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Posted in: U.S. considers banning laptops on all flights into and out of the country See in context

What are those business travelers going to use then? I wonder how many percentage of the laptop sale into the business world is laptop for business travelers? And, possibly push business into cloud computing faster. Once it is on cloud, you can simply use any tablet and most people will just either use Android or iPad. Microsoft should be lobbying US government hard now.

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Posted in: Hokkaido firm turns oil from unwanted wild deer into shampoo See in context

Most meat from the culled animals, however, cannot be sold as it does not meet standards for human consumption.

Why? They are just like game animals. People hunt and eat them. I had deer meat before and it doesn't taste that much different except it is too chewy. Perhaps minced it and turn it into sausages would be better.

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Posted in: Why nuclear could become the next 'fossil' fuel See in context

What would become of the radioisotopes they use in the medical fields? It is already is short supply.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile that falls into Japan's EEZ See in context

Perhaps it is finally time to deal with the fatso once and for all?

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Posted in: Professor concerned that female soldiers would be naked after bombs blow off clothes See in context

Whether they will be naked or not would not matter. As if a piece of cloth would stop an animal's attack?

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Posted in: Kyoto University demonstrates rescue robot See in context

I want something creepy. Didn't some research demonstrate they can control a cockroach remotely? They can just mount a really small camera and RC the cockroach to look for survivors (besides using them as eavesdropping tools).

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Posted in: Jury out on North Korea link to ransomware attack See in context

I meant stop accepting those bitcoins with those serial numbers.

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Posted in: Jury out on North Korea link to ransomware attack See in context

The payment is bitcoin and each one supposed to have its unique serial number. If they really want to halt it, they just need to accepting bitcoins with those serial numbers making the payment useless. Besides, they will need to convert the bitcoin back to real currency anyway. If bitcoin is so much better, then they would not need to do that and can just keep the bitcoin.

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Posted in: Diplomatic disaster See in context

Why do they look like they are being punished and are reflecting upon themselves?

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Posted in: Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? See in context

Isn't that all those so call "Gods" supposed to be? Say, in 10 years we develop interstellar travel and we landed on a primitive planet, wouldn't we be seen as either Gods or Demons? Then, again, on how we behave here, any advanced civilization would do its best to limit us from going beyond this solar system and see us as a really bad case of cancer.

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Posted in: Singapore car 'vending machine' dispenses with tradition See in context

Doesn't Singapore is very strict on when a car can be driven? I think it is based on the last digit of the license plate to determine which day of the week you can drive. I wonder does it check for valid insurance. Does it accept cash only or credit card? Car, Jewelry and real estate sale are already on the high risk list for money laundering; now, it is automated, I can see that it is even easier for that.

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Posted in: Japanese men list 7 traits that would make it impossible for them to date some women See in context

1,2,3,4,6 are definitely no, I can stand the other 2.

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Posted in: Japanese collector pays record $110.5 mil for Basquiat painting at New York auction See in context

It looks more like those New York Subway Graffiti or those in those really bad part of the town. Even those Graffiti, many of those look better than this.

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Posted in: Trump facing a crisis he can't manage with tweet or taunt See in context

I meant to say, he could manage if and only if he learned to stop sending out messages based on emotions and talk/listen to his aids/advisors. All these pretty much shows that he and his team are not talking/listening to each other. Probably he only had 'yes' man working for him far too long.

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Posted in: Business, leisure travelers ponder flying without laptops See in context

I just use my smart phone and tablet. Laptop is getting too big now. They should call them portable - like in the older days. Also, I do not want to risk the chances of getting stolen or even opening it up allowing people outside of my company to view them (even it is password protected, but anything can be cracked given enough time).

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Posted in: Missile defense 101: N Korea could hit with little warning See in context

If it is so worrisome, then perhaps it is time for a preemptive strategic strike from the ally forces. Make sure it will take out the leader along with all his relatives/friends to the 3rd degree. That's is a very basic rule of engagement - take out the leader(s).

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Posted in: In battle of digital assistants, Google heads to Apple turf See in context

And, in light of Google stepping into Apple's territory. Apple sues Google for patent infringement making those patent lawyers very happy with big pay.

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Posted in: 'Sushi shaved ice' now on menu at popular revolving sushi chain See in context

Oh! I was actually thinking of sake shaved ice.

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirls in sailor suit uniforms demonstrate 82 sumo techniques See in context

Better than watching 2 chubby guys duking it out for sure. If it is self defense, anything go - eyes, nose, throat, pop the ear drums between the legs, side chop to the kidneys, side step to the knees or even twist the fingers.

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Posted in: Travel without a suitcase with 13 packing tips from a Japanese pro See in context

To travel light. I would only need my cellphone, passport and wallet with credit cards/back cards + piece of paper with important phone numbers just in case.

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Posted in: Riding high: Toyota eyes 'flying car' future See in context

I thought I saw similar thing from Saudi just recently and it was automatic.

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Posted in: Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake-up call for governments See in context

^ but in a snail pace. Tried it but it is unbearably slow, so I wiped that out from my HD. A tiny little unimportant update would require a reboot. So, no thanks especially I have invested so many external HWs such as uC/EPROM programmer that would not work with newer windows. Running it under VirtualBox seems to be faster since VirtualBox strips out some unnecessary components from the Windows distribution. Good thing we do not use Windows as main servers here. Actually, our infrastructure would question about the person's sanity if he/she suggest to replace mainframes and UNIX servers with Window box. Well, if you really want 24/7 operation with practically almost unhackable, then it would probably VMS but hardly anyone uses it now.

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Posted in: Air Canada to launch its own loyalty program in 2020 See in context

I like ANA more than AC even though it needs me to take a short flight down to Chicago first. AC's motto is "We are not happy until you are unhappy."

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Posted in: France's Macron takes power; vows to heal divisions, restore global status See in context

To get a country united....hummmmm. I can think of couple of ways, common interest or common enemy. I think common enemy is easier to get people united - unfortunately, that's how human are.

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Posted in: Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake-up call for governments See in context

Shouldn't it be also a wake up call for Microsoft? Instead of making the new version more and more resource hog and needed a new machine every time, why not make it more lean and efficient? That's way some (myself included) switched to Linux. Never mind, some special external HW that you spent hundreds would not work with newer Windows.

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Posted in: Acting FBI head undercuts White House claims on Comey, probe See in context

So, when Trump is going to fire him as well?

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Posted in: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey See in context

As expected, he is entertaining.

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Posted in: S Korea's new president willing to visit North See in context

If he visits NK, he would probably be arrested and jailed with some fake charges. Talk? Sure, but in a neutral area.

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Posted in: Which form of renewable energy do you think is the best alternative to nuclear energy? See in context

How about merge of all?

Not all parts of the world has an earth crush thin enough to tap into the heat source without too much of investment.

Hydro and you need water fall like Niagara falls or even tides or some form of flowing water.

Solar only works well on places with lost of sun light. Places mostly winter and under cloud is only milking the taxpayers for subsidizing the inefficient method of power generation and subsequently killing its local industries.

Wind requires constant breeze and if the wind is too string they have to lock down the turbine so that it does not break apart. Never mind killing migratory birds and bats.

Also, add in conventional power generation as backup.

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Posted in: Jakarta's Christian governor jailed for two years for blasphemy See in context

Indonesia - another one added to my list of countries that I will never travel to.

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