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Posted in: UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government See in context

Jeremy Corbyn desperately wanted to be PM and begging other minority party to support him. He has offered for a second referendum in return for support him and let him be a caretaker Prime Minister. British peoples had voted for divorce from EU.

Poor Jeremy Corbyn. He has no clue about why he and his Labor Party haven't won the election.

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Posted in: Epstein accuser sues financier's estate as prison officials investigate suicide See in context

She took his money and let him abused her. They took the money from him and let that dirty pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abused them, whatever reason at that time.

They all knew that man was not a saint and he has a taste for young underage girls.

They all knew the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein will not give away his money for free and they have to return with something they have. The trouble poor girls got hooked on his dirty money and let him abuse at that time.

Me too movement has opened the gate for now so called victim. The pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was gone, but left his filthy fortune behind. He can't take it with him.

Now so called victim and also as well as a fraudulence fake victim will come forward to claim the prize. Good for them.

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Posted in: China says protesters like 'terrorists' as Hong Kong airport reopens See in context

The protester must focus on demand what they have started with. They must avoid not to cross the line. I read HK Governor Carries Lam said the extradition bill that sparked the territory's biggest political crisis in decades is dead.

What more the protester wanted from HK Governor Carrie Lam?

Now they are demanding HK Governor Carrie Lam to resign. I don't think it's appropriate demand. She was elected as HK Governor by HK people and she said she doesn't support the bill.

If they think the next Governor will softer than Carrie Lam and then they were wrong. All HK Governors have complied with the Chinese Government's policy.

The protester must avoid, they are not going to dance to Communist Government's tune. Now the protesters are almost falling into Communist Government's bucket lists for HK. The Communist Chinese Government can take control over HK completely if they used destructive activity and obstruction of foreign travellers at HK Airport.

The HK citizen can have some freedom and democracy in Chinese Government's one country, two systems, but that democracy allowed by the Communist Chinese Government has limited. They should not forget HK is Chinese sovereignty even though the Communist Government practice one country two systems policy.

They must avoid violence and destructive activity. They must demonstrate peacefully if they wanted international support. Their obstructive behavior and disturbing of travellers at HK Airport will not get sympathy and support from international.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

I think the protesters have crossed the line by some of protesters destructive activity. I won't be surprised if the Chinese Government sends its military to HK and declare martial law. HK is China sovereignty and the Chinese Government won't be tolerated such as destructive activity. This problem was Chinese domestic affair and so other Government will not interfere Chinese domestic problem.

The protesters must demonstrate peacefully and they should not destroy the Government's building and public property. Do not disturb travelers and stay away from the Airport.

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Posted in: Malaysia launches new car project to jumpstart high-tech growth See in context

Another pet project for Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Mahathir Mohamad will die sitting on the Prime Minister's chair and he won't be transferred power to his coalition partner as he promised.

The Malaysian State own car brand Proton was rubbish. Only they can sale in Malaysia.

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Posted in: S Korean cosmetics firm boss quits over YouTube video praising Japan See in context

S. Korean Government must take responsible and honor treaty with Japan which singed agreement by two Governments leaders.

The S. Korean President Moon Jae-in's insisting for Japanese Government to share forced labor compensation scheme has losing billion of dollars for S. Korean Hi-tech manufacturers due to Japanese Government export ban for high-tech materials.

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Posted in: Apple loses more ground in smartphone market See in context

Not all the Mobile users can afford for iPhone, but OPPO, Hua Wei and Chinese smartphone are affordable price and everybody can afford to buy one. Also, Samsung smartphone line-up is including cheap and affordable smartphone for third world country but Apple has non.

If Apple want to be No,1 smartphone seller and then reduce the price that everybody can afford to buy one.

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Posted in: Williams retires because of injury as Andreescu wins Rogers See in context

I think Serena Williams should retire after the US Open or only compete at Major tournament. I have no doubt about she can still play at high level but her fitment level is not very good at the moment.

Also, our Naomi-chan needs professional help. Japan Tennis Association must help her and arrange to see the best Sport Psychologist ASAP.

Naomi-chan was big talk when she splitting with her coach, Sascha Bajin. I think, somehow she was regretting about splitting with her coach, Sascha Bajin now. However, Naomi-chan won't be confessed it.

Sacha Bajin has offered an olive branch and he said he will love to work again with Naomi-chan. I think someone should act as negotiators and they should work together again.

Naomi-chan parent should not hesitate when their daughter makes the wrong decision and going the wrong direction. Money should not change the relationship between parent and child.

Naomi-chan has been struggling with mental and emotional since she won the Australian Open. Naomi-chan has lost in the first round to 28 ranks RussianYulia Antonovna Putintseva at Wimbledon. She lost to Serena Williams at Roger Cup and her confident was slipping away. I hope Naomi-chan and her parent appreciate how Sascha Bajin coaching has helped her and necessary for her career.

We have seen many talented female and male tennis players have wasted their talent by making the wrong decision. I hope Naomi-chan was not one of them.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 missiles into sea See in context

President Trump was just ignored what N. Korean tried to tell the US and S. Korea.

So, Kim Jong-un will test more missiles and he is wasting his missiles.

President Trump is a businessman and he was doing exactly with N. Korean's leader Kim Jong-un.

If he wants war and then President Trump can declare war and then kill million of innocent civilian in the Korean peninsula and Japan. President Trump does not war and he does want to see losing of innocent human lives for nothing.

The President Trump is doing a good job.

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Posted in: High tide: Cocaine haul washes up on New Zealand beach See in context

I don't think the Kiwi will report it to the Police if they found the packages.

2018 Global Drug survey reveal, New Zealand and Australia are the most expensive countries to buy cocaine in the world, where Cocaine users on average pay $336.14 per gram of cocaine in the New Zealand.

The second most expensive country was Australia, where Cocaine users are paying $309.94 for a gram of cocaine.

I think one package may have contained at least 1kg.

The Police has to check luxury sport car dealers and someone bought Ferrari or Lambo pay in cash recently and then guess, he must found some packages from the beach.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

Another super stupid, idiotic tax rule. I never heard of taxing two difference tax on one product by the government. PM Abe seems to be sleepy when his minister shows him the latest tax rule. Someone please refer Abe Government's Consumer tax policy to Guinness Record.

Who was the responsible for the stupid tax policy?

So the sell girl will have to ask the customer questions before taking money "walk or sit"?

I'll always answer "walk" but after that I'll sit at the table.

This news will make Japan laughing stock on the International headline.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault eye restructuring for Fiat merger: report See in context

Renault must reduce it shares in Nissan to 35%. Also, Nissan must have voting right in Renault. French Government intensively involved in the Renault-Nissan partnership is not looking good. French is selfish and force Renault to reduce its Nissan shares.

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Posted in: Fujitsu to deliver Australia's most powerful supercomputer See in context

The tax payer money was well invested.

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Posted in: Swimming Australia defends concealing Jack's positive test See in context

I don't think some of drug substances should not be banned and allowed athletes to use if they have an illness and not damage their health. Athletes who have taken medicine that was prescribed by their GP or Physician should not call the drug cheater. Calling drug cheater to someone is cruel.

Ours Aussie swimmer Mack Horton protesting was simply out of jealously. Mack Horton cannot beat Sun Yang in the pool and he was trying to beat and shame Sun Yang out of the pool by calling him drug cheater. All Swimmers know what kind of drug offense their opponent was taken and committed.

Sun Yang had explained he has been prescribed Trimetazidine medicine by a doctor to treat heart palpitations he has suffered since 2008, and was unaware that it had been newly added to the banned substances list.

I though Sun Yang was a serious doping offender without thinking and checking about what kind of offense he committed when I read about him and the news title with drug cheater on all newspaper and online news. A few days ago, I googled and read about him on Wikipedia. We should not be called him as drug cheater.

Also, ours Aussie girl Shayna Jack was tested positive for Ligandrol, or LGD-4033. The Ligandrol, or LGD-4033 is a treatment for Osteoporosis and not marketing yet. It was still under developing by Ligand Pharma.

Ligandrol belongs to the family of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). Ligandrol can be bought from black market and very popular amongst bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other athletes according to Blue Cloud website.

Shayna Jack's Ligandrol (LGD-4033) is a more serious offense than Sun Yang. However, we should not rush to call her drug cheater. It's very cruel. We must wait her explanation about how Ligandrol enter her body. The drug can enter anyone's body via many ways. Foods and drinks can be tainted with banned substances and unknowingly eat and drink by athletes.

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Posted in: New faces to watch in the pool on the road to Tokyo Olympics See in context

I don't think some of drug substances should not be banned and allowed athletes to use if they have illness and not damage their health. Atheltes who has taken medicine that was prescription by their GP or Physician should not call the the drug cheater. Calling drug cheater to someone is cruel.

I though Sun Yang was serious doping offender without thinking and checking about what kind of offense he committed when I read about him and the news title with drug cheater on all news paper and online news. A few days ago, I google and read about him in Wikipedia. We should not be called him as drug cheater.

Also, our Aussie girl Shayna Jack was tested positive for Ligandrol, or LGD-4033. The Ligandrol, or LGD-4033 was treatment for Osteoporosis and not marketing yet. It was still under developing by Ligand Pharma.

Ligandrol belongs to the family of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). Ligandrol can be bought from black market and very popular amongst bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other athletes according to Blue Cloud website.

Trimetazidine medicine can be legally prescription by GP if the patient was needed it. Trimetazidine does not help with muscle mass and strength to user. Trimetazidine has been treated as a drug with a high safety and tolerability profile.

In May 2014, Sun was banned for three months by the Chinese Swimming Association after testing positive for the then-stimulant** "trimetazidine", which had been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned list four months earlier.[10] Sun stated that he was prescribed the trimetazidine by a doctor to treat heart palpitations he has suffered since 2008, and was unaware that it had been newly added to the banned substances list.[10][11] CHINADA (China Anti-Doping Agency) deputy director Zhao Jia subsequently commented that "Sun proved with sufficient evidence that he did not intend to cheat, which helped reduce his ban to three months". WADA, which had a right of appeal if it perceived the Chinese Swimming Association's sanction to be light, also elected not to proceed further after reviewing the case file.[12][13]**

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Posted in: New British PM Johnson wants to redo Brexit deal See in context

EU countries export to the UK was more than the UK export to the EU countries. I doubt the German Government and the French Government would like to see no deal exit because the German and the France Companies will hit harder than the UK. The UK trade deficit with the EU was 93 Billion pounds. Most of trade deficit comes from trade with Germany and the France.

Donald Tusk refusal to renegotiation for Brexit with the UK Government will be eventually go silent by pressure from the German Government and the French Government.

Good luck Boris.

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Posted in: China's Sun wins 200 free via DQ; gets shunned on podium See in context

Efimova served a 16-month doping ban in 2013 and failed a drug test in 2016, but wasn't punished. King called out Efimova in Rio, saying she wasn't a fan.

However, the intensity between them has clearly dissipated. King and Efimova clasped hands over the lane rope. Later, Efimova clapped as King took the top spot on the podium and they embraced and kissed after the ceremony.

If Efimova had been won in 100 meter breaststroke and then the King and Efimova drama will be continued. I don't know what they have in their mind. It's just jealous or simply displeasure about their opponent doping history.

If the FINA authority has allowed to compete him and then they should accept his win. Sun has been punished by FINA and he served his punishment. They should let FINA authority to do their job. I believed the FINA has already tightened on Sun drug testing. If he has doping again and then he should be stripped all of his medals and give him heavy fine.

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Posted in: Trump says he can name at least 20 Democrats who are worse than the 'squad' See in context

"If you don't like America and then you can go back to where you come from" is racist?

Did he directly name when he tweeted?

Could you (someone) please answer me? English language is my second language.

For me, if we don't like Australia and then we will go back to our country.

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Posted in: Two disabled candidates win seats in upper house election See in context

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a group of rare neurological diseases that mainly involve the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movement. Voluntary muscles produce movements like chewing, walking, and talking. The disease is progressive, meaning the symptoms get worse over time. Currently, there is no cure for ALS and no effective treatment to halt, or reverse, the progression of the disease.

They have been elected to the upper house, but I don't think they can do their job properly.

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Posted in: Britain weighs response to Iran Gulf crisis with few good options See in context

What late Margret Thacher will do if she was Prime Minister of UK?

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Posted in: Iran says it has arrested 17 CIA spies, some sentenced to death See in context

He also handed out a CD with a video recording of an alleged foreign female spy working for the CIA. The disc also included names of several U.S. Embassy staff in Turkey, India, Zimbabwe and Austria who Iran claims were in touch with the recruited Iranian spies.


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Posted in: Putin: Russians, Ukrainians are 'one people' See in context

From the Wikipedia,

In the Russian Empire the official view was that the Belarusian ("White Russian"), Ukrainian ("Little Russian"), and Russian ("Great Russian") languages were dialects of one common "Russian" language (the common languages of Eastern Slavic countries). Over the course of the 20th century, "Great Russian" came to be known as Russian proper, "Little Russian" as Ukrainian and "White Russian" as Belarusian.

The best thing is respect and peace with your neighbor. Ukrainian may be a Russian's cousin, but they have their own country now. Why don't they find a solution for normalized relationship and make a peace with neighbors?

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

If Democrat thinks race card will win 2020 Election and then the democrat will lose the Election. The Democrat candidates must come with a solid economic policy and the plan to fix Obama health care to work, and foreign policy.

Current twist and shout on the President Trump twitter by left wing liberal won't help their popularity among American peoples. I don't see it racist he has just told if you don't like and hate America and then you're free to go back where you come from. If President Trump was black person or it was Obama and then the left wing liberal Journalists will cheer him. What a fuss they are trying to make?

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Posted in: In rebuke to Trump, U.S. Congress blocks Saudi arms sales See in context

I'm sure the democrats will oppose whatever the President did.

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Posted in: Light pollution puts Nemo's offspring at risk See in context

We need to control world population. It's urgently needed.

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Posted in: Leaked UK memo says Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama See in context

I'll say the British Ambassador was smart but not too smart. If he was too smart and then he should write to his Government "just read and watch about the President Trump and his Government in the American News Papers and TVs. It was just happening in Washington".

All notes written by the Ambassador were reported in the News Papers and talk on the TVs. The Ambassador was doing spy job in Washington like during second world war in Nazi occupied Paris, but all of his reports were already published in the News Papers and discussion on the TV by political Journalist guests and TV political editor and host in an American TV show like meet the press. Now he lost his job and make enemies with Trump for life.

I believe in Press Freedom but also the press should respect the state secret and restraint when if it was needed. They should not look only for to sell papers and make money. This publication is huge damage to the British and the US relationship. There was no doubt about the trust between the British Government and the President Trump Government was broken. It's interesting to wait and see how new British Ambassador to the America will mend the broken trust between two countries.

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Posted in: 4 Australian kids take stolen car on 1,000-kilometer road trip See in context

The Judge will let them free to go home if the Police has charged them and took them to the court. This is an Australian softer justice system for juvenile offenders. Juvenile car theft and joyride are nothing new to Australia. Everyday cars were stolen by groups of juvenile car thieves and joyride around the town. later, they crashed the car and someone got injured or die in an accident. Sometime, they burn down the car to erase evidences.

These kids are lucky to be found in a parked car and has not been pursued by Police. If they have been chased by Police and then almost certainly they will be crashing onto the light pole or tree and someone got injured or die in an accident.

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Federer for 5th Wimbledon title See in context

I take my hat off to both players. What a match? Both players have equal chances to win the match and they both have blown out the chances. Federer had served better than Djokovic but in the end Djokovic won the match by tie-break.

Djokovic was not one of the physically strong players on the tour, but he was patient and intelligent than other players. Djokovic has saved Federer's match points and then he went to win the Wimbledon Championship title. It was amazing.

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Posted in: Last ever VW Beetle model rolls off Mexican production line See in context

I'm sure no one wants to sit on the back seat. Once I travel with a 1970 VW Beetle and sitting in the back seat, it was 40 years ago. I have to change the seat with my friend after about 20 km. I couldn't tolerate the noise come from the engine. My friend loves it and he drives almost every day back then.

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Posted in: Big 3, Nishikori, Serena reach Wimbledon quarterfinals; Barty, Gauff ousted See in context

I hope Kei Nishikori will beat Federer and advance to the semifinal. Good luck Kei-chan.

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