrabble to Newspeak.

North American Scrabble competitors will no longer be able to play racist and homophobic slurs from the "N-word" to "bumboy" and"poofs"

I looked up poof in my North American dictionary, and it gives two definitions; (1) used to convey the suddenness with which someone or something disappears; once you've used it, poof - it's gone and (2) used to express contemptuous dismissal; "Oh poof," said Will. "You say that every year".

No mention of any racist or homophobic slur there.

I do know the British English term poofter is considered offensive, so I looked that up too; it gives British informal, offensive: another term for poof (second meaning).

Which of course is incorrect; poofter does not mean an expression of dismissal, contemptuous or otherwise.

There seems to be no reason for banning poof, part from an over-eager desire to appear woke or PC.

What's wrong with the rules we've always played by? If it's in the dictionary, it's OK.

I had a look at the NASPA website and it actually lists the banned words, divided into categories (anatomical, political, profane, etc) - but it coyly lists the words with the letters in alphabetical order, presumably so that your maiden aunt Agatha won't be unnecessarily shocked. No doubt teenagers with time on their hands can spend a pleasant afternoon or two deciphering the words, perhaps with the help of their Scrabble tiles to sort out the letters, and a dictionary to help them learn the meanings of the more obscure ones.

Next thing we know they'll be banning Monopoly on the grounds it glorifies economic inequality.

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Posted in: Japan braces for more heavy rain as death toll rises to 66 See in context

you folks should get together and work out a combined dog walking / gardening schedule.

I've already got a perfikkly good dog walking/gardening schedule - if only it would stop raining!

And anyway, dogs love a bit of rain.

Tell that to my two. They point-blank refuse to go out in the rain until their bladders are fit to explode, then it's a quick dash out, high-speed leg-up, then mad dash to get back in again.

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Posted in: Japan braces for more heavy rain as death toll rises to 66 See in context

I also fret that I can’t take the dogs out or do anything in the garden or the allotment or even go shopping because of this never ending bl@sted rain

Then I watch the news and count my blessings.

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Posted in: Kono's creative mask design See in context

Since the Sun rises in the East that looks like a mask of the 'setting Sun'

Depends which side of the mountain you're looking at it from?

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Posted in: Over 30,000 goldfish on display at Art Aquarium, Tokyo’s newest Instagrammable spot See in context

Fish are the easiest pets in the world to keep

Not if you do it proper, they're not.

You have to give them the right environment - not a fancy sterile container blasted with multicoloured lights.

They need gravel, plants, nooks and crannies to hide in.

Water with the right pH, hardness, temperature, etc.

Filtration plus frequent regular partial water changes to keep the water quality right.

The right food for the kind of fish - floating food is no good for plecos, top swimmers will have trouble finding sinking food.

The right intensity of light for the right amount of time, for fish well-being and to deter the growth of algae.

Aeration to put oxygen in the water.

CO2 to keep the plants growing.

Just because fish don't demand to be taken walkies and don't pester you for treats, don't mean they're easy.

Unless of course you see them as nothing more than art installations, rather than living creatures.

Those photos look horrendous.

Poor fish.

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Posted in: Supreme Court orders release of Trump records but they may stay hidden for now See in context

Trump is relieved that the Dems won’t see his records until probably after his re-election so he is on safe ground

So you agree that there is something dodgy about Trump's tax records? Something that would put him on unsafe ground if they got out?

Instead of focusing on serving the American people the Democrats are still focused on bring down Trump.

Same thing?

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Posted in: Top court rejects demand seeking flight suspensions near U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

 Japan "was not in a position to limit" flights as it had no right to manage the air base under various security agreements.

Then those various security agreements need to be renegotiated as soon as possible.

it’s ridiculous to claim that Japan does not have rights over land (and air space) that is obviously and legally Japanese.

Maybe renegotiate a proper rent on all that prime land occupied by the bases while they’re at it.

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Posted in: Street shooting leaves 4 dead, 3 wounded in New Jersey See in context

What is the best way to defend against a hit'n run attack like that?

Move to a place where there aren’t more guns than people?

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

liberals focus on the negatives of this virus

There are positives to this virus? What are you smoking?

for the life of me, I don’t know what liberals domestically and internationally want.

For the life of you, you don't understand that people (not just liberals) want you to act responsible and not spread a deadly virus around just by breathing?


You find something funny about the coronavirus? Is that one of the positives the rest of us are missing?

*Japan is way, way behind the US in number of cases and number of deaths. Deaths per capita are 8 per 1m.*

Let them test more

Erm, I agree there should be more testing, but testing in itself doesn't make people die, you know. Any more than not testing keeps death figures low.

I am just saying, if people want to wear a mask, they should and if people don’t, they shouldn’t be forced to.

Would you also just say, if people want to drive on the left in Japan they should, and if people don't they should just go ahead and drive on the right? And perhaps people who find that scary should .... stay home?

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

With only about 2000 tests per day, which gives a 10 % positive rate, well above the 5 % threshold that the WHO classifies as "concerning". 10% being "caused for alarm", so should we be "alarmed"?

Surely they can easily solve this by testing less.

Am I right in thinking you can still only get a test if you have symptoms and your doctor manages to persuade the powers that be?

If so, there's surely a higher likelihood of more tests being positive.

Test more - all and sundry, anyone and everyone who wants one - and surely you'd be testing more people who aren't infected, and so get a lower positive rate.

 If you are sick you should stay home.

How do you know you aren't infected, but without symptoms?

I don't see anyone coughing in the street, slumped on benches with a fever... everyone looks reasonably healthy. Yet still the virus is spreading. It's being spread by folk who are sure they're not infected and so take no precautions to protect others.

Folk like you.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Paper or commercially produced face masks don't prevent the transmission of CV-19. The best mask (N95) only filters up to 0.03 microns. The coronavirus is 0.01 microns.

But the virus is incapable of moving around by itself. It hitches a ride on moisture droplets or aerosols, which are a lot bigger than 0.01 microns.

But never mind all the scientific mumbo-jumbo that gets in the way of a good pseudo-science 'commentary'. Just look at the results.

Americans refuse to wear masks coz 'mah you-man rahts'.

The USA has more confirmed cases and more deaths than any other country in the world. In terms of deaths per capita of population (407 per 1m), they're 'bested' by 8 other countries that either don't have the mask habit, like Belgium and the UK, or have small populations, like San Marino and Andorra, so that even a few deaths show up comparatively large.

Japanese wear their masks as a matter of course.

Japan is way, way behind the US in number of cases and number of deaths. Deaths per capita are 8 per 1m.

It isn't rocket science. Wear yer mask.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

Noa became ill several days before her death but she had no money to take her to a hospital for treatment.

But she had money to travel from Tokyo to Kagoshima and swan around for a week?

Not buying that.

Throw the book at her.

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Posted in: M4.7 quake jolts Kanto region See in context

I keep wondering if we are going to have another one like years back

Not if, when.

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Posted in: White woman charged after racist Central Park confrontation See in context

The video shows her swinging the dog around by its collar, almost choking the poor thing. It desperately tried to get away from her.

If she had felt threatened by the man, surely she would have put the dog on the lead and taken them both off at speed to a more public, safer, part of the park. Instead she treated the dog like a piece of luggage and continually approached the man, uttering threats at him while he can be heard telling her to keep her distance.

Not sure jail time is in order, but surely a hefty fine and a ban on keeping a dog.

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Posted in: Soaring U.S. coronavirus cases, hospitalizations overshadow July 4 celebrations See in context

So you don't wear a mask here?


You don't do any shopping? At all? Every shop I go into lately has signs up demanding customers wear masks.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Being obliged to drive on the same side of the road as everyone else isn’t a violation of human rights, it’s just sensible to avoid accidents.

Being obliged to use the same currency as everyone else in the country you’re in isn’t a violation of human rights, it’s common sense.

Being obliged to wear a mask in the middle of a highly infectious pandemic that is symptomless in most, fatal for some and with serious long-term consequences for others isn’t a violation of human rights, it’s necessary if we’re going to get through this.

Those who don’t want to wear a mask in public should just stay home.

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Posted in: Japan to build virus testing centers for int'l travelers near 3 airports See in context

The testing would not be done to make sure you're safe from the virus, but to make sure you're not going to spread it to others as the first thing after your arrival.

So you get your negative certificate, get sneezed on on the way home, and don't infect anyone until the second thing after your arrival? Is that somehow OK?

With all due respect, I beg to differ.

With all due respect, I think you're talking about something else. You tested negative umpteen times, fine, that means you didn't have the virus when you were tested. You tested positive for antibodies, so you presumably did have the virus at some point (when you weren't being tested), were asymptomatic, and you fought it off without even realising it, leaving you with a body littered with anti-bodies.

A certificate for a positive antibody test might have some meaning; it means (if the new corona is like most other viruses) you cannot catch the virus again and cannot pass it on to anyone else. A negative test for the virus is of time-limited value.

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Posted in: U.S. reports 55,000 COVID-19 cases in single day; hits new global record See in context

Notice this dispatch does not say how many deaths were there among of those "55,000 cases". Why?

Well, not many people die on the same day they are diagnosed.

Deaths in the US yesterday were 671.

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Posted in: Japan to build virus testing centers for int'l travelers near 3 airports See in context

The government is also considering issuing certificates for those who test negative

Totally meaningless. You walk out of the testing centre with your negative certificate, and ten people cough or sneeze on you on the train on your way home.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 107 new coronavirus cases on Thursday See in context

Ask the jobless, ask the divorced families, ask the victims of domestic abuse, as a result of enforced lockdowns. Are not these issues equally important?

There will be new jobs. There can be new partnerships.

More hope than if you're dealing with lifelong lung scarring, kidney failure, the after effects of a stroke...not to mention the total lack of any hope if you're dead.

So no, being jobless and/or divorced, while bad enough, is not as important as having severely compromised health or being dead.

I'd rather get sick and lay in hospital watching TV

And it doesn't matter that having you lying in that hospital bed puts at risk all the medical staff who have to care for you, as well as their families?

there's also no guarantee you'd be watching TV. You could be in an induced coma on a ventilator, working up to being a lifelong invalid, too tired to ever get a job again.

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Posted in: Suga goes mask-free in briefings as Tokyo fights virus See in context

I never used to wear a mask, hate the things, if I have a cold or a cough I'll stay at home rather than go out with a mask. But covid is different; I am unlikely to be infected or infectious, I have no symptoms, but as a responsible member of society, and use in case, when I go out in public I'll wear the mask and avail myself of the hand sanitisers set out by virtually every entrance and exit. Not because I'm a guest, but because I'm a member of this society and I want what's best for this society.

As for Suga-san not wearing a mask at press conferences, if there is plenty of distance between himself and members of the press, and if the mike gets disinfected before the next person uses it, and if he puts his mask back on before he goes near people, I see no problem.

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Posted in: Only 60% of municipalities have emergency supplies for infants, elderly See in context

Well-prepared okayu is a treat; not bland or lacking in flavour at all. It isn't so much longer cooking time as the rice-to-liquid ratio. I quite enjoy okayu now and again.

That said, I don't think anything in the 'emergency foods' section of the municipal stockpile gets put there for its flavour. I wouldn't expect anything, be it gruel, rice, onigiri or instant anything, to be flavourful; the idea is to fill stomachs, not provide a gourmet treat.

It's a good idea to expect the municipal emergency services not to be up and running for a couple of days after a major disaster; everyone should have at least three days worth of emergency supplies (stuff you're happy eating) at home.

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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

I don't mind paying 1 or 2 yen but NOT 5 yen

That's the point, isn't it? The charge makes people think about whether the plastic bag is worth it...

this is a RIP OFF*

Don't let yourself be ripped off. Bring your own reusable bag.

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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

I have a Union Flag cloth shopping bag, souvenir of a trip to London yonks ago.

Others are souvenirs of Okinawa, Amami Oshima, Ogasawara, each with an appropriate design - hibiscus flowers, whales, etc.... every shopping trip is a reminder of some great holiday, also a reminder not to spend too much so that I can go on another holiday and buy another shopping bag.

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Posted in: Lockdown returns to English city of Leicester See in context

It has always been grim up North

Since when was Leicester up north?

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Posted in: Rolling Stones warn Trump of legal action over song use See in context

An explanation of the Stones being ‘deeply connected to the liberal Hollywood insider machine’ would be useful.


Their largest fan base is in the US, they own property in the US, they deal with businesses in the US, their kids, the list goes on and on, of course they’re deeply entrenched with.

I see. That could describe a lot of people.

largest (only?) fan base is in the US -Trump - check

owns property in the US -Trump - check

deals with businesses in the US -Trump - check

kids -Trump - check

Trump is deeply connected to the liberal Hollywood insider machine??


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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

This is more than silly.

To claim that only a black actor can do a 'black' voice, only an Asian actor can do an 'Asian' voice - isn't that in itself pandering to racial stereotypes and therefore racist?

When Barack Obama is featured in a cartoon, his voice can only be done by a half-white-American, half-Kenyan actor raised in Hawaii?

Ditto Sophie Okonedo can only be voiced by a half-white Brit, half-Nigerian Jew raised in London?

Claiming that a white actor cannot 'do' a black/brown/multicoloured voice is as racist as claiming the opposite. Or that any other combination is baaaad.

Isn't the whole point of being an actor (and in particular a voice actor) that the one person is capable of playing a multitude of roles convincingly?

If casting has to be ethnically PC, say goodbye to any further remakes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Shrek, Toy Story, Lady and the Tramp, Frozen.....

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Posted in: Square watermelons ready to be shipped across Japan See in context

What is the point of inedible watermelon?

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Posted in: Gov't seeks more inclusion in education for foreign children in Japan See in context

Are presume they are mixed white and Japanese?

Why would you presume that? A child with one Japanese parent is a Japanese citizen and is subject to compulsory education.

I imagine that most of the children the article refers to are the children of non-Japanese parents who themselves speak little to no Japanese and are unable to fathom their way through the red tape to get their kids into school, or to help them with school work.

Of those kids who are mixed with one parent Japanese and for some reason do not have Japanese nationality, most will not be white/Japanese; some three-quarters of non-Japanese wives and well over a third of non-Japanese husbands are Asian.

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