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Posted in: We’re living in the age of being connected or reachable 24 hours a day by one device or another. Is this a good thing? See in context

Being deaf will stop you using the smartphone as a phone, but it doesn't make it useless in an emergency.

You can set an iPhone to call emergency services or an emergency contact by just pressing the side and volume buttons.

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Posted in: Russia rules out talks with Japan on fishing near disputed islands See in context

During the war, it happens that cities change hands several times

I'm talking about the bits of Ukraine that russia never took, yet still claimed were 'russia forever'.

When withdrawing, the Russians evacuated all the pro-Russian Ukrainians who wanted to Russia.

They could have saved everyone a whole lot of trouble if they had offered those 'pro-russian citizens of Ukraine' asylum in mother russia in the first place, instead of going on a killing spree. It would have been a lot cheaper for Putin to provide them all with nice homes and jobs in russia instead of launching an illegal invasion and turning russia into an international pariah.

*many pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine who did not want to evacuate *were shot by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It's a war ye ken? Traitors are traitors. And after Bucha, Makariv, Kharkiv, Lyman, Sumy, Kupiansk. etc., etc., etc., russia is in no position to complain about traitors being killed; they were torturing and killing Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine.

And please, the three buttons. It looks like you're talking to yourself.

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Posted in: Russia rules out talks with Japan on fishing near disputed islands See in context

I don't know if it helps: Russia has declared herself the legal successor of the USSR

Russia has declared all kinds of rubbish that no one else sees as legal, like 'Four oblasts of Ukraine are russia for ever' and 'Russia is at war with NATO and the US'.

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Posted in: Company uses whale meat vending machines to promote sales in Japan See in context

We must expand both supply and demand, which have both shrunk."

With the extremely limited supply, whale meat processing cannot be a viable business and may not last for the next generations

This is simply crazy.

They cannot meet the catch quota they already have, and they want the quota to be increased? For an item for which there is only a small and rapidly dwindling demand?

most whale meat is used for pet food

It never, ever, says 'whale meat' in the ingredients list. I avoid any pet food that names simply and vaguely 'meat, etc'. If they can't tell you what it is, it's probably because you wouldn't buy it if they did.

So long as whales are hunted ethically...

It's virtually impossible to kill a whale humanely, so there is no such thing as an ethically hunted whale. Even if the animal is killed instantly with a first shot (and many of them are not), the shot is preceded by sometimes hours of chase until the animal is exhausted and terrified. Either way, the animal suffers.

The government of Japan conducted a study in 1994, which concluded that 29.4 percent of the 330 minke whales killed in Japan’s hunt that year died instantaneously.

In other words, 70.6% - over two thirds - did not.

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Posted in: Erdogan says Finland may join NATO without Sweden See in context

Zelensky was voted in promising Ukraine will be a neutral nation not joining NATO.

No he wasn't.

Zelensky also promises that Ukraine will continue working toward integration with the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), but adds that the benefits of joining NATO have yet to be explained to Ukrainians living in the eastern part of the country. As a citizen of Ukraine I am for NATO, but we must explain to people that it is for security. We must reach out to all the inhabitants of the east. NATO membership must be decided through a referendum, “

And on the Minsk peace process: “It must be restarted. It is a war with Russia, so the talks should be with Russia. It must be in the diplomatic format, with the presence of Western partners. We will never sacrifice our people or our territories. “

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Posted in: Ukraine: 'Fast-track' talks underway for missiles, planes See in context

What can be more reliable than a claim of Defejce Ministry?!

I take it you're being sarcastic?

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Posted in: Japanese judge ordered to pay damages over social media posts See in context

where is your freedom of speech 1st amendment??

Japan doesn’t have a first amendment. The US constitution and its amendments are valid in the US only.

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Posted in: Raising Black biracial children in Japan See in context

*I suggest you read your subliminal words carefully! **Then you go on to defend your experience, where you find it wrong for this lady to write about hers!!!*

I did not say I 'find it wrong' for her to write about her experience, nor did I 'defend' my own experience. I thought I made it quite clear that her experience and mine, both growing up and raising a family in Japan, are quite different.

she was black girl growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood she is writing about her frame of reference that was based on her own experiences.

... and that's what I said: she’s doing what she thinks is best, based on her own experiences growing up

Personally I think its okay for people to speak or write about their experience.

So do I.

that is not going to stop them from one day coming home heart broken about someone telling them they are not Japanese perhaps even though they were born and raised in Japan! 

Well now my kids are both in their 30s and never once did they come home heart broken about someone telling them they are not Japanese. We did have a bit of a chuckle once when they attended an after-school English class for returnees (they were never returnees, but their English was at a similar level and both I and the school taught it would be good for them) and some of the other kids assumed they weren't Japanese because their Mum was blonde.

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Posted in: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine See in context

You mean, since the Russian government began funding separatists there?

Funding and arming. Without Russian infiltration there would be no separatist movement. The malcontents who don’t want to be Ukrainian in Ukraine could have just moved to Russia.

I feel so bad for the Russian occupiers, it must be terrible. They should leave then.


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Posted in: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine See in context

stealing Russian peoples property. How low can you get?

Oh, you can get a whole lot lower.

For example:

Stealing Ukrainian people’s lives

Destroying their homes, hospitals and schools

Depriving them of heat, light and water

Raping their women, children and grannies

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Posted in: Ukraine urges Australian Open to ban Djokovic's father from attending See in context

Seems that he just stopped next to someone... a Z t-shirt...

.... holding a Russian flag....

...with Vladimort's face on it....

..... to pose for a quick pic, and then continued on his way...

...after muttering, Long live the russians.

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Posted in: Raising Black biracial children in Japan See in context

how did this woman be bring this on herself

Who said she 'brought this (what?) on herself'?

She's doing her best to raise her kids as she sees fit, based on the upbringing she herself experienced. Thankfully I never experienced some of the things she appears to have, and I never felt the need to 'search out others of my kind' here in Japan or elsewhere, in order to give my kids an identity. I've taught my kids that people are people and that every person is unique.

do you believe in Jim Crow laws

Jim Crow laws? Thankfully, never part of my experience. 'Believe in them', as in, think racial segregation and discrimination is a good thing? I think it's a stupid, meaningless, debasing idea.

What has Jim Crow got to do with raising kids in Japan?

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Posted in: Raising Black biracial children in Japan See in context

Sounds like a lady with a lot of baggage, trying and not quite managing to ignore the albatross she hung around her own neck.

’Searching out other Black moms’…. Teaching her kids that skin colour is a valid factor in deciding whether or not to hang out with someone? Yeah, that sounds pretty racist.

I’m not blaming her, though; she’s doing what she thinks is best, based on her own experiences growing up. She’s a product of her upbringing, as are we all, as will her kids be. I hope they manage to find a path through the hangups.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father filmed with fans holding pro-Russia flags at Australian Open See in context

They were supporting their country's athlete in an international sports competition, the same as every single other fan in the place.

You don’t put a picture of a dictator on the flag you’re waving to support an athlete. Waving Putin’s face around can only be construed as supporting the Putin regime and its vile acts.

Not the athlete.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father filmed with fans holding pro-Russia flags at Australian Open See in context

making the argument that you can police people's thoughts, and the expression thereof, in Australia because they do so in Russia doesn't make sense.

That’s not the argument I’m making.

I’m saying it’s typical Putin double speak to complain about a ban implemented by a private enterprise, involving no greater punishment than being asked to leave, while supporting a vicious terrorist regime that has people locked up and worse for calling a war a war.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father filmed with fans holding pro-Russia flags at Australian Open See in context

Why bring up Red Square or any other place, I’m not a Putin fanboy?

Why complain about free speech being compromised 'cos you're chucked out for waving a fanboy russian flag in Australia, when exercising free speech in Russia gets you not a telling-off, but a beating and a prison cell?

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Posted in: Russia unleashes missiles, drones at Ukraine after Kyiv secures tanks; 11 dead See in context

The Kremlin said it saw the promised delivery of Western tanks as evidence of growing "direct involvement" of the United States and Europe

That's why in retaliation Putin is taking the war to his enemies, and directly attacking the territory and military or the US and Europe. Brave Putin.

Hey up, no he isn't, he's still carrying out bully-boy terrorist attacks on civilians in Ukraine.

If the fight is against NATO, why is he still attacking Ukraine?

Because if there were really 'direct involvement' by the big boys, Putin would be in no position to whine and posture, the Kremlin would look a bit like that house in the top photo and he would be looking for a clean pair of pants.

Be careful what you wish for, Vlad.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father filmed with fans holding pro-Russia flags at Australian Open See in context

Its not a Putin was a will be Russian flag long before & after Putin.

Read the article. A russian flag with Vladimort's face on it. aka a putin flag.

Free speech must never be stopped.

Try exercising your free speech in Red Square (hold up a Ukrainian flag, sing Zelensky's praises, call the special military fiasco a war. Wear a yellow skirt and blue top.) and witness the russian authorities going out of their way to protect your right to freedom of speech.

As for Djokovic Senior and his son, it seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

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Posted in: Britain's former PM Boris Johnson visits Kyiv, pledges help See in context

I've got little time for Bojo, he's a clown and a bit of an upper-class twit.

But as PM he did right by Ukraine.

Whenever Zelensky appears to be willing to negotiate with Russia

You use the present tense, and if is it an oft-occurring and ongoing phenomenon. Apart from the first month or so of the invasion, I do not recall President Zelensky showing any willingness to negotiate with Putin unless and until all russian troops are removed from Ukrainian territory.

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Posted in: Australian park rangers say 'Toadzilla' could be world's biggest toad See in context


True she probably inflicted quite a bit of damage on the Australian ecosystem on the way to getting to that size, but she didn't choose to be a cane toad in Australia.

Surely the biggest cane toad on record could have been found a new home in a zoo where she could do no more harm?

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskyy honors those killed in helicopter crash See in context

For a national leader engaged in an existential struggle to fight off an aggressive neighbour, those green fatigues are more 'formal' and respectful of the heroes fighting and dying for Ukraine than any cookie-cutter business suit.

HIs choice of clothing, and lack of a shave, show his dedication to the fight and to his people; he has neither the time nor the inclination to indulge in petty fashion shows.

I'm surde no one in Ukraine, least of all the mourners at the funeral, felt disrespected.

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Posted in: Kyiv helicopter crash kills 18, top Ukraine officials dead See in context

From the BBC:

*There is no indication the crash was anything other than an accident, although witnesses said Russia's war was to blame for the disaster.*

*"It was very foggy and there was no electricity, and when there's no electricity there are no lights on the buildings," local resident Volodymyr told the BBC.*

Putin is responsible for all of it.


No lights on the buildings because of his stupid war.

Eastmann, you know what you can do with your 'karma'?

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Posted in: Kyiv helicopter crash kills 18, top Ukraine officials dead See in context

Commiserations to all those affected.

And the evil eye on all those pro-russian ghouls now rejoicing.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes spring or summer for Fukushima plant water release See in context

If this water has been treated and is safe, why can’t it be recycled and used again and again to cool the reactor? Surely that would be more sustainable in terms of both water use and the marine environment.

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Posted in: When they hear that Japan does have the death penalty, British people are very shocked because they think that Japan is a democratic, harmonious, sort of sympathetic and sophisticated society. And the death penalty sits very badly with that image. See in context

Unlike her (and most of the commenters) I pay taxes here. Now, do please tell me, why should my money be spent keeping alive this person for example (from Wikipaedia). You can leave away all religious, non-logical arguments

Murder is wrong.

Don't care who's doing it, for what reason, in whose name - it's wrong. And I'm not religious.

I do pay taxes here, and I don't want any part of my taxes spent on state-sanctioned murder.

And what nondualism said.

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Posted in: Which country's leader do you currently respect the most? See in context

Zelensky by a mile.

He could have taken the ride, be enjoying a beer on the beach now in his tropical haven of choice. Instead he has worked unstintingly to protect country, inspire his countrymen and women, and urge allies to help.

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Posted in: England rushes to discharge hospital patients to ease bed shortage crisis See in context

The NHS has been a disaster for at least 15 years

Twelve of those years under the tories.

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Posted in: Volunteers taking outsized role in Japanese language support See in context

There’s only one way to sufficiently learn the Japanese language. You have to be newly born again here and learn it all by yourself at your Japanese home and during education from kindergarten to university.

So, you're telling us you've found it impossible to sufficiently learn the Japanese language?

It isn't hard. Even tiny kids speak it fluently with no effort, there's no reason a motivated adult cannot do at least as well.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says UK royals got into bed with tabloid press 'devil' See in context

He’s just been on the Beeb saying everyone is out to get him and he’s been in therapy for years.

He needs to get a new therapist. The one he has now is obviously not doing him any good.

Staring eyes, pursed lips, paranoid.

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Posted in: No sign of casualties after Russia claims revenge attack on Ukrainian soldiers See in context

Reports in the media about supposed Russian atrocities against Ukrainians need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Russian troops being in Ukraine is in itself an atrocity.

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