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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

If a French person tried to say they were ethnically British, even though they are the same race, they would still be wrong

Depends on how you define 'a French person'.

If a British couple moved to France, settled and raised a family there, the kids would surely be officially French with French passports, a French education, etc., from their surroundings and ethnically British from their parents.

A white British person and a white Swiss person are the same race (white).

Race is meaningless, unless it's the human race. Algerian, British, Canadian, Danish, Ethiopian, French, German, Honduran, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Mexican, and the rest of the alphabet are all the same race.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

Nope. You'll have to accept that you're wrong.

That I'm not a member of the human race?

Now that's an identity crisis. :-)

I have one brown daughter (latina) one white daughter (white). Same parents but again, skin color is everthing in my country.

And with skin colour being everything, do you find your two daughters get treated differently in your country? If they are, what do you do about it? If they aren't, what do you mean about skin colour being everything?

You know, the British Empire BS

You haven't been our BS for nearly two and a half centuries. Time you started taking responsibility for yourselves?

Also, celebration of diversity is not a sign of division

Depends how you do it, I suppose.

'This is my culture, would you like to try it? I want to learn about your culture, too!' is celebration.

'This is my culture, butt out, quit the cultural appropriation, go back to your own' is divisive.

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No one identifies as a WASP. It's, 'white', 'black', 'latino', 'asian' or 'native american'.

Last I heard it was Irish-American, Italian-American, African-American, Mexican-American, Japanese-American, Native-American and another bunch of hyphens, plus in Trump-speech, American (=white).

No worries though, you don't have to pick, everyone will decide what you are based on skin color.

Everyone don't need to bother, I'll just continue being a member of the human race.

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Posted in: Trump moving to make immigration whiter, wealthier See in context

 Canadian and Austrian applicants could likely benefit

I can't imagine why anyone from Canada or Europe would want to emigrate to Trump's US.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

the experience of becoming a minority because it is difficult to understand their pain unless you are actually in their position

Can't say I've ever experienced any pain from being a minority in Japan.

Japan will become more diverse, there's no stopping it. I wouldn't be here if diversity was limited by bigotry.

Me too

So she never embraced American culture.

No more than the first settlers embraced the native American culture they found when they arrived, presumably because (they thought) the culture they already had was perfectly adequate, if not superior.

Then again, if you think not speaking American represents a rejection of American culture, I would say you have a very limited view of what 'culture' is.

America seems to be our best human hope of seeing eachother as 'fellow humans'

When anyone who isn't a WASP gets hyphenated?  

*I suspect most Americans want pluralistic society, where the people in it believe all kinds of different things and tolerate each other's beliefs even when they don't match their own.*

So long as they don't upset folk by speaking a language that isn't American?

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, parents leave for Bhutan See in context

 is this at their expense and not the taxpayers

The question is meaningless, since every yen they have comes out of our taxes anyway. However they pay for their holiday, we end up footing the bill.

Lunch with the king, a demonstration of archery, visits to temples and museums

Sounds like a fantastic summer holiday for a 12-year-old.


He should be snorkelling in Okinawa, surfing in Hawaii, camping and hiking on adventure trails virtually anywhere.

A kid who has no childhood. Sad.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl drowns in Toshimaen pool See in context

Saw this on the news last night. The floats are like big inflatable mattresses joined together. If there were any number of people in the pool (and in the summer hols, I imagine there were) it would be all too easy for a small child to slip under one of the floats unnoticed. Parents looking for her simply wouldn't see her, and the lifejacket would likely hinder her movements making it harder for her to get out again. The floats need to be triangle- or cone-shaped underneath, so that small bodies can't get trapped under them.

At the time of the accident, there were about 3,800 people at the pool.

I imagine that means at all the pools - I understand Toshimaen has a number of pools (5?6?), and this one costs extra to get in. Even so, that's a lot of people.

The seven life guards were watching the Fuwa Fuwa Pool. There would have been other life guards watching the other pools - the complex is huge.

What should have been a happy family day turned into a tragedy. Poor Yuka, and her parents.

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Posted in: Trump blames mass shootings on mentally ill; calls for more mental institutions See in context

insane people, dangerous people, really bad people

crazy people

mentally deranged and dangerous people

Yeah, no one puts down Americans like an American.

If you don't like all the crazy people in the country, Donny, you could always go back to where you came from, instead of hating America like that.

Or can you explain why America seems to have so many more mentally deranged and dangerous people than any other developed nation on the planet?

Is it something in the water? In the food? In society as a whole? You're going to fix that by locking some people up in institutions? When a significant proportion of the population is crazy enough to think that having the country awash with guns is not only a Good Thing but a Gawd Gibbon Raht, who decides who gets locked away? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

It's them. They pull the trigger. The gun doesn't pull the trigger. They pull the trigger.

Too many triggers around waiting to be pulled. The answer's easy - get rid of all the triggers.

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Posted in: Cat and dog head cushions See in context

A tad too realistic, perhaps - my furry gang would probably have fun ripping them open and spreading their innards all over the living room.

I think they look cute, but I won't be buying any.

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Posted in: Should Japan send Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels to the Strait of Hormuz to escort tankers bringing oil to Japan? See in context

If they can send the coastguard down to Antarctica to protect 'research' vessels, makes sense to send someone to protect Japan's fuel supplies, I suppose.

Joining a coalition with the Trump, though - nah.

And ideally, the money and effort spent on transporting fossil fuels from the other side of the world could be better spent developing and supporting renewable energy at home.

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Posted in: Häagen-Dazs Japan to release mochi rice cake covered ice cream with green edamame soybean topping See in context

Probably a lot of Japanese and some Japanophiles who have 300 yen to spend on 100 ml of ice cream will buy this.

I probably count as Japanophile, but I think there are other flavours more deserving of my ¥300.

(If you shop carefully HD can be had for not much over ¥200. Stock up when they're cheap!)

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Posted in: Gunman who wounded at least 6 Philadelphia police officers in custody See in context

So let me get this straight.... the holy, etched-in-stone second amendment guarantees the average citizen the right to be armed to the teeth to protect himself from the tyranny of the govmint, isn't that how it goes?

By that logic, the 'at least one gunman' was totally within his rights to protect himself and his property from the arm of the govmint (the police) that attempted to restrict his domestic freedum as a Merkan siddizun, is that the way faithful supporters of the Second and of the NRA see this incident? Of course they are 110% behind the gunman, and think the police should just back off?

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people in the past migrated to America for a better life because of all the opportunities the Country had to offer and they mixed freely

The early migrants didn't so much mix freely with the native population as drastically reduce their numbers through warfare, enslavement and the spread of disease.

We all know about the slaves who were brought over from Africa - certainly no better life and no mixing freely for them.

In the 18th century, around 60,000 British convicts were transported to the colonies. Hard to imagine the landed elite and slave-owners mixing freely with convicts (even if their only 'crime' was being poor and unemployed).

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This fake quote

Your quote of the quote simply underlines the fact of Trump's white supremacist bigotry.

*So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all)*

The country three of the four women originally come from is the U S of A.

A country that according to Trump has a government that is a complete and total catastrophe, possibly not even functional.

The alternative message is that some Americans are more American than others.

Whichever way you read it, Trump comes out of it stinking like the racist bigot he is.

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Posted in: Stations, roads packed as travelers leave for summer holidays See in context

Until the schools give kids holidays at different times the adults have no choice.

True, but the adults with no kids could choose other times that are less crowded and less expensive.

And not so hot.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic construction worker dies of suspected heatstroke See in context

Its obvious. The Japanese organisers fancy their chances of a haul of medals because their athletes are more accustomed to the Japanese summer heat.

Except that Japanese, whether athletes or ordinary folk, are not used to these temperatures. (57 dead and thousands hospitalized is a bit of a hint). It’s only recently that the temperatures have become so extreme. I can remember when 30 degrees was a blisteringly hot summer day, and 33+ was virtually unheard of.

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Posted in: Death penalty questionable as a deterrent to mass killing See in context

 in Japan, where the people are fiercely pro-death penalty. 

acceptance of the death penalty is a default position, 

Kids in Japan are taught in school that the death penalty is ‘correct’. I remember the shock the form teacher expressed when my son’s JHS class ( after hearing a lecture on the topic) were told to write an essay on the merits of the death penalty and a number of students wrote that there were none, that killing people is wrong regardless of whether it’s done by the state or by an individual. I’m proud that my son was among that number.

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Posted in: Protesters chant as Trump visits Dayton, El Paso See in context

*When will the Republicans deal with the rot in their party?*

*Just as soon as you democrats acknowledge there's an infestation of mold, rats and liars in your own party, far far greater than anywhere else!*

Again we have Americans telling us how awful America is.

Who needs enemies when your own are stabbing you in the back?

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Posted in: FamilyMart apologizes after rodent video goes viral See in context

All the lights are on, and the camera pans and zooms in on individual rats?

So it wasn't shot on a surveillance camera?

Is it possible someone let the rats loose and then hung around to film them?

I smell a rat.

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Posted in: Trump condemns white supremacy; O'Rourke says he should stay away from El Paso See in context

You can't say it Trump's fault on the one hand, and them call them kooks on the other hand. Either they did it because Trump made them do it, or else they did it because they were kooks

It’s perfectly possible.

Anyone who takes Trump at his word is a kook by definition, and kooks are easily influenced by the likes of flyboy Donny.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

. I think this guy was insane and responsible for his own actions

Bit of a contradiction there?

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

I was going to answer 'Not necessarily, it depends on whether they really knew what the effect would be', but after reading the quote from Truman I think the answer is unequivocally Yes.

The decision by various countries, in the full knowledge of the effects, to develop the bigger and more powerful nuclear arsenals we see today is nothing less than a crime against humanity.

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Posted in: How much water have you been drinking a day during the current heatwave in Japan? Are there any other drinks you prefer to quench your thirst? See in context

I drink lots of water, tea and coffee all year round. And red wine.

At the moment we have a cucumber glut. I'm letting them grow extra big ang juicy, then blitzing them in the food processor with mint leaves from the garden, a couple of splashes of lemon juice, a couple of teaspoons sugar and a cup or so of water.

Strain the resulting purée through muslin, then pour into a glass filled with ice.

It's amazingly refreshing on a hot summer's day.

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Posted in: Japan approves growing human organs in animals for first time See in context

On first reading, this seems very problematic.

On second thoughts, and third thoughts, and fourth thoughts, it gets worse and worse.

Japan turning into the Island of Dr. Moreau.

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

 I cannot think of any other nation where "severely disabled" citizens can enter their parliament.

No need to think: Wiki has a long list of physically disabled politicians, from the whole alphabet of countries.

The majority appear to be wheelchair users, blind, amputees etc., but there are also people with spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, quadriplegics, etc.

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Posted in: Teen gunman scorned California garlic festival on social media before mass shooting See in context

A new analysis of 358 mass shootings in America in 2015 ....

Meanwhile in the civilized world no such analysis would be possible due to lack of data.

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Posted in: Japan factory output tumbles as trade war bites See in context

In this year the yen has dropped from 145/150 yen down to todays rate of 131.

What rate are you talking about? This makes no sense!

The yen rose to ¥131 to the £ today. Or to be more accurate, the £ continued its headfirst plummet over the Brexit cliff.

Before the 2016 referendum, it was ¥180~190 to the £.

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Posted in: Deer population in Nara's famous park reaches record high See in context

These deer actually have better health and longer life than wild ones

Are you sure about this? Do you have data to prove this?

The life span of a white-tailed deer can be from 6-14 years in captivity. In the wild, the majority of deer don’t make it to that age because of disease, hunting and automobile collisions. The average life span for wild white-tailed deer is 4.5 years (Lopez et al 2003). Males have an average life span of 2.9 years and females have an average life span of 6.5 years (Lopez et al 2003)

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That whale is no longer wild and strong in the wild. It has had good food and good medicine given for years, so its body immune power is weakened, so it can't survive long outside, better not let him free.

The point being that the poor thing should never have been in captivity in the first place.

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If they set him free, he would not be able to survive for a long time and would die within a year.

Cetaceans tend to live longer in the wild than in captivity.

*In nature**, belugas can live up to 60-70 years, bottlenose dolphins up to 50-60 years, and orcas up to 70 or 90 years- females live longer than males.*

*In captivity, many cetaceans die young and life expectancy in general might be reduced by half.** In aquaria, dolphins rarely live more than 20 years. Orcas rarely reach middle age. Belugas live half as long as they would in nature.*

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise has 'attractions' where kids can chase around after fish in shallow water, catching them by hand and frying them up there and then: roller coasters and other rides where visitors are invited to 'go wild', and seasonal fireworks displays.

What with the vibrations from the rides, screams of excited kids, booms and flashes of fireworks, and the daily prospect of being unceremoniously hoiked out of inches of water to be eaten, the place don't sound like much of a paradise for the inmates.

zoos and aquariums are important for animal conservation

Yes they are, but this place isn't in the same category. Lookit the website. This 'paradise' isn't remotely dedicated to animal conservation; it's all about using and abusing them for entertainment.

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