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Posted in: Going solo: 'Ohitorisama' or the Japanese art of doing it alone See in context

I moved to Japan because I want to be alone. I’ve never felt happier, I live alone when I’m at work I’m left alone and when I go out I’m on my own. Now they making my life and those who want to be alone more convenient it’s great.

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It would also help the population if women in Japan where less interested in how much money the man makes. Love should be for love and not financial support. Even as a foreigner when I go on dates I'm ask how much my salary is. It really annoys me that many women in Japan think this way.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

'Do you know what i mean' Annoys me to no end. nearly every English person i meet theses days will use it after every sentence. Even if you know what the person is going on about they will insist is saying those 6 horrible words out of context.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from 4th floor of Nagoya police station See in context

There are things in this world worse than death.

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Posted in: 17 deaths reported after schizophrenia drug injections See in context

I'm currently doing a research paper on mental illness in Japan and the more you read on the topic the more your realise that Japan has a big problem when it comes to treating anyone with a mental illness. If you want to know more about the problems Japan faces read the ethnography by Karen Nakamura " schizophrenia in Japan ".

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

Socks with sandals.

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Posted in: Going round in circles: Japan considers introducing roundabouts See in context

You what to know about roundabout try looking up swindon town roundabout. Swindon is the UK head of Honda and I know loads of japanese people that have came to the UK and used them. But there is one roundabout in swindon they won't go near even people in the UK miss it if they come to swindon. Simple roundabout I think could be introduced very easily but nothing like swindons magic roundabout.

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