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who actually have thought they would be able to live on pension alone? Who actually have made such announcements?

Finance Minister Taro Aso, who doubles as minister for financial services, refused last week to receive the report, saying the panel's estimate contradicted the government's view that the pension system serves as the basis of household finances during post-retirement years

Anyone who expects the Japanese state pension system to provide a comfortable retirement is utterly deluded

It's supposed to provide the basics. For comfort, you have to do a bit more.

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You mean soccer doo-doo.

Height is quite relevant in football.

The topic is football, doo-doo.

You mean American football, which is totally irrelevant here.

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I say if you have more than 50 million in savings, and no mortgage/rent you don't get a pension

So two people with identical incomes, A is frugal, saves as much as possible, pays off his mortgage early, retires with 50 million in savings, and is expected to continue being frugal and living on what he has saved - no pension for Rich Man A.

Meanwhile B spends his income on eating out, drinking champagne and 50-year-old single malt, buying designer clothes, fast cars, world cruises, diamonds for his missis (and maybe a couple more ladies on the side), retires happy and tired but with nothing in the bank - and gets a pension.

Is that how you think it should work? (Granted, to have savings of 50 million you'd have to save an average of ¥1.25 million a year every year for 40 years. Not likely for the average Taro, unless he comes into an inheritance. Same thing applies though - A puts the inheritance in the bank, B spends it and again, B gets the pension)

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The Girl has a Girlish rucksack, but the boy... he has a shoulder handbag... ~ - I guess this is modern day Feminate man.... 

That rucksack don't look all that girlish to me (whatever girlish is). It looks practical, down to earth, easy to carry.

Good for her.

The boy's bag - effeminate? Better to my mind than having pockets crammed full of stuff because the Man hasn't got the gumption to put everything in a bag. And the fluffy thing - lots of bags have zips that are hard to get hold of. Attaching some kind of dingle-dangle makes it easier. More practical than continuing to struggle 'because it's manly'.

Mr cleo once spent half a day wandering round department stores in Tokyo carrying a cute little plastic handbag covered in pink dots and with a Hello Kitty dingle-dangle handing off it. (It was our daughter's - she had given it him to hold while she tried on some new shoes, then gone off back home with her grandmother without remembering to reclaim her bag). A masculine man is one confident enough in himself to not worry what others think. Even when he's carrying a pink handbag.

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Don't forget to factor in the size of the US

Size isn't a factor when you're talking in per 100,000s. I take it you didn't do very well in maths at school?

the 2nd amendment and and

Yes, that is a problem that isn't going to go away unless the whole structure is torn down and built up again. Glad to see you recognise that.

the influx of MS-13 to our nation.

Influx?? MS-13 was born in the US, to protect one set of gangs from another set of gangs in the US. (Gangs formed from Salvadoran refugees from the San Salvador civil war, whose requests for asylum status in the US were neglected so that the refugees were left undocumented and vulnerable to exploitation, racial prejudice and persecution). It's the US that deported MS-13 to other parts of the Americas.

In 2018, the gang accounted for less than 1 percent (10,000) of total gang members in the United States (1.4 million), and a similar share of gang murders.

So how to you explain the other 99% of gang murders in the US?

Smart phones, IPads, love Steve Jobs....well, Tim Cook now.

What?? Do you need to lie down for a while?

I remember Biden being the ultimate gaffe machine

And now he's been totally blown out of the gaffe water by the Trumpo Dumbo.

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Doesn't sound all that much different from Europe, replace guns with knives

*There were 17,284 homicides in the US in 2017, giving a rate of 5.3 per 100,000. In Britain, there were 785 in financial year 2017/18 — the nearest equivalent time period — giving a rate of 1.8 per 100,000, some three times lower.*

Within this, there were 285 knife murders in England and Wales in 2017/18 — the highest number since the Second World War — and 34 in Scotland, giving a combined British rate of 0.48 per 100,000. In the US, the number for 2017 was 1,591, giving an almost identical rate of 0.49.

So, knife crime is about the same in Britain and the US, plus the US has all that gun-related stuff in addition.

Looks like things would be a lot better if the US were actually not that much different from Europe. Pity it's nearly three times worse.

Funny, as if Trump had a crystal ball and could peer I to their lives

It's called screening. Doesn't work when the screen is full of holes, of course.

I mean, look at Biden with all the stuff we know

All what stuff we know? That he has in the past touched ladies on their shoulders, smelled their hair and even kissed them in less PC days - and apologised for it when it was pointed out to him that it was inappropriate? Compared with the Great Orange Serial-Cheater Pussy-Grabber? No contest.

I note and appreciate the fact that you have no comeback to the charge of soul-deficiency.

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Democrats "want to destroy our country as we know it"

Well if America is really the kind of place people like bass tell us it is, that might not be such a bad idea.

Gang-related no-go zones, medical bankruptcy, mass shootings, rampant prescription-opioid addiction, white supremacist violence..... Knock it down and start again might be the only way.

"We believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens,

like Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort. Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, and other shady characters Trump placed among his 'best people'?

Vote Trump, vote for the death of your soul.

That don' worry Trump supporters none. Dey ain't got no soul in da foist place.

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In the first say fifteen years, where compounding gains the most, the person will probably have paid in less than 30,000 a month

I don't know where you're getting your figures from.

Pension premiums are doubled by the employer's portion, which means you'd have people paying only ¥15000 a month from their pay check? That's the premium for the kokumin nenkin, the minimum anyone pays (if they pay). The kosei nenkin is on top of that, based on income and usually a lot more (with a huge chunk also taken out of the twice-yearly bonus).

if he does, I just spotted a savings opportunity.

Or they could put him out to pasture on a kokumin nenkin. If it's good enough for us geese, it's good enough for the gander, no?

Is it perhaps the silver spoon firmly lodged in his cheek that distorts his lips so when he speaks?

As a Wealth Manager here in the US, I am usually advising clients to save 4 times that amount, unless they have a pension in addition to their Social Security income

It sounds like you have a different system. The problem here is that the pension, which everyone is supposed to have, is not enough.

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Name one benefit that a man gets for being in a relationship that he can't get outside of one.

Thing is, if you can't imagine or appreciate the benefits, you're never gonna get them.

Which is very sad.

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Posted in: Japan eyes cutting U.S. farm tariffs immediately to TPP levels See in context

What's the point of having the TPP if those who refuse to take part can get the same concessions as those who do?

If Trump wants the benefits of the TPP, then he should join in instead of sulking in a corner and using threats in place of negotiation.

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I really don’t think he cares (nor should he) what the international community thinks

Then why is he trying to rally foreign leaders to the US point of view? Why is he bothering to make a bunch of phone calls?

It wasn’t only Bush, a lot of people had their hands in the fryer

By Bush is meant the Bush admin. Don't be so literal, it comes across as petty.

it doesn’t matter what the world likes or doesn’t like,

Sheer arrogance.

they don’t feed us, put clothes on our backs or help pay our taxes

lol we'll be feeding and clothing you less and less as Donny's tariffs start to bite and you find yourselves paying extra for all kinds of stuff.

 I got a list of Democrat corruption that will make your head spin

bass love, we don't care about your internal US sandbox tiffs. From the global perspective, you're all right-wing and far-right wing anyhoos.

You realise the more you diss Dems, California, Chicago, etc., all we see is you dissing America and telling us what an awful place it is?

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There are no "tax-breaks" for married couples, no joint bank accounts, nothing special really, other than some "rights" with regards to medical issues.

The spouse allowance - a sarariman with a non/low-earning spouse gets a tax exemption, ie pays less tax than a person with the same income but an earning spouse (said spouse meanwhile also pays tax at the single-person rate and is liable to pay their own health insurance, pension premiums, etc.)

The same single-income married couple also get cheaper health insurance and a free pension for the non-earning spouse.

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

I suspect there may something lost in translation.

NHK quotes Katada as saying, '乗組員が飛来物でやられた、なにかが飛んできたようだと話している' - *Crew members say they were attacked by flying objects, something seemed to come flying at them'.*

飛来物 directly translates as 'flying object', but my online dictionary gives as its first entry - missile.

He also says 'タンカーが着弾の被害を受けた場所は、水面よりかなり上にあり、機雷や魚雷、装着物による被害ではないと思う' - *The place where the projectile impacted the tanker is quite a way above the water line, and I don't think the damage was caused by an underwater mine, torpedo or anything attached to the ship.*

There is no mention of bullets that I can see.

When I heard this news on the BBC the morning, and Pompeio (I think it was) pointing out how everything indicated that it was the work of Iran, the first thought that crossed my mind was - Gulf of Tonkin.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson wins first round of UK leadership vote See in context

How could this be? I thought the Remainers outnumbered the Brexiteers by now...

We all know what thought did ....

Pay attention, serrano. It's a vote by right-wing Tory MPs only, they do not represent the UK public at large.

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Posted in: Woman sues Japanese gov't for DNA data kept even after end of probe See in context

I once took in a dog wandering alone in the street near our house. It had a collar, so I assumed it wasn't a stray and hadn't been abandoned. I asked at the local koban what I should do about finding its owner, and they advised me to put up fliers in local shop windows, the local vets office - and on lamp posts in the area where it was found.

The Nagoya police not only overstepped the mark here, they exhibited gross dereliction of duty. They should have been helping her find the dog, not treating her like a criminal.

Putting a poster on a pole is a gateway crime, odds are she will continue to sink further into even bigger outrages against society

Yeah, like helping little old ladies across the road and putting out bird seed for the sparrows. Colour me guilty.

Did she find her dog?

This is the big question.

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Labradors are so much fun and friendly

Our first family dog was a Lab, and he was lovely. He was also bred from UK stock.

I would be very careful about choosing any breed that has enjoyed a spate of popularity in Japan - like Labs did a while ago. Also Huskies, dachshunds, pomeranians, sheltland sheepdogs, toy poodles, chihuahuas, beagles and Shibas. When a breed becomes popular the puppy mills go into overload churning out pups for sale with no regard to breed standards, and the results can be dire.

I met a Lab in Japan that was a snarling, ready-to-fight-anything miserable wreck. The poor owner thought they'd bought a fun and friendly family pet - instead they got a liability.

Buyer beware? - Don't buy, adopt. If you must buy, go to a reputable breeder who will explain his breeding policy (and who will want to ascertain that you are a fit person to care for one of his dogs), not to a pet-shop that simply wants your cash.

Laguna - We'll have to agree to disagree. Dogs are of course highly intelligent in areas that concern them. But that doesn't always include self-preservation. Take care.

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Posted in: Mass UK protest demanding second EU referendum planned days before Brexit See in context

It is outrageous and false, a malicious deception.

As opposed to the malicious deception that was the first referendum, with its £350 million a week extra for the NHS, guaranteed place in the single market, claims of EU laws being 'imposed' on an unwilling UK, promises of no security checks on the Irish border, no jobs lost because of Brexit, Take Back Control! mendacity?

the UK electorate desire to leave

There is no mandate to leave. The 2016 referendum was advisory, as are all such referenda unless the legislation under which they are held states explicitly to the contrary, which this one didn't. The margin of difference was a mere 4% of votes cast - nowhere near enough to warrant a change of such constitutional proportions as leaving the EU. All it mandated was the need to address promptly and with sincerity the concerns of those who expressed a desire to leave the EU.

It certainly did not mandate the current no-deal-let's-wreck-the-UK-economy fiasco.

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Posted in: Japan passes bill requiring microchipping of pets to reduce strays See in context

Adopt! d

Don’t buy!


And then spay/neuter and microchip!

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

60 to 95. Wow that's a long time to be sitting on welfare

The old age pension is not welfare. It's what people have paid in and are entitled to.

Apart from the full-time stay-at-home housewives who pay nothing in and yet get just as much out as working women who have paid in in full to the kokumin nenkin.

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The chart is all that is needed

Your wish is my command.

The chart showing estimated income and expenditure for a married couple aged 60 and 65 living only on the pension is shown at the bottom of P24.

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JustMyThoughts - You mean kicking a defenceless pup hard enough to break bones is A-OK if it's done out of frustration??

Imagine the same 'mild manner, law abiding, tax paying, outstanding human' coming home from work one evening to find something else not to his liking. Maybe dinner isn't ready so in a moment of frustration he blacks his wife's eye. Maybe there are toys strewn across the living room floor and he steps painfully on a Lego brick. In a moment of frustration he beats one or all of his three kids.

But it would be wrong to screw Dad with a domestic violence report? So the wife tells the neighbours she walked into a door. At school the kids explain their bruises by saying they accidentally fell downstairs. And the next time Dad feels a moment of frustration, the same thing happens again. And again. And again.

'A moment of frustration' is no excuse. Your pathetic excuse for a 'mild manner, law abiding, tax paying, outstandingly inadequate human' deserves all he gets.


I understand, but that still leaves decision-making to the owner, which means the dog has no opportunities to learn.

Decision-making is the owner's responsibility. As anyone who reads these pages will know, I love my dogs (all dogs...), I think they're brilliant - but they're dogs. They have little doggie brains. They're never going to have an intellect any more refined than that of a human toddler. I wouldn't give a toddler the opportunity to make a bad decision about running in front of a car, and I wouldn't give a dog the same opportunity, either. They can make decisions about which toys they want to play with, which dog bed they want to sleep in - the stuff that's important to a dog and doesn't threaten its safety. They can learn all kinds of safe stuff - sit, down, stay, come, fetch, close the door, go to your place, stand still without biting while the vet examines you, etc. I'm going to keep on making the decision as to whether they can run into the road and the decision is always No.

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Posted in: New York Times to cease political cartoons after anti-Semitism row See in context

The cartoon was meant to appeal, i.e. “aimed at” as I originally wrote, to Jew-haters around the world.

I don't see that at all. The one who comes out worse is surely the blind, fat, dumb, arrogant-sycophantic Trump. If we're going for stereotypes, it's 'aimed at' Trump-haters, America-haters or both.

I don't see anyone getting upset about that, yet the slightest indication of a Jewish symbol - the star of David, or the skullcap - and suddenly it's all anti-Semitic.

It would seem that the NYT felt the depiction too strong for domestic consumption

Listening to reports on the BBC this morning, it seems the domestic version and international version are quite separate.

My right arm is fine, thanks.

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But he must run.

Of course he must, he's a whippet!

Take him out on the bike - my Dobie gets a 30-minute sprint every morning before the Shiba joins us for a more sedate walk. (Remember to attach the lead to a harness, not a collar)

Or find yourselves a dog run.

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

Where do these figures come from?

Averages, I suppose. Which means they don't really fit anyone's actual circumstances.

If you rent, you will need more money than if you own your own home (hopefully the mortgage is paid off before retirement).

Depending on where you live, transport might be a greater or smaller expense.

Food costs vary greatly. Not having to buy meat, and having an allotment for veggies, cuts quite a bit off our food bill. Having critters of varying sizes adds to it. (Don't tell me 'The critters are not necessary' - they're family, non-negotiable).

Various medical conditions can eat into finances.

Everyone's circumstances are different, but the basic pension should cover the absolute basics of daily life.

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I don't see the reason for not microchipping Japanese breeds. My Shiba is microchipped, hasn't done him any harm. All my critters are chipped, for safety's sake.

If the aim is to reduce the number of abandoned pets, and the breeders object to the Shibas and Akitas they breed being microchipped, aren't they basically saying they don't care what happens to the pups once they've sold them?

Sometimes he goes out and then comes back. That is what whippets do - but they are skittish

Take care he doesn't skit himself under the wheels of a car when he 'goes out'. Don't let him out except on a lead or in a safe, enclosed area. That is what pet owners do.

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

Abe insisted that the credibility of the public pension system has become "stronger,"

He has no idea.

If the credibility of the pension system was as strong as he says, the ¥20 million claim would be laughed away by all, including those currently claiming pensions. I don't see the hordes flocking to assure the country that their pensions are generous and more than sufficient.

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Posted in: New York Times to cease political cartoons after anti-Semitism row See in context

you will never see anybody saying anything bad against the whole government or nation is because if they did that, they will be targeted and accused of being anti-British. England is similar to Japan in this way

Make your mind up, are you talking about England, or Britain? Or maybe the UK? Do you know the difference?

England is similar to Japan in this way

No it isn't. Nowhere near.

If you want to see Brits taking the urine out of the 'whole government or nation', go to YouTube and watch some old episodes of Spitting Images. Nobody insults themselves like the Brits do, and it's brilliant.

Among some large ethnic groups in the Middle East dogs are the lowest, dirtiest animal hence portraying the Israeli PM as one is indeed a commonly recognized insult in that part of the world.

But the cartoon wasn't aimed at 'large ethnic groups in the Middle East', it was aimed at Israel and America, two countries where dogs are not viewed unfavourably.

Though Trump is known to not like dogs, so portraying him as being led by a dog could be seen as insulting to him personally.

The more I think about this cartoon, the better and deeper it gets. Never mind banning political cartoons from the newspaper and disciplining the editor, whoever came up with this masterpiece deserves a raise and an extra biscuit with his afternoon tea.

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Posted in: New York Times to cease political cartoons after anti-Semitism row See in context

I had a look at the cartoon.

Apart from the fact that Netanyahu is nowhere near as cute as the dog he is portrayed as (very insulting to ☆sausage dogs), I found it a good take on The Way Things Are; a low-down character leading a blind and stupid character who tries so hard to please yet thinks he's in charge.

As for insults:

How is it insulting to Jews to identify the PM of Israel using the central item of the Israeli flag?

How is it insulting to Jews to portray the 'what else can I do to please Israel' Trump fitting himself out with an item of headgear that makes him feel one of the crowd? Insulting to Trump, yes (he'll do all he can to ingratiate himself with the people he wants to impress), but not to Jews or to Israel.

While the cartoon is a cutting comment on current Israel-US relations, it's not anti-Semitic.

(☆Mmm, maybe portraying the Israeli PM, who claims to be Jewish, as a sausage dog (=full of pork?) is what people find really upsetting?)

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Posted in: Avril Lavigne speaks Japanese in new commercial for Laundrin’ See in context

Why do Japanese so commonly look at "s" is a word and think it's "sh"?

If you had a basic knowledge of hiragana, you would know the answer to that.

さしすせそ sa - shi - su - se - so

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Posted in: Nappies? No thanks, say most men with few still taking full paternity leave See in context

I'll do almost anything else, but there's just so much crap I'll take.

Sounds like you won't take any...

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