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Posted in: Chinese state media urges Canada to defy U.S. and free Huawei exec See in context

China demands respect, but yet they do not respect other countries' law and order. Talk about speaking from both sides of the mouth. Respect has to be earned not given. Money cannot buy respect or even class.

As soon as there is another country that has the same GDP or even close to the same GDP as China, I doubt other countries would even bother with them.

"I am proud of Huawei, I am proud of my motherland,"

Probably only those who grew up there.

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

Why still manned aircraft? Without human, you can ignore all physical limits of human, perform crazy maneuver. you can even launch in the air straight up with rocket propellants. On top of that you can replace that hundred something pounds human with the same weight of weapons.

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Posted in: Five foreigners arrested in Bali drug sweep See in context

I can only say, "you reap what you sow". Waiting to see Chinese government demands immediate release of Cui Bao Lin

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Posted in: Hold the phone: Huawei mistrust imperils China tech ambitions See in context

Regardless whether Hauwei will be allowed to set up 5G in western countries or not, any product coming out from Chinese factories should be put under a microscope. After all, it has been found that they put spy chip right on the mother board already. And, communication network is strategically very important.

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Posted in: Japan to bar Huawei, ZTE from gov't contracts, sources say See in context

China was caught placing spy chips already. Why would anyone use Huawei when they can just get an Apple, or Samsung phones?

They also could have spy chip or malicious SW right at the factories as well. Actually, anyone should pay attention to anything come out from the production line in China.

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Posted in: Japan to bar Huawei, ZTE from gov't contracts, sources say See in context

This was one of the most frustrating issues that I was very worried for a long time. I remember several years ago, one of the Chinese softwares was found sending every typing of users to its company in China.

Motherboard? You just need to google Supermicro embedded spy chip and you can find that.

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Posted in: White House, Trudeau seek to distance themselves from Huawei exec's arrest See in context

It is actually true though, Huawei phones do spy on everything that you do, they are heavily pushing their PR in Japan too. You can see their products everywhere now in Yodobashi and Bic Camera.

Didn't US announced that server board (Supermicro) made in China has factory installed spy chip right there on the motherboard a moth back or so? That rumors had been around for a while about China putting spyware right in the manufacturing process, but it was never proven until then. They only found in Supermicro's MB, I am not surprised if there are more. Such as router......

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Posted in: Australia proposes stripping native-born extremists of citizenship See in context

Why not just slap them with high treason? Not too sure about Australia, but I think it is punishable by death in US though.

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Posted in: As Facebook faces fire, heat turns up on No. 2 Sandberg See in context

Galloway said it would look bad for Facebook to fire one of the only top female executives in an industry where women "face inordinately high obstacles to get to leadership positions."

Gender should not be part of it, right? Do they want equality or not? It should all based on merits and success factor, not by race/gender/anything.

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Posted in: Silent plane with no moving parts makes 'historic' flight See in context

A silent drone for big-brother or stalker.

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Posted in: Japan aims to build prototype flying cars in 2019 See in context

So, a full size quadcopter. I was thinking about that last week for a full size one as well. Then, what if one of the propeller gave in? The whole craft would be spinning uncontrollably. How do the occupant(s) escape when the craft is falling. An plane could glide and helicopter could perform auto-gyro to land, a quad would just drop straight down.

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Posted in: Chinese city urges those 'poisoned by extremism' to turn themselves in See in context

China's definition of extremist groups could be very board. It is probably a super set of what western society's definition ranging from democracy to a daily hobby group.

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Posted in: Realistic masks made in Japan find demand from tech, car companies See in context

Now, that's creepy.

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Posted in: Japan's cyber security minister admits never having used computer See in context

It is not like he will be getting his hands dirty on getting the work anyway. It will be someone providing a report and proposal and he just put his rubber stamp on it.

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Posted in: Floating solar panels buoy access to clean energy in Asia See in context

So, it is similar idea to the one in Yamakura dam.

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Posted in: Omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood tied to healthy aging See in context

Who funded the study?

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting 15-year-old girl in Tokyo back alley See in context

Aren't all assaults are results from one cannot restrain him/her self?

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Posted in: Samsung folding screen lets smartphone open into tablet See in context

Didn't Kyocera has a dual screen phone that was similar - combined 2 display into a bigger one?

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Posted in: From streaming TV to Gmail, it's all about the cloud See in context

Didn't US reported that Supermicro embedded a spy chip right on the server boards allowing Chinese government backdoor access couple of weeks ago? And, that same server board had been used in a lot of cloud centers? Never mind those celebrity naked photos being leaked from their cloud accounts.

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Posted in: Godzilla will fight Evangelion next summer at Universal Studios Japan See in context

Oh! Pitch a giant biological robot with a mentally unstable youth pilot against a bipolar disordered over-sized lizard. What fun!

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Posted in: 840 posts removed from online suicide sites in Jan-June period See in context

Rather than removing those posts, shouldn't they send social workers over there to meet with those people instead?

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Posted in: Disgusting Food Museum See in context

Nato is fine. There are many food that are far more disgusting than Nato. They are probably also in that museum as well. For example, tarantula and witchetty grub. Of the 2, I would "probably" try the grub but tarantula would be too much for me. Since it is JT, it would probably only point out the one that are Japan.

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Posted in: Americans, Japanese others to get access to shorter UK airport passport line See in context

What? They do not need to do extra search for Canada in case some pot head thinks it is OK to bring weed into another country that is still consider marijuana as illegal substance.

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Posted in: 'Attack on Titan' manga to become Hollywood live-action movie See in context

Didn't Japan make 2 Attack on Titan movies already?

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Posted in: IBM buys software company Red Hat for $34 bil in bid for cloud dominance See in context

Not too surprised as a lot of companies are switching to Linux for their severs. AIX and IBM's Power series are very fine OS and systems, but are kind of expensive. On the other hand, Linux is cheaper and can even run on a cheap PC. However, once it falls into IBM, I can imagine the annual maintenance and licensing fee would be a lot more than it is now.

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Posted in: 'AirDrop perverts' on Japanese trains now a thing See in context

Never turned on Bluetooth unless I need to pair it with my car. It wastes battery and also bluwtooth has been proven to be easily hacked.

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Posted in: China says its army will act 'at any cost' to prevent Taiwan split See in context

And, Taiwan will retaliate for the China's invasion as well. 1-country-2-systems is a pipe dream (lie) and it has well proven not working in HK already.

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Posted in: 5 truly scary Japanese horror anime to set the mood for Halloween See in context

Corpse Party, Higurashi, Pupa, Shiki. If School Days make it, then so should Ousama Game. Death Parade is interesting.

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Posted in: Suzuki Motor to pull out of Chinese market See in context

Suzuki does not really make luxury cars, but they DO make reliable cars. Of all the cars I have owned and own, I put Suzuki as one of the most reliable ones.

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