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There's something distinctly odd about choosing to settle in Japan, as many commenters on this site have done, and spending years complaining about prices or the range of food available.

No there isn’t, really.

There are many, many factors that go into deciding where to live, and the price or variety of food is only one of those, and in the overall scheme of things, not necessarily a major item.

You may as well say it’s distinctly odd that complaining about the weather and/or the government is a British characteristic: why don’t they all go and live somewhere warmer/sunnier/drier, and with a perfect political system?

Coz nowhere is perfect, is why. Enjoy the good things in your environs and do without what you can’t get.

And rejoice at the prospect of mature Cheddar at reasonable prices in the local supermarket.

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How about increasing land size so people have a yard to potter around in.

Sounds like a great idea.

Where is the extra land going to come from?

And how are you going to parcel it out to individual households?

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Several U.S. states, including the election swing state of Ohio, reported record single-day increases in COVID-19 infections on Thursday, evidence the pandemic is accelerating anew.

Any correlation between rising covid rates and super-spreader rallies held in recent weeks?

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How is it for mixed race kids? Anyone have experience in the matter?

Put two kids through public elementary school, no problems whatsoever on account of race.

There was one problem with a form teacher who was a 'stickler for punishment' - if one kid in the class 'misbehaved' (which apparently included things like being left-handed, being unable to eat natto without gagging, etc.) she would punish the whole class by making them run 10/20/30 times around the school yard. It should have been obvious to the school that something was not quite right when one class were constantly out running around the yard, but it took class parents getting together and making a fuss to get her replaced with a younger male teacher, who turned out to be superb.

Daughter opted to go to the local public junior high to be with her friends. Again no problems on account of race, in fact she was popular for her ability to help other kids with their English homework. The biggest problem we came across was the insane emphasis on bukatsu.

Son won a scholarship to a private junior/senior high, and had a great time, made lots of good friends and is still in touch with his form teacher, nearly two decades later. Not saying all private schools are equally good; a friend sent her daughter to a rather exclusive all-girls school, and it was, she said, rather like sending her back into the 19th century, with the emphasis very much on A Woman's Place.

Whatever country you're in, whether you go public or private, I would say choose your schools carefully.

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People look ridiculous wearing those stupid masks.

Maybe, but they're a darn sight better than a respirator. You don't mind the people around you needing respirators, just so's you can tell yourself you look good?

(Note: In today's Covid world, the no-mask-in-public look is not a good look.)

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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

 most countries have anually hunting seasons. In order to reduce the numbers in a certain region. 

I greatly doubted your claim that ‘most countries have anually (sic) hunting seasons’ for bears. I tried googling ‘bear hunting’ and apart from one reference to Scandinavia issuing a hundred or so hunting permits a couple of years ago, literally every entry was some American boasting about the ‘rush’ to be got from killing a bear. All about the fun of it. Little to no mention of hunting to reduce numbers, all about the fun of killing. I found it sickening.

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Overpopulation cause bears to seek more food in places where humans goes

The black bear population in Japan is estimated at between 15,000 and 20,000. Far from overpopulation, it’s already been made extinct in Kyushu and Shikoku, is designated as a vulnerable species in the Red Data Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and is supposedly protected by the Washington Convention.

Plus the hunters can good use of every bit of the bear. Meat, pelt, claws etc.

Depends on your definition of ‘good use’. Like ‘every bit of the whale is put to good use’?


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Why get a civilian club member? The police have trained snipers?

Because the local hunters’ associations are always looking to get their jollies.

A few years ago the town where I live had a problem (supposedly) with birds eating sunflower seeds sown in preparation for a summer sunflower festival. Instead of just covering the fields with nets until the seeds sprouted, the hunters association volunteered to ‘protect’ the fields - any excuse to kill wildlife, especially when the ammo is paid for out of taxes. (An outcry from the locals forced the town to go with the netting option, saving the crows, pigeons and the festival.

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Anything fromthe US will have country of origin marked

The British consumer can choose whatever they like to buy-simple capitalism

In the supermarket, maybe. What about processed foods? Will manufacturers be obliged to indicate what percentage of what ingredient comes from where? Will restaurant menus come with country of origin stickers?

I doubt it.

pretty much most of the those that voted in Scotland for the EU Referendum were those who want an independent Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon is cynically politically weaponizing the fact that the people of Scotland voted against UK leaving the EU.

She and the rest of the Scottish population have every right to be cynical. In the independence referendum a major decider was the threat that Scotland would be forced to leave the EU after independence.

So independence didn’t happen, and still Scotland is being forced against its will to leave the EU. And in a totally incompetent, cack-handed no-deal let’s-wreck-the-economy fiasco.

If I were a Scot I would not be cynical so much as blazing mad.

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Raw egg is a pretty staple item in Japan. Not saying it's impossible, but I never heard of anyone here getting salmonella from it.

For breakfast I prefer cereal (not sugary), fruit and yogurt with a cuppa.

TKG is good for a quick mid-day snack.

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He dropped a wad of $20 bills in the collection plate before leaving

Are there no electoral bribery laws in the US? Politicians can go round just dumping money on people as they campaign?

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 Doubt anyone could pay me to eat bear.

No doubt whatsoever involved - absolutely, no one could pay me to eat bear meat!

As far as I know, freezing kills the parasites in pork, but not necessarily in meat from wild animals.

I loved the time I spent in Hokuriku (straddling the border between Ishikawa and Toyama) - fabulous place, lovely friendly people, both sea and mountains within very easy reach - but some of the food I found less than enchanting.

Once on a trip up into the mountains, came across a bear cub tied up as a tourist attraction outside a souvenir shop. I hate to think what happened to Mama bear and any siblings, and my Japanese language skills at the time weren’t up to finding out. Not to mention what would happen to the cub when it grew too big to be tied up outside a shop for passersby to fondle.

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Healthy food is scarce in Japan.

I really don't think the average Japanese know what 'healthy' food means.

The longer-than-average life span is a bit of a puzzler then, isn’t it.

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And the reason why these rules and regulations are exactly the reason for destroying California

These crazy people are the reason people are taking their money, packing up and leaving, good for them, leave the madness.

Do you bother to read the stuff you provide links to?

Those ‘top ten environmental decisions’ that are according to you causing Californians to pack up and leave now all happened between the 1800s and the middle of the last century. More recent environmental rulings have tried to reverse their effects or at the least preserve what environment is left. Trump’s ‘profit at and price and st^ff the environment’ policies are threaten to further damage an already damaged environment.

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OK cleo please educate me. Where do they eat Bear as sashimi? Are there people somewhere who get off on trichinosis? Or Hepatitus C?

Ishikawa Prefecture, for sure.熊肉/

I used to live in Hokuriku. I’ve had meals where it was on the table. (Not on my plate).

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So they knew the bear was in the vicinity a week ago, we’re on the highest alert, and didn’t have the time or opportunity to prepare measures that didn’t involve killing the animal?

No doubt the intrepid hunters had a field day and celebrated with bear sashimi and bear nabe.

Poor bear.

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Posted in: Create your own autumn 'wagashi' Kirby with traditional Japanese sweets DIY kit See in context

I think my grandkids would love this.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context

If Japan pays the US 200 billion yen for the 'privilege' of having US bases on Japanese soil (along with drunken military types harassing local populations, pollution from all kinds of unspeakable weaponry and chemicals, and military aircraft crashing onto civilian areas), then the US should be charged 300 billion yen rent for the use of the prime land the bases occupy. Plus extra for every drunken GI causing a nuisance/committing a crime and every aircraft that falls from the sky or drops stuff onto schoolchildren. And take your filthy chemicals home.

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the only person in the pic with no mask

The circle of dogs keeps passersby at a proper social distance.

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As a dog person I know lots of people who live with dogs and not a one of them ‘keep their dogs in tiny, metal cages and only take them out when they want to play for a while’. In every case the dog(s) is(are) a valued family member.

it used to be that Japanese dogs spent their lives chained up outside, but thankfully those days are long gone.

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so if all 214k had worn a mask they wouldn't have died?

If everyone had worn masks and kept their distance (=no packed rallies) many of the 214K may not have died.

Everyone said it was just the flu. Or nothing to worry about.

No, everyone did not say it was 'just the flu'. Failed 'leaders' like Trump, Bolsonaro and, until he got a dose of it himself, Bozo, said it was 'just the flu'. Other countries were imposing travel restrictions, closing schools, etc. in February/March.

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Wait, what? I thought all the pro-EU/anti-Brexit posters on JT have been telling us for years how things are so much better and more advanced on the continent 

The article is about Europe, not the EU. (They're not the same). Read it again, Britain is one of the four mentioned as accounting for more than half the new infections in Europe, together with France, Russia (not in the EU last I heard) and Spain.

Ironically the worst-hit part of the UK is the North, whose anti-EU, normally Labour voters defected en masse to Bozo's Nasty Party at the last election and are now having stronger restrictions imposed than the rest of the country.

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a fully developed child that can breath on its on in the 8-9th trimester

A fully formed child in the 8th or 9th trimester would be, let me see, 15 to 18 months old. A toddler.

A full-term pregnancy lasts 3 trimesters. (The hint is in the name - Latin tri- (three) and menses (month)

I'm not in favour of abortion, but when it's necessary, it's necessary and no business of anyone but the woman concerned, and the father if she wants him involved.

I much prefer the provision of proper sex education and the availability of reliable contraception - something the so-called pro-life crowd also tend to be against, preferring to rely on purity rings and abstention and not allowing for unforeseen illness and unviable foetuses.

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Posted in: Peru opens Machu Picchu for a single Japanese tourist after almost 7-month wait See in context

Appropriate name, Mr High Mountain !

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85% of people who reported wearing masks often or always- got COVID. 

only 7% of people who dont got COVID. 

Why and how, if masks work?

A mask works to stop you spreading any viruses you may have onto other people, not to protect you from infection (unless you're wearing a medical-standard mask, with all the rest of the PPE paraphanalia).

People who refuse to wear masks when in close proximity to others are basically saying they don't care if others get sick and die.

You might not need to read an article or paper, but you do need to wear a mask.

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Donald Trump Rallies Vs Joe Biden Rallies

How many people gather close together at a rally hovering' and screamin' in the middle of a pandemic doesn't tell you how popular one candidate is over the other. All it tells you is how stoopid and reckless the Koolaid drinkers are. As well as the SSICo who encourages them.

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Posted in: Trump holds Florida rally in front of mostly maskless crowd; says he's immune to virus See in context

Trump will just "kiss" them...

No better example of a sick cult...

Sick as in SSIC (Super Spreader In Chief).

.Anyone who attends a rally with this super-spreader is responsible for their own actions.

The problem is they are also responsible for the innocent people they come into contact with after the rally and pass the virus on to, people going about their business and not supporting this SSIC man.

No matter who wins the election, it's scary to think that there are still so many Americans willing to be duped by this charlatan.

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Posted in: Do you think remote working, where possible, improves productivity, creativity and staff retention for a company? See in context

I'm not comfortable at home working on a little table with a laptop. I need several breaks to stretch.

A real desk, large keyboard, big screens and comfortable chair at the office increase my productivity.

Being self-employed, I've always worked at home with a real desk, large keyboard, big screen and comfortable chair.

Still need breaks to stretch, brew coffee, see to the dogs.

Way, way better than having to get a train every day.

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Not just with them, but you can also play over to blacks, you can apply that to Jews, Latinos etc....

For once I agree with you. Low-lifes of any race/ethnicity/religion who think they are superior to everyone else on account of their race/ethnicity/religion, and think its's a good idea to form an armed militia to 'prove' their supremacy, are certainly the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel.

Thankfully most of the human race (the only 'race' category that matters, as far as I can see, and still not something to be 'proud' of like it was some kind of achievement) are not scuttling around the bottom of the barrel.

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Doesn’t it make you uncomfortable, or even feel like a blasphemy has occurred?

I felt uncomfortable in the lead-up to, during and after my FiL's funeral.

It was supposed to be a 'proper' Buddhist ceremony, and every single step was punctuated by ¥¥¥¥¥.

I felt the whole thing was a blasphemy, totally removed from true Buddhist teaching.

I've informed my husband that if I go before him, I do not want any hint of religion - any religion - at my funeral. He can use the money saved to take the family on a holiday to scatter my ashes in a tropical sea.

"The more expensive death names (yes, you need to have a new name after death) will help the deceased spirit in it's journey"... You just know they are milking the deceased family.

It's blatantly milking people when they are at their most vulnerable. I remember my poor MiL frantically looking for more 'services' to pay for (including a 'better' death name) that would help her husband reach Buddhahood.

A total scam.

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