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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Japan desserted common sense

That's pudding it lightly

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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Taxi for Zichi!

Either way you spin this, it's still people getting upset over a dessert.

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Posted in: Is it coffee or tea? What you need to know about Japan's new 'tea coffee' drink See in context

Wonda Tea Coffee, cheese ramen, mayo on pizzas, where will the madness end?

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Posted in: In Japan, new rules may leave home-sharing industry out in the cold See in context

I have. It's an utter nightmare.

I'm interested to know why. I have two apartments that I rent out through Airbnb, I've never had any complaints and indeed several neighbours have complimented my guests on the way they dispose of trash, park their rental cars, kep the noise down etc. Then again, I do make a big point of stressing to my guests the importance of neighbourly manners when they book.

Also, many of my regular neighbours are pigs; peeing in the parking area, leaving trash out for the crows to savage, dumping stuff in the bushes etc. The area is often a midden and I often have to clean up after them. In my experience my customers have behaved far better than most of my Japanese neighbours who are renting and treat the place like a dumping ground.

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Posted in: Japanese pizza chain makes fish-shaped pizza See in context

Agreed, this is right up there with cheese ramen

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe slips amid calls for Aso to quit See in context

Stay on the Course, Prime Minister

If that course is enriching his chums & failure, you may get your wish.

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Posted in: Wenger to leave Arsenal after more than 21 years in charge See in context


Interesting, Japan could have him lead them out for this summer’s World Cup.

Despite a mediocre last decade though, Wenger is likely to have quite a lot of tempting offers I’d guess.

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Posted in: Trade issues expose limits of Trump-Abe 'bromance' See in context

I've heard Trump talk a lot about unfair trade etc, but I've never actually seen the details of why he feels this. I don't just mean the trade imbalance, because this doesn't necessarily mean that the trading conditions are unfair. I mean actual details about why he feels he's been cheated by almost every country in the world. Does anyone have any details?

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Posted in: Trump says on Twitter he does not like TPP for U.S.; too many contingencies See in context

PM Abe and Trump look like they are really enjoying themselves.

You need a proper night out if you think that looks like fun.

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Posted in: Kochi City gov't official arrested for taking out garbage, while naked See in context

Hope he gets fired, and fined.

Behave eh. Fellow shouldn't lose his whole livelihood just because of taking the garbage out with his garbage out.

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Posted in: 85-year-old woman fatally struck by driver playing Pokemon Go See in context

I often see them at night in a free parking lot here, cruising around slowly, glued to their screens catching pixels. They don't do any harm, but they just annoy me. I've considered bouncing myself off their cars, rinsing them for a million or two. Reckon I could get away with a couple of shakedowns a year.

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Posted in: Fired FBI director Comey tells ABC Trump 'morally unfit' for office See in context

@SuperLib, you forgot another massive one; he lied about the weather on his inauguration day. Fortunately for his supporters, actual meteorological conditions are just fake news.

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Posted in: U.S., Britain, France launch strikes against Syria See in context

It would be nice if the various governments could possibly share some of their intel on the chemical attacks in Syria (and the UK) with the public. I suspect that Russia may be the 'bad guy', but I also have my doubts about the honesty & intentions of western governments including my own. As Oldman said above, it feels like we're the dog that is being wagged.

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Posted in: Trump weighs Syria options; Russia envoy says 'cannot exclude' war See in context

Trump once again limits his options by Fox-fuelled Twitter hastiness. This is an almost perfect situation for his foreign policy; a country that no American cares about, no American wants to die in, against an an enemy that no American wants to fight. But he needs a Saddam / Bin Laden moment to distract from his shambolic presidency, and he's so easily rattled that he might well be sucked into the quagmire to prove that he's really really good on the military thing after all. Which of course, he won't be.

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Posted in: Girls excluded from sumo event See in context

Sponsooors usually have duuughtersm tooo.

Less Dutch, more English please toshiko. But I do enjoy your posts, when I can understand them

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Posted in: Liverpool beats Man City 2-1 to reach into Champions League semifinals See in context

How is that not the headline of this article, or a separate article in its own?

Even as a Liverpool fan I have to agree, but I suppose that it's because the result of a match between two English teams is more relevant to the readers of an English website than a game between Roma & Barca.

Can't wait to get home tonight and watch both game

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Posted in: Liverpool beats Man City 2-1 to reach into Champions League semifinals See in context

yes but with the away goal rule it would be 7-1, so Man City needed another 7 goals.

That's not how it works Zichi. Man City would have needed 5 goals to go through after Firminho's goal. An away goal counts 'double' in the event of a tie after two games. But only one of the goals counts double. If Citeh had scored another 5 goals last night, they would have gone through 6-5. If they only scored 4 they would have been 5-5, but lost on away goals.

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Posted in: Liverpool beats Man City 2-1 to reach into Champions League semifinals See in context

@Zichi, it was 5-1 on aggregate, not 7-1. Either way, nobody could have forseen that.

We were a bit lucky with that 'second' goal that Citeh scored. That could have made the 2nd half very nervous. But superb result for the Reds, I think we have a good a chance as anyone now.

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Posted in: Americans world's biggest TV addicts, watching four hours a day See in context

@zichi @jimizo

"If Everton were playing down the bottom of my garden, I'd draw the curtains." - Bill Shankly

I’ll certainly be watching 90 or so minutes of TV later tonight! Probably from behind the sofa.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for using spy pen to film up woman’s skirt See in context

Kind of like a hentai James Bond. This will certainly test his patients.

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Posted in: How should airlines deal with unruly and inconsiderate passengers during a flight? See in context

Sound proof penalty box.

An incentive to be rowdy! Make 'em walk the wing, aaaarrrr!

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Posted in: Trump administration mulls stiffer rules for imported cars See in context

Imported Honda, Toyota, Nissan are hi-tech and eco.

That must be why they had to recall a couple of million of them in the last few years due to a range of life-threatening shoddy defects.

This idea that all American cars are cast-iron, poorly made gas-guzzling carbuncles is outdated nonsense. Just look at the eco cars that Tesla, Ford & Chevrolet are making for a start. I'm no great fan of American cars myself, but they are catching up to their Japanese & European rivals quickly.

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Posted in: Trump says he didn't know about payment to Stormy Daniels See in context

This Avenatti fellow really is leading Trump and his Keystone Cop lawyers a delightfully merry dance! Adulterer, conman, traitor, draft dodging coward, kleptocrat and proving over and over again to be a complete liar by everyone from boy scouts to porn stars. What an absolute shambles of a President. An omni-shambles if ever there were one.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympics 'back on track' after rocky start See in context

Filters or not, the idea of swimming in Odaiba Bay in mid-summer is just disgusting.

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy CV-22 Ospreys to Yokota base this week ahead of schedule See in context

Japan has been under US occupation for the past 70 years and continues to be under US occupation.

Please provide de rigueur flimsy conspirational Youtube links to back up your view.

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Posted in: Ikoma City Hall prohibits anyone from using elevators for up to 45 minutes after smoking See in context

Ikoma City Hall has 4 floors it seems. Wheezing up the stairs will do them some good.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. withdrawing from Syria very soon; 'let others take care of it' See in context

Nice research there @Laguna, appreciated.

Reading accounts of Trump's hopeless mumbling inarticulate piffle is possibly more painful than listening to it.

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Posted in: Scrapping crippled Fukushima plant to cost Y220 bil annually See in context


I had to check the figures myself because they seem so insane, but you're spot on.

$5.6 million dollars per day it's costing. That's a spanking new Lamborghini every hour. I'm in the wrong business.

Lord help us if the Nankai Trough throws a wobbly in the next decade, the country will be finished.

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Posted in: Opposition steps up calls for Abe's wife to testify at Diet over land deal See in context

we now know the opposition is wholly unfit to govern

Completely irrelevant. But I suppose that means we have two parties that are unfit to govern.

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Posted in: Trump strongly denies Stormy Daniels affair See in context

My sources say Stormy Daniels was high due to excessive pupil dilation and my sources ask why Larry Sinclair 

I recall some other story about Trump being high on coke during one of the presidential debates. Seems we share the same sources

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