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I don't know if it's the case in this instance, but I do know from personal experience that a bad attack of the flu can literally do your head in: you stop thinking straight and get quite obsessive about stuff, like thinking it's essential to get to work when in fact you should be in bed. The idea that you might infect other people, that you shouldn't be doing what you're trying to do, simply does not enter your head. And when people advise you that you really should take a pill and go to bed, they just 'don't understand'.

The flu is not just a cold, it's a totally different creature.

I would say it's the responsibility of the bus company to make sure their drivers are fit to drive before sending them out on the roads.

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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

revealing the names of guests would infringe on their privacy.

They were at a public event, being entertained from the public use.

What privacy?

I guess there wasn't a copy of the guest list on a PC, either.

There was.

Suga was on the news last night trying to defend the premise that:

a) being digital, the copy on the PC (and the back-up on the server) was not 'a public document' and therefore the govmint was under no obligation to disclose it, in fact they were not allowed to disclose it

b) it was a total coincidence that the digital copy and its back-up have also apparently been scrubbed and no longer exist.


(While disclosing that back-up data was retained for up to 8 weeks after disposal of the digital data, Cabinet Sectretary Suga expressed the view that as this did not call under the category of administrative documentation subject to freedom of information, there was no obligation to disclose it.)

Smug, scheming little skunk.

Apologies to all the clean-living, decent skunks in the world.

After all, is in not just as possible for a disabled person to inadvertently make a mistake as a fully physically abled person? 

In which case the fact that the operator was disabled has no bearing at all on the matter.

The operator made no mistake; he did as he was told, and shredded the list before the Opposition could get their hands on it.

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

gey caught, don’t even own it. That’s weak. And definitely two faced

June 2019: 'When you're dealing in trade, everything is on the table. So NHS or anything else ..... everything will be on the table, absolutely.

Dec 2019: 'We have absolutely nothing to do with [the NHS], and we wouldn't want to. If you handed it to us on a silver platter, we'd want nothing to do with it'

Yeah, don't even own it. Weak.

a clear win for the US here!

Yeah, because it's great diplomatic policy to crow over 'wins' against your allies, while falling in love and having 'great' relationships with looney dictators.

The Chosen One doesn't know which side he's supposed to be on.

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

"I've asked Japan. I said to Prime Minister Abe, a friend of mine, Shinzo. I said, 'You have to help us out here. 

If Shinzo is Donny’s friend and this is one friend helping out another, fine, let Shinzo pay as much as he likes or can afford - out of his own pocket.

Not a bent halfpenny or crooked yen out of taxpayer money. We just had a tax increase to supposedly help balance the books. Sorry Donny, there’s no surplus to spend on making Okinawa even more of a holiday resort for military types.

Don’t like it - scale down your operations, send surplus staff, dependents etc., home, learn to live within your means.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim sends defiant signals with new horse ride, rare party meeting See in context

it’s a white horse!

These images aren’t meant to scare anyone, they are meant to signal Kim’s domestic strength

If he wants to compete with Putin he's gonna have to take that coat off.

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Posted in: Gov't to buy island in Kagoshima Pref for U.S. military drills for ¥16 bil See in context

Always makes me laugh when the Japanese moan about the US military in Japan. My answer is always, "You should have thought of that before you attacked Pearl Harbor".

The Japanese may be long-lived, but not that long-lived.

I'd bet the number of people complaining about the US military in Japan who were also involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor is close enough to zero to make no difference. Even the youngest fighter pilots from back then would be pushing 100 now, assuming they survived the rest of the war and are still here.

If the US wants to train its military how to fly planes, land them, drop parachutes/bombs from them, etc - let them do it in America. Send us your trained personnel who are up to the job, not your rookies.

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Posted in: Trump off to London for NATO summit, under pressure to steer clear of British election See in context

Go Trump! Go Boris!

Yes please.


Far away.

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Posted in: Japan's greenhouse gas emissions lowest on record in FY2018 See in context

 It may very well be the lowest on record, but it is still quite high by comparison.

By comparison with what/who?

in 2017, Japan's emissions accounted for 2.99% of the global total.

High by comparison with countries like France (0.97%, running on nuclear) and Italy (0.93%), both with roughly half the population of Japan; but an also-ran with compared with the US (14.75%). On a per capital basis, if Japan were the size of the US its emissions would be in the region of 6.9%: If the US were the size of Japan, its emissions would be about 6.4%.

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Posted in: Diets with more fiber, yogurt tied to lower risk of lung cancer See in context

All Bran, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast every day.

I'm gonna live furrevva.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

you can see the reasons for the badge were very feminist.

I'm sure people spin this as a misogyny thing

It's neither a misogyny thing or a feminist thing.

It's just a really, really, stoopid thing.

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Someone please let Masako wear a beautiful kimono instead of that horrible outfit she's wearing. 

The Japanese royal ladies do get put into some dire 'fashion', but this outfit is even worse than usual; no colour, no shape and topped with another one of those eternal pillbox hats that her granny probably wore.

It's always one of two extremes - either godawful western so-called 'formal', or o-hina-sama.

There's good-looking western fashion, and lovely kimono. No need for this ..... abomination.

Each of the royals could adopt a modern Japanese fashion designer or two and showcase the look to the world, thus combining their decorative aspect with something more profitable to the country.

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Disillusioned, I'm intrigued that your Mrs was told by the pension office that she was entitled to a certain fixed amount. It sounds like you're saying she gets a lump sum and then nothing. Or so much a year till she's received ¥1.3 million, then no pension ever after?

I had a private pension package that worked like that - I could either take a paltry amount every year until I croaked, or the whole amount due either as a lump sum or over a number of years. The public pension doesn't work like that.

If your Mrs has paid in ¥6million over 25 years (an average of ¥20,000 a month), that's way more than the kokumin nenkin premiums, so presumably she was in some kind of kosei nenkin scheme. Kosei nenkin is paid out so much a year in 2-month amounts, not a lump sum.

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Posted in: Should Japan pay more to Washington for hosting U.S. bases? See in context

You are acting like Okinawa is some kind of paradise for dependent families

It is.

Apart from the typhoons.

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Posted in: 15 tons of sweet potatoes stolen in Ibaraki See in context

it takes a lot of time and effort from seeds to your plate 

Now that's where you're going wrong. You grow sweet potatoes from slips, not seeds!

And folk who steal other folk's crops are scum.

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Posted in: Johnson offers up new Brexit promise for Christmas See in context

Voting for Labour then, cleo?

Why would not voting for the nasty party mean inevitably voting for Labour? The UK has more than two parties, or are you only able to judge things through a US prism of us/them?

But don't they suck even worse than the Tories?

No, the only ones who suck worse than the Tories (or as bad as) are UKIP and the Brexit 'party'.

You can't vote? You can't vote in Japanese elections either - dang, that really SUCKS!

Yes, it does. Doesn't stop a girl being interested and concerned, though.

And at least I'm not making totally ignorant comments about a country with which I have no connection.....

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Posted in: American-Japanese model Kiko designs 'morning cleavage' bra for lingerie brand Wacoal See in context

*The matching pant costs 3,000 yen*

A pant is a quick, short breath. Like wot a dog does when it's hot.

Wot ladies wear under their skirts is pants.


As in, a pair of pants.

As in, there are two matching holes, one for each leg.

Women want to dress like this, and yet..

Dress like what? This lady isn't dressed, she's in a state of undress. In her underwear. She's selling underwear.

Stuff to hold things in place under a lady's clothes.

T'would be more compelling if she had anything to hold in place, a cleavage at any time of day.

She's pretty, though.

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Posted in: Johnson offers up new Brexit promise for Christmas See in context

PM Daddy Christmas is more like a long legged spider about to run up your leg.

Spiders have some uses; they're good in the garden for keeping bad bugs at bay.

Can't see that any Tory PM in recent years has done anything to earn his place in England's (the UK's) green and pleasant land.

Bozo is more like a big fat slug that sucks the goodness out of yer prize veggies, then claims the only way to save the situation is to suck more goodness out of all the other veggies until they're all equally ruined, and the slugs alone are bigger and fatter and glossier.

I guess some people don't mind if their comments may come across as them being bigots though. 

I think the thing is that they genuinely don't see themselves as bigots. If they did, they wouldn't say/write the things they do.

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Posted in: Court rules against divorced parents seeking access to children See in context

If you love Japan, you would also have to love Japanese laws.


Seeing everything through rose-coloured glasses isn't love, it's infatuation.

When you see and acknowledge the whole package, warts and all, can see what's good and what needs fixing, and still aren't put off - that's love.

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Posted in: Abe admits involvement in guest selection for cherry blossom viewing party See in context

The prime minister was allowed to recommend as many as 1,000 guests with his wife Akie also making recommendations, government officials said in parliament. 

and PM recommend:


what is the issue?

He was 'allowed' too? By whom? Who gave him permission?

The Sakura wo Miru Kai was supposed to be for 各界で功績、功労のあった方 (people from all walks of life who have performed performed distinguished service or meritorious deeds).

Of the 15000-odd invitees this year, 1000 were recommended by Abe, another 1000 by Aso and other bigwigs and another 6000 by 'the LDP'. Nearly half the invites were to LDP supporters who had done nothing more distinguished or meritorious than vote LDP and apply to attend the sakura-viewing event.

That's one issue.

The total cost was ¥55,187,000 - that's some ¥37,530,000 over budget and over ¥30,000 of our tax money going as a gift to each and every attendee (invites and plus-ones).

That's another issue.

Politicians get dragged over hot coals for handing out paper fans to supporters. A ¥30,000 handout to supporters is way heavier than a paper fan.

The LDP should be made to return every penny spent on entertaining supporters under the cherry trees over the past 6 years.

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Posted in: Abe admits involvement in guest selection for cherry blossom viewing party See in context

So for years taxpayers’ money has been used to finance an LDP pleasure jaunt, and this year they even had the gall to inflate the budget requested for it (after exceeding the budget year after year).

I hope the opposition gets its working boots on, calculates how much tax money has been misappropriated over the years, and sees to it that the LDP gets sent the bill.

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Posted in: Year-end jumbo lottery tickets go on sale with ¥1 bil up for grabs See in context

the most winning on larger parts are in the Tokyo area. The lowest percentile has always been Aomori Prefecture. With almost 0 winners in big lottery's. So like the rest I went to where the odds favor a win, Tokyo.

There are more people in Tokyo to buy tickets, so more winning tickets sold in absolute numbers. It doesn’t mean the odds are any better.

The greater metropolitan area accounts for roughly a third of the population of Japan.

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Posted in: Johnson, Corbyn square off in 1st UK election debate See in context

Would Boris be better? Very difficult to say.

It's very easy to say. The man's a blatant liar, not fit to be No 10's rat catcher, never mind PM.

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Posted in: Construction of stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics completed at cost of ¥157 bil See in context

Money well spent

Money spent, certainly.

Given a choice, I think I’d prefer the ¥20,000 and a lower tax rate.

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Posted in: Weightlifting is Japanese salarymen’s newest hobby, report says See in context

Why, bass, not how.


Lack of basic reading comprehension skills backs up the image of ‘muscle all the way to the top’.

Sad, really

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Posted in: Weightlifting is Japanese salarymen’s newest hobby, report says See in context

Why would anyone want to be skinny!

The world isn’t divided into ‘massive’ and ‘skinny’.

What’s wrong with ‘just right’?

 as a kid, I was always fascinated by Arnold 

So was I. I marveled at why anyone would deliberately do that to their body.

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Posted in: Weightlifting is Japanese salarymen’s newest hobby, report says See in context

How is that going to help you get massive?

Why would anyone want to 'get massive'?

Guys who are muscle all the way to the tops of their heads are a turn-off.

'Moderately muscular' is the look to aim for.

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Posted in: Insurance claims linked to typhoons in Sept, Oct may top ¥2 tril See in context

Increased from 15 to 25%? Is this mean to say increased by 15% to 25%? No-one pays 15% to insure their home.

Increased by between 15 to 25%.

So for every ¥100 you paid in premiums up to now, the insurance companies will be demanding anything from ¥115 to ¥ 125.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Pay for the priviledge of having the US military occupying huge swathes of land (and ignoring mutually-agreed commitments, such as restrictions on noisy night flights and where you can drop parachutists and dud bombs)?

H3ll no, Japan should charge the US rent for the land it occupies, plus compensation for nuisance damages.

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Posted in: Pelosi says Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to ‘bribery’ See in context

Read the transcript.

Amazing that people can read the same transcript and reach totally opposing conclusions.

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Posted in: Poll gives Johnson's Conservatives 10-point lead in election See in context

Does this mean it's actually possible for some form of Brexit to happen?

I sincerely hope not.

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