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you can get all of that in Tokyo. Just more expensive

So why pay more for the same? Where I am, it isn't something I can get if I look hard and pay lots of cash, it's all around me, free or at least reasonable, and I can use my money on other stuff.

And I'm pretty sure Mitaka, Nerima, Fuchu don't have some magic bubble around them that keeps out the bad air from the rest of Tokyo.

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I know you dislike Tokyo, why I don't get it.

Not just Tokyo, any big city. All that tarmac and concrete, crowds, traffic, bad air.

I like having clean air to breathe, space to move around without bumping into other folk. It's great having fields to walk the dogs in, an allotment next to the house to grow veggies, a bit of a garden for herbs and flowers and the occasional BBQ.

Nice, not nosy, neighbours who are there when you want them, but never get in your face. Much more of a community than in the faceless concrete jungle.

I don't get why people like the city.

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Cleo, I think he means "Shinkuju-ku" or Shinjuku area, and there are many nice places around there, not everything is like Shinjuku station.

Let me rephrase it.

You couldn't pay me to live in Tokyo (except perhaps Ogasawara).

My in-laws live in 'a very nice quiet area' in Shibuya-ku, I know the area well. It's not for me.

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Posted in: UK passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths as outbreak still rages See in context

Was referring to general health which if better generally among the population would have resulted in less overall deaths given the same number of infections.

You mean in normal times people are quite happy having strokes, needing insulin injections, carrying around oxygen tanks for their emphysema, living (or not) with liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease, cancer, hypertension and the rest, just so long as they don't have to pay?

Yes, of course.

if you look at the time of the picture, you will see that several are from before the start of restriction

True. Several more are not:

Dec. 12, crowds of shoppers in Regent Street

Sept 22, crowded restaurant in Soho

Sept 26, Covidiot rally in Trafalgar Square

With or without restrictions in place, why would anyone choose to be in any of those places in the middle of a pandemic??


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Posted in: UK passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths as outbreak still rages See in context

Would the population have taken care of their health better if healthcare is not free?

Yes of course. People don't mind being unable to breathe, being intubated and suffering long-term severe health issues, even eventually being buried, so long as they don't have to pay any money.

(rolls eyes)

What I hear from the BBC and from family in the UK about lockdowns, social distancing and the use of face coverings doesn't match with those photos of crowds on beaches, on the Underground and at the races. The UK has its share of freedumb lovers.

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Posted in: Tokyo apartment prices rise to near bubble-era high in 2020 See in context

my place here in Shinjuku is worth more now that when I bought it almost 15 years ago. If I sold it now, I will have been paid to live in Shinjuku.

You couldn't pay me to live in Shinjuku.

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Posted in: ¥15 mil stolen from elderly woman’s home See in context

credit cards are a means to overspend & cost on both ends (storekeep & customer) with fees.

I keep reading stuff like this, and it surprises me. I have never, ever, paid any credit card fees or interest, in fact the card company gives me points according to how much I use the card, and I can turn the points in for consumer items or gift cards, which means using the card works out cheaper than cash in the long run. Who is paying fees?

people not knowing their credit card interest

There is no interest if you pay up each month, or even if you split a payment over two months. There is interest charged on payments split over three or more months, and on revolving payments. Just don't use revolving.

Some local authorities, like Tokyo, will put a device on the phone that records every call and warns at the start that the call is being recorded. My MiL had one fitted after she had a call from someone claiming to be her grandson (my son) - but who didn't even know his name! She acted dumb, invited them round for tea and promised them cash, then immediately called the police. The police turned up, the scammers didn't.

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on plane refuses to wear mask in custody See in context

It is actually a bit paraniod of the airline to make an unscheduled landing over something so minor though.

They didn't chuck him off the plane because he refused to wear a mask, they chucked him off because when he was asked to wear a mask he got rude and offensive and aggressive towards staff and other passengers, injuring one female member of staff.

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Posted in: Japan likely to hit COVID-19 herd immunity in Oct: researcher See in context

japan ordered 300 million doses for a population of 126 million. So, losing 100 million doses would still be fine. No?

No. A population of 126 million needs 252 million doses, ideally with at least a couple million more to cover wastage, accidents, etc. 300 million minus 100 million is 200 million. Not enough.

America needs 100 million more Pfizer vaccines to be on the safe side to reach their goals, and a lot of those 100 million would come from the Japan pile.

Great to have an ally you can rely on. Not.

If Japan has arranged to buy 314 million doses from Pfizer, Moderna Inc and AstraZeneca Plc, then it's not on for those companies to divert supplies to America or any other country that didn't arrange to buy enough. If America is short 100 million doses, there's no problem; 74 million Americans (148 doses) think Covid 19 is a hoax anyway and won't be wanting no microchip-laced, mind-bending vaccine anyhow..

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on plane refuses to wear mask in custody See in context

But I'll admit I'm wearing them as little as society allows me to.

Nothing wrong with that.

I am definitely breathing in the cheap fibres from that cheap mask

Buy yourself a better mask?

In some countries, not wearing a mask is a sign that you are free and not socialist

In all countries, in the middle of a pandemic like now, not wearing a mask is a sign that you are a selfish plonker.

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on plane refuses to wear mask in custody See in context

If we don't have the right to breath, all is lost.

No, if you catch covid from some fool who refuses to wear a mask and end up either not breathing at all (dead) or with severely-compromised long-term health, then all is lost.

Wearing a mask doesn't stop you breathing.

Okuna is a plonker.

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Posted in: Trump shuns 'ex-presidents club' — and the feeling is mutual See in context

Aly, you got something against orangutans?

Orangutans are smart.

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Posted in: Not-guilty verdict for man in women’s toilet: he had to go so bad it clouded his judgement See in context

Whoever called the police on this man and decided to press charges should themselves be charged with willfully wasting public resources.

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Posted in: James Bond movie 'No Time to Die' delayed again due to pandemic See in context

Nobody had a problem with the quintessential English character being portrayed by Welsh, Scottish and Irish actors.

In You only live twice Fleming gave Bond a Scottish father and a Swiss mother - apparently partly influenced by Connery's portrayal of Bond in Dr. No.

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Posted in: U.S. President Joe Biden is caught between two political parties that appear to be in no mood for compromise. Do you think he can unify the country over the next few years? See in context

Fight hate with love, the best way to overcome evil.

That is what Trump tried for four years

I think you forget to put a /s at the end of your post.

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Posted in: Square frying pans easy to store and save space See in context

I’ve had a few square saucepans and casseroles over the years, never a square frying pan. I’d be happy to give them a try.

However, ‘You can store them between the gas cooker and the wall’ is not a selling point for me. Stuff that sits around the cooking area is liable to catch splashes from whatever’s cooking, and needs washing before it can have food put in it. It looks untidy, it’s unhygienic and the opposite of labor-saving.

Utensils not in use need to be tidied away properly.

I find pots and pans with removable handles are space-savers. If these pans had removable handles they could find a home in my kitchen.

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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

If people want to take a risk and enjoy life, let them.

And let them use funds that should be being used to stop the infection, not spread it? If you want to do and play, by all means do. On your own money.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s latest plan to boost birth rate: Pay people 100,000 yen per baby they give birth to See in context

No one is going to be persuaded to take on the cost of feeding, housing, educating a child for 20 years or more by such a paltry sum.

And everything else that gaijintraveller said.

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Posted in: Kono denies reports of mass vaccine roll-out for general public in May See in context

Japan has arranged to buy 540 million doses

Population of a little over 126 million, round up to 130 million for easy reckoning, at two jabs per person that's 260 million doses. What do they plan to do with the extra 280 million?

And why oh why are they still dithering about starting the end of next month when other countries started vaccinating last year and have already vaccinated huge numbers? (UK over 4 million, Italy and Germany over 1 million each, US over 14 million)

Someone needs to be told to extract the digit and get on with it.

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Posted in: Vogue to release new Kamala Harris cover after controversy See in context

Very small teacup.

Storm in same.

Both pictures look just fine.

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Posted in: Man charged with abusing pet cat after film footage found on tablet See in context

Throw the library at him. One book for each cat.

Deliberately hurting a defenceless animal entrusted to his care -Scum of the earth.

And to video it?

Stupid scum.

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

It took three months for me to get the 100,000. My girlfriend, on the other hand, living at the same address- two week

The 100,000 yen was paid to the head of household, for the whole household - mine came with Mr cleo's, into his bank account, within a week of sending the application. Could be you stymied the way it was supposed to work by apparently having two heads of households at the same address?

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

but yet you can walk right into a restaurant and just yank it off and set down and have a good old time with friends and family

The difference being that when you choose to go into a restaurant you go in knowing full well that others are going to be taking masks off to eat. If you don’t like that, you can opt for a takeaway or bento or home cooking.

The students have been working for years towards this exam, they rightly feel that it’s very important, and the rules they received ahead of time assured them that everyone sharing the same air would be wearing masks.

Allow those sticking to the rules to get on with it, or let one covidiot spoil it for everyone.

The choice seems crystal clear to me.

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

What has coverage of the own nose to do with showing science, mother tongue and English language knowledge in an exam for university entrance?

Nothing. What it has to do with is following clearly laid-out rules regarding how people are allowed to take the test, and about not exposing the other examinees to three or four hours in a room in close proximity to someone possibly spewing virus-laden breath at them.

Why should the ones who are obeying the rules be penalized by having to be in the same room as this idiot? If he had made his concerns known a day in advance, whether it be fogged-up glasses or a running nose needing constant wiping or whatever, he would have been accommodated.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

Nobody on tv wears a mask or keeps their distance - that's exactly what's happening on the streets now as well.

You must live in a different Japan to me and watch different Japanese telly.

Almost everyone I see on the street - very few exceptions, usually people on bikes or walking dogs, and not all of them - are wearing masks, and literally everyone in the shops and other public spaces. (I didn't use to wear a mask when riding my bike, but with the parky weather we've been having lately it's warmer to wear a mask, regardless of Covid).

The TV presenters are normally not wearing masks, but they're usually either alone in the studio, or separated from each other by perspex screens, or sitting/standing apart, or talking to other body on a screen. Granted I don't watch the hit-people-over-the-head-wth-a-rubber-mallet-for-laughs type of programme, so I don't know what they are doing.

I was watching my favourite gardening programme the other day and the two presenters were rubbing shoulders, bending maskless over a plant pot discussing the merits of different potting composts. I wondered what on earth was going on until I saw a message on the screen saying it was a repeat from two years ago. Ah those were the days.

Covid19 is not as deadly as some make it out to be.

And those who can state categorically from personal experience that it is as deadly as some make it out to be, are no longer able to.

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In it's entire history has Russia ever been a force for good? To the best of my knowledge Russia has always been malevolent

It helped the right side win WW2.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

I wonder why the writer is focusing on a small minority that is not following the rules.

Because it’s that small minority who are spreading the virus with their stupidity and selfishness.

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Posted in: Former IOC vice president says U.N. could decide fate of Tokyo Olympics See in context

My guess is, Mr Mori, head of the Japanese Olympic organizers, tried unsuccessfully to get the Games when he was Mayor of Tokyo. 

Mori was never mayor of Tokyo.

Maybe you’re confusing him with Masashi Mori mayor of Toyama.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,592 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,759 See in context

Other countries get 5,000 deaths and they dont bat an eye.

Seems to me there’s quite a bit of eye-batting going on around the world.

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Posted in: Apple invests millions to back entrepreneurs of color, part of racial justice effort See in context

There are White students and students of all ethnicities at the various HBCUs.

Then why are they called black colleges?

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