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Posted in: Wearing someone else's face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan See in context

The article contradicts itself.

It says Okawara based the mask on his own face, and it also says that he chose the model from 100 applicants and paid him 40,000 yen.

The mask certainly looks like it's based on Okawara's face.

So what did the model get paid for?

If I had 98,000 in loose change rattling around in my purse, I'm pretty sure I would not choose to spend it on a mask, of anybody's face.

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Posted in: Trump's move to his Florida estate challenged by neighbor See in context

no one believes that that

Is that the same no one that knew health insurance was so complicated?

No mention of the Trump Library.

It will be a beautiful library, the best library ever, a library like no one (there they are again) has ever seen before, full of all the books Trump has ever read. And the most beautiful thing about it will be that it will take up so little space.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises healthcare alert to highest level after virus cases soar to 822 See in context

It is not unreasonable to act within the guidelines that the government has proposed.

Do you listen to the guvmint (who by all accounts don't know what they are doing and don't follow their own advice) or do you listen to common sense ?

Stay out of crowds as much as possible, avoid enclosed spaces, wear a mask in public when you're in spitting distance of another person, wash your hands. Nowhere in that is 'spend hours drinking and wassailing every day in the pub'.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises healthcare alert to highest level after virus cases soar to 822 See in context

 I am still going to the pub every day after work with my colleagues.


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Posted in: Japanese beauty firm under fire over CEO comments on Koreans See in context

 pretty much all Japanese I have spoken to believe they are descended from a sun god

I have never met a single Japanese person who actually believes that. Some trot it out as a myth, in much the same vein as the English might talk of Merlin the greatest wizard of all, or Italians might refer to the founder of Rome being raised by a wolf, or modern Egyptians describe the sun as being pushed across the sky by a scarab beetle.

Compare and contrast with the 40% of US adults who claim to believe that God created mankind in their present form some time in the past 10,000 years.

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Posted in: Surging coronavirus undermines leaders' support in Japan, S Korea See in context

After weighing a number of possibilities, we think the virus were cultured in secretive labs

Who is this we of whom you speak?

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Posted in: Why has the wearing of masks as a means of coping with the coronavirus become more politicized in the U.S. than in any other country? See in context

It all depends on which scientists you believe or feel comfortable with

I pick the scientists I like

Yes, we should listen one to scientists who make us feel comfortable, who tell us what we want to hear

(rolls eyes).

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

Japan NEVER tires of playing the victim status over them, never mind they started WWII. 

That's not what I learned in History class.

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Posted in: Indy's last crusade? Harrison Ford to reprise iconic role See in context

If it's got Harrison Ford in it, I'll watch it.

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Posted in: Japan pledges support to vaccinate Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

Most of them were certainly wearing a mask.

How many times must it be said?

The point of wearing a mask is not to protect yourself, it's to protect others.

It's not 100% effective, but better than nothing.

Compare the infection rates in Japan, where most people wear masks, with the US where people don't.

I was actually meaning, when I am by myself.

In fact higher up the thread you describe yourself as one of them with reference to people standing in line in Starbucks. If you're in Starbucks, or any other public space where people gather, then you are not by yourself, no matter how quiet you may be being.

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Posted in: Japan pledges support to vaccinate Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

If I was a spreader, people close to me on a daily basis should have shown symptoms.

So far. How do you know you won't pick it up tomorrow and pass it on to those close to you?

The story has been on for 11 months now and reasoning like that does just increase the sense of fear and paranoia.

Over 600 people tested positive in Tokyo today. They all got through the first 11 months unscathed, too.

But no mask when alone and quiet.

Who wears a mask when they're alone?

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Posted in: World's longest-running TV soap, 'Coronation Street,' turns 60 See in context

I remember in the early years, my Mum loved it but she had to work at the time it was on. There were no video recorders in them days of course, so we rigged up my brother's tape recorder so that she could at least listen to it. No one was allowed to speak or even move while it was on, 'cos any sound would spoil the recording.

Also back in them days, I didn't understand what was so good about it; it was (to my young, Northern working-class sensibilities) just ordinary folk doing ordinary things and not even talking posh even though they were on the telly. Ena Sharples reminded me a bit of my Gran.

Had a bit of a crush on Dennis Tanner, was upset when he got married.

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Posted in: Japan pledges support to vaccinate Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

Risks decrease by 80% for transmitting the virus and by 20% to get it when wearing a mask. So in my case, I have been playing with that 20% risks.

And with the 80% risk of giving the disease to someone else.

A question, do you wear a mask to protect you from the flu ?

No, people do not wear a mask to protect them from the flu.

There is a huge difference between the flu and covid.

If you have the flu and are infectious, you feel like hell and stay in bed or at least at home, so there is little chance of your infecting random strangers. But you can have the covid and be asymptomatic, still spreading the virus to anyone and everyone you meet. People get 'parano' because covid is invisible, it can creep up on you totally unawares, spread by people who look perfectly healthy. 'I don't know anyone with covid' doesn't mean there aren't people around you who have it. Without a test, you don't know if you have it.

people judge others just by the simple fact they wear a mask or not…

For a reason. Don't be a spreader.

Wear a mask.

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Posted in: Biden calls for action on virus as he introduces health team See in context

But people are doing everything

Not wearing masks coz it's political

Gathering in crowds for protests, rallies, whatever

Travelling across the country to meet up for Thanksgiving

Presumably doing the same at Christmas

Face it, people are not 'doing everything'

Biden wants more of what people are already doing?

He wants more people doing what the sensible people are doing.

Yes, it does make perfect rational sense.

Unless you are one of the loonies who still believe Trump is the messiah who built a beautiful wall right across America, cherishes the Constitution and is God's spokesperson on Earth.

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Posted in: Some medical groups and experts believe the Japanese government's Go To Travel campaign has fueled the surge in coronavirus cases nationwide since early November. Do you agree? See in context

Perhaps it would work in the first instance, but after a month it would be nearly impossible. They’d have to rely on the Japanese ‘kaizen’ and people coming forward with information

There's no reason why it shouldn't work, done diligently enough. Anyone testing positive goes into self-isolation (hospitalised if symptoms are severe enough) and provides a list of family members, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues etc., and each of those in turn get tested. Those who test positive go into self-isolation and provides a list.... rinse and repeat as often as necessary/possible.

Granted you wouldn't catch all the spreaders, but you would catch a lot more than by handing out travel vouchers and meal tickets. And the people doing the tracing would be doing a valuable job and earning a living.

Following a community testing pilot carried out in Liverpool in the UK, the infection rate in the city fell from around 700 per 100,000 in mid-October to less than 140 per 100,000 by late November. It's possible to find fault with the Liverpool testing scheme, but the bottom line seems to be that testing helps, encouraging people to gather in tourist spots, watering holes and restaurants does not.

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Posted in: Some medical groups and experts believe the Japanese government's Go To Travel campaign has fueled the surge in coronavirus cases nationwide since early November. Do you agree? See in context

Better to spend your time coming up with the next catchphrase for the new government campaign.

Go To Vaccine?

Go To Temple for Pray?

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Posted in: Some medical groups and experts believe the Japanese government's Go To Travel campaign has fueled the surge in coronavirus cases nationwide since early November. Do you agree? See in context

It would be difficult to prove unequivocally that the Go To campaign is responsible for spreading the virus.

If they did a proper test-and-trace it would be clear and unequivocal.

The people who are out of work/losing profits due to the pandemic could be brought in to do the tracing on the Government yen, thus helping fight the spread of the virus and helping those economically hit.

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Posted in: Virus cases continue climbing in U.S. during holiday season See in context

He's long since completely given up caring about you or your countrymen

Can't give up doing something you never did in the first place.

the World Health Organization, by their own “best guess” scenario, has essentially admitted that COVID-19 has a comparable mortality rate to the seasonal flu.

According to the CDC, during the 2019-2020 flu season between 39 to 56 million Americans are estimated to have caught the flu, of whom between 18 to 26 million sought medical help and between 410 to 740 thousand were hospitalised. There were between 24 to 62 thousand flu-related deaths.

I don't see how that equals a 'comparable mortality rate'. Covid is accounting for 62 thousand in less than a month, and it's active all year, not just in 'flu season'.

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Posted in: Virus cases continue climbing in U.S. during holiday season See in context

Since January 2020, that's approximately 62,000,000 deaths. ( 62 million ) 


You do understand that the rate is increasing? There weren’t 2000 deaths a day in January.

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Posted in: Asteroid dust collected by Japanese probe arrives on Earth See in context

In 100-200 years humans will need to find a more habitable planet out there in the universe to colonize. The earth will almost certainly not be livable in 200 years due to hostile climate.

We had a perfectly habitable planet handed to us on a platter. If the Earth becomes unliveable, it will be due to the selfish and self-harming actions of its human inhabitants. We need to learn how to look after the planet we have before we think about stepping off it and spoiling the rest of the universe.

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Posted in: Who are your favorite fictional detectives of literature, film or TV? See in context

Literature: Captain Vimes of the Watch

TV: Jack Frost

I’m not that fussy, though. I love whodunnits, currently enjoying Whitechapel on Amazon Prime.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend’s elementary school age son See in context

What about cases where the child's life is in danger after the child supposedly does something without thinking, like crossing the street during traffic without looking both ways.

In a case like that, punish the adult responsible for the child for (1) not teaching the child how to cross the road properly and/or (2) not keeping a close enough eye on a child who has not yet learned how to cross the road properly.

If you have a child who you know does stuff without thinking, then you keep a firm grip on his hand when near traffic.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fraud after receiving deceased mother's pension for 17 years See in context

I think that figure might exceed the maximum limit.

Not if Kosei nenkin is included.

If kosei nenkin is included, it's a bit low, isn't it?

Maybe his Mum had paid nenkin kikin, that would add a bit extra.

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

it has nothing to do with personal stupidity- at least about masks

It's a personal stupidity thing to imagine common-sense rules don't apply, as this plonker apparently did. And all the other plonkers who wax lyrical about their 'right to breathe'.

It is the same as walking into a restaurant topless when the restaurant requires guests to be fully clothed.

Well, kinda I suppose, in terms of etiquette and decorum - except that a pair of nekkid nipples aren't going to be spewing virus-laden particles over the buffet table every time you breathe.

His wearing or not wearing a mask has no impact on you or your life. The same way your choosing to wear one makes no impact on his.

Directly? No, of course not, since he's up in Nagano and I'm down in Tochigi. He'd have to have a monumentally epic spit for his masklessness to affect me personally. But the people on the plane, and the people in the buffet - I'm sure they were concerned about the impact of his pigheadedness.

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Posted in: Among first acts, Biden to call for 100 days of mask-wearing See in context

But where and when? That is the key. 

Look, I get it. I hate wearing a mask, too. I live in a rural town, not many people about during the day, if I go out on my bicycle I don't wear a mask, when I'm walking the dogs I don't wear a mask, when I'm in the car I don't wear a mask, when I'm at home I don't wear a mask.

If I go anywhere there are people - in a shop, in a local meeting, any kind of gathering, indoors or out - I wear a mask.

I would say a quick rule of thumb would be, if you are likely to come within spitting distance of another human being, wear yer mask.

The reality is that, unless you are elderly or seriously infirm, the odds of a serious Covid problem are quite low.

Unless you're one of the young and supposedly healthy people who have very mild to no Covid symptoms, and then end up struggling for months with Long Covid.

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

If I remember rightly, isn't this the plonker who was chucked off the plane, not for refusing to wear a mask, but for getting violent and offensive against fellow passengers who asked to be moved away from him because he wasn't wearing a mask?

And here in the hotel dining room it appears he's once more displaying his anger issues and trying to get his way physically. Sounds like he needs therapy.

Well well, so there are Japanese anti maskers as well. Its not a race or culture thing

No, it's not a race or culture thing. It's a personal stupidity thing.

When dinnertime rolled around, he made his way to the buffet area 

There was a "buffet area" in full Covid crisis

That struck me, too. I don't think I would want to eat breakfast at that hotel.

the man was within his rights not to wear a mask

And the hotel, being a private establishment, was within its rights to refuse to serve him.

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Posted in: Among first acts, Biden to call for 100 days of mask-wearing See in context

So what are the "right things", pray tell?

Wear a mask and wash your hands. You've been being told this for months and months. How long does it take to sink in?

I say to isolate and quarantine vulnerable people like the elderly and let the rest of us, who are at very low risk of any serious illness, get on with our lives.

Fine, no problem, just put on a mask and get on with your life. That's all you're being asked to do. (There are plenty of people who didn't think they were vulnerable who are now having to cope with Long Covid. I hope you don't join them.)

Japan has done very will with no mandates and no enforced lockdowns.

Because people realise that wearing a mask is just plain common sense.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to make coronavirus vaccines free to residents See in context

all the roughly 126 million residents of the country

Do people not read? It says, all residents.

It would be stupid and a very false economy to decide to have a bunch of folk not vaccinated on account of they have the wrong passport, passing on the virus wherever they went.

The virus does not check your passport or visa.

No one is safe until everyone is safe.

can I go to my gym without a flipping mask?

You have my sympathy, trying to exercise with a flipping mask is very annoying.

But the solution is simple. If your mask is flipping, you are wearing it wrong. Please make sure it is properly secured behind your ears.

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Posted in: Trump raises $170 million as he looks to future See in context

he will rake in more money from giving speeches and writing books about his stolen election.

Writing books? You mean he will have to employ a ghost writer.

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Posted in: Have you been eating out at restaurants much recently as coronavirus cases surge? See in context

We've never been big eater-outerers (I enjoy cooking, and I flatter myself I'm a pretty good cook), usually just things like birthdays and anniversaries. Mr. cleo is in a vulnerable category and hasn't been in a restaurant since the start of the State of Emergency, so he opts for take-outs instead.

I've been out with a girl-friend for lunch a few times, not as often as before, always the same Italian place where they have hand sanitiser, masks till you sit down, partitions between tables, etc. I feel quite comfortable there, and don't feel restricted (and the food is good), but I will be glad when Mr. cleo can come out with me again.

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