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Posted in: Hong Kong leader to hold dialogue with community aimed at easing tensions See in context

@ theFu

Chinese people are smarter than to continue being dictated what is best for them.

Have your heard of Stockholm syndrome?

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader to hold dialogue with community aimed at easing tensions See in context

I hear you but I am not listening.

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Posted in: Hong Kong braces for weekend protests See in context

Right now, what the protesters are asking is for "independent" investigation of police. (I stress again, independent.) Not the existing one that using police to monitor police as they no longer trust the police.

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

^ it escaped my angle brackets. I meant family name, first name middle name/initial.

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

Sometimes in the form, it will be like , ; so there is a comma after the family name.

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Posted in: Kyoto arson attack victims to be honored in end credits of new film See in context

The drawing is nice but the story line is not really my cup of tea.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader says China backs her 'all the way' See in context

Typical statements. Screwed up the plot of China to get Taiwan under the banner of "one-country-two-systems", embarrassed her master, exposed the collusion between police and triad on international stage....I doubt she will last too long.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader withdraws extradition bill that sparked protests See in context

Only 1 out of 5 demands is met, still some way to go.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader says she has not discussed resigning with Beijing See in context

KaerimashitaToday  04:49 pm JST

There won't be any discussion. In the meantime the police are not doing a great job. They have a duty to maintain order, but seem to have lost control. which just emboldens the protestors. Scenes over the weekend were atrocious on both sides.

Police is actually part of the cause.

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Posted in: Huawei plans high-end phone launch under cloud of Google ban See in context

Norman GoodmanSep. 2  03:42 pm JST

One can only hope that more events like this will cause Google to implode until we get actual privacy protecting options.

You do realize that there is a law in China stating that all Chinese businesses are require to hand over all information/data including their clients' upon request by the CCP.

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Posted in: Apple's data shows a deepening dependence on China as Trump's tariffs loom See in context

Is Apple lack of foresight or something? Samsung and such had been moving their production lines to somewhere else (Vietnam, India, etc.) for a long time. I think it took them about 10 years and it recently just closed its last factory in China. Not because of the tariff, but more due to the rising cost of labor.

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy activists get bail; protest march banned See in context

^ a lot of them are already doing so especially those with money.

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy activists get bail; protest march banned See in context

Instead of wishing no one will come out an protest, it will probably enrage more to come out.

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Posted in: TEPCO, Chubu, Hitachi, Toshiba to collaborate on nuclear plants See in context

I thought people are thinking of multiple mini nuclear power plants rather than one big one.

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Posted in: Toyota, Suzuki partnering in self-driving car technology See in context

^ If you try to do it yourself, you will learn the know-how. If you partner with another company, chances are very high that certain technologies will not be released to the partner(s). With your own knowledge, you can further evolve from that. It will take longer time, but the rewards would be greater.

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Posted in: Snoopy Cable Bite accessory See in context

Only Snoopy and Woodstock? Where is Charlie Brown?

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Posted in: Robot reception See in context

During Halloween, they can put Chucky there.

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Posted in: World’s largest diorama theme park to open in Japan, featuring Sailor Moon and Evangelion worlds See in context

Cool. I would imagine I put myself in run-for-your-life post in the Evangalion world.

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Posted in: Nissan develops golf ball that automatically finds the hole every time See in context

^ Aren't most missiles already equipped with those? Even those civilian GPS drones can have their flight paths set before launch.

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Posted in: Hong Kong violence becoming more serious, but gov't in control, says Lam See in context

Bugle Boy of Company BToday  02:58 pm JST

Britain needs to step up and say, "We were just kidding about giving HK back. Lolz!" and then take over.

Just tell them it was a "historical document" and it no longer valid and take it back.

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Posted in: FBI takes down Nigerian fraudsters in $46 mil case involving Japanese woman See in context

Haven't those Nigeria scam has been for a while? I think the fraud code is 419 in FBI. I used to receive email from some unknown individual saying he is some prince and need my help to send over many million dollars.

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Posted in: Cathay flight attendant says she was fired over Facebook posts on HK protests See in context

If someone post any message on his/her account while not representing his/her company he/she works for, then it is his/her own business and should not be fired based on that. Dismiss based on that could result in a wrongful dismissal law suite.

Then, again, we are talking about China here which all businesses are state businesses. Didn't it just say, "all businesses that want to do business in China should toe the party line?" China - Rule of Law?? LOL.

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context

Ability takes priority. Unfortunately, never mind gender, I have also seen leadership selection is based on if him/her knows some big shots, or relatives, etc.

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Posted in: China says it has detained employee of Britain's consulate in Hong Kong See in context

Typical communist tactic - kidnap foreigners based on some arbitrary laws that are probably made up on-the-fly. Think it will change, think again. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. A tiger never changes his stripes.

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Posted in: China plans to make Shenzhen a 'better place' than Hong Kong See in context

^ And yet, when they are oversea, they exercise the same protest....against whoever speak ill of PRC. Those protest rights, etc. are not granted within China at all without party's approval or authorization.

A country will not go under just because people's protest. The leaders will not simply be removed from power just people speak ill of him/her.

The problem with China is that it wants respect and 'face", but those are earned not given.

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Posted in: Body odor? Bacteria-embedded bodysuit may help See in context

Also personal hygiene.

I had a co-worker with strong BO. It got worst and worst. One day when I went to the pantry to get some water, a few feet before I even entered the area, I could already smelled that. Good thing I had been practicing holding breath for a long period of time. As I left the area, I ran into my director heading to the same direction. Probably my director said something. The person had gone missing that afternoon and for a few days. From that point forward, he no longer smells. (Good thing I did not sit beside him, otherwise I am pretty sure I would be puking continuously.)

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Posted in: Mussels: 'Super-filters' that can help beat water pollution See in context

I suspect the Mussel will be too toxic to be consumed afterwards.

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Posted in: China plans to make Shenzhen a 'better place' than Hong Kong See in context

^ China had been trying to promote Shanghai to replace HK for a long time, but it still not happening.

Without a law system that can be trusted by international business communities, freedom of information, and freedom of money floating in-and-out, it won't be happening.

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Posted in: Can we eat Big Macs and still avoid climate chaos? See in context

Well, not about climate, but I know super size me is not doing any good with my body.

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