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Posted in: British PM David Cameron to resign after Brexit humiliation See in context

I guess those people who voted LEAVE have forgotten their history!

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Posted in: Cheers, jeers and fears after Britain votes to exit EU See in context

" No man is an Island" Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any other possession earth can ever give! UK, enjoy your freedom as well as your solitariness! I trust that a number of BREXIT voters have been regretful for what they have voted for! On the other hand thousands are cheering because they got what they wanted and finally get out of EU! These people should have looked up the bigger picture of the referendum before casting their votes! I have seen a lot of comments saying that UK has been doing great before joining EU, UK has always been well off with or without EU bla bla bla.......! Some people criticize Germany....saying that it will be a fall down of Germany...bla bla! Many of us are now trying to be an economic and political analyst when the BREXIT thing came out no matter what were the motivations of the voters were! Well, for me I only say one thing! The exit will surely economically and socially crash UK, EU, ASIA and many other countries and to overcome the consequences is something that each one has to work on! Good Luck to us! REMAIN or LEAVE life goes on!

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Posted in: Adele signs with Sony for £90 million See in context

Huge amount of money but I still say " She is more than worth it. " I love her and her music...Sony will surely get back its capital sooner or later.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being confined in plastic storage case See in context

This father is sick! Totally sick! I wonder if has been to childhood! His action is nothing but a disgusting one!

Rest in Peace little Yukiya! May your father get what he deserves. Put him in prison inside the same case he used to kill you. :(

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl falls to death from 43rd floor balcony in Osaka See in context

:( :( :( RIP little one. Poor kid! I heard she has just started school on Friday..:( I was in Abeno Harukasand and was on the 17th floor from there I could see that building where she fell. There is a balcony after the window. I suspect that child was just in her curiosity mode after watching that animation thing where a certain child could fly.

I can't imagine how hurting this is for the parents. :( Nobody knows what really did happen but no matter how it happened, I still say, we parents have watch them...:( more vigilantly .. Maybe Japanese government needs to change the safety rules on apartment buildings. Maybe much higher touching the ceiling but with little holes on in.

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Posted in: Mother, son found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Chiba See in context

Again! Again and Again! When can I possibly open JT without these issues? :( :( :( I have started not to open JP as often I did before due to these unthinkable crimes within families, then here we go again!

Japan ohhhh Japan, The land of the RISING SUN! you don't really deserve your title.

How on earth people here are so reluctant in seeking self help? Troubled minds, please ask help, talk to your friends, trusted individuals...Don't kill yourself and even kill your loved ones!

Isn't it enough that Japan has been dobbed as an aging society making it more struggling! Goodness! Mothers out there who are persevering , please spare your children...they have way far to go a better place is not the grave for God sake! Be sensible! Get back to your senses!

Can't the government or any NGOs do something about this?

R.I.P little one.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly bombings in Brussels See in context

Since I believe in GOD and GOD IS LOVE....I have much hope for peace. Well, if these angry people had LOVE in their hearts, they would have been so CONCERNED and SYMPATHETIC with the victims and their families...and if that was the case, they wouldn't have done anything like this!

If the leaders of the world had love in their hearts, they would have so concerned and sympathetic and would have put this problem as one of the top priorities to be solved!

Of course it is all would...............but it is not impossible! So my prayers are for all be able to SHARE LOVE and BE LOVED...

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly bombings in Brussels See in context

What kind of world do we live in now? :( :( :( A CRUEL and BRUTAL world! It is a scary world! I suppose. It is unbelievable that there have been many attacks happening now!

May they all rest in peace those who have died and may all their bereaved family find relieve. :(

This TERRORISM disease has been going on for years even contagious in so many ways and the leaders of the world have been so unwilling to put serious concern and do something about it. Instead, they are focusing on their personal interests...DO SOMETHING PLEASE! WAKE UP!

There must a way to eliminate this! Please let us not wait for the time when we are unable to do something because we are all scared and dead by heart!


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Posted in: Woman arrested for suffocating 4-month-old daughter with pillow See in context

Another UNTHINKABLE crime! Japan has a really serious problem with parenting! RIP little one..:( I hope this mother gets what she deserves! Years of suffering until she gets back to her senses!

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Posted in: Bodies of woman, 8-month-old son found in car in Gifu See in context

I have been so sick hearing and reading about mothers/ parents murdering their own child/children. My heart fell for these little innocent babies. May they rest in eternal peace.

The truth really stings. Many Japanese citizens really have problems in dealing stress and end up killing themselves or their family! WTF! WHATTAH FOLLISH DEED! Why on earth these people put really little value on LIFE? It is unthinkable! GROW UP PLEASE! STOP MAKING BABIES IF YOU CAN'T BEAR THEM!

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Posted in: Philippines' WWII sex slaves demand justice from Japan See in context

These women had trauma of what had happened to them and surely their plight will never be washed away from their minds. I am personally very sorry for them and I can't help but cry while reading it. However, Japan has been very apologetic and has been begging for forgiveness. Those armies who slaved them would have been very sorry if they were all alive. I hope and I pray that despite the sufferings during those days we Filipinos will be somehow bestow forgiveness. I know it is easy to say and very hard to do for those who are in the situation but still human as we are, we can't always hold grief and anger for the rest of our lives if we want to be free. If GOD gave forgiveness to those who have sinned against others and HIM, why can't we? :(

I pray that all the concerned women would be able to find peace and justice.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress head to Philippines in latest stop on peace parade See in context

@tinawatanabe We are all entitled to our own view points and I respect yours. But you can't just copy a part of the whole article and based your opinion form it. It would be so much better if you try to comprehend the whole context then react.

If I say, I am not blaming Japan nor accusing of anything, I MEAN IT! I don't and I will never do. Friendship between the two countries has been developing dramatically. If fact, the Japanese government is hiring millions of Filipino workers for the next few years.

We love Japan in so many ways and we will always do!

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Posted in: Emperor, empress head to Philippines in latest stop on peace parade See in context

Let us move on folks.. If Filipinos have moved on and are doing their best in making strong ties with the Japanese despite the lamentable past, why can't we!

Let's laugh instead!

The Filipinos had lived in the CHURCH for more than 300 years and 40 years in HOLLYWOOD!

We are happy people and that is all what matters!

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Posted in: Emperor, empress head to Philippines in latest stop on peace parade See in context

Philippines was colonized by Spain for more than 300 years and by America for nearly 40 years.

BUT! HISTORY IT IS! In 1935, the Philippines was granted Commonwealth status with Manuel Quezon as president. He designated a national language and introduced women's suffrage and land reform.[124] Plans for independence over the next decade were interrupted by World War II when the Japanese Empire invaded and the Second Philippine Republic of José P. Laurel was established as a collaborator state. Many atrocities and war crimes were committed during the war such as the Bataan Death March and the Manila massacre that culminated during the Battle of Manila. In 1944, Quezon died in exile in the United States and Sergio Osmeña succeeded him. The Allied Forces then employed a strategy of island hopping towards the Philippine Archipelago, in the process, retaking territory conquered by Imperial Japan. Eventually, the largest naval battle in history, according to gross tonnage, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, occurred when the Allied Forces started the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese Empire. Allied troops defeated the Japanese in 1945. By the end of the war it is estimated that over a million Filipinos had died.

If Japan wasn't guilty of anything they wouldn't have made any PEACE OFFERING THING! NOR APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING! Having said that though, I am not blaming Japan nor accusing it of anything. In fact, I do appreciate the country in general.

I am happy about this as one FILIPINO who is working in Japan now. Having them there visiting my beloved home makes me feel proud. I am hoping that this will lead to a more amicable relationship between the two countries. We have to move forward while giving honor to those who suffered during the dark period of war among countries.

We will never be successful if we keep dwelling in the past and keep holding grudges against those who have wronged us.

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Posted in: Baby drowns in bathtub while mother apparently drunk See in context

Nothing much to say..They are irresponsible, careless and heartless! Idiocy has been prevailing, it prevails and will always prevail in this society! RIP little baby! :( :( :(

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Posted in: Japan accepts 27 refugees last year; rejects 99% of applications See in context

I am not against to any refugees if they are for real. Many of the so called Refugees in Europe are not really are..they are economically bothered and want to have a better life in Europe. Unfortunately, Germany is unable to execute strict control and checking when these people arrive in the country. I am very sad to say that the world is unluckily not as safe as it used to be, it is a place to be afraid of in so many ways but having said that though, we can still surely make a difference. We can be all hero in our own little way. We can start humanitarianism at home, at the workplace and of course in our country. Japan is not selfish at all nor inhumane. It is a protective country and I can't blame them from not accepting refugees but at least the country would extend its hand to people who are really in need.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2015 reach record 19.734 million See in context

Japan is a great place to visit indeed. Philippines could have been one of those countries on the list if they approved the no-visa entry for Filipino tourists. In fact, despite its visa hassle kinda thing, tens of thousands Filipinos still come to enjoy the beauty of the Land of the Rising sun. I love the Japanese food and as a country it has a lot more to offer. I am lucky to be working here and I wish I could have my loved ones come for a visit.

Kudos Japan!

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan drops below 25,000 for first time in 18 years See in context

Though it is still very sad to know that Japan is one of the countries in the world that have the most number of suicides every year, I personally feel at least positive about the transformation of many Japanese. People commit suicide because of different reasons and no matter what their reasons are, it is still very wrong to end your own life leaving your loved ones devastated. It is very sad that a number of Japanese have very short patience with life. They are unable bear stress , defeat, loses, failures, poverty aso.. All they need is education on how beautiful it is to live and how to have a better one... Attending seminars, counselling and maybe talk to friends could help a lot. There are so many ways in relieving stress...Life is indeed a beautiful thing. Ending oneself is an awful way of getting rid of life's tribulations. I wish Japan could create a better place for people who are emotionally, mentally and physically troubled.

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Posted in: Woman, partner arrested over death of her 3-year-old daughter See in context

Poor little ones..:( Being too young to be having babies does not give them the right to abuse children. They are nothing but stupid bad arses and surely they are mentally ill! I hope they get what they deserve..Life time imprisonment! I had my first born when I was 22..and I think old enough to take care of having 3 kids and they are all lovely and well raised....These idiots need some discipline!

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Posted in: 16-day-old girl dies after being put in trash can by parents See in context

:( Poor little baby! Surely she'll be an angel but she could have been a great woman not like her crazy mum and bastard dad! Why produce one if can't handle the cry! F*****g idiots! These sick arses make me sick. Justice please! Lock them both to life!

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Posted in: Gov't to step up measures to prevent terrorism in Japan See in context

Sorry, typo error... I am NOT an illegal settler I meant.

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I am an ASIAN lady with beautiful silky soft brown skin but of course I don't look Japanese at all. I have been pulled over by police a total of 5 times for my 2 years stay. I just can't understand why on earth they do this. Once I was even asked if my bicycle I was riding was mine..Whattah ****... Good thing I brought my registration papers. Also since I don't speak Japanese it always takes a long time for the interrogation etc. Just when I told them, I am an English Teacher here...they stop the bloody questioning. Anyways, I just let it go as I am under the country's provisions. However, I am hoping that the police would just look at my ALIEN CARD and let me go without a long discussion in Japanese as I don't understand a word. I am an illegal settler and I have a proper visa to teach your people how to interact with the world through English.

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Posted in: Bad weather delays start of Taiji dolphin hunt See in context

Sad reality. Poor Dolphins. :(. This is just sick! How can they slaughter them out of unreasonable tradition? They are so intelligent and I love watching them in the ocean. Please stop the slay!

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Posted in: Woman, backing car out of garage, hits and kills 2-year-old daughter See in context

Sad news indeed.. She may rest in peace. Such an angel. :( As a mother, I always believe that no mother wants to hurt her children in any ways. That is why it is called an ACCIDENT! in the first place. I beg to disagree to idea of those people who generalize on how inattentive or inefficient Japanese parents are as I have seen a number of them who really take care of their children so well. The mum for sure will suffer the guilt for the rest of her life and that is not nothing but awful. Let just just pray for the kid's soul and for the mother for her recovery.

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Posted in: Gov't employees to start work early, finish early in July, August See in context

PRESENTEEISM is an awful culture! .. Lucky he/she who finishes his/her work on time and goes home one time! I will work for the next 5 years in Japan if this happens. As for me, time management is the name of the game. Working in a Japanese company is for me very rewarding when I am not influenced by their culture. I just do my job well and manage my time well then I am the happiest one!

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Posted in: Winter wonderland See in context

Will surely see this soon...:) I am so excited...Yahooooooo

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